About Jonathan Young

Hi, this is jonathan young, comes from China, a fascinating country.
Hope we can make friends here. :)
You can also contact me by Email: olimsoft@gmail.com

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  1. Jason Chang Says:

    I followed the instructions for OPlayer and Mac OSX but for some reason it just won’t connect. Please advise.

  2. MC Says:

    Downloaded OPlayer yesterday, Follow the HELP instruction, problems incur below:
    ~ try to download files to iPhones via PC, when turn on web server, it didn’t indicate my http address, therefore can’t use web browser to locate my files
    ~ successfully setup FTP server (FileZilla) on Windows but what’s the next step for transfer files?

    Pls urgently advice. Thks.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello 1. the first method should works when your pc and iPhone connect to the same route. 2. You can input the ip of your pc as hostname, port 21 by default, and username/password in FTP client page.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

      • MC Says:

        For the PC connect method, in which
        ~ i’ve already create the directory folder name in “Local”
        ~ turn on web server, NO indication of my IP path shows up(ie like yours in “HELP”)
        ~ do i have to amend some settings in iPhone first before i can
        transfer file fr PC to iPhone

        For the FTP method:
        ~ already enter pc ip as hostname, port 21, user name , password..
        But what’s the next step (pls be specific and step by step)for using FTP as i’ve never use FTP before.

        Pls URGENTLY advice. Thks.

      • olimsoft Says:


        It seems that you are doing the correct thing. You can change to another network environment and have a try.

  3. Alyre Pelletier Says:

    Hello! I have paid and install Oplayer on my iPhone and I thank you for this software. My problem is that I can not download any video. I’m using the first option as per my settings. As soon as I press upload my oplayer close down and the web page gives me a error. Please help

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello You should create a directory named “movie” firstly. In Local Page.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  4. Philippe Says:

    Hello, happy to find your software.
    I use it to listen to my music library in ogg format.

    May I suggest you some improvement ?

    -Play all files inside a folder consecutively until the last one.
    -Go to next file, go to the one before.
    -Build playlist, save it, manage them.
    -Download folder instead of individual files
    -When adding a new directory, make it by default the new “save to file path”.
    -Store the download files in the iphone to a folder in /var/mobile/Media/ or /var/mobile/Media/DCIM/,because software like iPhone Explorer or DiskAid use it to manage files or folders with usb. It would be a very pleasant way to manage the files and folders with my computer.

    Thank’s in advance
    best regards


  5. Juno Says:

    Please tell me why Avi files are playing so slowly. And Even it shows ‘No Voulme Available’. I can’t hear anything from playing avi files.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Sometimes no volume, because the video decoding time is too long. So Make sure the resolution of your Avi file is not too large.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  6. kevinong Says:

    i just follow your step , i success upload file to oplayer .
    million thanks to you and patience .
    you are the man !

  7. Scottl Says:

    Airplayer, which doesn’t appear to have a support page, doesn’t work with many of the popular DLNA servers used on OSX and crashes VERY often. Negative review posted, wishing for a non-existent refund, hoping a future update may make this app worth at least the currency exchange I paid to buy it.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Airplayer works as it said in the description, there are so many media servers, we just tested some populated ones, however We will keep doing it better, thanks for using it.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  8. Joey Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    One question about OPlayer HD : Does it support 720P rmvb playback on the iPAD? Will the movie get choppy?


  9. EJ Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    i bought the Airplayer two days ago. Unfortunately it doesn’t find my LG NAS which supports DLNA. MLPlayer does show my NAS. Will there be support for my use case in the next release?
    And will there be an iPad version for Airplayer?

    Thank you for an answer.

    • olimsoft Says:

      hi ej: this is a special case, it is difficult for us to get the same NAS as yours. we will keep update airplayer when july, also ipad version will comes.

      • EJ Says:

        Hi Jonathan,

        Thank you for your quick answer. I’m happy to hear, that an iPad version is coming. And I understand the difficulties in buying every NAS to support it, but I hope that you can manage to support it.
        Like I said, the MPLayer app in iTunes does find my NAS over DLNA and also the PS3 and XBOX360 work like a charm with it.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Ok, can you provide the model of the nas, I will check whether can get the media server that it using. And check whether we can add support for it.

        Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

      • olimsoft Says:

        yes, we will try to add support for ps3, than hope the issues fixed at the same time

      • EJ Says:

        The model of the NAS is LG N2B1. I’m looking forward to the update.

    • Joe Says:

      Yup, i’m having this problem too with my LG N2B1 nas. The DLNA service doesn’t show up in AirPlayer. Please try to support this NAS! I spent a fortune on it and also spent so much time transferring all my data to it. 😦

      Please try and update to support it. Thanks!

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hello Joe, as it is a hardware, so it is a litter difficult for us to add support for it, but next version we wlill support media link media server, hope that your’s nas can works well with AirPlayer, thanks

  10. Mic Leung Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I have just bought the oplayer for ipad. Why the sound of my movie( rmvb file and less that 720P)is faster than the screen.(about 2 second).
    Will it release a new version and how long?


  11. Bill Says:

    麻烦您在下个版本Oplayer改进时候可以解决在播放AVI文件的时候声音和图像同步的问题 我们都是支持正版的用户 所以也希望您能帮助我们解决遇到的问题 谢谢 =P 支持!!!

  12. Jeremy Cai Says:

    Hi, Jonathan:
    I bought the Oplayer HD via ipad apps store. It works pretty well for me except two issues:
    1. 5 out of 10 times when I click on a video file, it will play but the whole picture frame seems to be relocated to lower left, and the stop/play button and volume button disappear because of the shift. Does that make sense? in other words it’s like the video player window is dragged to the lower left. I will try to send you some pics if I can.
    2. it’s the sync problems that everybody above talks about. In my experience, the avi files play quite smoothly, mkv follows and rmvb is the worst.
    other thoughts from me: is it possible that you can make the oplayer keep playing while I can still operate on other apps such as games? That will be awesome! but in general it’s pretty cool.
    Havent tried yet, but just wonder it looks like the ip address keeps changing every 10-15 minutes when I do file transfer from wifi, no big deal for files smaller than 1g, but will the file transfer be interrupted if I’m trying to transfer big files say 4gb?
    Anyway, you’ve done a great job. Keep up: )

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Jeremy: Thanks for your report! 1)the rotate issue will be fixed in the next version, we haven’t got iPad before, the updated version has been submitted to apple this Monday. 2)the file exceed 4g you can use USB sync, that will be more fast.

      Sent from my iPad

  13. Mic Leung Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I have upgrade the new version of Oplayer HD. However, the audio and image are not synchronous when playing the rmvb file.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi In this update, we haven’t improve the performance, we have just got our ipad, this version is for bug fix, we will see whether we can enhance the performance in these weeks.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  14. jay velasco Says:

    Hello olim,

    Im really thankful for this software, im using the oplayer for iphone on my ipad and It plays all my avi’s fine. I tred the xyplayer for ipad but it is really slow and choppy. All the bad comments and reviews in the app store is not true. This is the best avi, rmvb, wmv mpeg player for the ipahone and ipad. You really wont enjoy a high resolution movie on a small screen, the 800×600 reso is enough for me .More power to you and im gonna try oplayer hd in the future.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Thanks for using it, we will try to do it better. if you like it, you can write your review in the app store, that will help us. thanks

  15. rob Says:

    i purchased oplayer, and i am happy with it. It connects to my nas and macbook and runs divx, avi, xvids etc without issue. however there are some options that i feel are missing that should be included.

    it may be they are included but due to me running iphone4 they dont work or that i am doing something wrong.

    1 – i love the integration into itunes, so one can upload file direct from itunes. the issue here is that you cant upload into a folder, it auto upload into the root, even if i change the upload root directoy in oplayer settings.

    2 – the webservice doesnt work. when i go to enable it the software crashes / closes.

    so far thats all the issues i have noticed, but i have onlt been playing with this for a few days.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello 1) we can’t set download folder of iTunes, this depends on apple. 2) you mean wifi transfer? Haven’t met this issue on os3.1, I will test it on os4. Thanks for your report.

  16. Weezmen Says:


    Just bought oplayer hd for iPad and currently very happy with it.
    SMB support is really a nice feature. However would that be possible to stream the video directly through the SMB ?

    I have some of my video on a shared network drive and would be happy not to fully copy it each time I want to see it.

  17. zhengwei Says:

    Hi, I know this software currently is not perfect, but i still bought it, support developer is what we can do, please keep updating. this one is by far the most advanced one.
    btw: can you use hardware decoding if the mkv file is in x264 format? i have tons of mkv file in x264.
    Please Keep updating,many thanks

  18. Axel Kaschte Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    just bought OPlayer and was happy that I can play my none .mp4 videos on the iPad now. I was surprised about the many options to load files into the player. To me this seems to be kind of strange as this a video player and not a file manager. But this kind of overhead for a player seems to be a requirement of iPad apps as each app has to manage its own file space.

    There are other apps which deal with file loading from PC into iPad like filemanager (http://www.stratospherix.com/products/filebrowser/) which is a very convenient way to access the files on a Windows PC via WiFi connecting to a shared directory. This application than allows to open such a file in any other application, as long as this application is registered for the file type. This seems to not work right away with OPlayer.

    Is it possible to use OPlayer as an app to launch it from within other apps and open the file from there? I was reading about such a feature from within email.

    This would greatly improve the usibility of OPlayer.

    Many Thanks for a very good player.

  19. Axel Kaschte Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I just found the way I need to use the filebrowser to show the menu “open in”. The list which comes up does contain the OPlayer. So your app was prepared fine, it was just hidden in the other app how to use it.

    What remains is the problem that the file gets copied from the one app to the other, taking up the same space again. I do not see the logic in this, not being able to access one and the same file from several apps.

    Any comment?
    Best Regards

    • olimsoft Says:

      Because we manage our own file system, so we will copy the file to OPlayer when you played it, and this is convinient for you to play it again.

  20. Olivier Says:

    Great work! I bought Oplayer HD and watched my first movie with it, worked flawlessly. I’ll be recommending it to friends and coworkers.
    Keep up with the good work.
    Best regards

  21. Werner Exel Says:

    Hi, just bought Airplayer and the app always chrashes! What can I do?
    Best regards

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Werner,

      Do you have any other media servers online that AirPlayer not support? We have just fixed a issue that some media server cause AirPlayer crash, and submitted a new version to apple.

  22. Peng He Says:

    Hi, I am afraid I would like to request my money back – fully refund, since this software can not play videos with synchronized audios smoothly all the time.

    I have tried several video files such as .avi, . mpg, .mkv…which it indicated in software instruction. I also have tried several options in the menu, however, no improvement at all.

    I do not understand why Apple will accept such a not good quality video player in iTune store.


    Peng He

    • olimsoft Says:

      Sorry, We just said what we have done, have you checked that your movie’s resolution that meets the notes section. because we are using software decoding method, which needs more CPU power, so the resolution has a limitation, you can ask your money back from apple if you think this software is not useful for you, we are not in charge for this. thanks.

  23. Jimmy Huang Says:

    I just purchased you apps yesterday, and it does support multi format, and I am kind of satisfied. The issues I have are video and audio do not sync, especially when you are watching fighting , dancing, racing sence. Some of the movies also have color issue on the screen while you are watching. Hope your next update can fix the problems. 🙂

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Jimmy,

      We are trying to improve the performance all the time.

      • Jimmy Says:

        I have just downloaded your latest version, same problems still exist…Hope you can get this fix ASAP.

        FYI: Android phone “Rockplayer” apps works perfect for the RMVB file.

      • olimsoft Says:

        What’s your problem, can you refer the issue in this mail again, it is a litter difficult for me to identify the issue in a separate mail

      • Jimmy Says:

        Hi, I just downlod your upgrade version, and it is working perfectly fine with the AVI files now (Audio and video both sync much better). However, the RMVB and MKV files are still having either sync issue or fame rate slow problems. Moreover, all my movies are not even 720P, and the fighting, racing sence are still not smooth enough.
        Hope your next version will be much better.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Thanks for your info.

        the not sync issue always caused by the video decoding can’t catch up the audio encoding, MKV and RMVB needs more CPU power.

        By the way, we are keeping enhance the performance.

    • Jimmy Says:

      The video and audio do not sync, especially when you are watching fighting , dancing, racing sence.

      My friend has an Android phone and he uses “rockplayer” app to play RMVB files very smooth. Maybe you can refer to that app and apply to your oplayer app.

  24. Omar Says:

    Recently bought Oplayer HD and working great so far with a number of avi files.

    However, there is no guide on how the app handles subtitles. There is simply a subtitle stream index with numbers 0-9. Can the app handle the import of .srt files accompanies with the movie file? If so can you please advise on how to configure the app to pick up the correct subtitle file.


  25. iWoz Says:


  26. Miguel Says:

    Bonjour j’ai acheter l’application oplayer et je ne c’est pas comment fair pour lire les film en streaming je ne c’est pas si il faut parametré l’application ou non le site internet est en anglais est je n’y comprend rien pouver m’aider s’il vous plait merci.

    • olimsoft Says:

      If your server support HTTP server, you can use web browser to browser the web, then click the file to play. if your know the media URL, you can directly use Open URL to open the file and play it.

  27. Ken Griffiths Says:

    I have a philips wacs7500 streamium music centre which uses dlna/upnp and broadcasts music over my wireless network. Using the app called plugplayer on my iPad, I see all tracks, artists, albums etc. But when I use the Airplayer app, I only see the first sixteen items in each list. So for example I see all artists beginning with ‘A’ and a few beginning with ‘B’ but that is all? … Yet my other software on the iPad sees them all… Is this a fault with Airplayer?

  28. alfred Says:


    i have a problem with oplayer what i have just buy on itnues.

    connexion is ftp is ok, the file mp3 , avi , wmv is download with succes

    but impossible to play the files !!! only le mp4 can play with plugin quicktime on enable in options of oplayer

    what i can’t play mp3 ans divx …. ???? don’t understand 😦

    i have an ipod 8gB ios4 there is 3 days


  29. viliam k Says:


    I have problem with AirPlayer 1.0.03 – it doesn’t work on my iPodTouch 8GB (iOS4, iTunes 9.2.1, TwonkyMediaServer).

    After start, application searches for media servers – it takes cca 5 seconds. After that application crashes. I cannot start this application. I repeated this many times, but without results.

    If I stop TwonkyMediaServer, I become same result – AirPlayer crashes, doesn’t start.

    Please help. Thank you

    • olimsoft Says:

      TwonkyMediaServer won’t cause AirPlayer crash, but iomega will cause, do you have any other media server in the network?

      • viliam Says:


        AirPlayer crashes without any media server – I stopped TwonkyMediaServer and there are no no another media server in my network, but AirPlayer crashes…

        Please help. Thank you


      • olimsoft Says:

        We found that some route has UPnP function cause AirPlayer crash, will fix this bug in the next release. before this, you can check your Route’s settings.

      • Werner Says:

        Will there be a fix of the problem with Iomega Server? I Actially Run an Iomaga Data Station. Best Erhards Werner

      • olimsoft Says:

        we will update a patch, please help to test it again when it approved buy apple.

  30. Huayee Says:

    can’t play with Chinese simplicity subtitles. Please let me know the correct encode, UTF or others. Thank you!

    • olimsoft Says:

      Currently version just shows the subtitle in the srt file without encoding. so make sure your file is in your language. in the future release, we will add encoding method for srt file.

  31. peggi Says:

    The sounds and the video images itself is NOT in sync. Is there any way to fix this?

    • olimsoft Says:

      The not sync issue always caused by the video decoding can’t catch the audio decoding, we are trying to enhance the performance all the time, thanks.

  32. Chen Says:


    I downloaded the Oplayer, but I was wondering how to transfer .rmvb file from PC to iPad?

    Many thanks

  33. Lada Says:

    hello…how can I add subtitels to my avi files within the app?..i bought the

  34. Dylan Says:

    Hi Jonathan

    I can’t see to get the app to work. I have installed it on my iPad and every time I open it, the app appears for a few seconds and the closes. I have deleted it and reinstalled it several times but to no avail.

    Please can you suggest how I resolve this matter?

  35. fabio Says:

    oplayer is good but crashes with external monitor !

  36. Lawrence Chee Says:

    Hi, I downloaded the lite version and when I play any avi movies, a gray patch appear in the middle of my screen.. I am using ipad.. playing mp4 using QT is ok … please advise before I purchase the full version..

  37. Jessica vdh Says:

    Just bougth airplayer
    Have synology nas server ds207+
    have iPad 64gb
    Os 3.2.2
    Run program And crash after 2 seconds
    I can see network server on list

  38. Cromwell Says:

    Hello, Jonathan!
    Your OPlayer is just amazing. But why TV-out works for i4 only?
    And have you any plans to make a $0.99 sale? 😉
    Thank you for the app!

  39. Ken Griffiths Says:

    Hi Jonathon, I have a philips WAC7500 wireless media (music) server and the latest release of air player for the iPad is not working for me… In fact it only returns the first 16 results from any of my players lists i.e…. Artists, Titles, Albums etc.
    I have had this issue with another upnp/dlna media client called “media browser”.. but the developer sent me an adhoc install and on seeing the debug log managed to resolve the matter. It appears the philips server returns it’s results in groups of 16? … I was just wondering if you can help me to resolve the issue with your app so I can get it working.

    Many thanks and kind regards…

    Ken Griffiths

  40. Jimmy Yeung Says:

    I just brought the oplayerhd,I like it very much,any chance it will support pplive streaming.

  41. Tanya Says:

    I have downloaded oPlayer andvwhen I try to watch a .rm streaming file, it asks if I want to use oPlayer. I say yes and it takes me to the app but nothing happens. Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong?


  42. CabinBouy Says:

    Hi, cannot rename avi file in oplayer. Dialogue boxes etc are there but the change will not execute. CB

  43. tanya Says:

    so this means you can not watch any streaming videos from Real Player?

  44. Pfanner Says:


    Is it possible to select and deselect subtitles on a .avi file ?

  45. Dave Phuah Says:

    I’m a huge fan of OPlayer – both on the ipad and iphone. The last couple of versions have been great – avi files are now smoother! Thanks!

    However I’ve started experimenting with a few other things in OPlayer HD and found a peculiar problem. I have been able to play 720p MP4 (h.264 4.1 profile) on OPlayer BUT only if I activate the ‘Use Quicktime’ Plugin – if not the 720p movies are choppy. However when Quicktime plugin is activated I can’t play any avi’s. Nothing happens until I go back to the settings and turn the plugin OFF. This is not a make or break problem but simply a bit of a hassle.

    Other than that keep up the great work!PS: Oh is there away to set up which screen the app defaults to when starting up? ie. I would like it to go straight to File rather than Playlist.

  46. Stanleyy Says:

    How do you edit the bookmark on oplayerhd!,like edit name or delete it?

  47. Stanleyy Says:

    How do u delete it then,I see no option for it

  48. Stanleyy Says:

    I done what u said but I see none of the bookmark that I have save in my web browser,how do u fix this

  49. Mo Says:

    This is a great application. It has saved me a lot of time by not having to re-encode video to Apple’s formats.

    My only complaint is what everyone else has mentioned, which is the audio/video sync. I know this is due to software decoding. Is hardware decoding at all possible in a future version? Or do you think this problem can be fixed some other way?

    If you resolve this problem, this could easily be one of the biggest selling apps in the app store. It’s a great app, but the audio/video sync problem keeps it from being 5 stars.

  50. shawon Says:

    How long we get resume download and multitasking in oplayer?

  51. Tosh Says:

    I can imagine that you could sell a bunch of copies of your software if it would be able to make use of m3u-files. In Germany, a satellite receiver called dreambox is widely used. It is Linux-based and able to stream the TV program via http. To direct the streaming client to the correct URL for every stream, it uses m3u-files. Im using oplayer with this receiver, but it is not very convenient to enter strange urls manually in your application. It would be much easier to browse to the website of the receiver and simply click to a link on it.

  52. krishna Says:

    i purchased the oplayer for the iphone great app works great but my only problem is itunes backups all the movies which i add to oplayer which are already present in the other drives onto c:// it would be great if you could give an option to prevent itunes from backing up the movies in your future update. also when is the next update coming..!!! keep up the good work..!

  53. Bailing Says:

    When I play wmv video in ipad, I only hear audio and cannot see any video on the screen. What could be the problem?

  54. Benjamin Says:

    Hello John, thanks for creating this use full apps OPLAYER, but i have an iPhone 3G 8GB and i can download the .avi file on it but i can’t watch it, any advice? Take care!

    • olimsoft Says:

      hello Benjamin,

      as described in the app store, the iPhone 3g and earlier iPhone can’t be used to play non-native video formats. as CPU is not power enough to do video decoding.

  55. Jens Says:


    I test your oplayer lite Version to decide if i buy it or not for see some avi movies on my iphone.

    Sadly, i dont know how to upload avi files via itunes to my iphone.
    i use a windows pc and have itunes 10.
    my iphone 3g 16gb has installes firmware os4 on it.
    when i start itunes and connect my iphone i cant choose my avi files from my computer.
    itunes only shows me 2 videos i buyed some days ago 😦

    isn’t there an option to upload the movie files via iphone explorer?
    with this program i can surf trough my iphones directorys, but i cant find the oplayer directory for putting the avi files directly into it.

    hope u understand what i mean with my bad english.


  56. Tan Says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    I purchased Oplayer for my iPhone4. When i play rmvb files, the pic and sound are NOT in sync. Please advice.

  57. jhliuyu Says:

    请问airplay的播放视频的功能是否和oplayer一致?以前买了几个upnp player,可播放的视频格式太少了,看这个介绍说是都可以,是真的可以用ip解码还是需要用server解码?还有音频可以解flac、ape格式吗?

  58. Rick Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I wanted to say, I really like the OPlayer software. It has worked perfectly and it a great bit of software.

    However, when I did the last update V1.17, the screen no longer changes from portrait to landscape view.


    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Rick,

      as many one hates the rotation function when they watching movie in the bed. so currently, we define this as “before you watching the movie, if you hold your iPhone in portrait mode, the movie will be played in the portrait mode. otherwise if you hold your iPhone in the landscape mode, the movie will be played in the landscape mode”

  59. Eugen Broadhurst Says:

    Jonathan, instead of locking the rotation when starting the video, why not have a button like GoodReader does whereby you can lock/change the aspect orientation.

    Otherwise people will think the programme is defective. I started the programme today and assumed I couldn’t change the orientation as your app update description said nothing about orientation locking.

  60. Ellis Says:

    Hi Jonathan, I have the full version of Oplayer.. Playing mkv movies with subtitles is really awesome!! I read the comment of Tan about the syncing problem of rmvb files.. My problem is when i uploaded a .mov file and played it, it’s not in sync too, why is that? I have an Ipod touch 4g so i’m pretty sure it’s not cpu problem.. can you help me?

    • olimsoft Says:

      if you were playing a mov file, you can switch on quicktime plugin in the settings page, which uses the hardware decoding method, should be faster.

  61. Luis Says:

    I can not see on tv, only audio.

  62. guy2k Says:

    I am having problems with the subtitles showing up. How would I select subtitles in an MKV file that has multiple subtitle track? I tried the subtitle index found in the options, but sometimes the subtitles doesn’t show up at all. Also, how would I stream videos directly from my computer’s directory?

    • Youpko Says:

      I had the same problem. i downloaded some anime in mkv. and wanted to play with oplayer worked nice but no subs.
      The problem was that the subs in my mkv where .ass and not .srt so i extracted the .ass form the mkv and converted it to .srt.

      So check of your subs (in the mkv) are .srt

      (i have not tested mkv with build in srt yet (i only have mkv’s subs in ass ))

      • olimsoft Says:

        if you have converted your subtitle to srt, what you need to do is select correct encoding method in the settings page, default is utf-8.

        Send from my iPhone

    • olimsoft Says:

      1) if you have multiple track. select the subtitle stream index in the settings page. 2) if your computer has setup a web server, you can stream directly to iPhone

      • guy2k Says:

        Thanks for the replies. So will O player ever support loading of ass? Also, will there be an option to switch subtitle streams on the fly from the video control panel and not have to go to options each time to switch a sub stream?

      • olimsoft Says:

        we will consider it, but it needs time to implement this.

  63. Manfred Rohde Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I use AirPlayer with a NAS media server (Buffalo Linkstation Duo). Everything is all right, as long as this server is powered up. When in power down mode this server must be waked up with a WOL packet and kept alive by sending this WOL packet periodically. So I have two wishes for the next release:

    1. Store the IP information of any media server, so that you know it when this server is in power down.

    2. On request, wake up sleeping servers and keep them alive by periodically sending WOL packets.


  64. wisestar Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for the Oplayer App for iphone. It is one of my favorite appl on iphone. It is still the best player of this kind at the moment.

    A have a few suggestion hoping you could consider in your next release:

    1. More file format support such as “.flv”, please see Buzz player’s support list.

    2. More subtile format support such as “.smi”, I have many video with this subtitle format. It would be great to use them with your player. Also, adjust the font and color of the subtitle would be great too. Again Buzz is good to look at.

    3. Add a “lock screen” button on the control bar (not in the setting page), this way nobody will complain any more.

    4. A better interface would be great, we don’t need to see “progressbar.xml” in the list and VLC has a clean interface and Buzz has more IOS style interface.

    I think you are very talented developer and I will continue checking your apps out! Keep the good work going! Thanks!

  65. ehsmarinr Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I’m having problems playing .mkv files with subtitles, the video shows up but no subtitles, what can I do?

  66. patrick Says:

    hi jonathan,

    my iPad is running on iOS4.3 and i installed the latest oplayer.
    i have the following problem with oplayer when i watch a movie: every 2-3 minutes there is a short video freeze for a couple of milliseconds. after that the movie keeps on playing until the next hickup.
    i’m not sure if this due to the new iOS or oplayer. please advise, thank you.


  67. Eric Diep Says:

    I have had the same problems. Videos that played without hiccups on my iPad 1 running iOS4.2.1 now freeze up for about half a second every few minutes on my iPad 2 running iOS4.3. This is really annoying. I love your app and was the first app that I every bought off iTune, and have been using it since it the first version. Please find a fix for this. Much appreciated.


  68. Rob Lee Says:


    Have already downloaded airplayer, but can you point me to the latest list of supported NAS systems so I can get one which supports it? Specifically LG, Buffalo and QNAP systems would be great.

    Thanks, and great App by the way 😉

  69. Rob lee Says:

    Just realised the list on iTunes, my bad. Any clarification of particular buffalo or qnap model support though? And anymore LG models….

    • olimsoft Says:

      We haven’t tested that, the list is based on custom’s report. One thing you need to make sure is that the nas has DLNA/UPnP function

  70. Chris lee Says:

    Does OPlayer’s ftp client support EUC-KR encoding for Korean?
    If it isn’t, do you have any plan to support EUC-KR encoding?

  71. Patrick Says:

    The AirPlayer is a great App, thanks a lot! My iPad2 with iOS 4.3.2 connects to my D-Link DNS-323 without any problems. All pictures are shown and music is played without interruptions. Most of my movies can by played, too.

    Just two things to be remarked. Interlaced video material like some films from my HDV-Cam in 1080@50i are shown with strong motion artefacts known as “interlacing effects”, or “combing”. Would it be possible to add an option like “blend fields” or “bob” (interpolation)?

    Moreover sometimes a video hangs after several seconds (independent from interlaced/progressive). Then starting directly from the beginning results in playing the video without interruption. Would it be possible to have an option for increasing the buffer to 20 or 30 seconds?

    • olimsoft Says:

      thanks for your suggestion, we will add de-interlace feature in the future update. and currently the buffer is in the ram, it is impossible to buffer 29-30 seconds.

  72. shamyuenying Says:

    i buy airplayer app in ipod but i didnt use it. it is because i dont know what is http:// , username and password mean????

    • olimsoft Says:

      that for manually add media server when you want to play the file over the internet.

      if you are in the lcoal network, the media server should be auto detected in the AirPlayer.

  73. Oli Says:

    Love the AirPlayer app, no synch problems on iPad 2. However, I find that avi videos streamed from my QNAP sometimes crash the iPad about when they are about halfway through playback. Any ideas what might be causing this?


  74. mai Says:


    I just bought Oplayer for my itouch 4th gen. I enabled the TV Out and connected it with my apple composite wire, the audio is perfect but the image was running so slow

  75. irwan Says:

    hi, i forgot my password for invisiblefile app on mac..how do i reset it?

  76. Lexxis Says:

    Hello. AirPlay is a great app for iPad, but there are sole crash when I try to change settings like memory cache…

  77. IssI Says:

    Hi, I really like Airplay on my Iphone, Is there a plan for a Airplay app version for a mac (to get over “Mac App Store”)?


  78. Tim Says:

    Hello. I just found that OPlayerHD (lite currently, I assume the add-banner at top of screen is only difference, right?) plays my transport stream from TV box directly on iPad2. That is great. But there are litte audio/video artefacts visible right at startup and getting worse after few secounds. Details: A TV box reveives via antenna complete (German) DVB-T mpeg2 standard definition (no HD!) transport stream. The TV box streams out audio and video pid of 1st service as also PMT,PAT,CAT,TDT,TOT. It is streamed as IP multicast to, netto datarate is about 12 mbit/s. VLC@Win32 can join this multicast via WLAN router and plays it perfectly. OPlayerHD@iPad2 joins multicast also via “File-tab” on “upd://@” but shows the artifacts. Playing around with cache size or video format etc. did not solve the issue.

    Any idea how to improve it?

  79. Dan Says:

    Hi there,

    I upgraded from the Lite to the Full version today, and I would like to know how to transfer my media from one app to the other? I would prefer to not have to resync via my computer, so wondered if there is a way to move the files from the Lite dir to the Full dir?

    Many thanks – it’s a great app!

  80. Tom van Kollem Says:

    Hi there,

    Have an IPAD with Airplayer installed. On my QNAP I have installed the latest Version: 6.0.34 of Twonky Media Server.
    MKV, AVI works fine, however not able to display the subtitles. Use SRT files with the same name and in the same folder on the QNAP.

    Any suggestions ?

    • olimsoft Says:

      AirPlayer supports subtitle already, but most media server not provide subtitles to us, you input the file in the same folder, but the url of the file is not the same as the movie file, that’s why we don’t show it as we can’t get it.

  81. Tom Says:

    Thanks for your answer
    Would it be an option to enter the right URL for the srt file manually ?

  82. Tom van Kollem Says:

    sorry i have no clue how to get the url for the srt file. This was just a suggestion.

    But have another question :
    – i use videoplayer on my IPD
    – I have a qnap 110 turbo NAS

    Which media server package will support SRT subtitles in Videoplayer.
    Need to install that media server package on my NAS so need a QPKG file for that.
    Anyway the current installed media servers, Twonky and TVmobili do not deliver subtitles from an srt file

  83. binoj Says:

    It application………can u share the source code????because its rare in iphone application.. so it will help the programmers ….

  84. Jing Says:

    Hi Olim, How do I watch full screen HDMI video using OPlayer HD on ipad2 with the HDMI cable that was hyped up by Apple?

  85. L. Goossens Says:

    I recently bought the Airplayer App voor iPad and iPhone. The app does recognize the NAS and I can play content from the NAS on my iPad and iPhone. But I thought that this app would also stream media direcly from my LG NAS (N2A2), without using itunes on my PC, to an AppleTV 2. I viewed the YouTube Demo video and followed all instructions, but only music can directly be streamed from the NAS but no video(MP4, MOV) and no photo’s(JPG)! Message on my AppleTV loading a video:An error occured loaded this content.

    I use an iPad1 and a iPhone 3Gs, aren’t these devices supported by Airplayer?

    Please do you have a solution? Thank you!!!

    • olimsoft Says:

      if your device is ipad2 or iphone4, you can use airplay mirroring, not file format limit.

      if your device is other models, you can only airplay native media format to apple tv with quicktime plugin.

  86. mj Says:

    does oplayer lite also work for iphone 3g? it seems like i cant transfer any files to my phone. 😦

  87. Jonathan Says:

    How do you lock the orientation? I can’t find it anywhere on the Settings or Expert Settings page. 😦

  88. il biggo Says:

    Just got the last version 2.0.00 and the connection with my SMB server (WD network HD) stopped working. I tried deleting and re-adding the disk, with no success. Any suggestions?

    • olimsoft Says:

      we didd’t update this function, have you upgraded your WD’s fw?

      • il biggo Says:

        OK, scratch that. Or maybe this may be useful to others:


        As I was about to reply with details about my network, I tried turning the pad off and on again: the network disk is back in OPlayer.
        I really don’t know how an iPad app works, but I guess the old version had left some code around that was conflicting with the new version. Or, erm, something .-)
        Thank you for a great (and FREE!) app. The new look is gorgeous!

  89. Colin Says:

    Hi Jon,

    I really enjoyed your app oplayer.

    Want to ask if this is a bug :

    I used to play .avi content using tv-out option and it can display full screen in my LCD tv using my ipad1. But when I use the new iPad, the .avi content only display in a letter box with dark frames around.

    Do you know if this is a problem with the accessory ? (hdmi out from iPad)

    Thanks in advance

  90. twonuts Says:

    is there a bookmark feature? I want to resume viewing videos where I left off. It would also be nice to be able to indicate progress of video I’ve watched or not yet watched completely.

  91. Jacob Says:

    Very nice app indeed. But when do you supose tofix th no AC3 sound problems?

  92. Addie Says:

    Hello, after reading this awesome paragraph i am too
    delighted to share my know-how here with friends.

  93. Sharon Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I have been using player paid version for a long time. I usually download tv series to ipad to watch. Recently, it stop after playing one episode, it does not continue to play next episode. please advise.

  94. https://ayahuascahealings.com/ Says:

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