OPlayer SRT encoding issue

How to fix “.srt” file encoding issue in MAC?
1)Change the suffix to “.txt”
2)Drag the file to safari
3)On the menu, select “view-Text Encoding” to choose the correct encoding method, the save the file to the original file.

IsoLatin 5 for Turkish


91 Responses to “OPlayer SRT encoding issue”

  1. Keven Says:


    About OPlayer SRT encoding issue,
    What txt encoding method Oplayer supports?
    I tried UTF-16, UTF-8 and Big5, non of them can display chinese correctly.

    Thanks for helping.


    • olimsoft Says:

      Maybe I have done something wrong, OPlayer just read the file and show the text in the screen(no matter the encoding). It will show the content as showed in the text edit tool.

  2. Le fourmillier Says:

    Great app for the iPad !

    I was very excited by the new version (fixing the .srt bug), however I am still unable to display the french subtitles correctly. Is it possible to know what encoding format are currently supported by Oplayer ?

    Thx you in advance !

  3. Jonas Says:

    When do you think you will fix the decoding so that we can play videos with over 800*600 in resolution?

    When you fix this…
    I’ll certainly tell my friends about it. 🙂

  4. Leo Says:


    it seems encoding still have problem with non-english.
    I’ve tried to put a MKV file with SRT subtitle which contains some Big5 and Japanese words. I’ve almost tried all encoding on my Win7 like UTF-8, UTF-16 and Unicode, all cannot display correctly. Except of using ASNI, but all words are become alien’s language…

    Really hope you can improve it and be the greatest player on the App Store.


    • olimsoft Says:

      Thanks for your info, next version has been updated for 720P XVIDs, so the subtitle encoding issue will be fixed in the next next version.

      • Leo Says:

        Oh, it is a great NEWS!! I dont know why I am tried to player RMVB at 848×480 and AVI at 480p on my iPad is very lag, hope next version will improve it.

        Also hope it can play 720p MKV very smooth next time.


  5. chrisz Says:

    The HTTP MPEG2-TS Livestream from a Dreambox works great. But after few Seconds, the Audio is asyncron. can you fix this ?

  6. luis Says:

    Hi, great app

    I have problems with srt subtitles in Spanish. I followed your instructions and some characters do not look good. Is there any solution?


  7. Lars Says:

    I can´t read Swedish characters å ä & ö in Oplayer/srt.
    I checked the files in Safari and the text look alright there (in VLC too)
    Will there be a fix for this?
    PS I´ve tried both Mac and Win.

  8. Le fourmillier Says:

    1.0.06 is out, go for submitting the next version !!! 🙂

  9. Lars Says:

    I´ve tried 1.0.06 and it´s the same… 😦

  10. Le fourmillier Says:

    Yep, because you have to wait for the 1.0.07. The encoding options for .srt will be included in the next version, not the current one 🙂

  11. Le fourmillier Says:

    Well, I think the 1.0.06 is broken. It is no more possible to read my video files without stuttering or chopiness. Changed all possible settings, same result. Same files were OK with the previous version. 😦

  12. Momeks Says:

    Hi your app is great but it has a problem this app doesn’t support persian or arabic srt subtitles. Please change your subtitles code as UTF8 to solve this issue i hope you going to release a new updtae

  13. le fourmillier Says:

    Version 1.0.07 is great, thank you !

  14. Lars Says:

    Now the Swedish subtitles working for me.
    Thank you for 1.0.07

  15. NickTruch Says:

    First I’d like to thank you for your app wich is just brilliant ! The very best I’ve ever seen on iPad : clean, smart and powerfull.
    Just a little comment for FRENCH SUBTITLES : at first, I couldn’t display the subs because of an encoding problem. At the first french accent, subtitles couldn’t display anymore.
    The way to solve this problem is to choose a ISOLATIN encoding in the Encoding (SRT) settings. I’ve choosen ISOLatin9 and it works just fine !
    In french version, the menu is “Réglages des sous-titres > Encoder (SRT)”.
    Hope this helps.

  16. deadbone Says:

    Hi !
    Thanks again for your application.
    Maybe it would be a good thing to make a little explanation or recap on your website about the use of subtitle because it’s the only thing which is difficult 🙂
    For me it’s the last frontier to call your app “THE KILLER APP” on the store :))
    And perhaps could you post some links with Howto about spu codec for srt, make mkv with srt muxed in it … :)))

    @ NickTruch : salut 🙂
    tu parles bien de fichier srt et non de fichier sub ?
    Si srt, peux tu me donner l’encodage exact de ton fichier.
    As tu deja essayé d’inclure un srt dans un mkv ?

    • NickTruch Says:

      Salut Deadbone,
      Je parle bien de fichier SRT. Il est joint au fichier .AVI et porte le même nom que celui-ci. Seule l’extension change.
      Son encodage exact est ISOLATIN1. Dans OPlayer, cet encodage n’étant pas disponible, j’ai choisi ISOLATIN9. Quant au réglage “Choix du sous-titre”, j’ai laissé sur la position par défaut, soit “0”.
      Quant à l’inclusion d’un srt dans un mkv : non je n’ai pas essayé car les inclusions de sous-titres sont des opérations qui prennent en général pas mal de temps. Mais je pense que tu devrais pouvoir trouver des tutos pour ce faire.

      • deadbone Says:

        Hello NickTruch,

        je vais donc essayer comme toi (srt en ISO latin 1) avec choix en ISO LATIN 9 dans oplayer…

        Par contre, pour info, faire un mkv avec un srt prend 20 secondes car on ne réencode pas la video et le son. j’etais parti sur cette piste à cause de mon pb de srt… Je vais donc laisser de côté le mkv et utiliser ta méthode !
        Merci 🙂

      • deadbone Says:

        re NickTruch,

        Super ton astuce !! Merci encore … plus besoin de me prendre la tete avec du mkv 🙂

    • olimsoft Says:

      thanks for your suggestion, i will make a link to explain that.

  17. Leo Says:


    Me again.
    I’be updated to 1.07 and test my old video with srt.
    But why I cannot see anything? Is It need to re-transfer all video again to make it work?
    Or am I need to change something in settings?

    Thanks & Regards!!

  18. Noora Says:

    Hi ..

    Great app !

    but there is little problem =(
    Arabic subtitles did not working with vedio ><
    i do not know why ?! .. i have change the suffix to txt by rename the subtitles file in oplayer .. but i do not know how to drag it to safari ?!

  19. right to left Says:


    i tried all the Hebrew encoding… the text is ok but all the other marks like “,” and “.” are on the other side, can you please check this and update soon.

    also your program is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    best 5$ i ever spent.

  20. Rod Says:

    Hi, thanks for yoyr app, one of the best, im glad to find your site it helped me about the encoding for spanish srt´s…now im having an issue with subtitles cause in my tv i cant see the second second text line, it goes off the safe frame =(…what can i do?

  21. rods Says:

    i cant make srt work on OPlayer, does it work on lite version, or only on paid? it just doesnt show anything at all..

  22. Kel Says:

    The subtitle do not work i have the final version in mi iphone 4 and i have a problen with .srt subtitle. Please help me.

  23. Mikael Says:

    Just cant make srt subtitles work (latest version of OPlayer). The srt-file is named as avi-file and in the same folder. Whats wrong?

  24. Terry Says:

    My Japanese subtitles are encoded in UTF-16. In your Encoding options, where is the option for UTF-16?

  25. Nuno Says:

    This is a little off topic, but I didn’t find a better place to ask it… Do you know if OPlayer works with the Apple Remote when the iPhone is on the Universal Dock?


    • olimsoft Says:

      we haven’t tried this, sorry.

      • Nuno Says:

        I asked a friend who has a dock and an iPhone. He tried with the Lite version and it didn’t work at all. Too bad =( If you could make it into a feature it would be nice.

      • Nuno Says:

        If anyone else is interested: Airvideo and Apple Remote only work for play/pause. Fast forward and backwards doesn’t work.

        Maybe this isn’t even possible to implement due to SDK’s limitations. Maybe Apple TV is the solution… Maybe… I have to think about it =P Anyway, thanks for the great product!

      • olimsoft Says:

        thanks for your test. that’s true, it is because only the play/pause has a public api for us to use.

  26. allan crump Says:

    Does the light version support .srt files?

  27. dd Says:

    What a great application ! Very nice !
    May I ask you if it’s possible to read MKV files with subtitles incorporated ?
    Thank you for your answer.

  28. istvan Says:

    hi! i cant get the subtitles to work at all. it was ok in the free version so i’m a bit disappointed…

  29. Sinuhe Says:

    Hello, I’m using oplAyer lite to see movies direct from cuevana doing direct download from megaupload, but I can’t see Spanish subtitles, do you know how can I fix this?
    Thanks a lot.

  30. KelvIn Says:

    Hi using oplayer lite and I’m trying to play an mkv with English subs but the subs does not appear?

    I have left all settings at default without editing anything, what encoding do I need to choose?

  31. Yu Daphne Says:

    hi, im using oplayer. its great borderline fantastic, question though, sometimes the subs stop halfway thru the show and sometimes it doesnt read at all. how can i fix this?

  32. JaLooNz Says:

    I was having a hard time getting SRT subtitles to work, and I might have found the reason why, OPlayer does not like filenames with multiple dots in between, ie “Show.Of.Fireworks.E01” but “Show.srt” works.

    If this is fixed, OPlayer will even be better.

  33. T Says:

    I’ve installed the latest version of Oplayer on my ipod touch 3. It streams video’s wel, but subtitles are nog regodnized. The movie is avi and the subtitle is .srt. It are dutch subtitels. Can you give me a hint wat to do?

  34. coconetyin Says:

    where do I change the encoding method in the settings page??? Can’t seem to find it…..

  35. Matheus Says:

    Hi, I’ve just downloaded OPlayer and I really liked it. However, I had 3 problems with it:
    1st – Sometimes, when I open a video, the application closes.

    2nd – If there are any word with a graphical accent (in my main language, it’s very common) the letter dissappear.
    Example: Chapéu becomes Chapu

    3rd – If the subtitle has two lines, the second line get cutted

    If anyone could help me, I’d appreciate.
    (Sorry about any mistake, my english is not very good :/ )

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  38. Youssefali Says:

    I dont know how to put subtitles in a movie
    I tried to put the .srt file with iTunes but it
    wont show, please help

  39. James Says:

    Apologies for posting on this thread but couldn’t find any other relevant. Firstly thanks for the nice video player. My question is if there is a way to change the colour of the subtitles? At the moment it is white. If not it would be nice if you could add it in the future even if it is with a handful of colours (e.g. white, black, yelow). Thanks.

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  42. MonJo Says:

    Can’t import subtitles, how is it?

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