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  1. eugchen Says:

    olimsoft, i LOVE your oplayer, but my divx files being played have incredible video and audio sync problems… plays well, but audio is like 1-2 seconds behind…how do i fix this?

  2. splh Says:

    For information, AirPlayer works fine with Synology 207+ native Media Server and also with Twonky on the Synology. Sync issues are minimal to nothing at all.

  3. Oskar Says:

    Any news on when the new release of oplayer will be released? Its pretty much unusable for me now since all xvid/mkv files are out of sync, I assume this would be fixed in the next version if its gonna support 720p playback?

  4. Bryan Houlihan Says:

    Hi Olisoft,
    Have downloaded program into iPad and copied
    .mkv files over. All play out of sync and jerking. Is there an update? I am using latest IPad os.

  5. Bryan Houlihan Says:

    When will next version be released???

  6. Bryan Houlihan Says:

    Downloaded lates version today. MKV files still out of sync and jerky.
    Is this an ipad problem or your app?

    • olimsoft Says:

      the not sync issue is due to the CPU power, the video decoding speed can’t catch audio decoding speed. we will try our best to enhance the performance.

  7. Bryan Houlihan Says:

    Dont really understand this. If we use the app AIR VIDEO this will happily play .mkv and any other file using a ‘live conversion’so long as we are connected to the main computer in a wireless zone using the AIR VIDEO server. So if OLMSOFT allows us to transfer the complete file onto the ipad for travel use outside of a wireless network, how come it can’t play. Go have a look at AIR VIDEO surely you must be able to do the same. I am experimenting with a number of file converters to see if the .mkv files can be converted into .avi or other, then loaded into OLMSOFT to play when we are on the move. Your program is by far the best of the ‘media player’apps. Hope you can get this fixed for all us users.

    • olimsoft Says:

      as they use your computer to do the decoding, while we using ipad’s own cpu to do the decoding, so they are actually not the same thing, we are trying to enhance the performance of the player, but you know the CPU of the iPad is not as power as your PC.

  8. Rick Says:

    Put movie files in documents on oplayer, but when I select on it shuts app off. What’s the prob?

  9. Bryan Houlihan Says:

    Have used a couple of programs to convert .mkv into avi and these play very well in the OPlayer. Quality is very good. Still be nice to play .mkv without the conversion. Look forward to next update.

  10. Rob Says:

    Hi Olimsoft,

    Yesterday I’ve downloaded the airplayer app for my iPad and using it in combination with a Synology DS110j. Only thing that’s not working correctly is when I want to see an overview of all photo’s in a folder. I see blank pictograms. Is that a know issue?

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