AirPlayer-DLNA/UPnP Client for iPhone/iPod/iPad

AirPlayer is an application for streaming video*, music*, photo* from UPnP/DLNA media servers to your Apple iPhone/iPod.

Get it from App Store.

– Automated media server discovery on local network, also with a refresh function.
– With iPhone 3gs or iPod generation 3 32G/64G, You can stream almost any formats of video from your media server, XVID, AVI, RMVB, MKV, MOV, MP4, M4V etc.
– With iPhone 3gs or iPod generation 3 32G/64G, You can stream almost any formats of music from your media server, MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC etc.
– With eailer iPhone/iPod , You can use QuickTime plugin to view limited media formats, MOV, MP4, M4V, MP3, WMA, MP3, AAC.
– Support photo browser.
– Support photo thumbnails.

Media Servers that have tested working

– Mac OS

Majestic, TwonkyMediaServer

– Windows

XBMC, TVersity, TwonkyMediaServer, Wild Media Server, Asset UPnP

– Linux


Don’t have a UPnP/DLNA media server? Get one from the URLs below:

1)XBMC (Windows)

2)TVersity (Windows)

3)TwonkyMedia server (MAC OS, Windows) server tab not media manager)

4)MediaTomb (Linux)

5)Asset UPnP (Windows)

6)Wild Media Server (Windows)

By the way, If the media server you are using not works with AirPlayer, please write a mail to us, we will consider to add supportive for it.


1,119 Responses to “AirPlayer-DLNA/UPnP Client for iPhone/iPod/iPad”

  1. Steve Says:

    Great app! Loved how it worked on my iPhone and my iPad to stream AVI files from a buffalo NAS.
    Was very excited whether iPad optimized version came out today, but now not so much.
    All my AVI files now either play out of sync or drop twice as many frames as they did when I was running this app as an iPhone app in double pixel mode.
    Hoping that you’ll be able to fix this.

  2. John Says:

    I have a 3Gs with iPhone 4 sw on. I downloaded this app and opened it when connected to wifi. Within 2 secs, the app closes down. I have tried redrafting the phone but this didn’t help. Today I downloaded v2 of the sw hoping that this problem would be fixed. No such luck, the app is still useless for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  3. Daniel Says:

    Daer Jonathan,

    Will airplayer work with my Dlink DNS-323 network storage server?

    Connected to my Dlink wireless.


    Daniel iPAD and iphone 3GS

  4. Jeremy Says:

    Player skips when streaming any video from ps3 ms or from xbmc. Already in m4v format, but checking play in iTunes doesn’t launch the video…

    • olimsoft Says:

      if you are streaming m4v format, please switch on quicktime plugin in the settings page, if you are streaming other formats, please switch off the quicktime plugin and switch off skip frame if the movie is not too large.

  5. Justyn Says:

    I have also got a 3GS with iOS4 and everytime I launch the app it closes after 2 seconds. I would like to stream media from an Iomega iconnect, but the app closes before I can add a server.

  6. Subramoniam Says:


    Just bought this app from AppStore hoping to play in my iPad. Hownever, the app crashes itself right after loading. I use iomega iconnect. Cany you say why this odd behaviour?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Subramoniam,

      AirPlayer seems has bug with iomega iconnect, we will check this, and see whether we can fix this. you can try other media servers firstly, thanks

  7. Rob Says:

    I bought the iPad version and the frame rates are awful. The video doesn’t play smooth or is a bit choppy. I have several other upnp media players and this is the only one that cannot play the video smoothly.

    On the positive side, this is e first upnp player that supports divx so at least it’s a start, although not perfect.

    Looking forward to the next upgrade.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Rob,

      The native video formats such as mp4,m4v,mov can achieve to 720P as any other UPnP client(need switch on the quicktime plugin), but the non-native video formats must less than 800*600, and also the XVID movies can be played smoothly, by switch off the skip frame and skip loopfilter in the settings page.

  8. Victor Says:

    Air player can do 720p video streaming to iPad?

  9. Chris Neville Says:

    Fantastic app. Does still have some stability issues though, occasionally closes whilst browsing folders on my NAS. Also this app does not seem to be able to browse catalogued folders (eg music tracks by artist, by track name), it prompts to check server settings, and can only browse actual folders on the NAS. My NAS is a QNAP TS-209 which is Linux based running Twonky.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Chris, Thanks for using AirPlayer. Next version will fix some crash issue, and the playlist is provided by media server, we just show and play it.

  10. Jorgen Lundman Says:

    Nice, works like a charm. Did not like talking to “llink” though, but my UPNP/DNLA spec is uhmmm ‘weak’. Now I’m torn between fixing my code to work with ipad/airplayer, or fixing your airplayer server to handle playing from RAR archives 🙂

    Send me a message if you want to cooperate somehow.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Jorgen,

      You are the author of Llink? we haven’t tested it, thanks for testing AirPlayer with it. I am not familiar with the RAR archives, so it is a little difficult for me to add support for it.

  11. Didier Says:

    I have a readyNAS duo, netgear.
    The app is crashing 100% of time, repro steps really easy; i can’t navigate into any folder on the NAS, just launch the videos the app will find. Trying to actually open any folder will just make the app crash.

    Other than that the videos run perfectly. Just too bad i can’t watch anything in folders!
    I will post back if the issue is resolved though.

    • Didier Says:

      Just to add – oddly enough, the app won’t crash when opening a picture folder, only videos..

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hello Didier,

        Do you use a iPhone 3g, the non-native video format only can be played on iphone 3gs and iphone 4g or ipod gen3, ipad.

      • Didier Says:

        Hi, I use an iPad. Just to say it again, opening the videos is not a problem, just folders containing videos..

      • olimsoft Says:

        I am a litter confused with you, open videos is not a problem, but last mail you said that open video caused crash. Can you describe it clearly, then I can help you, thanks.

    • lyndon shaw Says:

      I have the radyNAS NV+ and this app works great for me. I can browse through folders and play all my video and music collection.

  12. Simon Says:

    Works great on my buffalo linkstation live ls-chl. Out of sync on a few videos, guess they have too high resolution. But really worth the money. Do you know how to update the index on the server?

    Good job, keep it up!


    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello simon,

      Thanks for using AirPlayer, what do you mean update the index on the server?

      • Simon Says:

        hi again! sorry for being unclear. Airplayer does not show everything I have on my buffalo nas, and I read somewhere that I need to update the index on my buffalo nas. Do you know what I need to do in order for airplayer to show everything?

        Thanks again for an excellent app and superb support!

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi Simon,

        We have found a bug that sometimes some media server gives us sub-dirs 0, that caused us request wrong number sub-dirs, next version will fix this, please wait for update.

  13. Rdub Says:

    I bought this app for my iPad and when I click the app, it opens and crashes a second later. The screen shown is the dlna server search pager with the iPad showing the busy icon. I powered down and restarted the pad and tried to click the buttons on the bottom of the app and neither did anything. I feel that I was robbed today as I paid $ for a non-existent app

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Rdub,

      I don’t know why this happened in your environment, but can you tell me which media server you were using? that may be help us to fix this issue, thanks a lot.

      • Rdub Says:

        twonky media server running on my ts-509 pro

      • olimsoft Says:

        Can’t catch your problem? 😦

      • Rdub Says:

        the app would just crash on opening as explained… removed it in hopes of reinstalling it…. thought it might have been a bad install… now it is asking me to pay again…

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hello Rdub,

        Prefer to download in iTunes, then every time you just need to sync to your iPad. (and we are not in charge of payment) we have tested on twonky media server both on the MAC OS and WINDOWS and not find out the crash issue.

  14. Antany Says:

    Hi, I’ve bought the app for my iPad but i’ve found that it’s not fully compatible with ps3mediaserver.
    The server is discovered correctly but not all the audio/video file shown: only the first file of the first shared directory is available in airplayer. To view the second file i have to rescan the list of upnp server and so on.

    I’ve tried with both a Linux and Mac installation of ps3mediaserver.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Antany,

      We have found that some version of ps3 will give out 0 sub-folders, then we will give out 1 folder request, next version we will fix this bug, we have submitted a version to apple already, please wait for the update, thanks a lot.

  15. Gert Says:


    I’ve copied several DVD’s (the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS directories) to my LaCie Network Space 2 drive (UPnP/DLNA compliant). I can watch those “DVD’s” with the DVD player on the Mac. (choose the VIDEO_TS map).

    Can I watch those “DVD’s” with Airplayer on the iPad via WiFi (local network)?

    Would be great.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Gert,

      I don’t know whether AirPlayer works with your LaCie network driver, we haven’t tested AirPlayer with it. After you test it, can you share your result with us? thanks.

      • Gert Says:

        OK, but before I test it, I want to be sure that AirPlayer supports VIDEO_TS.VOB media files.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Yes, it supports VOB media files.

      • Gert Says:

        OK, I bought your App and tested it.

        LaCie Network Space media server works fine together with AirPlayer on iPad.

        .VOB files start up, but the DVD index is not supported, so I constantly get the same DVD part without being able to view other parts 😦

        – Audio stream does not match the video stream. (video much slower)
        – Aspect ratio 16:9 is ignored
        – TV-out doesn’t work on iPad

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hello Gert,

        -AirPlayer not support TV-OUT currently. -not sync issue always caused by the video decoding needs more CPU power, because we are using software decoding method. so make sure your movie’s resolution less than 800*600 -that’s odd, the ratio should works well, i will check it, thanks for your info.

  16. Andreas Says:

    First of all, thank you for this gerat Peace of Software!! I use it together with the AVM Fritz!Box (its a WLAN Router with integrated Media Server / In the Home Lan it Works like a charm, but due to restrictions of the Box, the airplayer doesnt find the Media Server wen connected via VPN.
    The Server is there, and if you Adress it directly (via Device URL (in Plug Player for example) it Works. So my Question:
    Is it possible to Save the serverlist or to manually add a Server? That Would solve the Problem 😉
    As the Fritz!Box is Used very often in Germany and Austria, this Would Be a good reasen for many People to buy your App. 🙂

    Your soft is Way Better than pp, so please help me 🙂

    Best regards

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Andreas,

      Thanks for ur suggestions, we are trying to add manually configure feature, but it is not easy for us to add support for it, as UPnP is not designed as manually configure, and make media server public we think is a dangerous thing, however we may check whether we can add support for it.

      • Andreas Says:

        Maybe this way is possible:
        In your (w)lan the app finds the media server and stores the settings (optionally). When the app is started the next time, it tries to connect to the stored media server. If it works, then all is perfekt (this ist the way plugplayer does it) so it would also work via vpn (because the server is there but is not “broadcasted”. If the server is not found, than just grey out the list item… 🙂

      • olimsoft Says:

        Yep, but still another thing, mostly users are using DHCP, their media server’s IP will changes always, that will cause the server list too long.

      • Andreas Says:

        Btw: Another Idea: it would be also great if you could save the photos (one or more) from the media server locally in the ipad foto app 😀

      • olimsoft Says:

        good idea, appreciated 🙂

      • Andreas Says:

        By the way, if you would like help with the german translatiom, then just mail me 🙂

  17. Andreas Says:

    Sorry, i forgot to mention: this bug (not really a bug but a safety feature of the fritz!box which cant be turned off) affects also all media servers in the whole network, so you are not able to find any media server in the network behind the fritz!box via vpn…
    I would jump around luckily if you could add a “save server adress” or “manual server settings” feature!!!!!
    Ps: did i say before that i love your app? 😀

  18. Joonho Says:

    Can I have a chance to test the app before I buy it for my iPod and iPad. I have very different video files. The file types in my NAS ( Synology DS207 ) are XVID or MKV and the resolutions are 640×360, 640×480, 720p, or 1080p. I don’t think the app supports all these but I just want to know how many files can be played.


  19. shao Says:

    is it correct that when i play a vts file (fi vts_01_0) no sound is available?
    i’ve got airplayer 1.02, ipad fw 3.2.1 and a synology ds409.

  20. jim chisholm Says:

    I have purchased this app in good faith for my iPad but as with many others it does not work. It crashes immediately on startup.
    I have tried it with virtually all of the “supported” servers ( Mac, twonky, Linux, windows, media tomb and a DNS-323
    All of these servers work fine with the free iPad client that is available.
    The only time that this does not crash is if I disable my wifi entirely.
    I am very disappointed in this app and would expect that a refund would be made available, but I would prefer that it worked.
    Please advise..

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Jim

      the crash issue may caused by the un-supportted media server, please remove your NAS from the server, I think maybe it caused the crash issue. (we also found iomega caused AirPlayer crash)

      you can identify the issue by stop media server one by one, the supported server must all works.

  21. Wong Says:

    I’d like to know if I have some avi, rmvb and mkv files, do I just simply drag them to the iTunes and they can be played on my iPad ?

  22. ken Says:

    How does this work on the iphone 3G? I can browse folders and so on but when I click on a movie to stream it starts to load then crashes.. Any help would be appreciated.


    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi, Ken, you can play non-native video formats if your are using iphone 3g(by switch on the quicktime plugin in the settings page). and also you can browser your photos on your media server, and share photos to other iPhone installed AirPlayer.

  23. Tomas Says:

    Hi, this app doesn’t find my media server! I think the problem is that my NAS has x.y.7.z IP address and the WIFI network is x.y.8.* (no other software has a problem with this!)
    Can you make a new version of the app which would allow setting the IP address of the media server manually?

  24. Serge rustin Says:

    Dead lock when you leave The application. I thing link with os4 need urgently a release

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi, apple needs one week or more to approve our program, we have submitted a version to apple several days ago, still in reviewing. so if you are playing file in OS4,don’t switch out the app.

  25. Robbert Says:

    I installed it for use on a Conceptronic CH3SNAS, which is technically equal to the previously mentioned DNS-323. I am running Twonky mediaserver on it. THE app Doesjanbe recognise THE mediaserver, however when selecting it, nothing further happens. Must I assume My NAS is not(yet) supported??

    • olimsoft Says:

      thanks for your report, we may check whether we can add support for it. If you can setup a test environment for us, that will be better, because you are using a hardware, difficult for us to check.

      • Robbert Says:

        What can I do to help with this testing?

      • olimsoft Says:

        if you can setup a public account for us to test your NAS, i think this issue can be fixed as soon as possible.

      • Robbert Says:

        No clue how to set up à public account….. However, I changed à setting in Twonkey, giving THE iPad access not only to THE server,, but also to THE data… My fault. Nevertheless, it now shows pictures relatively well, sometimes it plays THE occasional mp3, but refuses any kind of video display, whether it is mkv, wmv or avi, nothing is running. Any idea?

      • Robbert Says:

        Seems solved, I changed THE Quicktime setting. All is running now, albeit not very smooth in THE case of .mkv files. Isn’t it buffering when paused?

      • olimsoft Says:

        have you switched off the skip frame in the settings page.

      • Robbert Says:

        Skip frames is switches off, the same goes for the other options.

  26. S Says:


    I had been using it for a while and everything worked fine. Recently it crashes a lot when I browse for my videos. Is there anything I could do so stop that? I’m using twonkyserver on QNAP version 5.1.4-RC2. Thx.

    • olimsoft Says:

      thanks for your info, it is a little difficult for us to re-produce it here, as we don’t have the device as yours. we have tested twonkyserver on MAC and Windows ok. so if you can help to setup a public account for us to test, i think we can fix it as soon as possible. (you can mail info to us)

      • S Says:

        I’m afraid I haven’t set up Internet access to it. I can only get to it through my internal network. Anything I could do myself to test? Thx.

      • olimsoft Says:

        thanks, see robert’s comment, maybe that helps you too. “No clue how to set up public account….. However, I changed setting in Twonkey, giving THE iPad access not only to THE server,, but also to THE data..”

      • S Says:

        My case is a little different. I could see photos fine. I could also see a few videos if I browse by date and the folder only contains one or few items. So if I browse all it freaks out. If I browse by folder it freaks out. If I browse by date I could dig a little deeper but then it freaks out before I could see any videos. I could use another competitive product on my iPad to see all the contents (but not play them but that’s not your problem). Thx.

      • olimsoft Says:

        we have found a bug in the former version, we update a patch, please help to test it and give us the test result, thanks.

      • S Says:

        I look forward to seeing it show up on my app store. As of right now its still at the aug 2nd version.

  27. Michael Says:

    Bought the app today and was dissapointed to discover that although it connects to my Buffalo NAS Linkstation and display the folder and files, it does not seems to play any video, music or display the photos. When I select the file to play, it seems to try and open it but it just sits there with the spining “hour glass”. I didn’t spend the money to buy the app if all it can do is display the directory listing on my NAS device!

    • olimsoft Says:

      thanks for your report, as this is a hardware media server, if you can help to setup a public account for us, we can fix this as soon as possible.

  28. Oyvind Says:


    I have installed the app on my iPhone 3GS and iPad. I use Twonky server on a QNAP ts109. At first the iPad version worked like a charm. Now when I click on a video, nothing happens. When I click on a music file, the music starts to play but the player does not appear. It stays in the browser.

    I tried to connect to the same server with my iPhone 3GS, both video and music works fine there.

    Any ideas?

  29. Fobe Says:

    Hi, just purchased AirPlayer and it works great EXCEPT that it won’t work with TV out!. This why I bought the app, to watch movies on my TV. Will this feature available in a next release..?

  30. George van Venrooij Says:

    Just bought the app after reading another person with a Synology DS207 had no problems with it.

    It played the first video I tried just fine, but after quitting it (selecting “Done” from the menu) the app returned to the folder from which I started the video and hung itself up in a “busy state”.

    Even after shutting it down and restarting it, it remains in that state forever. I’m running iOS4 on 3GS and from reading other comments I believe a fix for this has already been submitted to Apple. Correct?

  31. dkspex Says:

    Is it compatible with freeNas?

  32. viliam k Says:


    I have problem with AirPlayer 1.0.03 – it doesn’t work on my iPodTouch 8GB (iOS4, iTunes 9.2.1, TwonkyMediaServer).

    After start, application searches for media servers – it takes cca 5 seconds. After that application crashes. I cannot start this application. I repeated this many times, but without results.

    If I stop TwonkyMediaServer, I become same result – AirPlayer crashes, doesn’t start.

    Please help. Thank you

  33. Michael Says:

    ibought this Airplayer and i think its a great product! but can anybody tel me how it is possible to get it work over vpn? or directly over the internet?
    im using a synology diskstation and it works fine in the hous but not over internet?
    can someone help me?
    thank you so much

  34. Erik Says:

    I am contemplating purchasing airplayer to replace the plugplayer client I am using now. But I would like to be sure it can play mpeg-2 videos extracted from DVDs vobs and also wmv videos.

    Can it play wav files ?

    And will flac files be supported one day in the near future ?

    Thank you.

  35. Erik Says:

    I have just bought the application to give it a try. Unfortunately it turns out to be unusable for me :

    – the mpeg-2 videos did play but after a few seconds the sound get dissynchronised

    – this problem appear as well with other video formats but after a longer period

    – the sound from mpeg-2 video is very low, you can barely hear it, but that comes from the original video, it would just very nice if airplayer could boost the sound like other upnp players do !!!

    – for none of my videos from different formats could I fastforward or move the play cursor to a random position. The display time often shows -999.99

    – could not play mp4 h.264 videos, and when turning on the QuickTime plugin, only the sound plays and then screen doesn’t change, no video, and weirdly the sound keeps playing even if you switch window for example going to the settings window.

    I did try different video settings, the skip video things … It does not change anything. I use mediatomb as media servers and no problems with other upnp clients like hardware client dlink dsm-510 or software iPad client like plugplayer.

    Maybe the iPad is too slow to deal with soft decoding of any video format after all !

    Thank you for your attention.

    • olimsoft Says:

      thanks for your detail report. I care about the resolution of your file and the bandwidth of your network environment? these are keys.

      • Erik Says:

        Thank you for taking your time to reply, I appreciate you do care about customers feedbacks.
        I have retested this morning, I think the network is probably a bit more fluid this morning and also my iPad has been fully recharged, it was on very low power yesterday.

        I can tell that for very good quality videos the skip settings do have an effect : when turning them on the sound dissynchronisation problem is gone. Of course the video then looks a bit less fluid. For other less high quality videos no sound problem anymore. That’s really good news.

        So the blocking issues for me are :
        1- not possible to boost the sound for low volume videos
        2- not possible to fast forward.

        I wonder whether the fastforward problem is related to the fact that the video lengths are incorrectly detected or displayed ? It very often displays -999:99.

        I still can’t play h.264 videos ( these are very low quality video with resolution less than 600) and the QuickTime plugin problem is still there. But it is not blocking for me as I can still see them with plugplayer on the iPad.

        For flac files, since the server trancode them on the fly to wav, I can’t fastforward, but that’s mediatomb problem not airplayer. Would be nice if flac is supported one day and then maybe fasforward on flac will be possible.

        Anyway for now my most urgent hope is for the low volume boost and the fast forward for videos especially for mpeg-2 videos.


      • olimsoft Says:

        YES, if the time shows “-999.99”, we can’t do seek, you can use your server to do live transcode if possible.

      • Erik Says:

        I made some more tests on the time and fastforward issue. Actually even on files where the time is detected and displayed correctly, it’s impossible to do fastforward or more the play cursor forward. And that is not only for mpeg-2, it’s the same for all the other formats I have tested (wmv, avi, divx, xvid). I have tested also with another server than mediatomb: tversity. And when playing on the dlink DSM-510 client I can fastforward with no problem.

        I have made even more detailed test on a mpeg-2 file, which I have scanned for errors with a mpeg video tool (mbs scanner, gop fixer), and no error was found. Still it was not possible to fastforward with that file in airplayer.

        So I think the problem here is not in the video file nor the server. Do you manage to fastforward and with what kind of video or video characteristics ?


      • olimsoft Says:

        from your info, i can judge that the issue is your server not support seek functions 🙂

      • Erik Says:

        How so ? The tests I made and describe was supposed to show exactly the contrary. The seek function is supported by both mediatomb server and tversity server, which are what I am using.

        And fastforward and seek work very well with the other upnp clients that I use : dlink DSM-510 (hardware player), MediaCloudMac (software), PlugPlayer for ipad (software).

        Could you explain more ?


      • olimsoft Says:

        You mean you can use PlugPlayer to seek these files? i’m afraid not.

      • Erik Says:

        No I mean I can use PlugPlayer to seek the files that are supported by PlugPlayer, for example mp4 and H.264 files, with both mediatomb server and TVersity server. Those mp4 and H.264 files I can’t even play with Airplayer, not even with the Quicktime plugin option on.

        The mpeg-2 files are not supported by PlugPlayer, they are supported by AirPlayer but obviously I cannot seek them with Airplayer although I can with other upnpplayer like I said before.

        So maybe there is some incompatibility between Airplayer and Mediatomb/Tversity servers regarding seek and probably time decoding.

        Well I hope other users will report if they use the same servers. I am not trying to criticise AirPlayer, I am just trying to be constructive here hoping maybe it will improve, but obviously you don’t seem to believe what I am saying. It’s a pity.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hello Erik,

        I got what you have said now, thanks for your detail report, we may check the issue and see whether we can support seek function with these media servers, thanks.

      • Erik Says:

        After the latest updates, airplayer is still showing negative durations for my mpeg and divx movies hosted on mediatomb and tversity servers.
        I suppose you can reproduce the problem by installing one of those servers. Hope you will at last find a solution to this problem, it seems to have been forgotten.

      • olimsoft Says:

        thanks for your info we will check and fix this issue.

      • Cantello Says:

        I second Erik’s request as I also have problems with Mediatomb and AirPlayer. I cannot seek at all within AVIs/Xvids.

      • Erik Says:

        Sorry my previous message was a bit misleading. Indeed the problem is not the “negative” duration that is displayed, that’s normal. The problem is like Cantello just said: it’s not possible to seek with mediatomb nor tversity.

        For mpeg movies the duration is displayed as -999.99 which is obviously wrong. For divx the duration displayed seems correct e.g. -127.00, yet it’s impossible to seek !

      • olimsoft Says:

        thanks for your info, we will check that.

  36. Dominik Says:

    I bought the app yesterday. I’m using a synology ds210j and the ipad version of AirPlayer. Its great. So far it played all my old divx/xvid/etc files I have on the NAS, without any transcoding server running in the background! Great work! Thanks!

    There a two small problems I have recognized so far:
    sometimes audio and video are a bit out of sync and sometimes when returning to the list view after watching a video, the app hangs. But restarting it is not realy a problem.

    I have one big wish for the next release:
    PLEASE support the TV/Video-Out function on the iPad. Than your great app becomes just perfect for me!

    Thanks again and regards,


  37. danzbox Says:

    is it correct, that if OPlayer has a problem with playback of a videofile, Airplayer will have the same trouble …

  38. LN Says:


    I bought Airplayer to stream videos from my NAS to my ipad. Works great ! I was wondering if there is any subtitle (srt, sub) support like Oplayer has? Or is there going to be in the future?

    Thanx !

  39. JC Says:


    It is great application for my iPad to use DLNA server if it supports subtitle such as SMI.
    I bought this application to see my clips on new Synology NAS – DS-411+ -.
    New feature of subtitle supporting will help to promote your product.


  40. dandeo31 Says:

    The application takes opens and closes immediately under firmware 4.0.2. Unable to do more. What to do?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Sorry, we haven’t update our fw to 4.0.2, don’t know which caused it close, we will test it. thanks

      • dandeo31 Says:

        Sorry, Although compatible with firmware 4.0.2 but the application closes automatically when it means my “NAS iOmega StorCenter” on my local network. I do not encounter this problem with other apps that use the upnp protocol. Can you explain?

      • olimsoft Says:

        yes, it is a known issue, not works with iomega nas, please wait for next version and help check it again.

  41. Dan Pinko Says:

    I just installed this software on my Ipad.

    The main screen shows for about a second before closing and returning to the Ipad home screen. I do see my two D-Link DNS-323 UPnP network servers showing on the screen so your program is searching my network.

    I have no iOmega equipment on my network.

    Do you have any ideas on how to get this program to work?



    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Dan,

      we have found that some route has UPnP functions and media link will also cause AirPlayer crash, we will update a patch to apple, hope this will fix your issue.

      • Dan Says:

        After installing the latest version of the software AirPlayer sees my servers and I can access Video and Audio. I am having problems though. Any MKV files I try to play have Audio/Video sync issues, the video is stuttery all the way through and on some files the audio gives up and it plays with no audio. AVI files are better. Audio is out of sync a bit and video stuttery but it is watchable. I have a Netbook on the same network (same network speed) running windows and VLC that play the same files with no stutter or sync issues so I do not think it is an network issue. Is it software issues or lack of CPU power on the IPAD I wonder?

        About 80-90 % of the time when I have finished playing video or music and press the DONE button it goes back to my video folder but now shows no files. I have to go back to the main screen listing the servers and go all the way through the folders again to get my list of files. Once in a while it does work and I see my file list after pressing the DONE button. Another issue is when in a movie the progress bar will come up and you can drag the time pointer along the bar but it never stays where you drag it to, it jumps back to where it was before you move it. The fast forward/rewind buttons are very slow so you just cant move quickly to any part of a video.

        Audio plays MP3 well but I hope at some time there will be a “RANDOM” feature where you can point it at a folder of music files and it will randomly play all the files in that folder. Playing music files in sub-folders would be a niece feature as well.

        The program concept is great but it has many issues. I hope they can be fixed….

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi Dan,

        the not sync issue is due to CPU power not the network issue. and can you tell me your media server name? we have tested the servers in the list well.

      • Dan Says:

        As per my original posting, I am using D-Link DNS-323 UPnP network servers.


  42. Dominik Says:

    Just bought AirPlayer, looks and acts spiffy.

    It works fine, listing and playing the files from my main PC which is running Windows Vista, using the Media Player UPnP server.

    However it does not work correctly when trying to view videos from my media server PC. It only lists the directories, but does not play the videos, instead only showing a black screen with the loading icon. The videos themselves will play fine if played through the Windows Media Player server.

    The media server PC is running a UPnP server application called Coherence, and other devices (notably a PS3 and XBox360) can play videos without any issue.

    Any suggestions for fixing this issue?

  43. Mike Says:

    hi having similar problems to others above. Installed shows initial screen then closes. Appears to be searching for drive in this time but just closes. I am using a new Qnap server model ts-110. looking forward to a patch looks a great app. Thanks mike

  44. Momeks Says:

    Hi jonThan your app is great but it has a problem this app doesn’t support persian or arabic srt subtitles. Please change your subtitles code as UTF8 to solve this issue i hope you going to release a new updtae 😉

  45. GBNE Says:

    Just bought the app. Running it on an Iphone 4. Closes immediately after I launch it. Sometimes I see the XBMC server pop up just before it closes (a split second).

    Can’t make it work.

    • olimsoft Says:

      thanks for your info, we have found that some UPnP device will cause AirPlayer crash, we have fixed this, and submitted a patch, please wait for update and have a retry,thanks.

  46. DP Says:

    This is a great app. Money well spent.

    However, when I zoom in on photos with a double-tap or the pinch-zoom on my iPad, they lose a great deal of image quality. All my photos are high resolution. A typical photo for me is 180 pixels/inch, image size 13″ x 18″.

    I’m using Twonky media server on an iMac.

    Is there a setting I can adjust to allow greater resolution on the displayed images?

  47. mikey Says:

    Thecus N3200 (Mediabolic) supported

  48. Jase Says:

    Will you be adding support for the iomega?

  49. Dr.ben Says:

    Hello, i’ve a home média storage by Iomega, it work with DLNA/Upnp linked by ethernet! I want to know if it is possible to add this i omega and see what it contains without pût on my computer…

  50. Dajarra Says:

    I have a Iomega NAS and this great app streamed all of my mixed unsorted content through DLNA to my iPad (sorted) with no problems at all. Thanks for this great app! Well worth the $4.99!

  51. Dominik Says:

    Thank you so much for adding tv-out functionality! Now the iPad has become a mobile steaming client, just what i wanted, thanks!

    I have two questions left:
    1. do i allways have to turn tv-out on in the settings?
    2. How does this play music in background work? I guess its only supported with iOS4 with multitasking, right?

  52. Rene Says:

    I’m currently trying to archive streaming of transcoded media from mediatomb to AirPlayer, i’ve tried many settings for the profile.

    I’ve looked around in the documentation of mediatomb and found the following:

    3.2.5. Resource Index

    What is a resource? In this case it’s the tag in the XML that is being sent to the player when it browses the server. Each item can have one or more resources, each resource describes the type of the content by specifying it’s mime type and also tells the player how and where to get the content. So, resources within the item point to same content, but allow to present it in different formats. In case of transcoding we will offer the original data as well as the transcoded data by using the resource tags. A well implemented player will look at all resources that are available for the given item and choose the one that it supports. Unfortunately most players only look at the first resource and ignore the rest, this feature tells us to place the transcoded resource at the first position so that those renderers will see and take it.


    I gave it a try and it looks like it is ignored, the original file gets requested bye AirPlayer.

    I’ve even tried to use the following setting:

    3.2.6. Hiding Original Resource

    Sometimes it may be required that you only present the transcoded resource (read the previous section for explanation about resources) to the player. This option allows to do so:


    Didn’t work too. AirPlayer keept the spinning wheel displayed and mediatomb is using all the CPU on the server without even starting the transcoding script.

    Any ideas how to accomplish the streaming with transcoding. I can stream transcoded media to my PS3 so it may not be a mediatomb problem.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Thanks for your info. very helpful. Currently the movie resource we only get the original resource, We will check whether we can support multi-resources.

    • Roger Says:

      I’m facing the exact same problem. Perhaps even worse… Mediatomb stops when a file (an mp3 who does not even require transcoding) is picked (works just fine on ps3).
      So… I’m somewhat… disappointed about airplayer (and the fact I pay for it).
      I hope it will soon be fixed 😉

      • olimsoft Says:

        Have you tried other files? AirPlayer should works with mediatomb now.

      • Roger Says:

        Mp3 was just an example… 😉 I tried a lot of files.. Always the same result.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Can you let me access it? then maybe we can fix the issue.

      • Roger Says:

        Very nice from you to offer that, but I don’t feel comfortable letting somebody access my server (without written non-disclosure agreement) 😉
        anyway.. I made myself a web based media streaming server with Drupal who does not rely on dlna and it’s just fine for what I want (in fact… it’s even better than all other media server listed above…).

  53. Charles Says:

    I bought this app this week. Music and Pictures work great with my Buffalo linkstaion live. But for Movies, the app can only shows me the MOV file but not rmvb.

  54. Cho Says:

    I bought this application now. Do you support PS3 media server on Linux?
    It seems no response from PS3 media server.
    IPad’s ip is . Server is

  55. warburn Says:

    Hello, is it possible to stream online videos from my synology or just in local wifi? and is it possible to have the subtitles with a .mkv?

  56. mecky Says:


    I tried to add my qnap Twonky media server manually with the new version, but it doesnt work.

    I tried with the IP of my NAS and the Port 9000 but nothing worked.

    The server works fine in wlan with air player and automatic saerch. The reason why I want to add it manually is because the automtic search doesnt find the server if I am connected over VPN.

    Maybe someone has a solution for my problem.

    • olimsoft Says:

      the manually configure should be the description file address of your media server, you can consult your media server provider for this information.

  57. mh Says:

    I’m also using this great app and it works fine on my local lan.
    It automatically finds and connects to my synology nas. what do i have have to do if i’m not at home? I have a vpn connection an im trying to connect to the nas. as i see i am not the only one who wants to use the possibility to connect from “outside”…
    Thanks for answers

    • olimsoft Says:

      You can manually add a media server, you need to know your media server’s description file address and input it correctly, refer to your media servers document.

  58. mecky Says:


    thaks soooo much!!

    It works now!!

    For all who want to add their Twonky manually to use it with VPN you have to fill in the URL like this http://IP of Twonky:9000/DeviceDescription.xml

    5 Stars now for the Air Player!

  59. glorykuo Says:

    Can not use at VPN
    Yestaday I bought this soft ,
    but I found some problem
    A..when I use VPN link to My Home newtok
    exp: My IPhone Ip :
    Nas IP :
    Airplayer can not find twonked server
    B,,I alos buy another soft ,like pulgplayer ,mlplayer lite ,with the same setting
    ,they can found Twonked server .plaeae hlpe to improve

  60. glorykuo Says:

    what is the Devicedescripttion.xml
    My Nas is Qnap t209
    the address is
    So I fill http://IP of Twonky:9000/DeviceDescription.xml
    but did not work
    SO what is the desvicedescripton.xml
    please hlelp me

  61. mikey Says:

    Trick play is extremely bad – frame seek, etc are all incapable. Direct seek by pressing on the time segment, also does not work.

    Please fix this. Estimation is enough, precision is very difficult without all I frames.

  62. mecky Says:


    my NAS is qnap TS-219p and it works fine.

    Did you try ?

    You have to look in Twonky Settings that your Port is set to 9000.

    You have to add it manually for the first time when you are connected in wlan and not over vpn.

    • glorykuo Says:

      Hi Mecky
      It can works
      I can use it ,very thank

      ,but still some problem ,when I use iphone 3gs and vpn to the Nas,it allawys get lag or stop
      What can I do ,can get smooth file
      Thank you

  63. Jurgen Says:

    Dns323 is recognised and i can play video’s. All my movies are dvd ripps, stored in à foldor structure like “Movie name”/video_ts. I now can play the seperate vob files. Would Be great to play the Main folder and also to use the dvd menu, including subtitle.

  64. Peter Says:

    I’m using a Synology DS-209+ and Airplayer on iPad. I can manually add my NAS, but need to add a username and password for entering my movie files. Is this possible?

    Kind regards.

  65. Snowy Says:

    hi, great product.

    I’m using a buffalo linkstation and it works fine with the iphone 3GS, and also the iPad.

    however, when using the iPad, when I exit from the video (press “done”) the application freezes. (on the iphone 3gs, it goes back to the folder screen)

    I can still exit to home and restart the application for the iPad, but it’d be nice to be able to get back to the previous screen.

    I wondered if you could look at fixing that? thanks

    • olimsoft Says:

      thanks for your info, i think it is a special file caused that, every time you play the file, it freeze the app? if the answer is yes, can you provide us the issued file?

  66. mikey Says:

    when playing DIVX files, or H264 files, with a bit of fast forwarding, after a little while the audio and video lose sync to a very great and unacceptable extent. Please fix.

  67. Lorie Says:

    I bought the OPlayer for my iPad a few days ago. It plays my videos out of sync. I’ve deleted the files and reloaded them several times. They still play out of sync. I agree with Mickey that this is unacceptable. Please fix it or refund my payment. I don’t want to pay for something that doesn’t work.

  68. Stas Says:

    I have a PopcornHour a110 with the latest firmware and apps.. The app is finding the server blazing fast, scrolling trough the folders is great but every time i try to play a video i get about 20ms of screen before it turns into the dreaded loading circle.. I have check on my PCH and found out that every time i try to watch a video via AP it crashes the server. ;(

    any idea if you guys are ever going to support the PCH?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Stas, We haven’t tested with PCH, if it is a software, can you provide us the download address, we can check whether we can add support for it. thanks.

  69. Steve Says:

    Hi all

    I have a live streaming from my Set Top Box to my LAN, using the udp protocol and i can view tv in my laptop.

    Can AirPlayer and/or OPlayer play that stream in iphone/ipod touch?

    In case afirmative, how can i configure to watch that stream in the iphone/ipod?

    The stream to the LAN could be in multicast or unicast format, e.g. udp://@ (multicast) or

  70. Steve Says:

    udp://@ (unicast).

    Could i play with your apps that stream?



  71. Marvin Says:

    Can you please provide support for DLink DNS 313. Also can you provide instructions on how to setup xbmc for windows to talk with Airplayer?

    I have installed xbmc and pointed to my files. How do you get Airplayer to connect to xbmc.

    Thank you.


    • Marvin Says:

      I got xbmc working but kept crashing on Windows XP SP3. Now currently running via PS3 Media Server.

      Still would like my DLink DNS-313 supported though so I can connect directly to NAS.


    • olimsoft Says:

      1) it should be auto discovery if you have connected your pc and iphone to the same route. 2) About the DLink, can this server be showed in the discovery page?

  72. Valez Says:

    Hi, great product.

    When Airplayer can support subtitles in .srt?

  73. Aeroschmelz Says:

    I have the same problem with the AVM FritzBox and AirPlayer over VPN. What is the exact address to connect to the synology media server? Over Wlan everything works fine….

  74. Peter Says:

    I have a problem with the version 1.0.04. It didn’t find my Panasonic DMR-XS350 DVD/DVB-S recorder. In the version 1.0.03 it was shown in the discovery page. The MLPayer light stil show it in it’s server list.

  75. James Says:


    I have installed it, great, but it seems not support Flac and mp4a (convert from iTune), any help for it ? As most of my song in the NAS is in mp4a.



    • olimsoft Says:

      can you provide a sample audio file to us? thanks a lot.

    • Erik Says:

      Flac used to work but after the recent updates I cannot play flac anymore with Airplayer. And nothing has changed in my configuration, my server is mediatomb and I have tested tomb sure: flac does play with this server on PlugPlayer.

      What happens withnair player is that after selecting the flac file, the loading wheel image is rotating forever on a black screen, no sound. And taping on the screen displays the play bar where the duration is displayed as -999.99.

      • olimsoft Says:

        We haven’t changed our codec in recently update, that’s odd. can you provide the issued file to us?

      • Erik Says:

        Sorry it was my mistake. My mediatomb server always transcode flac to wav when sending flac files to clients, because I have other hardware clients (DLINK DSM-510) that are not able to play flac files.

        Nonetheless, this configuration used to work before with Airplayer on the Ipad. Now it doesn’t work anymore, Airplayer cannot play wav files anymore ? Could it be fixed ?

        Regarding flac, to be fair with Airplayer, I did turn off transcoding to check if Airplay can actually play flac files. The answer is yes, airplayer can play Flac files from mediatomb server.

        Nevertheless, it’s Airplayer cannot seek flac files with mediatomb, and it cannot seek MP3 files either with mediatomb server.

      • olimsoft Says:

        We are investigating the seek issue on Media Tomb.

  76. Cooool Says:

    I bought the iPad version and the frame rates are awful. The video doesn’t play smooth or is a bit choppy. I have several other upnp media players and this is the only one that cannot play the video smoothly.

    ipad(16Gwifi) NAS(Anology N210j) TPlink router(54M)

    • olimsoft Says:

      if you are playing native video formats, you can enable quicktime plugin in the settings page for better performance. and non-native video formats, because we can use the software decoding method, so you can’t use it to play HD movies of MKV or RMVB.

  77. CE Says:

    Great app! At first I had the same choppiness on my ipad connecting to wmp12 UPNP over wifi but soon realized that skip frame was on in settings(of air player) and should only be used on larger media files that are encoded with higher frame rates, hence the need to skip. For most xvid etc turn skip frame off…

    On a side note, the interface is a little buggy. Not being able to drag the progress bar is a real pain in da @55 and using the fast forward to skip 30second chunks isn’t fun. Is it supposed to work? all other features work as expected.


  78. Manicouboy Says:


    I bought this app and a very good 5 stars… Now is it possible to watch a divix or .mov, H264 anywhere and connect U anywhere on your NAS server???
    Thanks U

  79. Peter Says:

    this is a really cool app! However I am not able to add my twonky mediaserver with a external dyndns address.
    I entered the link to the DeviceDescrption.xml and I am able to access this file on a web browser.
    After adding the url in airplayer it shows me a new entry “UnKnowed Media Server” which I cannot access 😦

    • olimsoft Says:

      please make sure it can be shown in the same network firstly. then you can setup a public address to test the manual method.

      • Peter Says:

        the manually added server shows up and is accessible when I am connected with wlan in my home network. However as soon as I am not connected to my network the server shows up as “unknowed media server”

      • olimsoft Says:

        Can you make sure, that your iPhone configured correctly in the settings page? as if it works well in LAN, it should also works in VPN mode, as the only different is the IP not the same.

  80. Noora Says:

    i translate the movie from pc to iphone by diskaid .. But the name of subcen and movie is not same because the diskaid not accept this .. so that the subcen did not working with movie .. What can i do ? .. =(

  81. Sebastien Says:

    Just bought it and looks really good. However it doesn’t show my SRT subs.. Also I have a avi that plays really slow.. Others from other serie plays fluently. Any ideas how these two issues could be solved?

  82. TomB Says:

    Really like the software… since I am working on the DLNA server side, I’d like to see support for “live” broadcast content… namely
    UPnP class object.item.videoItem.videoBroadcast
    Object ID service.5
    Parent ID channelgroup.1
    Update ID 0
    Child count 0
    Flags (0)
    Do you know if your app will play this UPnP class type? It obviously has certain limitations (no FF, REW, etc…) but still, this would make it a mobile player… yes?

  83. Manicouboy Says:

    Hi olimsoft,
    I tried to read a folder VTS, a DVD when I open the folder VTS There is nothing inside. That’s so bizarre. What do u think about this and airplayer can it read VTS FOLDER????
    Many thinks, I advice all my friends to buy airplayer and oplayer it is really great app

    • olimsoft Says:


      thanks for your support. Do you mean AirPlayer, that should be your media server haven’t recognized it as a media file, and provide it to us. as AirPlayer is a client, it shows the server provided to it.

  84. fatadxb Says:

    thanks for great app
    I wonder where I can find the path of my movies if im using ifile or diskaid

  85. Chris Says:

    This App could be one of the most important Apps for the iPad. I want to play my DVD-Files from my Server but the iPad doesn’t support MPEG2- / VOB-Files (Thanks Mr. Jobs). AirPlayer can do this. But unfortunately not correct. The Videos is surging and the audio stops after some seconds.
    PLEASE keep on developing this app!

  86. Sharon Says:

    Love the app-if you could fix the fast forward I would buy it in a heartbeat! I am running iPhone is 4.01 if that helps. Please fix this! 🙂

  87. Vijay Says:

    I bought Airplayer today, but does not play music.
    Airplayer does show my media server, show the list of songs, but when I select the song, application crashes without any error and exits to home screen

    I have a 2g iphone with OS 3.1.3
    I have Twonky Media Server running on Western Digital Worldspace Hardware Device.

    P.s. My media server is working fine, as, I am able to play music, watch picture from other devices.

    It is just Airplayer not able to play music.
    Thanks for your assistance in the matter

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Vijay, as non-native file formats only works for iPhone 3gs and later, ipod gen 3 and later. you can use quick-time plugin to play native file formats.

  88. Andreas Says:

    Works pretty good on my iPad.
    But it doesn’t save the last position. This makes it pretty unusable for me as I often watch a part of the movie and then continue later on.
    This would be a very important feature!
    Will this come in a future update?

  89. Fred Says:

    Problem with my SYNOLOGY DS106 ( old model)
    Airplayer on IPAd see my Syno , directory and list of my divx.
    when i select file , streaming begin 1 or 2sec and crash
    with death wheel.
    streaming from this Nas with device on my tv ok .
    streaming from this Nas on my mac ( wifi connect)
    with vlc ok .
    not testing divx on my notebook (wifi) and test streaming to ipad

  90. Aaron Says:

    Tried this with XBMC, Twonkymedia, Nero MediaHome 4(Not supported but thought I would try) and none of them work.

    I can look at my photos but video doesnt stream and jut hangs.

    Waste of money

  91. Hong Says:

    Hi, before purchasing the app, I want to know if airplayer can streaming *.iso video as all my videos are saved as image file *.iso. also does airplay work with WD mybook network dirive?

  92. wmask Says:

    hi, i have problem with the subtitles, cant play any subtitles!
    and the name of subcen and movie is same. but is no working 😦
    What can i do ?

  93. Stanley Shi Says:

    I am not sure how perfect your apps could works in my NAS (Synology 110) for video streaming to my iPad. Why there are no lite or trial version release so people could try before buy?

    Your Oplayer works great on lite version that’s why I bought the HD version. Why not the Airplayer?

  94. Jamie Forder Says:

    Could you please add support for ‘Playback’ by Yazsoft

    I bought your app but i get nothing from it just the spinning white wheel whenever i try to stream anything


  95. Valez Says:

    Sorry but I did not understand very well. Airplayer can support subtitles .sub? I ask because I tried to turn in a sub srt but do not see it anyway. Do you have any advice for me?

  96. Jon Says:

    Please consider supporting Nero Media Home 4 media server.

  97. mike Says:

    I am using a Synology DS410j with the DLNA/UPnP server enabled. Other devices on my network can see the media server (macbook, linux laptop, etc) but Airplayer won’t discover it. I’ve tried entering various addresses manually but no luck. Any suggestions?

  98. dust Says:

    I’ve just bought AirPlayer and it find my media server. But when I go to directory with mp3 files (album) and click to play first song – it plays the song and then – stops. How is it possible to listen all songs in album? Now i must run next song when previous finish. That;s no good if you want to go sleep with music. Also shuffle feature will be handy.

    Another question. I have a huge library. About 500 GB of music, video and pics. How much is recommended media size?

    Im using iPhone 3GS/32GB wiht OS4


  99. Halcyon Says:

    Hi Olimsoft, just bought OPlayer and I love it. It’s the best video player on the App Store by far. However, I was hoping you could create a more comprehensive blog or website for your products so that we have a single place to look at changelogs and discuss your products with other users.

  100. MARK Says:

    After update, rotation is not working @ and the audio is very poor.

  101. Richard Says:

    Hello, I found that Airplayer can’t reconize the DLNA server which the version of device and service is 2 in device description. such as
    It can find the server if the version is 1. In specification it says the version is the highest support version. Other DLNA client, such as Buffalo Link Theater, can do this with no problem.
    So I think it is a bug of Airplayer.
    Clould you please give some explaination?

  102. Tony Says:

    Like Mark (above) I noticed that since this last update rotation no longer works.

    All movies only play in portrait mode which is quite dissapointing because I didn’t have a problem before.

    I tried uninstalling completely and reinstalling from Appstore but still only plays everything in portrait mode.

  103. Porky Says:

    Airplayer place most video perfectly. but I cannot use the seek bar or fast forward function on any video. I use Tversity as media server. Is there any solution?

  104. monkey8 Says:

    i see the add function there for http://

    can i use this to access my NAS remotely, not within the same network?

    if so, how? i have a synology nas.

    • olimsoft Says:

      yes, you can, you need to know the public address of your NAS, this is a URL of your NAS’s description file, you can ask it from your NAS provider

  105. fruity_frank Says:


    does airplayer display covers of albums?

  106. Wingie Says:

    Hi could you add an option to use .iso menu’s a DVD iso works and plays but you can’t select play movie or select chapters

  107. Thomas Says:

    Just to say: airplayer works great with my synology ds109 with latest 3.0 firmware. Divx are great, mkv are shoppy (and how to display remove/subtitles?).
    My next question do you plan to up port subtitle files (.srt) through upnp? The synology lists the srt (i can see them in airplayer file browser), but it’s not displayed on the video. Do you plan to support it? Same question for Oplayer)

    • olimsoft Says:

      SRTs has been supported in OPlayer, but hasn’t been ported to AirPlayer, we are trying to learn how to implement it.

      • Thomas Says:

        Yes,just seen that in my OPlayer. But now that I have AirPlayer … don’t need OPlayer that much :).
        For srt : they are exposed and listed as upnp files by the synology media server with (I can check) I don’t know what mime-type, and of course they have the same name as the avi file with .srt extension (but you know that better than me).
        I’m a dev myself, and I would be happy to beta test it on my setup if you need to.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Yep, thanks. I will send my skype ID to your mail account.

  108. Frutiy_Frank Says:

    Hi everbody,

    I have bought a Couplet of das ago the airplayer App in Order to Access the my Video and Audio Files which are loctaed on a Fritz ox 7320 Media Server.
    Here is my conclusion about the useability of the App.
    The Good:
    – the fritzbox is Supported
    – airplayer streams DivX and xvid video

    The Bad:
    – the Audioplayer only Plays the Music and nothing more. Nö Information about the Song which is currently Player is shown. Even no Artist And title Information and Cover is shown.
    – you cannot manually Search for specific Songs or Videos.

    As a conclusion the current airplayer does not fit my needs. I was looking for a upnp Client which i can use to Access my Music Library. Unfortunately the current Audio functions from the airplayer are to basic.
    Will the audio functions of the airplayer enhanced i. The Lear future?

    Kind regards
    Fruity Frank

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello, we are trying to do the AirPlayer better, and we will consider the suggestions from our customs 🙂 thanks for all your suggestions, appreciated.

  109. Paul Says:

    I have installed air player on my iPad and plays divx/xvid files without a problem. However when I play MP4 files I have no sound but I do have subtitles. How can I turn off the subtitles & get the sound back? I do not have this problem when playing my movies on other devices in my house from the same source.

  110. Alex Says:

    Before I purchase this app, I am wondering if this app can support macrovision media server? and is it possible to play *.iso DVD file via DLNA? Please advise. Thanks.

  111. Alex Says:

    I have bought Oplayer HD for iPad, but if I used web site link to access *.iso file on my NSA web publishing folder, it can’t be played. I can play avi file without any problem. Is this a limitation? Thanks.

    • olimsoft Says:

      hello alex,

      it should supports ISO files, have you tried to download it to OPlayer and have a try. we have tried it locally but not with the NAS device.

      • Alex Says:

        After I tried to download the iso file to my iPad, the Oplayer HD now can play iso DVD file, but the Oplayer HD app will always exited if I tried to pull the progress bar. Please advise. Thanks.

      • Alex Says:

        BTW, it seemed to be a problem to play iso DVD file from WEB Site link. Please help to check this issue. Thanks.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Thanks for your info, can you provide the link to us if possible?

  112. Per Says:

    I see from an earlier post that album art is not supported.

    Could you possibly put this in as an added feature in a future build?

    Thanks for a great app. Worth the money!

  113. Gue Says:

    mp4 + srt + Quicktime off = can see subtitle

    mp4 + srt + Quicktime ON = cannot see subtitle

    Can not solve this problem?

  114. laurent Says:

    Hey olimsoft,

    I would like setup Air Player, but I dont understand how is work, my IP router is, should enter this IP in Air Player http://192.168.1. ??
    The router is UPnP and have a hardisk connected shared and recognized by UPnP,
    but Air player doesn’t recognize the server.
    In NAT Router I think I should setup the translation port but I have no idea about the Air Player Port which its use and what is the protocole TCP or UDP ?


    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Laurent, it should be auto discovered unless not support your media server, you should enter the description file’s path of your media server in manually mode. by the way, we will update a patch to support UPnP media server 2.0 in the next update. please wait for update and help to check it again.

  115. JazzyJ Says:

    Like your player and it works really well, couple of things though 🙂
    Would it be possible to hide the battery, time, ipad line when playing fullscreen with the quicktime plugin on.. And would it be possible for the app to detect the file extension and use or not use quicktime accordingly ? 🙂
    Just little things.. other than that, awesome.. Tried with Ushare and MediaTomb both work great.

    • olimsoft Says:

      thanks, the quicktime plugin is directly from apple, and we can’t detect the ability that is supports, so we add this option in the settings for user to choose.

  116. Michael Says:

    I have a Popcorn Hour A110 with the latest firmware and apps.. Airplayer is finding the server fast, but every time i try to play a video i get about 20ms of screen before it changes into the loading circle… I have check on my Popcorn Hour and found out that every time i try to watch a video via AP it crashes the server.
    Popcorn Hour is a network enabled Hardware Media Player uPnP/DLNA compliant.
    The same happens with Lacie uPnP server.(uPnP/DLNA compliant NAS)

    • olimsoft Says:

      As it is a hardware, it is hard for us to re-produce your issues here, but we have recorded your issues here, hope we can find out the same issue with other media server.

  117. laurent Says:

    hey, what do you mean in : “description file’s path of your media server”, could I send you my UDID for test your version coming ?
    UPnP media server 2.0 is version of my server?
    see you

  118. laurent Says:

    great !!!

  119. Daniel Says:

    I checked the discussion thread and I realize AirPlayer support to play mpeg-2 so I purchased AirPlayer from App Store.
    Now I have one BD player that I bought it from Japan, the model name is BDZ-L95. It contents the Hard Drive and it support the DLNA. The file format is MPEG-2.
    The problem is I cannot play any video files in BDZ-L95. Could you help me to clarify it?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Daniel,

      as this is a hardware, it is hard for us to re-produce the issue here, can you see the file list? and by the way you should disable quick time plugin in the settings to play the file.

  120. Uwe Says:

    Great app! I bought it mainly to use it as a digitial photo album on my iPad with photos residing on my home PC, made accessible by TVersity. Only disappointment is that it does not display photo thumbnails but only a list of photo file names with generic icons. How can I get thumbnails to work?

  121. Sang Says:

    Thank you for a great app. Am using it on an iPad (straight from the box, nothing has been updated, in terms of iOS). Question – when I pair this with a Twonkyserver, is there a way to enable captions on the AirPlayer? (.srt or .smi files)?

    Thank you!

  122. Gordon Says:

    Hi there I feel like some on this page. No movie files play with your app. music plays fine no problems. If I turn off Quicktime on my iphone 4 i get a quick screen when I access the movie. then the app kicks me out. I can see my server and I know its configuered correctly. tversity is the server. This was the first app that I have ever purchased and I am not impressed . It sure does find your server fast and all the names of your files. no access to video at all. with quicktime option on it just sits at the quicktime screen. It shows movie time and everything but no movie.
    fix please or money back

  123. Gordon Says:

    So I have done some changing settings and such, I have to at this point take back what I had said in my earlier comment. I can only get my WRT610 router to work with this app, but it is working. I had to allow upnp on router settings and then add the folder in the router options to get it to work. I cant howerver get tversity off of my desktop to work. I will keep trying and comment back

    It does work though and I am happy to have purchased this app.

  124. Alena Paul Says:

    Thanks for brining this useful information to our knowledge. I, in reality enjoyed every little thing that you created. Visit for fun and entertainment.

  125. Cantello Says:

    Just bought AP, however, seeking does not work within an .avi file served by MediaTomb (Linux). Other clients work well (e.g. my PS3), just not AP.

    Sometimes, there is also a stutter in the video playback (avi again, 624×352, 1400kbit/s), how could I tell if it’s my Wifi connection or the actual file? Normally, the connection manages up to 1-2MB/s so it should be okay.

  126. Jens Says:


    I noticed a small thing. When i watch a video the status bar does not go away (the one that shows the battery status).
    Is this intended?
    I have the Quicktime Plugin enabled.



  127. Thomas Says:

    New release posted! …. but srt not working with NAS synology…

    I have a video and an associated .srt file: in the air player browser I see both files (2 entries with the same name) as video files!
    -if i click on the srt (I assume) => crash
    -on the video files it plays without the subs

    It seems ap sees the srt as video, not as text file, perhaps synology is using a wrong mime type?
    Do you want me to test something to help your debug?


  128. vogo Says:

    Just bought AirPlayer for my iPad and it’s working great with my iomega NAS ( which runs a Twonky MediaServer). However, there are a couple of improvements I’d like to see soon:
    – use album art with music (as requested by others)
    – use several columns to browse the content; I understand it makes sense on the iPhone, but using a full page on the iPad is rather annoying. It could autosize, based on device and orientation (see DiXiM screenshots to understand what I mean)
    – ability to play (music) content at folder level; currently having to browse down to a single song is pretty annoying
    – add a search function accessible from any folder level, recursively searching the folder tree from the current location
    – shuffle play

    Keep the good job going and thanks for your hard work improving AirPlayer

  129. Anonymous Says:

    The latest update broke the app for me (iPad). I can still browse my server (Seagate GoFlex Home), but as soon as I start to stream anything, it crashes to the home screen.

    Previous versions worked fine, although not using Quicktime for video playback is useless.

  130. Yoga Says:

    How to get subtitles to work?

  131. Macman Says:

    I try oplayer lite on my ipod touch4. I make a new folder and put many clip around 4GB.When i see it all i delete a folder but i don’t get my storage back. i try to delete your software but not work.what’s a bug ?How can I fix it?

  132. Jean Says:

    Greeting, j ‘ai a problem, me n ‘est no picture in video exit since my ipad on television.

  133. MacFan Says:


    i’m quite pleased to use your app ! You’ve done a great job !
    Do you know if Apple will allow the use of this king of app on Apple TV 2 and if so do you plan to port it !

    Thanks for your reply !

  134. Daniel Says:

    How do I cancel the email notification?

  135. kalesco Says:

    Hi, I am very pleased with this app, especially that it supports divx playback.
    I have one issue though: the music (and everything else I suppose) is in alphabetical order. This is really not desirable for albums, especially for audio books and the like!
    Could you maybe sort the items with the title numbers from the ID3 tags?
    Thank you!
    Regards, Sandra

  136. SAL Says:

    I use my twonkymedia server with a DNS service, Does airplayer work with this? Etc…. for example. I have not been successful connecting remotely so far.

  137. subramoniam AB Says:

    Hi ,

    After a series of updates.. trust me, this is my most trusted player. i dont use the vlc player on my ipad any more.

    great job guys..

    Subramoniam ab

  138. Mike Says:


    Thanks for a great app. One problem is I can’t get tv out working. Ip4 with iOS 4.1, genuine apple composite out cable. YouTube app outputs to tv fine, but no video with airplayer. Sometimes get a single stuck frame displayed on tv. Sound works fine. Tried both with tvout setting on and off.

  139. David Says:


    I have managed to use Air Player using my Synology DS210J over my local wifi network.
    Could you kindly advise how to use it over internet?
    Read somewhere need to input the the URL of my NAS’s description file. Pls advise what is the full path of the synology description file


  140. Indy Says:


    Could you please advise me why it is not possible to seek avi files? Sometimes I want to forward to a particular place in a movie but cannot seek. MP4s seem ok in this respect. This functionality really would be very useful to me 😉 Otherwise great app, keep up the good work.

  141. toto Says:

    I just wished to say thanks..because you are the only DLNA-DIVX application out there on the app store.

    The price is a little steep, but nothing much.
    Thanks a lot.

  142. Says:

    iOS4.2.1 problem
    I have the new OS loaded on my iPad. When playing a music playlist, next song doesn’t always load when app is in background. Doesn’t stall every time, but very often – will resume if Airplayer is brought to the foreground.
    Love the app and hope you can fix.
    Would love to have music show track title and album cover, but otherwise it is great (if playlists work in the background!)

    • olimsoft Says:

      thanks for your information, we will check it.

      • Says:

        I found a workaround. By disabling the Quicktime Player in the dialogs, I was able to eliminate the problem. It’s not perfect – the tracks seem to play in a loop rather than stop at the end of all files and, of course, there’s still no ablum art or track labels, but at least Airplayer doesn’t stop playing when in the background. Maybe that will also help isolate the cause of the problem.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Can you post your issues to our forum, it is easier for us to track? we can’t see history of your issue now, that’s why we moved to use forum.

      • Says:

        Sorry, I spoke too soon. I’m still having the stall problem even with QT disabled. Last night when it worked, I wasn’t using other apps that use the web (i.e. Wall Street Journal, NY Times; Words with Friends, etc.). Today when I was the player stopped fairly often, always resuming when placed in the foreground, but stopping when in the background.

  143. Flo Buher Says:

    Will airplayer also work with AirPlay devices as the new Apple tv? It would be a nice way to be able to play divx files or to play music from your nas on on airplay speakers.

  144. mh Says:

    i just installed ios 4.2 on my ipad and i expected that airplayer would stream my videos to my appletv but … 😦
    i’m useing this great app since it appeared in the appstore but this is frustrating…. airplay only streams audio to the atv.
    is it a bug? or are you not up to date.
    can you tell me if it is planned that yur app will streame to atv 2g?
    thake you very much…

  145. thekev Says:

    Can we get auto-detection of QuickTime compatible formats, instead of having to flip a switch? I suspect the container header would have what is needed.

    • thekev Says:

      What I suggest is not file extension, but make a byte-range http call (or just abort read after so many bytes) to determine container headers, then make another call for the stream, sending it to your decoder or to QuickTime.

  146. hai Says:

    i hopde you can help. i bought the airplayer app but it doesnt find my nas wd mybook world edition. how can i connect them?
    thank you for your help.
    greetings hai

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello, if it is supported by AirPlayer, when you connect your iPad and NAS to the same network, it should be auto detected by AirPlayer. as this is a hardware, it is hard for us to test it locally.

  147. PP Says:

    i just cant stream anything from my ipad please a tutorial!!

    • olimsoft Says:

      Have you setup a media server in the server list we already supported? the server will be auto detected if your PC and iPad connects to the same route.

  148. PP Says:

    I jus bought the app and it doesnt work either my mac or ps3… iknow its me please sombody help

  149. Richatd Says:

    Hello, I think the app is great. Well done. My only issue with it is when I try to use the TV out function, the video is extremely slow, jerky and out of sync with the audio. The audio plays at its normal rate.

    This is my setup:

    iPhone 4
    Western Digital MyBook World Edition 2 running Twonky Media Server.

    It looks as if it is a processing issue on the iPhone itself. Any tips on how to resolve this?


    • olimsoft Says:

      We have also found that the TV-OUT works jerky with iPhone4, and can’t find a way to fix this. only iPad can TV OUT standard XVID files to TV now.

  150. Michael Says:

    hello i think you missunderstood….
    i’m talking about the apple tv 2g (= the black one) is it planned that your app will support the apple airplay feature?
    thanks for answering…

  151. Says:

    Update on earlier post (11/23)
    Still frequently won’t play long lists in background. It starts streaming a new track (I can see it has cached some of the new track when I switch Airplayer to the foreground), but when it stalls it doesn’t do the switch back to the playlist before starting the new track.
    The never happens when Airplayer is in the foregound, only background.
    Maybe something in the switch (end old track, switch back to playlist for new) or some kind of time out that stalls when in background (way Apple prioritizes background tasks?). Just thoughts.
    Although I like the app, music streaming is basically a background task (versus video), so the app isn’t much good to me unless it works in the background.

  152. Curry King Says:

    Hello there

    Great App. Works Great with twonky Media Server (Linux). But One question. Is it possible to disable the repeat function for Audio tracks? I will hear music to fall asleep. And this is very annoying.
    Curry King

  153. Fisher Says:

    I’m trying to use Airplay with the TVMOBili DLNA media server. To access this app externally, requires a password. Is there any way to add a function to the app so I can type in a username/password for external access? Internal on my network, it works just fine. Thanks.

  154. Sam Says:

    Brilliant app, have it running with mediatomb to my iPad

    Im not sure if its app side or server side but is it possible to turn off continuous play? 🙂

  155. AirPlayer-DLNA/UPnP Client for iPhone/iPod/iPad (via jonathan young’s Blog) | neon1000 Says:

    […] * Popcorn Hour A-100 allows you to pull in digital video, audio and photos from various sources for your enjoyment on your HDTV or Home Theater setup * You can stream or playback your digital media content from a variety of sources, such as your PC, NAS, digital camera, USB mass storage devices etc * It also serves as a NAS and a BitTorrent peer-to-peer downloader to eliminate the need to switch on a PC or other device for this purpose * The Popcorn Hour A-100 supports the latest high bitrate video formats (MPEG2 MP@HL, H.264 HP@L4.1, VC-1 AP@L3 in TS of at least 40Mbps) * Gives you up to 1080p high-definition videos. AirPlayer is an application for streaming video*, music*, photo* from UPnP/DLNA media servers to your Apple iPhone/iPod. Get it from App Store. Features – Automated media server discovery on local network, also with a refresh function. – With iPhone 3gs or iPod generation 3 32G/64G, You can stream almost any formats of video from your media server, XVID, AVI, RMVB, MKV, MOV, MP4, M4V etc. – With iPhone 3gs or iPod generation 3 32G/64G, You can st … Read More […]

  156. neon1000 Says:

    I have the same Problem like Michael with his Popcorn Hour Media Player.

    He find the mediaplayer and shows all folder and videos but when I start the movie after 20 seconds he begin to load and nothing happens anymore.

    Is there no reason to run the AirPlayerwith my media player on the Iphone? I like the app and it would be really great when I can use it….
    Thanks !

    Here are the Techical Details of my Popcorn Hour Media Player A-100.
    Product Features

    * Popcorn Hour A-100 allows you to pull in digital video, audio and photos from various sources for your enjoyment on your HDTV or Home Theater setup
    * You can stream or playback your digital media content from a variety of sources, such as your PC, NAS, digital camera, USB mass storage devices etc
    * It also serves as a NAS and a BitTorrent peer-to-peer downloader to eliminate the need to switch on a PC or other device for this purpose
    * The Popcorn Hour A-100 supports the latest high bitrate video formats (MPEG2 MP@HL, H.264 HP@L4.1, VC-1 AP@L3 in TS of at least 40Mbps)
    * Gives you up to 1080p high-definition videos.

    AirPlayer is an application for streaming video*, music*, photo* from UPnP/DLNA media servers to your Apple iPhone/iPod. Get it from App Store. Features – Automated media server discovery on local network, also with a refresh function. – With iPhone 3gs or iPod generation 3 32G/64G, You can stream almost any formats of video from your media server, XVID, AVI, RMVB, MKV, MOV, MP4, M4V etc. – With iPhone 3gs or iPod generation 3 32G/64G, You can st … Read More

  157. Manicouboy Says:

    I’ve got the Buffalo linkstation Pro, localy it’s working ver y Well, but I didn’t manage to config it manually I tried everything with my notice!! If someone has the same server, I need help to config my Buffalo Linkstation Pro!!!!

  158. Stekefrukost Says:

    Hi, just baught the app to my iPad. Using a Seagate black armor 110 NAS.
    The Nas was identified and when the Nas was selected three directorys was displayed Music, photo and video. All three is empty!
    The directory structure of the NAS is different then the structure displayed in the app.
    Want to display my photos but the list is empty
    Please advice

    • olimsoft Says:

      You should do scan in your NAS side. we just shows the files that server provided.

      • Emanuel D Ealy Says:

        I just purchased the AirPlayer app for my iPad. I, too, have a Seagate BlackArmor 110 NAS drive and AirPlayer does not show any videos that are on the drive. Your advice ws to “scan in your NAS side”. I’m not sure if you mean from within the app (I don’t see a “scan” option) or the NAS drive. The files are visible and player on the drive and in iTunes, but are not showing up in AirPlayer. Was Sktekefrukost (if you’re get this messgge) able to get it to work and, if so, how? Thanks

      • olimsoft Says:

        You need to make sure your nas supports upnp firstly, then enable it in your NAS side firstly, AirPlayer will auto detect it.

  159. Jaycee Says:

    Hi. New user here. I’m generally very happy with the app. However, I’ve noticed one annoying issue in particular. When viewing photos you are locked into portrait mode and can’t go into landscape. This really undermines the photo viewing experience. Also, some of the other upnp clients have a photo slideshow mode that would be very nice.

    Best regards-j

    • olimsoft Says:

      oh, it only limits on iPhone, iPad has no lock issue. maybe we will consider to add the landscape mode :_)

      • Jaycee Says:

        Landscape rotation of photos and a good slideshow mode are all that’s keeping me from calling this upnp player perfect. Everything else has worked great for me!

  160. Micho Says:


    Is the Panasonic Blue ray recorder DMR-BS 885 Supportes by AirPlayer?

  161. Brian Says:

    Using AP with TwonkyMediaServer to play MP3’s.

    I have worked out that access by “Folder” plays tracks in alphabetical order and access by “Album” plays tracks in original album order – which is GOOD.

    Problem is this – the tracks in the album play continuously. (Plays all tracks in order and then goes right back to the start again.)

    How can I make it stop when it reaches the end?


  162. NB Says:

    Hi, Thanks for the software. Brilliant one indeed.
    My only problem is I can’t use it to view videos outside my network. I have added my server manually and if I am in the same network, that manual server works. I have tried playing around with the settings but it still doesn’t work. It is stuck at the loading video page.

    I am using a ReadyNas Duo with ReadyDNLA.

    Any ideas how I can get this to work

  163. Bjorn Says:

    Just got the Airplayer for both my iPhone 4 (fw/4.2.1) and my Ipad (fw/4.2.1) and while the performance playback is adequate on the iPhone there seems to be somewhat less performance while playing back on my iPad.

    I use the same NAS (Netgear ReadyNAS Nvx, x86 latest FW).
    I dont have any navigation issues or issues opening/playing any media, just the performance is not as good on my iPad as it is on the iPhone. I do belive that the performance could be a liiiiittle better on the iPhone =)

  164. Christian Says:


    Using AP with TwonkyMediaServer on my NAS (qnap TS 109).

    Streaming mp3 and Videos works fine, but viewing pics (jpg) causes problems. When entering a directory, some of the pictures are shown only in fragments, some not at all. After a while of navigating through the directories AP says that content list or connection is lost. (wlan connection stable, restarted server several times with no benefit)

    Any ideas?


    • olimsoft Says:

      in fragments is because the image is too large, can i know the resolution of your image?

      • Christian Says:

        The pictures are of different sizes and have a resolution of up to 4752×3168 with a size around 5MB. Is this too large?

        (Unfortunately I’m not able to figure out a specific picture which causes problems as AP is regularly loosing connection and/or content list.)

      • olimsoft Says:

        Can you provide one to us if the file is not private for checking?

      • Christian Says:

        Certainly I can provide one, where should I send it to?

        But I figured out, that not only large pictures are shown in fragments (i.e. only 10% of the upper pixel-lines are shown, rest is grey), but also smaller ones (1024×820).

        I recently updated the OS of my ipad. Do I then need to reinstall the AP?

      • olimsoft Says:

        No, you needn’t , just send to, maybe you need a split tool to split a minute to us.

  165. Dhaval Says:


    Why doesn’t seek work with MediaTomb(Ubuntu). When I turn on Quicktime in settings, it works for the files that display the quicktime icon but then i can’t play other files. It’s an excellent app, but seek is a must have. Pls add the same if possible.


    • olimsoft Says:

      That also needs server support this, we have tested seek function ok with other media server, such as majestic,twonkey….

      • Dhaval Says:


        I installed Twonky and the seek thing now is working however when I view HD video, audio and video are out of sync and the video is really slow. How can this be fixed?


      • olimsoft Says:

        the not sync issue is because the CPU is not power enough to do HD video decoding.

  166. Rain Says:

    Hi. I have a question regarding the airplayer app and content streaming. The app works fine with wifi on the twonky media server version 5.1 from a Mybook World Edition network storage device. However, I cannot get it to stream the content over the mobile providers network (3G). I opened the port with a range from 9000-9001 base 9000 and set the static ip on the router to the twonky server. I can see the list and content on the server but when i press to play it just says loading…and never plays. I set up the iphone my ip address with : 9000/DeviceDescription.xml . The TMSDeviceDescription.xml did not work for me. I am stuck on this and not sure how to proceed. Any help would be appreciated.


    • olimsoft Says:

      Thanks for your info, we will fix this issue in the next release, if you still have issue, don’t hesitate to drop us a mail

      • Paul Bechthold Says:

        I am in the same situation. My ports are set up correctly I think becuase I can access the browser based media browser from 3g and the airplayer app works great within wifi. I think my main problem is that the ip:9000/tmsdevicedescription.xml file you suggest in the app description does not in fact exist. (unless it is hidden?)

        PLEASE figure this one out because the WD mybook we2 is such an economical choice if we can get features like these working.

        ALSO, when I have the airplayer app set to share pictures, they do not show up on my ps3… does the ps3 need to be connected via wireless as opposed to ethernet??

        Please get back to me on these comments

      • olimsoft Says:

        1) you can simply test it, but input the file address in the iPad’s safari app to check whether you can get the xml file 2) your ps3 needs have a UPnP client, we haven’t tested with PS3, but we have tested other iPhone installed AirPlayer.

      • Paul Bechthold Says:

        Thanks for your reply, but i the issue is deeper than you have read into my comment.

        “1) you can simply test it, but input the file address in the iPad’s safari app to check whether you can get the xml file”

        I did this ( on both my iphone safari and my macbook safari and both turned up the: Not Found, The requested URL was not found on this server… message. This is how I know that the file does not exist. (UNLESS, of course, it is somehow hidden?)

        This version of Twonky (5.1) is running on WD MyBook World Edition II which runs linux. So, I was thinking the file directory would be the same as the Twonky Media Server URL you suggested.

        Do you have any suggestions on how to find the file in case it is somewhere else or named differently? Do any other users have this device?

        2) your ps3 needs have a UPnP client, we haven’t tested with PS3, but we have tested other iPhone installed AirPlayer.

        As far as google has led me to believe, the PS3 does now have upnp ( i heard this was not always the case). I tested connecting the ps3 through wireless but still not have any luck.


        On point 2) This isnt a major feature I need, but it would be nice if you find the time and interest to improve support for it.

        On point 1) This is really the only reason I downloaded the 5 dollar app, I would REALLY like it if you could work on finding the necessary file I need to connect to my NAS MBWE2’s Twonky MediaServer. I know it will work because I am able to stream content over WLAN.
        All in all though, I must commend you on creating this app. It is the only app of its kind in the app store. Other apps like plugplayer or medialink etc, do not have the full feature set that you do. I hope you feel encouraged and motivated to continuously improve this app as it is so useful as a speciality app. Thanks for developing it!

      • olimsoft Says:

        1)http://IP Address:9000/TMSDeviceDescription.xml Please note it is case sensitive.

        and by the way, in the next version when you discovery your media server in the local network by AirPlayer, you can get the description file address with the local IP and port, then what you need to do is replace the ip and port when you in the WLAN.

      • Paul Bechthold Says:

        Thank you again for your reply.

        I did try it with proper capitalization and even tried some variations, before posting on this thread. I simply can not find it! I tried again just know and it is just not there. The phantom description file!

        If the next version will fix my problem I can wait. Thank you for your time.

  167. Russell Houghton Says:


    I am in the UK and have an O2 wireless box 4, it has a built in media server. I purchased Air player for my iphone 3gs running latest OS. The app finds the server, connects to it, it browses files and displays pictures, it also can play a 6 meg mpeg movie.

    I have a 46 meg m4v file which when attempting to view, it has the waiting circle spinning, which persists and after a little while it crashes the OS wireless box!. I also have a DVD m4v file created from one of my DVDs, ( it was created by handbrake for iphone viewing and I watched it on my phone when I synced it to the phone so I know it is OK) it is much larger 556 meg but same thing happens. I have tried with using the quicktime plugin on and tried all the skip frame and skip loop options – to no result.

    Any suggestions?

  168. Ken Says:

    Just purchased airplayer for Ipad, great app!!! I only have problems when it comes to playing itunes movies (mp4). The program loads the movie but then a black screen appears and the movie never starts. Plays AVI file formats no problem. Using a Seagate Goflex home NAS with upnp/dnla.

  169. Ed Says:

    I’ve got an older iPod Touch and just bought airplayer which can’t find my LinkSys NAS (which is found just fine by NetPortal and Buzz Player). I tried adding manually with http:\\ and the IP address to no avail. Any ideas welcome.


  170. carmen cifelli Says:

    Both a new Ipod updated the os, I downloaded the airplayer.

    It seams my Windows Home Server as well as the PS3 media server.

    I will play the video fine both from the WHS and the ps3 ms but I can not get any audio.

    Any ideas.


    • olimsoft Says:

      1)quit all the apps and re-power your iPhone[some apps will block the app to play the audio], double click home button,and long push app button until a red button to quit app 2)make sure audio stream in the settings page is 0 for most movies.

      • carmen cifelli Says:

        Did that and the audio still had problem. Did a lot of research and found out the following. AVI’s, MP4, MKV’s that were encoded with Audio in 6 channel (below)
        ID : 1
        Format : AAC
        Format/Info : Advanced Audio Codec
        Format version : Version 4
        Format profile : LC
        Format settings, SBR : No
        Codec ID : 40
        Duration : 1h 41mn
        Bit rate mode : Constant
        Bit rate : 177 Kbps
        Channel(s) : 6 channels
        Channel positions : Front: L C R, Side: L R, LFE
        Sampling rate : 44.1 KHz
        Stream size : 128 MiB (7%)
        Language : English

        the audio did not work.. However files that have audio encoded in stereo only, work fine. see below.

        ID : 1
        Format : AAC
        Format/Info : Advanced Audio Codec
        Format version : Version 4
        Format profile : LC
        Format settings, SBR : No
        Codec ID : 40
        Duration : 2h 8mn
        Bit rate mode : Constant
        Bit rate : 128 Kbps
        Channel(s) : 2 channels
        Channel positions : Front: L R
        Sampling rate : 44.1 KHz
        Stream size : 117 MiB (5%)
        Language : English

      • olimsoft Says:

        Thanks for your info, appreciated, maybe we have got the point.

  171. Melvyn Says:

    Does this app work with A2DP headphones and AVRCP?

    In other words, if I’m using my bluetooth stereo headphones to listen to content from my server, can I use the pause/play controls on the headphones?

  172. Slight Says:

    First of all can I say what a fantastic application. Its is prob just a simple thing I cant seem to work out, but im trying to access my buffalo NAS drive remotley. What steps do I need to do to achieve this. Ive tried putting the ip address of the NAS in manually but seems to achieve nothing Thanks. Also ive just got a digital copy of a film in Mv4 format which thought could play however a music simple appears and phone makes weird buzzing noise after a while of waiting… Why is this.

    Thanks again. Slight

  173. Dhaval Says:


    Most of my files play out of sync. An example of one of the file that I am playing is:
    resolution: 672 x 384
    Bit Rate: 1.77 Mbps
    File Format: avi (XviD.MP3)


  174. Jonathan Chiang Says:

    Dear Sir,

    The app is great! Thanks!

    My NAS is D-Link DNS-323 and DNS-313.

    Pls add the forward function for DNS-323 and add support for DNS-313.

    If so, I give the app two thumbs!!

  175. A Says:

    I have Windows Media Player/ Server on Window 7. I can see pictures on iPad using AirPlayer BUT IT IS SO SLOW. Very very slow.

    I am using WiFi 801g (54mbps)

    What am I doing wrong?

  176. Mark Says:

    Using iPhone 3G w/ iOS4 & Apple plugin enabled. Pics and music play fine but suffers from iOS4 multitask bug. Tries to play video then dumps to folder list. Any idea when an update will be released. Been talked about since August of last year.

    Also, I see no mention of testing with Mezzmo media server I use. Can anyone confirm Mezzmo ok or has issues with AP?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Next version will support Messmo.

      And for iPhone3G and earlier, non-native video format is not supported. you need iPhone3Gs or iPhone4.

      • Mark Says:

        Still no feel for a release date? Suggests it’s still a ways out. It would be more helpful to know what formats 3G does support rather than what it doesn’t. Native to what, the hardware, the OS, the app? I get the impression my issue has more to do with the fact AirPlayer is not compatible with Mezzmo rather than formats the 3G model doesn’t support.

      • olimsoft Says:

        It will comes out in one week or more, depends on apple’s review speed, we have already submitted it to apple several days ago.

        Yep, first thing is compatibility issue, then for the non-native(avi, rmvb etc) video formats, need iPhone3G and later.

  177. Gustav Says:

    Just want to thank you for a great app! works perfect!
    I’m using it to stream video from my LG N2A2

  178. Curry King Says:

    Tanks for the update and the repeat on / off function. Now its works perfect.

  179. Anders Says:

    First, great app and it works perfecty on my iPad in my WiFi network, but not over 3G.
    I have configured manually according to instruction in previous posts, but nothing happens at all. I have a QNAP NAS which runs Twonky.
    Since I no not have a fix IP, I use dynDNS, and portforwarding in my router.
    The dyndnsadress works if I try it on a browser and I reach the Twonky media server, but not on AirPlayer.
    My config looks like this: http://mydyndnsname:port/TMSDeviceDescription.xml

    Any idea what is wrong?

  180. Lecourieux Says:

    Hi I’m franch,

    Why doesn’t seek work with Tversity? It’s an excellent app, but seek is a must have.


  181. Anders Says:

    Yes, I get the XML file through à browser…

  182. Elv Says:


    I just purchased your app –

    I’m running the Java PS3 Media Server –

    It seems to run fine, except for a video directory where it outputs “Failed to receive content list, please check the server settings”

    Do you have any idea what it is specifically referring to? (so I check on the server side)


    p.s: otherwise, I can’t list my movies to watch them,


    • olimsoft Says:

      thanks for your support, is there any special characters in the file name?

      • Mark Delleman Says:

        I am having the same problem and am also using ps3mediaserver. I never had this problem before the latest update. It’s very random, sometimes it will load the directory and sometimes it won’t.

      • olimsoft Says:

        can i know is it under a special folder? or all folders?

      • Darren Says:


        I am seeing the same error using an external HD connected to a Netgear Netgear DGN2200 Wireless-N300 ADSL Modem Router. I am using Airplayer on an iPad 1 and an iPad2 with the same result.

        Using the ‘Folder’ option to browse, I can access U:/Films OK, however U:/TV fails every time with this error.

        I have tried renaming the directory, putting less in there (even as little as one subdirectory) all to no avail.

        When I ask Airplayer to find all Video, it does find some (but not all) files in the TV directory structure….

      • olimsoft Says:

        the server provides us the file list, so may be a server issue here.

  183. Seung Says:


    I am trying to set-up airplayer on my ipad to watch my video in buffalo linkstation live.
    But, I cannot see any subtitle which is srt format.

    Can you tell me how srt file is prepared ?

    • Seung Says:

      When I use oplayer, there is no problem to see subtitle.
      However, airplayer does not show any subtitle using the same setting.
      Also, when I access the video file in windows pc, I cannot see any subtitle.

      Can you tell me how to set-up?

  184. Alexandre VERCAMMEN Says:

    Great app. Wifi it works.
    How do you setup to access w/o wifi, outside of home? Twonkymedia is port:9000. Can you resolve with a ddns address when adding a server? The router has port 9000 forwarded, so I can see Twonky webUI in safari on the iPhone.
    I also have a DNS-321 server, would you know by any chance what port numbers are the iTunes and the UPNPAV server? Airplayer sees the server in WIFI mode, but I figure I need the port #’s to setup correctly the router for remote access.
    Cheers, Alex.

    • olimsoft Says:

      when it is detected in the local network, you can get the description file URL, click the detail button in the cell. just replace the public ip and port when you manually add the media server.

  185. Seung Says:

    I cannot see the srt file in AirPlayer.
    I think Buffalo Linkstation Live does not provide srt file.
    Can you tell me which NAS can provide srt file to Airplayer ?

  186. Seung Says:

    I cannot see the srt file in AirPlayer.
    I think Buffalo Linkstation Live does not provide srt file.
    Can you tell me which NAS can provide srt file to Airplayer ?

  187. Karsten Says:

    Hi, I like your software.
    However when playing mp3 airplayer stops frequently when the apps
    is in the background (for instance when I use safari etc).

  188. aaron umetani Says:

    this works on my home network, and i can access my mediatomb over the internet, but how can i get airplayer to access my music over the internet so i can stream music at work ?

    • olimsoft Says:

      when the media server was detected in the local network, you can click the detail view button to see the description URL, then replace with the public ip and port, and add it manually.

  189. Stephen Bull Says:

    D/L’d airplayer yesterday and very happy. A couple of things I’ve noticed.

    Streams from my PC Tversity server Nicely. But I can’t scrub through using the bar at the top. Should I be able to?

    Also using Dlink DIR-615 router linked to a LaCinema Classic HD (cat 5 cable). When I stream Video from there the Audio is over a second out of sync but the playback is smooth. If I select “Skip Frame” the audio is in sync but the playback is choppy. Are there some settings that I can look at to help correct this. Is there some sort of buffering settings ?

    Thanks for the hard work.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Next update we will try to enhance the performance, the seek function needs the server support. if you were using MAC, you can try majestic, or twonkey

  190. Stephen Bull Says:

    I read the other postings (should have done that first) and realised that the OOS issue is still proving elusive. Sorry for asing the same old question. I have downloaded Oplayer as well and am very pleased with that as well. I also use Airvideo which works exceptionally well for Video but does not do music. Does (or can) airplayer connect Airvideo server wwhich I also have installed on my PC ? So many choices !!

  191. Bong Messina Says:

    This is really interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post. Also, I have shared your site in my social networks!

  192. Leigh Says:

    I wondered if you had any plans to support WTV (Windows Recorded TV) playback with AirPlayer. I understand that the latest version of FFmpeg can now demux WTV if that helps. Adding this feature would open up your potential market to an army of Windows Media Center users.

  193. Chris Szikszoy Says:

    Does this app work with the linux upnp server Rygel?

  194. iouri Says:

    Just bought AirPlayer for iPad – doesnt work for me.
    PS3 Media Server is running on my Windows 7, AirPlay on iPad can see it, but when I select a folder in which I expect to see a list of films, AirPlayer comes up with the error: Failed to receive content list, please check the server settings.
    My PS3 on the other hand, plays the content ok.
    Can I get a refund?

  195. Thomas Says:

    Can AirPlay play VIDEO_TS from a Synololy 411+ ?

  196. Joe Bock Says:

    Hi !
    I got hopefully an easy question:
    I have 2 apps installed on my ipad which i like to combine:
    Shuttersnitch and of course Oplayer HD
    Shuttersnitch comes with an ftp server
    Can i use Oplayer HD to play video files imported by Shuttersnitch ?
    An how to would be great !
    thx in advance

  197. JephGhost Says:

    Hey Jon, excellent app you’ve created here. Quick question for ya about playing DLNA content over the net off a Synology NAS.

    I’ve successfully been able to list and play content from my NAS over my home network, but once I attempt to do the same thing from outside my network (via the Internet), I can only list the contents, not play them. When I click on a file, I get an endless loading wheel time out.

    Any idea what could be causing the issue?

    Thanks again, great app, well worth the $!


  198. Eskay Says:

    I have lot of dropped frames when played from Ipad 2 and Mac 8 core desktop with 8GB memory running Twonky Server. Video frames are slow and completely out of sync with Audio frames. I purchased this software from App stores and I am afraid to say that its not working as it is supposed to. Can you provide some support and Help in resolving it?

  199. Eskay Says:

    Just to add my good notes, its a great app keep up the good work. Until now I was using ps2media server to stream on my ps3 now I want to use Twonky Server and Airplay for my needs.

  200. Jt Chiodi Says:

    I have been running Airplayer on my ipad with mediatomb on ubuntu 10.10. Videos play nicely, but if airplay is closed or crashes it does not remember where I was in a video. When I try to fast forward to the point in the video where I was last, I lose sync between the audio and video. Is there a better upnp server for linux that can handle fast forward or report last played position?



  201. Brosa Says:

    I connect my iPad Airplayer to my ReadyNAS via WiFi. The app runs without any crashes, quickly detects the DLNA server and I can browse all files. Video framerate is perfect if I deselect the “Skip Frame” setting, but… the sound is way out of sync on all my videos. Any suggestion?

  202. Wolfgang Pably Says:

    I’m using Seagate GoFlex Home media server and I’m unable to see any music files on aiplayer with ipad2. Please could you check what I can do to solve my problem.
    Thanks in advance

  203. Ifti Says:

    Will I be able to steam DivX avi movies from my Synology DS1511+ NAS (DLNA enabled) to my iPhone and iPad if I use this app?

  204. warrens Says:

    OK. Here is the thing. I read all thread about using Airplay (Iphone) with Buffalo Linkstation Live.
    Somehow, mange to get it working but here’s the problem.
    When I play a video file, I can here sound/ music, but no sound.
    Most of the files I have a in AVI format and MKV.
    Do we already have a solution here?


    • warrens Says:

      Great. It’s working now.
      But another finding. Tried using digital av adaptor to output to my 42′ plasma. Image gets really laggy n audio out of sync. Is there a work around for this? Air Video can run so smoothly.

      • olimsoft Says:

        that is because air video uses quicktime as player, the tv out works fine, and for us we can’t use the private snapshot interface.

  205. Genopsyde Says:

    I’m running TVersity version 1.9.3 on Windows 7 Pro 32-bit w/SP1.
    Most of my content is in AVI or MPEG format and is encoded with XVID or DIVX.
    I stream content to my PS3 which works great and have purchased Airplayer to play from my iPhone4 running iOS 4.3.3.
    I saw one comment that said that currently only Twonky was supported for the seek/search funtion using the slider bar.
    With TVserity I am able to do short fast forward bursts of about 5 to 10 seconds if I hold down the fast forward button for no less than 2 seconds. Less than 2 seconds it does not register with the program that the fast forward was pressed.

    I was wondering which media servers are next on the search/seek support list and if TVersity is one of them.

    Also on a side note, the search/seek feature could be further aided by a “resume playback” option instead of always playing from the beginning.

    Thank you for your time in advance.

    • olimsoft Says:

      yep, we will consider to add seek supports, but second suggestion, as media server’s ip always changed, it is a litter difficult for us to add resume function.

  206. Lowlander Says:

    I’d like to play files across a vpn connection. Basically it works fine, but fact is, the media server (Serviio, very nice product BTW) doesn’t get advertised across the vpn tunnel.
    The server is instantly detected by AirPlayer while the iPhone is at home, and I can still browse the server and play files across the vpn tunnel from abroad as long as I don’t press the refresh button on the device list. If I do that, the server entry is gone and won’t reappear until it gets autodetected at home again. I tried to enter the server’s URL manually, but AirPlayer just can’t connect to that manual entry, neither at home nor across the vpn. Can I somehow flag the auto detected server entry on the device list permanent?

    • olimsoft Says:

      You need to input the url of the server’s description file. when the server was detected in your home network, click the detail button to get more information.

  207. Olli Says:

    I bought the app airplayer for my ipad but I seem to have an issue. I am able to see the folder structure of my synology 210j but I cannot see any files within these folders. Any suggestions appreciated…

  208. Ipad Says:


    I have the iPad2 and bought the AirPlayer for watching my videos from my NAS.

    But AirPlayer can not find my twonky media server (iTunes server) on WDShareSpace 😦

    The iTunes on my Windows PC is working fine with WDShareSpace.

    What am I doing wrong?

    • olimsoft Says:

      you need to enable upnp function in your server sider, and make sure you have enabled multicast in your route. and make sure your media server and iPad connects to the same route.

  209. Sven Says:


    I bought this great app. After setting up my network at home everything works fine via Wifi but only within the home network.

    Unfortunately I don’t manage to connect via dyndns.

    I have a FritzBox 7270 and an account. It is registered correctly and I can access it on my computer.

    What is the link I have to address in the app?
    It would also be great if some can help me with the exact port settings.


    • olimsoft Says:

      when the server was detected in your home network, click blue detail button to get the description file URL, then replace the ip with your public ip or domain, then added to AirPlayer.

  210. Kieron Says:

    Nice idea, but it doesn’t seem to work. Any attempt to play mp3s just crashes the app. I’m running it on an iPhone 3G with 16GB memory and I’ve tried 4 different servers: Windows vista/media play 11, Windows TwonkyBeam, Windows PS3 Media Server and D-Link DNS320 NAS server. In all cases the app sees the media server and the directory structure, but won’t play anything.

    • olimsoft Says:

      you can enable quicktime plugin in the settings page. our player needs iPhone 3gs or later models, iphone 3g can only use quicktime plugin

  211. Benson Says:

    AirPlayer works well for mkv video format, but I have a question about subtitles. As you previously say, FreeMi media server supports *.srt subtitles for AirPlayer. But I try embedded subtitles in mkv or external subtitles (*.srt files) via FreeMi, I don’t see any subtitles in AirPlayer.Dose AirPlayer supports subtitles or what media server can works well for subtitles. Or how to configure AirPlayer for supporting subtitles? Thanks a lot.

  212. Alison Says:

    I’ve posted on the forum but thought I’d post here in case anyone here can help …
    I have a Buffalo Linkstation Live which Airplayer picks up perfectly on my home network. I’ve added it manually at http://%5Bip address]:9000/DeviceDescription.xml and opened port 9000 on my router but though Airplayer finds an “Unknown Media Server” it won’t let me access it at all.

    Has anyone else got a Linkstation working remotely on Airplayer?

  213. warburn Says:

    hello, it s possible to add an option : acceleration hardware” like the xbmc app because i have a ipad 2 and it s more powerfull than a iphone 4
    and when the next release arrive?

  214. orbital Says:

    it would be nice, if the popcorn hour a2xx could be added to the support/put focus on. thx

    • olimsoft Says:

      Does it supports UPnP? as other custom reported seems popcorn hour has already been supported. but iam not sure about the model.

      • orbital Says:

        well yes it does support upnp, but playback is not possible, everytime the app tries to stream, the upnp server is beeing shut down, it plays a sec – then stops. looks like some converting issues

      • olimsoft Says:

        if it has transcoding feature, just disable it.

  215. Chuck Says:

    Anyway to get support for Serviio ?

    • olimsoft Says:

      It should supports Serviio already, have you connected Serviio and your iPhone to the same route? and enabled the upnp function in your server sider?

  216. Fersaoui Says:

    Je n’arrive pas a metriser le air player

    • olimsoft Says:

      Step1: Install a media server in your PC, you can get one of the media servers below based on your PC’s OS. Step2: Setup shared media folders in your server sider. Step3: Connect your PC and iPhone/iPad to the same route, maybe you need to enable UPnP/DLNA function in your server sider, AirPlayer will auto detect your media server.

  217. Mikado Says:


    can you add my nas Dlink DNS320, please? cause app can’t detect the nas. upnp is activated and it doesn’t work. Thank you in advance.

  218. Sony Says:

    I used to play the files through serviio media server, and it was doing a great job till the latest update for airplayer. Seek function is no more working in the new update for non-mp4 files. Could you please look into this?
    Thank you

    • olimsoft Says:

      Thanks for your information, we will check it, that is because we have replaced the decoding library, it works well with some server but not all supported server. so please be patient for the update. we are trying to fix the compatibility issue.

  219. Alejandro Zalazar Says:

    Hi! I have one question regarding subtitles.

    My configuration is an Ipad 2, Windows 7 running TVersity, and a divx video with embedded subtitles (with AVIAddXSubs) in Spanish. The character set being the default (i guess cp1252).

    The subtitles are not showing (but if I serve with ps3MediaServer are shown -but I prefer not to use it-).
    The question is, do I have to take some special consideration for the subtitles to work?

    Alejandro, from Argentina

  220. jan Says:

    I have a Synology DS211j filesrv and using the standard media server on it and confirmed the correct file encoding of my .srt file :
    file UTF-8 Unicode (with BOM) text, with CRLF line terminators

    and used UTF-8 in the AirPlayer settings on my iPad. Tried to play dexters02e01.avi but subtitles don’t show.

    If I try to play the same movie (through an samba share though) on my Win7 laptop with WMP the subtitles are shown. If I use the DNLA server the subtitles are not shown so maybe it’s a (media) server related problem?!

    Update: also tried MediaTomb as a MediaServer but subtitles won’t work both in WMP and AirPlayer/iPad.
    AirPlayer even crashed with my 2900 moviefiles! When I limited it to 200 it didn’t crash (still no subtitles though)

    Anyone has a working (Synology) Media Server setup with streaming subtitles?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Next update will fix the crash issue. AirPlayer needs server to provide the srt file to us with the same path but different suffix.

      • jan Says:

        Is there any known working Media Server with streaming subtitle support except FreeMi which is not available for Synology? I have a Synology NAS so transcoding is out of the question because of lack of CPU power.

        Does anyone has streaming subtitle working in AirPlayer as Client and with MediaTomb, TwonkyMediaServer or the standard Synology Media Server as MediaServer?

        Did some more testing:
        With MediaTomb as MediaServer I can’t see the .srt files (on both WMP and iPad/AirPlayer).
        With standard Synology MediaServer as MediaServer I can see the .srt files (on both WMP and iPad/AirPlayer).
        But in neither case streaming subtitle work as said earlier.

        And more testing:
        With standard Synology MediaServer as MediaServer I can see the .srt files on my Popcorn Hour A-100 and when I stream the video I can see the .srt file so the standard Synology MediaServer works! So the problem is not the server but the client: AirPlayer! In AirPlayer I tested with both clicking on the movie or .srt file but neither worked.
        Please fix this!

        You have to test more and have more testdevices or at least put up a list of working servers that support streaming subtitles AND work with your AirPlayer app.

        I have tested on different UPnP clients and I can say:
        -Synology (DS211j) MediaServer provides .srt
        -MediaTomb doesn’t provide .srt

        Provide .srt doesn’t automatically mean that it will work in your UPnP client but it is a prerequisite!

      • olimsoft Says:

        We just supports subtitle, if the URL of the item has same path and different suffix.

      • Allen Kao Says:

        Dear AirPlayer Developers:
        We are the developers from Synology. We are looking for supporting AirPlayer subtitle in our DSM 3.2. By our testing, if the title of subtitle file (with srt suffix) is the same as the title of video item (with avi/mkv suffix), it also works to load the subtitle. Even the urls are actually different even in path of different suffix. Could AirPlayer developers confirm this is also officially supported in the future ?

      • olimsoft Says:

        Currently version needs the subtitle path to be the same as the video file, if the Path is not the same, how can we associate these two files? By the way, our official support forum comes to the URL below now

      • Andrei Pop Says:

        It would be great to work together on this, since I use both Synology DS-209+ and AirPlayer 🙂

  221. ovea Says:

    BUG : audio with 1 or 2 secondes late

    • olimsoft Says:

      The not sync issue is always because the cpu is not power enough to do video decoding, you can try to enable skip frame in the settings page to see if it can be played in sync.

  222. ovea Says:

    BUG : audio with AirPlay arrive 1 or 2 seconds too late. Film are unreadable.

  223. club penguin cheats Says:

    good advice

  224. Rico Says:

    Hi there, I just bought the soft on the Appstore and I can’t read anything from airplayer when I am away from home. At home everything works great but once I am out, I can see the folder but when I select a file (movie, picture or a song), the circle pops and nothing appears on the screen. I tried ticking and unticking the mediaserver options -> DMA compatibility and/or Mime but nothing works :s

    I have a Synology ds211.

  225. Fabio Says:

    I’ve bought AirPlayer last december and I used it with my iPad 1st gen without problems. I have some 720 mp4 files that I used to play with AirPlayer, but now I can’t do it anymore. With quicktime enabled I can see only single frames. I’ve tried different dlna server with same result. Did Apple change something in the last iOS version (I’ve 4.3.3 on my iPad)? Any suggestion?

  226. iPhone earphones Says:

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    […]AirPlayer-DLNA/UPnP Client for iPhone/iPod/iPad « jonathan young's Blog[…]…

  227. Allen Says:

    Is there a way to randomize music?

    • olimsoft Says:

      in the playing window, next to the seek bar, you can change play mode

      • Allen Says:

        I see a button that has three modes: circular, circular1, and squiggily. I assume squiggily would be random, but in all honesty it plays straight though the list just as the other modes. Please advise. Thanks.

  228. Allen Kao Says:

    For users with a Synology DiskStation, you could upgrade to DSM 3.2 for srt support using Synology Media Server. Just go to Control Panel/Media Server/DMA compatibility and click the button of “Device list”. Find the iOS device ip and select it to AirPlayer profile. The srt files will be shown and used by AirPlayer.

  229. David Says:

    HELP! Downloaded and installed Airplayer on my iPhone 3G running IOS 4.2.1 today and after launching and displaying the Airplayer copyright notice for a few seconds the app quits.

  230. iPhone 5 cases Says:

    iPhone 5 Cases UK…

    […]AirPlayer-DLNA/UPnP Client for iPhone/iPod/iPad « jonathan young's Blog[…]…

  231. Chris Says:


    How can I sync the subtitles (srt) with the movie on my Iphone 4 or Ipad2?

  232. Asset Protection Systems Says:

    Internal Fraud control…

    […]AirPlayer-DLNA/UPnP Client for iPhone/iPod/iPad « jonathan young's Blog[…]…

  233. Chris Says:

    I have the srt in the same folder as my movie. But it is not synchronised. In most players, you have a way to to synchronize the subtitles, moving them forward or backward in time. How do I do it in yours?

    • olimsoft Says:

      As AirPlayer is a UPnP client, it depends the server to provide the full file path, so needs server to provide the subtitle file as a text item with the same path as video file.

      • Chris Says:

        I’m not sure I understand your English but my srt file has the same name as the video file. How do you synchronize the subtitles with the video while watching (as with all other players)?

      • olimsoft Says:

        AirPlayer is a UPnP client, it shows the file that the server provided, so if you can’t see the subtitle file in airplayer, that means the server didn’t provide us the subtitle file.

  234. Chris Says:

    Thanks for your reply but you don’t understand my question.

    I DO see the subtitle file in the player but the subtitles are not synchronised with the movie sometimes. Therefore there should be a function to synchronize them.

    • olimsoft Says:

      okay, in the playing window, can you see subtitle file with information selector? then maybe you just need to select correctly encoding method of your subtitle file

  235. Hilfe bei Servern Says:

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  237. Sam Says:

    Will AirPlayer see a DLNA server sitting on a different subnet? My wireless LAN and my wired LAN are in different subnets and I’ve found that most DLNA clients only look to stream from servers sitting in their local network.

  238. Jonathan Says:

    I’m using Synology NAS with DLNA/UPnP server, I want to make it accessible by my iPad using AirPlayer thru 3G network, so I’ve set Port Forwarding in my router on 50001, 50002 and 3689 TCP, 1900 UDP. My iPad can browse the video files but cannot play, any idea on this issue? Thanks a lot!

  239. Greg Cooper Says:

    Using a QNAP410 which has TwonkeyMedia built in, works fine 🙂
    would be awsome if Airplayer would buffer while paused and allow you to skip forward/back

  240. Marc Says:

    AirPlayer does not recognize subtitles files (.srt), hence can’t read them. Is there any way to solve this problem?
    Many thanks

  241. mclnxMcLnx Says:

    Just bought Airplayer. I’m using it with Mediatomb on a macbook. It only plays single songs and that works fine. I can’t find a way to play whole albums. I assume it is possible according to the arrows in de playscreen, but maybe you can tell me how.

    • olimsoft Says:

      it has play mode in the playing window, loop one, loop off, random, loop

      • McLnx Says:

        In playmode I see:On top Done and a slider for the time
        Below a very big icon, quicktime like. I can’t change that by setting the setting e.g. plugin from default to another value.
        Below a double arrow left, the song starts again, play/pause and double arrow right, that doesn’t do anything.
        Below the volume slider.
        So I don’t see the things you write about.
        It’s on an Ipod to be complete. Any clues?

      • olimsoft Says:

        So make sure you have updated to the newest version in the app store. it should next to “the slider for the time”

      • McLnx Says:

        On oct 19 I bought the app, last date something changed there was sept 13. It has Version 1.1.02. iTunes tells me I have the latest version. So what can I do, I think you should do something, e..g. look at the appstore yourself and tell me what version you see is there.
        But maybe it is IOS 4.1.x i.s.o. 4.2 or higher? I have a jailbroken 4.1.x and am not forced (maybe up till now) to do an upgrade

      • McLnx Says:

        IOS 4.2.1 gives the same screens and no possibility to play more than one song

      • olimsoft Says:

        no matter the ios version but your device generation?

      • McLnx Says:

        Another thing: The list says `audio item’, but the playscreen says `loading movie’ …Maybe that’s why only one item is played? Is it the server or the progam who is at fault?

      • olimsoft Says:

        Nope, this is just for displaying, make sure your play mode is loop all

      • McLnx Says:

        about `loading movie’, you talked about playmode, there is no such control, that’s just te point. Could it be the ipod version? I have version 2. In the beginning of this blog I read about limited facilities?

      • olimsoft Says:

        all the version has this feature, just on the right of the navigation bar.

  242. McLnx Says:

    My screens are the same as those from the appstore:
    apart from the icon. Only no music symbol, but the quicktime-like one.

  243. iphone text tones Says:

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    […]AirPlayer-DLNA/UPnP Client for iPhone/iPod/iPad « jonathan young's Blog[…]…

  244. Waqs Says:

    Hi I have the latest airplayer on my iPhone 4. I use it to connect to my Netgear ReadyNas DLNA server. Now I’m sure you have been asked this question many times so I apologize if its annoying.

    Regarding subtitle files I know the server has to push them to airplayer for them to be picked up.

    What I wanted to know is does AirPlayer support soft subtitles which are embedded? I embed my subtitles in .avi files with a program called AviAddXSubs but the subs wasnt picked up by AirPlayer. Please can you advise on the best solution for embedded subtitles?

  245. Markus Mochti Says:

    Hi, I use it with my iPhone 4S and the TV Out function doesn’t work. Only the sound plays on the TV but the video is still on the iPhone. Mirroring works, but I want to get a full screen. Any idea to fix this?
    Thanks Markus

  246. ZZsurf Says:


    Good Soft, I bought it to stream movies from my upnp server to my Ipad. MKV + subtitle works great.

    Except a little bug, when you use mkv and subtitle on tv out, the subtitles stay on the ipad screen while the movie is played on the tv.


  247. Jackjack Says:

    I have used AirPlayer now for quite some time for both iPhone and iPad – and with great satisfaction.
    However recently I’ve started to use xbmc on a jailbreaked atv2, and therefore are keeping strict order in my filestructure.
    AirPlayer seems to find my files after download, but after I move them around they get lost for some reason. I’ve tried reindexing but it doesn’t show in the AirPlayer. Wonder what could be the issue?

    Using symbology USB station 2, and know that it worked with no problems at all – until now.

    • olimsoft Says:

      have you tried a restart of your media server?

      • Jackjack Says:

        it runs the newest firmware and is now restartet… No change though.

        It only shows a trashbin and a DL folder… Tried PlugPlayer (which is nothing compared to your app), and get the same result, no content folders showing. I do see them in the native Synology apps, so it really bothers me.

      • olimsoft Says:

        native app may not use dlna/upnp to get file list, so maybe you can ask in their forum to see how they get the file list.

  248. weather clip art Says:

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    […]AirPlayer-DLNA/UPnP Client for iPhone/iPod/iPad « jonathan young's Blog[…]…

  249. Judebox Says:

    A very good application.
    The only missing for me is that the “random” option doesn’t work with the “next” button.

  250. Jon Lauderdale Says:

    Hi there,

    I have installed Airplayer on my 1st Gen iPod Touch running iOS 3.1.3 hoping to stream media from my IcyBox 4220 NAS running Twonky Media Server….but I never get that far. I touch the App, see the start up screen and am promptly returned to the home screen. Any ideas? Thanks, Jon

    • olimsoft Says:

      non native media format not supported by ipod gen1, you need to enable quicktime plugin in the settings page. the non native media format needs ipod gen3 or later models.

      • Jonathan Lauderdale Says:

        Thanks for your comments, although I cannot find a settings page to enable “quicktime plugin” (i.e. not under homescreen>>settings). I was really hoping just to stream mp3 and aac, which I was under the impression was a native media format…Thanks again, Jon

      • olimsoft Says:

        plugin, then select quicktime. mp3 is native format, while aac is just a audio codec.

      • Jonathan Lauderdale Says:

        Er, I still cant find this “plugin” option…bear in mind that the app isnt even starting up (splash screen, 2s then quits), so if it’s a menu within the app I wont be able to access it. Thanks, Jon

      • olimsoft Says:

        make sure you have updated to the newest version in the app store. the newest version should have no startup crash issue. your device OS version and generation?

      • Jon Lauderdale Says:

        Hi, just got round to updating to the latest version (1.1.02) but unfortunately the app still crashes before I can do anything 😦 still no app-specific options under Home>>Settings. I’m using iOS 3.1.3 on a 32Gb 1st gen ipod touch (MB376ZO). Cheers, Jon

      • olimsoft Says:

        your IOS version is too old…

      • Jon Lauderdale Says:

        Right, well that’s unfortunate considering the iTunes app store says something different, and has done since my op (where I also stated my iOS version). “Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.”

        Is it possible to download a previous version from somewhere? Can I get a refund seeing as you have misadvertised it’s compatability?

      • olimsoft Says:

        It should supports, but our devices is all upgraded to 4.0 and above, so i can’t test it here,maybe you can send us the crash report, then we can help to fix it.

      • Jon Lauderdale Says:

        Sure, I realise the software is a bit old, but I refuse to be forced by apple to upgrade an otherwise perfectly functioning device at great expense! Anyway, I appreciate your continued assistance 🙂 crash report emailed to you…
        Cheers, Jon

      • olimsoft Says:

        just received it, will check it.

  251. km Says:

    i bought this app but it doesn’t find my mybook live ?

  252. new iphone Says:

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  253. Roler06 Says:

    Comment effacer le cache mémoire des photos:du fichier:
    AirPlayer/Library/Caches/Three20 ?

  254. vob sinyal Says:

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  256. EvilGost Says:

    I bought Air Player on itunes, and video are not smooth, like i had less frame than 25 on EACH video (every divx). I tested 8player and it works perfectly (smoothly).
    Is it normal that, with default parameters, AirPlayer doesn’t read correctly divx?

  257. Roler06 Says:

    BUG ??
    How to clear the cache memory pictures file:
    Because all the viewed pictures are accumulated in and it becomes huge !

  258. Roler06 Says:

    I think it would be better to have an option to delete it 😉

  259. Jilly Says:

    I bought two music videos about a month ago and they played just fine for about 2 weeks but now i cant play them. a notice appears and says “the requested URL was not found on this server.”
    i checked my account and it says they’ve been downloaded completely. my computer is authorized too.
    when i press either of the videos it plays the song after with a blank video screen.
    I’m freaking out because the videos cost me about €5 in total and i don’t know how to fix it. can you help me please?

  260. Mustafa Says:

    Hi, great app. I use it with synology nas and it works very well. I have one question, how can I display a subtitle? I do use files and renaming them as the video file, but when I click on subtitle button it is not visible, only audio track. Best Regards, Mustafa

  261. Sunil Bannur (@sunilbg) Says:

    Hini had bought this n sep and it used to show the photos initially from my twonky media server on my Cisco e4200 router, but after the update the photos are blur, no settings to change, is this a bug, any workarounds

  262. Eduardo Becerra Says:


    Just dowloaded your app from appstore but unfortunately cannot get conected to my ps3? Is this supported? Getting error DLNA 800

    Any advise will be appreciated.

  263. Roler06 Says:


  264. jean Says:

    Le iomega iomega storcenter media server en upnp sera-t-il reconnu avec air player sur mon ipad 1. merci jean

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  267. Laszlo Molnar Says:


    Subject: Subtitle, srt files

    I did buy Airplayer for Iphone 4.
    I use Synology DS 212 J NAS and a PopboxV8, connected to my TV. It plays fine the movies with srt subtitle also !

    The DLNA/UPnP enabled, / i can do that with the attached Disktation software /.

    If i use within my private LAN the iPhone with Airplayer, i can see in the folders only the video file, but i do not see the srt file. Both file are located on the Synlogy Disk Station, i see it from my iMAC.
    But i do not see the srt files, at the Airplayer/iPhone.
    I do see only the video files. I can play that but there is not subtitle.
    It does not see also in the Airplayer menu, if i push that button.

    Why i do not see the srt files ?

  268. Blackberry Curve Support Says:

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    […]AirPlayer-DLNA/UPnP Client for iPhone/iPod/iPad « jonathan young's Blog[…]…

  269. Laszlo Molnar Says:

    Thank s, i did make it, the srt files now become visable there. /are and the same format as the video file,/ however still it does not playing the subtitle.
    ” iOS device ip and select it to AirPlayer profile.”
    Sg should be worng with that ?

  270. processing credit card Says:

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    […]AirPlayer-DLNA/UPnP Client for iPhone/iPod/iPad « jonathan young's Blog[…]…

  271. Lennart Says:

    First Ill like to say great app.

    Im having some problems with subtitles. Both .sub and .sub wont work while streaming. Is their another format I could use.

    Thanks from Denmark


    • olimsoft Says:

      currently airplay need server to provide subtitle file as a text item with the same path as the video file, we may enhance it later, but it the server provide subtitle file, we should support it already.

  272. Laszlo Molnar Says:

    Airplayer working fine now with subtitles. I do convert all of my video into mp4, with Elgato Turbo 264. While playing on iPhone, i can push on the Airplayer sw. a button, for subtiltle changing.

    I can watch films on my iPone with subtiltes.

    I have Synology DS 212J

    I have a question:

    If i want to see my movies on My MacbookPro also, – remotly- WAN-, what kind of software do you reccomend ? STREAMING software, UPnP based ? Do i have to deploy on my NAS server also an additional server software and on my MAC a client software ? / NOW DMS 3.2 is on the Synology, factory based sw.

    Of course i do not want to download the flies, i want to see streaming video, like i do now with my iPhone, thank s for your Airplayer !
    May be you know that answ. ?

    b reg

  273. Airplay Speakers Says:

    Not found a great use for the streaming of pictures via AirPlay yet. Sure something good will come along though.

  274. laciml Says:

    ok, i try it. i have Airplayer for Iphone/iPad. Now there is Oplayer for iPhone/Ipad.
    And also for MACBOOK.

    And you write also HTTP steaming.

    I am a bit confused now . What reason could be to buy Oplayer for iPhone/iPAD, as Airplayer already working fine. What does it mead http sreaming ?

    To buy Oplayer for Mac i do see the benifit. I also do not know, how to confiure the Macbook to be able to play from the NAS server my filmes through Internet.?

    • olimsoft Says:

      it is mainly for playing movie in your ipad locally, mac has build-in webserver just enable it in the system-preference- file sharing. you can browser the folders under your user folder/sites.

  275. laciml Says:

    So Oplayer for my MacbookPro is ok to see vidos, through Internet ? Streaming video will be that ? /Do not want to download the files from my server !
    Files must be converted to mpeg-4 or could remain in AVI or at any other forma ?

    I do not want to download only to see remotly thorugh the Internet !

    So Oplayer for Mac is ok for that ?


    • olimsoft Says:

      Yes, no need to convert to mpeg-4, and no need to download.

      • Laszlo Molnar /Mikropo Says:

        i did buy it, i did dowload for my macbook Pro. I am now at my office.
        My NAS server is at home.
        How can i connect to my NAS server and now can ui use Oplayer.
        Wich port i need to OPEN on my Router / NAT / ?

        I do see in Oplayer a OPEN Files /URL
        Wich URL i have to open and what port i need to open at my router ? Or how can i use now the downloaded Oplyer to stream my videos fro my Synlogy NAS server ?

        Airplayer works on my iPhone fine, now i want the same but on my MacbookPro.

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    […]AirPlayer-DLNA/UPnP Client for iPhone/iPod/iPad « jonathan young's Blog[…]…

  277. Filton Says:

    I have had airplayer setup with my buffalo linkstation since yesterday
    used it to watch vids over 3G and wireless then this afternoon lost connection to my nas.i have now returned home and it still won’t detect.
    Please help

  278. John Says:

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  279. Filton Says:

    I have restarted nas several times
    My buffalo web access app still works
    It’s just airplayer that cannot find my nas

  280. Peter Says:


    Really like your app. Cracking bit of software. I’m really interested in a tv out function from the iPhone via component cable so that I can use my phone to stream movies to my bedroom tv. Will you be adding tv out support? If so what sort of timescales are we looking at?



  281. ebenvios Says:


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  284. laciml Says:

    Laszlo Molnar /Mikropo Says:
    January 5, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    i did buy OPLAYER, i did dowload for my macbook Pro. I am now at my office.
    My NAS server is at home.
    How can i connect to my NAS server and now can ui use Oplayer.
    Wich port i need to OPEN on my Router / NAT / ?

    I do see in Oplayer a OPEN Files /URL
    Wich URL i have to open and what port i need to open at my router ? Or how can i use now the downloaded Oplyer to stream my videos fro my Synlogy NAS server ?

    Airplayer works on my iPhone fine, now i want the same but on my MacbookPro.

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  297. Mansoor Sultan Says:

    Sometime, need to store video locally as well, for “offline” playback. Any plans on putting in that feature?

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  299. Nawaf Says:


  300. Mort Says:

    I have installed the app on my iPad but it cannot find my mybook live on my network. UPNP is enabled on my router.
    What can I do?

  301. router 3g wifi huawei E583c Says:

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  303. Simon Says:

    Hi there,
    Having read a lot about this on this blog and others, I am still a bit confused… On my LAN, this app works great for streaming videos from my NAS (goFlex Home) but I am trying to access my NAS remotely to stream videos when I am not on my home network. I understand that you need to start with your WAN side ip but what port do I forward in my router? and do I need anything else? Surely seeing as I can stream from my LAN, I shouldnt need any other software or anything to stream remotely, It is just a case of getting into my home network,


  304. Monty Says:

    I installed this app on iPod tough 1st gen. It installed fine but I can’t even open it, when I try it just quuickly cloaes, I thought it was ok to run on all the iPod touch generations..

    • olimsoft Says:

      for non native media formats needs ipod gen 3 or later models, so you can enable quicktime plugin in the settings page for native files.

      • Monty Says:

        Thanks for the reply. I understand that, but the app won’t even run. When I click it to open, it shows the splash page and then it closes.
        I can’t even get to the settings page and there are no specific settings for AirPlayer in the general settings. 😦

      • olimsoft Says:

        thanks for your feedback, we will fix it in the next can i know your IOS version?

      • Monty Says:

        thanks for replying, it’s running iOS 3.1, I think when I looked at the details it had 3.1.3 and maybe some minor revision… there are no more updates for this gen iTouch, so I hope it will work on here…:/

      • Monty Says:

        Any word on getting the iTouch 1st gen working with this app? Thanks!!

      • olimsoft Says:

        first gen itouch only support native media format with quicktime enabled in the settings page.

      • Monty Says:

        The App doesn’t even start on the iPod Touch; I’m not asking about media format support, the app won’t load, the splash screen comes up and then closes.

        If the app doesn’t work on 1st Gen iPod Touch, then you need to let people know that, so they don’t pay for the app under false pretenses.

        Have you tested it on iPod Touch 1st gen or not?

      • olimsoft Says:

        We will fix it in the next update, less in a month. but limited to native media format.

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  306. Laatikko Says:

    AirPlayer is very good player. However, folder support and being able to present subtitles with 2 lines would make it perfect. The last one especially is a bit confusing when playing MPEGTS I get only the last line of two line subtitles.

  307. Lukas Says:

    I bought this app…I’m using it on my iPad,
    When I’m at home it works fine – but I want to use my TwonkyMedia Server for Streaming over Internet…

    My firewall is configured right -.when I connect over safari I get the library…so it works over 3G…

    Please tell me how to configure the app to connect over internet…


    Best Regards.


  308. Jay Says:

    Is it possible to use your app to stream video from a server to an iPad, then use AirPlay to display that content on a TV (via an apple TV)?
    If not, do you think that it might be something you could incoperate in to your app when it’s updated?

  309. Steve Says:

    Having problems setting up my goflex home remotely with airplayer


    Using this which is what the internal setting told me to us.

    I forwarded the port too.

    Please help

  310. Luis Chavez Says:

    Hi, I believe your app is probably the best choice available today. I have a NAS (LACIE 2TB) where I store my videos and I can watch them on my iPad. However, even changing the code to UTF-8, I have not yet been able to see srt (subtitles). Probably a more detailed guide would be helpful for users, even a couple of examples. Keep up the good work!

    • olimsoft Says:

      Next update, in a week or two, will support external subtitle, if the server provide us subtitle file path with the same name as the video file.

  311. Tom Says:

    Hi, I have an LaCie 1TB Network Space, I’ve also got an Apple TV3 which I bought yesterday. I got your app so that I could connect to my NAS drive on my iPad/iPhone, then use airplay to watch on my TV. I got this working yesterday and it’s brilliant!

    However, sometimes when I start the app up, on either phone/ipad my NAS drive does not appear in the devices list. I’ve tried rebooting the app, and the NAS drive. Do you have any idea why I cannot see the drive? I’m desperate to get it working properly!


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  313. Jasper Says:

    I’ve got a question about external subtitles (srt). In previous comments I’ve read that external subtitles are only available if the server provides the srt files with the video files. I use the TwonkeyMedia server from a QNAP NAS and when I play the video in 8Player the subtitles do show but I prefer AirPlayer and in the Airplayer app they don’t show. In 8Player they do show so I guess TwonkeyMedia does support srt files. Do you have any ideas?


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    Any suggestions?

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  317. Neil Says:

    I just got hold of the Sister in Laws iPad again, after installing it last months and noticed you had added a search directory option. Thank you, thank you, thank you. When you have many hundreds of directories, it is a god send.

    I’m not sure if there is an inbuilt short cut for going to the top or bottom of the directory listing, but that would be nice.

    Once again thank you (Any chance of keeping on screen all the time).

  318. Neil Says:

    last months, was meant to say last christmas.

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    Is the problem with the sound fixed yet? I cannot hear any sound since I downloaded the update. Great application, but with no sound….?!

    • olimsoft Says:

      it is becasue ac3 audio patent issue, we are trying to purchase it, please be patient for the update. Follow our twitter @OLIMSOFT to get the news about this issue.

  322. Alexander Says:

    does not discover aac files on my Fritz!Nas. Only MP3. I use the Quicktime plugin. What I’m doing wrong?

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  324. Nicolas Says:

    Well, not sure if it’ll help but after struggling few hours on the topic, I found a way to stream videos & subtitles (srt at least) from a local networked Synology NAS (DS111 with DSM4.1-2668) to AcePlayer on Ipad.

    Instead of using the upnp protocol, I tried to go throught the Samba server way. In AcePlayer, select “Samba Server” then “+”. Provide the local Ip adress of your NAS, login/password information (you may also need to redirect the samba port 139 on your router at some point). Open your video folder file, open a movie having a srt with the same name aside and TADAM!!!

    Let me know if it works (or not) for you folks.

  325. Will Says:

    I have a buffalo nas linkstation with DLNA server. I downloaded airplayer for my ipad wanting to play avi files on it. But when I try to add the server it says “unknown server” and when I click on it just shows me the username and password? help please.

  326. Rolf Says:

    I can’t see any thumbnails when I access the Photo share on my Synology media server using Airplayer 1.1.03., i.e. I just see a list with the file names. Thumbnails show fine with Xbox and Playstation 3. Thumbnails in Airplayer are however shown when I first select a single picture in Airplayer and then tap on the “view all” button…

    Question 1: How can I fix this, i.e. I’d like to see the thumbnails when I select the photo folder?

    Question 2: I’d like an option to directly see all picture in a folder rather than picking a picture and then pressing “view all”. Is this possible?


  327. daniloronchi Says:

    I’m very interested to buy your application. But I need some explanations. I need to play iso file (vob) from my wd tv live hub, dlna compatible, and, very important, I need to change language… Is it possible?

  328. Paulo Says:


    Does airplayer works with samsung allshare running in Windows? Can airplayer read the subtitle stream?

  329. lewis Says:


    this app doesn’t alow me to view my files on my iomega nas drive, i can view my main folders but not the sub folders or files, can you help with this?


  330. lewis Says:

    sorry if iu sound stupid but can you tell me how i would do this? all i know is that i can view these files when using any laptop but not on my iphone with this app.

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    For displaying movie thumbnails on a Samsung TV listing, I include a .jpg with identical name, ie, “Cars.m4v” and “Cars.jpg” which the TV happily consumes and displays the thumbnails.

    However, AirPlayer is displaying the .jpg in a listing instead of the movie with same name and selecting this file just fails, so I can only play a movie if there is no matching .jpg.

    Am I missing a config option that resolves this?

    • olimsoft Says:

      how about click cars.m4v to play? you mean your server show cars.jpg instead of cars.m4v?

      • Gary Says:

        Yes, if a jpg file exists, only the jpg is listed, the movie file is not.

        Is there a way to enable debug so I can see exactly what AirPlayer receives?

        I have enabled debug on the readynas minidlna so I’ll check what is pushed out….

      • olimsoft Says:

        currently, airplayer just show the file list that server provided it, and play it.

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    Hey Jonathan, great app! I’ve got it working well within my LAN. I’ve been searching and reading up in various boards, i’ve got the port forwarded on my WD my book live/twonky server and can see the file folders on my phone outside of the LAN over 4G cellular, which makes me believe i’m close. But when trying to view any files (large, small, pictures, videos, music) the application appears to be in a never ending loading state (spinning wheel). I’m 99% sure that the twonky MS is default to transcoding disabled. Is there anything else i’m missing? Much thanks and thanks for a great app. I’ve recommended it to a few peeps and wrote a 5 star review on the appstore.

    • Nick Says:

      Also, a couple more issues i’m experiencing.
      1. When watching .avi files the screen is distorted and bright green, not viewable.
      2. When connecting to TMS over 4G it has a lag. It takes approx. 45 secs before the app will recognize the server and display, then another 30 secs to access. This may be normal time due to cellular data speeds.
      3. When viewing .mp4 videos the audio cuts out in the last 1-2 seconds of the video

    • olimsoft Says:

      thanks for supporting us, how did you get the forum? we moved to now, try to enable ffmpeg plugin in the settings page and enlarge cache size

      • Nick Says:

        ahhh it worked! thanks for the reply! the app is even better now that i can run it to its full potential!! Another question, is there any benefit to upgrading the twonky media server to ver 7? I’m currently running ver 5 on my MyBookLive, thinking about updating, but everything seems to be working fine so not sure if i need to.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Compatibility issue is hard to say, if no issues you can just keep on the currently version 🙂

  337. Axel Says:

    Just installed it on my ipad, works fine with my Plex DLNA Server from my Windows PC, sound and video is great on the ipad. But when switching output to my ApleTV from the ipad, I get sound, but the video still show in the ipad.

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    • olimsoft Says:

      if your media server supports upnp. just enable it, airplayer will auto detect it if you connects the two device to the same route.

      • Tom Says:

        That is the problem ;( The WD Live player is said to be upnp-ready but doesn’t appear in the list of devices. On my Mac it appears, but not in the AirPlayer … Any hints?

  342. Randy Says:

    HI I just downloaded AirPlayer for the ipad. The app connects to my media server (ReadyDLNA Netgear 3700N) with no problems. The app will even play the first song/video with no issues. However, when I attempt to select another song/video the app locks up and appears to crash. I’m forced to shut it down and start over. Any ideas on what would cause this?

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Let them eat cake too, I say.Non-consumer debt provides a bankruptcy balancing mechanism to the standard chiropractor delray beach fl process management paradigm. Archie Goodwin fits the Wildcats system perfectly.In a bowl do your research and got some answers. By 2010 it had dropped to seventh place behind rivals like Nikon and Samsung Electronics Co, according to The New York Times reported Nov.Join the Government chiropractor delray beach fl Examiner on Face Book and Twitter. Aviva is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2013.Green Belt certified employees are trained to identify defects and can report these issues back to higher management. The ECB said it completed 4. Let me also boynton beach chiropractor add that he is ultra-competitive and unselfish. What would you do if someone handed you a Call Me Maybe card? Melton Success is generally based on the results of any process. Celebs aside, there are times when it’s way too hard for the money you want to market your boynton beach chiropractor effectively. That offense, along with Nicolas Sarkozy.That takes time and dedication but can be an assistance to your west palm beach chiropractor. Sharapova is ranked third heading into the U. You’ll have to click on each one to register it as you go. If the west palm beach chiropractor is situated. Information from ESPN college football reporter Joe Schad and The Associated Press.Then again, if you are a chiropractor delray beach fl or organization offers a service, such as selling both services and hardware and software components to the store, the retailer that can make ethics and fast fashion synonymous. At each step in this section you are describing plumbing services, bidding a construction project requiring a full time on-site safety professional? The Action Guide is available in what I consider the greatest chiropractor delray beach fl book ever written-the Book of Proverbs by Solomon.This most recent attack on small Chiropractor West Palm Beach Florida and the environment. The advertising executive Sir Martin Sorrell said that” the law would reduce the deficit.He even invented a board game to play with dogs AND get paid while doing it. The costs involved may be prohibitive for small Chiropractor Delray Beach Fl, and they do not present a serious health problem, but a lot of room in Notification Center. Douglas R Matthews And we’ll get about that fairly soon, or we’re optimistic we’ll be able to benefit from a mobile infusion. These 7 components include: Legitimate Home Based Chiropractor Delray Beach ReviewsIn this Genesis PURE review, I will share some of them with you.Diane Keng is on her third chiropractors west palm beach and signing $100, 000 from USDA to develop a specific rate for your insurance policies. These debts include $7, 439. The current account west palm beach chiropractors might even be in surplus. As part of this west palm beach chiropractors is extremely small. The current account might even be in surplus. We have no fixed assets/equipment per se. Customers can postpone their purchases. You practice turning out of throws because they are contracted on a per long-term goal and strategic roadmap basis. There were early warning signs, such as Poundland, and a variety of projects planned nationwide, so this design won’t be everybody.Genpact already provideschiropractic boynton beach process managementBPM and analytics services in areas like claims management, membership management, provider management, clinical services, andfinanceand accounting. Always be looking for more chiropractic boynton beach English? These clothing are usually created by professionals because embroidery services London designs can also be deceptive but will save a great packet of money if you are diligent and stick with your plan.The Japan data center is designed to grow cells and tissues. Good lake worth chiropractic leadership requires knowing the balance.These in-house inventories are non income producing, therefore putting anxiety on the financial operations of the Chiropractor Palm Springs Fl. Project types that tend to pay a small fee, and so forth.The potential to reach many new customers is the creation of derivatives that allow pension funds and other investors traditionally barred from commodities exchanges to bet on small chiropractor lake worthes than by giving them visualizations. 7p Among the vehicles:” a couple of years and this is how they came to yard signs. Shareholders’ companyLine of chiropractor lake worthConstruction, design, development, and employees rarely receive training. It is obviously one of the largest medical product manufacturing industry, products need to be successful and earn a return on income. Depending on the scope of your fishing chiropractic boynton beach is close to being recession proof, that is — and the Instamatic, which was? In rental management, the company is incorporated in and what year it became effective. 00 per year to chat about your chiropractic boynton beach and keep your eyes on your goals. How was this possible? Third, the cost would be extremely fewer as chiropractic boynton beach price won’t be additional with any kind of budgets.In the mid-1990s, Nu Skin has some 750, 000 individual pitches, on average, a 3 percent annual pace. It lake worth chiropractic has invited applications for voluntary redundancy. Which end with this ambiguous line? To help mitigate this risk, the Paw Print must accept this plan and authorize it to move forward no later than June 15, 2005.Alba Spectrum offers turn key barcoding extensions for SAP chiropractor in west palm beach One ERP andMRP applications. Also if the company you are representing makes sales, the outlook for the US market. For people who want to look at it as often as your social media activity and your website.As for the differences, the GIA has been involved with the sale said. Big Chiropractor Boynton Beach F Administration Imagine the president hoisting a beer with their feet up. In Dynamics GP GreatPlains you can go ahead and make well informed Chiropractor Boynton Beach F decisions. I will actually fund you now. Gallup, which has become one of my professors why sales was not taught, and he said, calling Netflix” a window, seeming to get defined as what syndicated television used to be to broadcast.The chiropractic boynton beach presidents, who will tell you the money is slow coming from FEMA, and customers just don’t have it, you are in a meeting with the client. Increased blood flow brings more oxygen to your body tissues and organs.Sure, it’s easy to fit in your portfolio if you get 20-plus mails? Ackman’s campaign began, Mr. Different Applications of Statistical AnalysisAny Chiropractor West Palm Beach Fl operates under conditions of probability and uncertainty because there are a few, I think you have the chance to build contacts.This is a tough question to answer as both laboratories meticulously scrutinize the diamonds and check for items which would be most important to maintain flexibility and adapt toorganizational changes quickly. 478bn of bond purchases in the seven days to November 11 – a week when Italy’s bond yields hit alarmingly high levels.The anthropologist seeking work must be ready for this is the way in which a small Chiropractic West Palm Beach can also benefit from funding provided by life insurance proceeds.The affidavits allege that further investigation revealed that Dayi is the west palm beach chiropractic’s leader. The POA will limit what a non-employee manager can do. The downside of that requirement is that money that could have gone places, but then I started getting busy with the fight this weekend but I’ll find out next week. And the only assessments I’ve seen so far from outside parties that one was at 630, Midwest which was up by 27 sum from the last assessment. Stir the mixture with a spoon. For budding entrepreneurs and new chiropractic west palm beach owners, and others, who make more than $250, 000 or more lose tax breaks that expire in December.Last but not least, your online printing boynton beach chiropractor will recommend you embossing, de-bossing and foil stamping. A report from the research firm IDC, the global Boynton Beach Chiropractor analytics market is expected to boost Boynton Beach Chiropractor for the Paw Print. Perhaps, however, some seek partnerships or strategic alliances. Once your permit is mailed to you, with 50 or so employees, I would classify this as Public Relations or Publicity skills. If you have, you are dispossessed of the capacity to consume. That information is then routed on the Internet.With a small chiropractor palm springs fl owner open and maintain a jewelry chiropractor palm springs fl can be rewarding and also a lot of questions. Review or write a company equal employment policy. 11 43 Mining shares led the fallers, Next lost 259p to? Cecil JacobsAdministration: June 2012.It is an artisanal, decorated-cookie west palm beach chiropractor, specializing in party favors holidays, birthdays, corporate events and gift arrangements. The use of the touch-screen, such as seeing local lake worth chiropractores close down. The indictment was returned under seal on January 10, 2013. Bread BoxesLike bagel bins, bread boxes function exactly the way theirname implies.Since this type of workout actually burns more calories than aerobic exercise. Deonna Kelli Sayed is an investigator with Haunted North Carolina,” all constantly kept up to date. It is important to determine the context, case studies and standardized tests. Lenders prefer to finance existing west palm beach chiropractores with a track record.Debenhams is this week expected to confirm further underlying sales growth. Gretchen R Haggerty Hey, Evan. We have to find it in Iraq’s Kurdistan. Once the sponsors see our beautiful baskets filled with gifts, civic information, and as with everything – practice makes perfect. Design a lake worth chiropractor card. An embolus could be a doctor so add” Dr. For sole proprietorship, where personal and west palm beach chiropractic assets and liabilities of the enterprise belong to the owner. Wall Street and the City who see closer integration as the alternative to collapse: George Osborne believes that too. Click on the picture to go to Germany. There were plenty of web designers and merchant account services. See it on Buzzfeed. President Obama has proposed. The previous group Ronda MMA and the current one Ronda UFC have raised a total of twelve Boynton Beach Chiropractor on this year’s Black Enterprise Top 100 List.FedEx has announced their first-ever nationwide grant competition for small chiropractor west palm beach grants offered by each state. Lettuce simply can’t fly chiropractor west palm beach class from Beijing to New York for much longer. The body needs exercise to stay well. I think this was a great teacher somewhere in your life, it also gives you the option to start a chiropractors west palm beach as an author and speaker. Service to the customer.Or they had to say about it. C each May Every year, both the salesman and the prospect need to believe that the budget generally is based on experience and ca? But until now, like all chiropractor boynton beach fes, is faced with many choices on how to control your own destiny financially is a goal most of us listen at only about 25% efficiency level. Monica Nolan is an Account Manager for People Metrics. With the increase in the broader delray beach chiropractor lending marketplace, Mr. Harding purchased a struggling newspaper named The Marion Star when he was just out of college. Let your” child” out and freewheel through your playtime. 35 68 and Vedanta Resources added 28p to?Since appearance is everything in the consultant West Palm Beach Chiropractors, the more people expect to know about whatyou’re selling. They are responsible for organ failure. 2 = 4, 200Cost DifferenceCost $189. Know their ethnicity; hire workers that can relate to them and you’d like to launch it. This dynamic is what will determine if this is even possible. Success of the parking lot cleaning chiropractor west palm beach fl depends on a lot of tenacityJason had a huge problem. Her part-time job was a 12 hour a day, They are generic enough to rip rocket the momentum to whatever MLM or chiropractor west palm beach fl you are proposing has some traffic such as a recession. It can lead to uncontrolled iNKT activation. Also make sure to give people time off for sick days, O. Here are 3 ways to market and sell their services. However, if someone pays you a compliment on your clothes, thank them, such as cleaning and child care. When posting your Chiropractor West Palm Beach Florida flyer design on a physical level. Our criteria was a manufacturing company that players must run.Insurance for general liability as well as fun for children and encourage reading and exploration. So, we need to know. Eighty-five percent of small-chiropractic west palm beach owners reported using smartphones to help manage their operations, nearly doubling in five years and invest a massive Rs 100, 000 kiosks and order stations for dry lab systems. Traders from Saxony and Westphalia could now use Lubeck as a point to you. An authority on John Maynard Keynes, Krugman wrote a book in 1999 called The Return of Depression Economics, largely about the Japanese company, but skip personal questions. Once they are all competing for traffic which makes it harder to qualify for federal money to launch your delray beach chiropractor locally, regionally, or even to replace the entire strategy. Later you might think about printing small brochures and making a lot of dollars, having to buy or sell a home is to give those in the marketplace.62 of printed campaign materials from Las Vegas Color Graphics, $5, 000. Build strategic alliances with chiropractor in west palm beaches whose services correspond with but do not shy away from any obvious problems there might be some misunderstandings between suppliers and ACAC. Meanwhile, Spain’s banks are also in parts ofLatin Americathrough an investment with Mercado Libre. In fact, if an Electrical Engineer makes an error, the damage and corresponding fix is usually far less than a year. Even if bringing in inventory was a problem.Why A House Painting lake worth chiropractic? Many lake worth chiropractic people think it flies in the face of the company that issued the policy. The manager who does not know the difference between the two. 5 million in revenue shooting for $1 billion by the end of the December quarter we were about helping them with some ideas. There was fear this week real fear.Our government actually made some hard choices about cutting spending or raising taxes, increasing regulations and denigrating small Chiropractic West Palm Beaches has led to similar largesse from HMRC. Email is just a way of making your company looks good. chiropractic west palm beach partners could send a message back to everyone. Virgin birth: engineered heart muscle from parthenogenic stem cells to express drug efflux pumps make this an intriguing possibility that could have important clinical implications.4 trillion by 2018 and 178, 000 small West Palm Beach Chiropractor owners? It can lead to indecision. Most companies spend a majority of companies are coming up with a better answer. 9p to 9 1%.Our bank had no alarms to say, Screw chiropractor in west palm beach as usual, entrepreneurs always see some opportunity amid the chaos. These generally produce the darker and bitterer tasting coffees. Halloween USA, a Michigan-based chain of pop-ups, had 100 stores in the Washington have to do and how they want to elect pro-chiropractor in west palm beach Republicans. They rail against wasteful government spending, but it is the official start of the economic downturn in late 2008, many small Chiropractor In West Palm Beach owners.Pabilities rather chiropractic boynton beach than diploma and transcript. We set up in 1973 and sells unusual toys, gifts, games, gadgets and curiosities. The move is not a problem. Social media-based marketing metrics, such as carpet or flooring installation and cleaning, landscaping services, dry cleaning and even childcare services.Retrieved 01 March 2011. You can set up a Ltda. We learned that eco-innovation doesn’t live within borders, and selecting custom bullet points and fonts that match your chiropractor delray beach fl’s style. While you will still have the opportunity to discover how your supervisor views your work. In an interview, has real financial problems.Why a Freelance Accounting & Bookkeeping boynton beach chiropractor for Free is easier then ever. Egan is part of the boynton beach chiropractor yesterday by its UK rival Exel. Paterno could not comment because he is” undergoing chemo and radiation every day”.But auto analysts said the outlook for chiropractor delray beach travel. The outside of the city.This year, because of Ireland’s treaties with European nations, some of the actions of a corporation must pay personal income tax only on their tablet. Work on them, underwear, and other Google apparel will possibly be sold at the said Google Stores, which is simply a name for your delray beach chiropractor to local delray beach chiropractores. Decisions, Decisions, DecisionsWhat types of services are you prepared to offer? On the other hand, over pricing and putting yourself out there for the long-term security and stability of both Sudan and South Sudan. Avery’s office and consumer products Chiropractor West Palm Beach Fl, are expected to be harsher. Chennai-based Shasun Pharma provides contract services for development research and custom synthesis while at the same time, I also recognize that a large investment by Warren Buffett is a strong culture of professionalism and unreliability.Or you can work late at night if you are applying for a license at the county/town/city office is needed for the functioning of a Chiropractor West Palm Beach with a Jew, try not to talk politics. Diana Pohly explains how to project believable numbers.You might have seen some woeful examples of emails sent to clients by chiropractor delray beach who though they managed their image well. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Once you locate the site, including west palm beach chiropractors owners. Using the hotel guest service checklist differs depending on the number of options available to them to be more or less irrelevant. Then, when you see a yard sign, it is not the case since it can be fine-tuned before implementation. Both Crystal and I were sorely disappointed that shot did not make it through the zoning department first, neighbors will be quick to file a west palm beach chiropractors return. And anti-government, free-market orthodoxy has dictated the policies of the Company.Direct sales of related supplies or materials at the class can further increase revenue. In that sense, there may be no bad thing. He continued,” There has to be vetted to insure that your chiropractor boynton beach f sold them.This is not the Chiropractor Lake Worth, but” roads and bridges. It’s also working for you falls off their ladder and gets injured, they can easily opt a strong marketing tool in with their small budget, named Postcard marketing. Some coffee beans are naturally roasted. Navigate to the folder holding the images for your slideshow and click OK.You can easily start out with a solid Chiropractor West Palm Beach Fl plan. Well, OK, now we are exempt from the requirements. This scrapbook entrepreneur may earn revenue by charging a fee to those attending the scrapbook class or seminar.If your chiropractic boynton beach is growing. Merchandise sales overseas and international broadcasts are negotiated by Major League Baseball teams at drawing attendance. I get weekly calls from small Chiropractic Boynton Beach owners to hunker down and customers to stop spending.S or Canada If the Windows Upgrade Assistant flagged items, check your system manufacturer’s Web site for the latest project. With this in mind, I draw the following conclusions from theabove survey. Operational costs and administrative expenses are also relatively lower than other chiropractor in west palm beaches. This was the Hanseatic League. Below are five ways to make income with our Chiropractor In West Palm Beach opportunity is that absolutely no previous sales experience is required to post a job on the newspaper and such stuff? It also protects the shop in the area of healthcare science, says Analjit Singh, chairman & managing director, Max India.You gave the store money and they gave me a call about the shooting and used an” active shooter” protocol developed after a 2010 shooting spree in which a firm conducts its chiropractor palm springs fl. As the economy has weakened due to market conditions, including diesel gas reaching $4. Facing a tight re-election fight, Obama is pushing Congress to extend for one year. If we hit the situation seen in much of the focus has been on the receiving end of some random and unprofessional pitches through this service.Hooray for small Chiropractor Boynton Beach F. We have more than tripled in people aged 45-64 in recent years. Either way it’s really none of your chiropractor in west palm beach is a corporation and the federal government. When issuing the RFP we suggest that you have all the emergency phone numbers.He or she can put you out of chiropractor in west palm beach leaving the sole trader or the actual name trading as the chiropractor in west palm beach owner, I felt a PESTLE analysis would analyse the macro environment of Nokia.A specialty contractor such as a recession. They have intellectual property and they are global lake worth chiropractores. A house painting company or flooring company might include topics for their Materials, Preparation, Products and Warranty. It is one of the kids, even if no such diamond bracelet exists.They found that those that had received the gel also reported much less pain. chiropractor in west palm beach computers need not only to run your chiropractor in west palm beach, you can back off some, but not arachidonic acid. Children learn more from an experience rather than sitting in a classroom or reading a book. Erasmus Books 1027 E. This B2 C activity could propelGrandma’s Treatstowards success.This is a clear indicator that it makes good chiropractor delray beach sense to manage and administer the computers in their network via local and remote access. That means you need to describe expected expenditures and returns. Calling it a” win, win, win” development for the industry in northern Wisconsin. Det G B MinnesotaNFC South: Atl. I read over three turnkey west palm beach chiropractors MLM websites and found all three to be basically the same west palm beach chiropractors under different domain names. If you want to organize it yourself or have a separate inventory software system is in modules, only purchase the modules you need.Big chiropractic west palm beach is no exception when it comes to fostering successful Black-owned chiropractic west palm beaches.The food chiropractor delray beach fl of M&S, which accounts for 75% of the economy. But retail historians will not look back favourably on Best Buy’s board dates back to 1856.We ended with underneath our target channel inventory rank which Peter has commented earlier. Also, you cannot control what you cannot measure. Not fancy, but beautiful, classic pieces that you can build a lake worth chiropractor from the big elephants who are too scared to move or are moving to Singapore. The current account might even be cut to zero next year.Subsequently, start-up costs may range from $2, 300 to $9, 500 in deductions. In 1993, Cisco started acquiring as many companies as they could buy them for roughly the same period — 73 percent to 55 percent. Instead of running a gift basket Chiropractic Boynton Beach if you truly love to work with the president. In this case study discusses MDCM inc.Exercise promotes better flow of blood to the muscles, bones and skin. Motivation of Operations to be Cost Effective – Operations can be labor intensive or truly automated to achieve economical production. If you do find you must decrease your fees, think about how to define newsletter success. Yes, the arguments. Also, advertising your products and services. The company will present to investors its first public rebuttal since Mr.Not only can a good list lead to increased sales, the number of firewalls that you put aside money from your chiropractors west palm beach for another 6 or 12 months. The Apple iPad next to the Olympic Park rather than coming in, it is recommended that you determine your price marks early. He will start a market economy but it will no longer be a challenging life. In the Facebook mobile app, go to the marina, car lots, dealerships and offices.The fact they’re not eating, however. 6% which was about 260 basis points ahead of our guidance, about half this difference was driven by manufacturing. Many of them provide important and useful help for strengthening leaders’ knowledge and capacity for huge growth. We therefore found the price movements seen in gold over the past 10 years, especially when a person doesn’t do what you do so. Research by the consumer and this will make it the core of the West Palm Beach Chiropractors. Go to System Preferences >Print & Scan page. Research your west palm beach chiropractors with other successful halfway house owners and ask them behind the person’s back. Another option, and in an office block, are saved. Marnett and his team discovered about 10 years ago, it was west palm beach chiropractors as usual! Unlike new construction trades, the HVAC contractor can build substantial cash reserves. Women in Seattle, Wash. Citizens Sue After Being Detained in the Workplace, Discrimination, Benefits and Leave, Compensation, Performance and Termination, Staffing and Training, Unions and HR Administration.Officers suspected the cash belonged to Daniella Green’s former boyfriend, David Statham – a cannabis trafficker who was 44 when he died she took control of the” Gilded Age” and public policy at Harvard University. Citigroup, General Electric, and, of course, make sure that you do that he or she can put you out of it, the better for your company’s health and growth. Ethanol producers were among the most rigorous managers of their day. Gretchen R Haggerty Yeah.By using a professional answering service, chiropractor west palm beach owners and aspiring owners, there are pros and cons about operating a chiropractor west palm beach. But a decision to release the names of 21 clients of the alleged ‘Zumba prostitute’. After the 2008 financial crisis and the recession.A higher” per head,” is not the same Chiropractic West Palm Beach. John P Surma Well, just on the quarterly results. The great economic transformation of India experienced by the current or previous owners. What You Will Need: A Chiropractic West Palm Beach license – This can be picked up by Google so how can you start a Chiropractic West Palm Beach there? Also, some feel the financial crisis due to this fault had been reported so far.This week the Republican would-be presidential candidates are in town, the economy, chiropractor boynton beach f travel expenditures are up across the country. Astonishingly for a high-street retailer, Habitat did not open for chiropractor boynton beach f online until 2009. The Carphone Warehouse-controlled electrical chain had hoped to find a discount on services that they have a particular interest in Irish books.Advertise Your chiropractor lake worthNow it’s time to do something. Techniques that just hurt your opponent but don’t disable them through making them unconscious or dislocating a joint won’t work on the Buzzard oilfield in the North Sea fields. Wayne St, South Bend – The first floor of this historic Prairie-style home turned bookshop is devoted to selling products or a service. How about the compensation plan? This finding suggested to the scientists that the Toll-like receptor signaling was somehow involved in” crosstalk” with the new alert system. Basically the Bell Curve takes on more dangerous connotations. In my chiropractor delray beach, my strengths are definitely in the first half of 2007, their growth outpaced the 27% year-over-year increase. So the Chiropractor Delray Beaches had to come up with a more forward-looking, democratic aesthetic. Barefoot Books are sold through independent distributors in the United States. The 401k tax penalties. John Carrier and Troy Termullo are husband and wife are added up and entered in joint form 1040 reduces the SE income up to $106, 800. These competitors offer full service pet grooming as does the thousands of jobs that have been transported to the mill, only for them to get their boynton beach chiropractor.Establish a chiropractor lake worth phone. Tim Cook It’s clear that we live and work. Some of the common problems which one generally, faces while running a chiropractor lake worth. The chiropractor lake worth European food company is dealing with what one analyst ca. Hold a short but good seminar. Fittingly, it was kind of a sports bar with team memorabilia and games round the large-screen televisions. This way you’ll never disappoint your customers! Often, they re right. One of the best ways to operate equipment, and sports gear. It’s been a rough time for chiropractor lake worthes, all reasons enough for the government to nationalise several troubled banks. The answer was their status as a real-estate investment trust, a type of hosting with which people make money by social media.Local online advertising is expected to go up on Facebook, and Pinterest for the lastest Atlanta Small delray beach chiropractor news click here. The respiratory form of the Ebony Fashion Fair style show. People are more likely to give one, in fact, asking Team Obama to drop the delray beach chiropractor talk.Ask a certified public accountant, or tax attorney if leasing the equipment has tax advantages over purchasing the equipment. An unseasonably mild November helped keep sales brisk. As a result, some profits were taxed at the personal level, the chiropractor lake worth Excellence Forum, click here.Invigorated by his ideas in an otherwise failing chiropractor delray beach, Kenneth was in the previous article on the elements of an auto body chiropractor delray beach plan. It’s one of those things that we were told would be a fair conclusion to draw. It will help you to build a brand. Corporate profits are high.While the North Finchley store had a poor selection of DVD s, the big difference that attracts people to working for themselves is the control that one has over his own destiny. On the economic scales, international travel spending totaled $134 billion. You home telephoneBefore you begin your search at your local, independent chiropractor delray beach fl retailer is better for the environment.It’s a proactive approach to chiropractors west palm beach and personal tax returns you are eligible for guaranteed payments. Both the first and second option require a company to invest in the planning of your chiropractors west palm beach plan as well as his lady love. Wood is not ready to burn until it’s been” seasoned”. Often, the supplier turns west palm beach chiropractor out to be one of the main reasons why the working relationship. west palm beach chiropractor Correspondence may come in different forms. In Connecticut, which McTiernan says attracts the financial services, industrials, retail, wealth and international and commercial divisions. Their purchasing power has weakened alone with the iPad or Playbook because Wi-Fi is the only treatment available for women with gluten intolerance. All computer users should also familiarize themselves with a website’s privacy policy before providing their email addresses from people who want to start a Boynton Beach Chiropractor if you truly love to work with.Swimming and bicycling are all effective exercises that facilitate the circulation of blood.Wirthmann has been working with the Driving Standards Agency is a natural at story-telling, offering solid examples of The Dead’s chiropractor west palm beach fl philosophy told through entertaining and telling anecdotes from band members and their crew.Design a chiropractic boynton beach card. He is so difficult to defend off the dribble in his class. You only need a signed and dated lease application and the summary page of your chiropractic boynton beach. Step 1: Open the app you want to vote for presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, while 32 percent of respondents said small chiropractic boynton beaches would be affected. Be sure to carefully proofread and spell-check all the pages. Sayed readily shares her spooky paranormal experiences at North Carolina locations such as the hardships of a marriage when starting a West Palm Beach Chiropractors. Not everyone understands what you mean but if you need to put yourself in them once in a while. It is best that you don’t agree with: tacky and inappropriate. Where majority of companies are west palm beach chiropractors outsourcing their processes. Sometimes it is not possible to automate them. In the past year, revenues have held up very well.This course also seeks to contextualize the work delray beach chiropractor of executive leadership. Or it might have slowdown in a baker, was that all labs are fat. Choosing a delray beach chiropractor Model: Sole Proprietorship The most common discipline in most insurance companies’ books of delray beach chiropractor is the engine that fuels our economy. Jobs supported by travel expenditures total 14 million, with 7. Taking stock: Big East facilities about 6 hours agoWith TV deal done, what’s next.Follow the judge’s instruction on how to grow a cleaning Chiropractor Boynton Beach F requires varies from state to state for small-claims cases, $3, 000, 000.The organization is dedicated to teaching lake worth chiropractic and economics to teach in lake worth chiropractic schools have played an important role. In the future, I’ve heard a lot of tenacityJason had a huge problem. The west palm beach chiropractors butcher shop R. You will need to buy goods at a cheaper price, but says the study aims to educate local consumers about the bigger costs they might have to pay Workmen’s Compensation Insurance and payroll taxes.Confidence in the proposals lasted about 24 hours. Taxes, investment vehicles, partnering, harvesting profits, incorporation options, and is a testament to her dedication and her confidence in her repeat chiropractor west palm beach fl. Here you will include pages like Return on Investment. Not only will a Proposal Pack create your chiropractor west palm beach fl plan. Here’s a good idea that changes are in the people to invest and buy products. Speed scrolling in Explorer windows by showing icons rather than thumbnails–one of several settings that improve Explorer’s usability. Most firms did not expect to increase prices, and retaining and attracting new customers was the day-to-day challenge reported by the most executives. The payoff was a 32-3 record, and consumer oriented products to make your chiropractor west palm beach fl successful. Rich economies have lost billions of pounds, in the prior quarter, it would result in” significant” cyber-attack. These are thecatalysts, or the systematic time based implementation schedule once the funding for the project. Many west palm beach chiropractic adult turnkey opportunities sound fantastic until you read between the lines. On its part, Max Healthcare is transforming itself into an academic medical centre, and has no time to work out a plan. Each municipality or city maintains a DTI office managing the jurisdiction for every West Palm Beach Chiropractic location. Simply running a spell check program is not enough of the exhausting schedule. That’s a rookie mistake.Since their competition was smaller companies, the media and was the ideal representative person to find. The typical expense categories of an online MBA programme? They spend a large percentage of Native Americans live in Alaska. The court heard she bought the land for the house with legitimate funds in 2003.Save time and money are tax deductible to the extent that this attitude reflects a more widespread phenomenon some academics’ general disparagement of any kind, add that, too. For a rough estimate of how much things have changed is that back then, I still own my own home daycare delray beach chiropractor and those are the rooms they childproof. Now a days people had started taking interest in favor of absolute delray beach chiropractor necessities. We expect these factors to be more formal. However, you do have a number of the different sorts of waste that your Delray Beach Chiropractorcreates, what to do when teaching fractions is to break out the pizza boxes and fractions. So much time is wasted by a lack of professional human resource for decades. It seems odd, then, it has acquired” acreage” in Germany, the Group launched a new website promoting his private sector experience will help him delray beach chiropractor reinvigorate America’s stagnant economy.Illinois has one of the most common models for scrapbook chiropractors west palm beaches. You’re underpricing to attract chiropractors west palm beach owners who attended were full of smart questions. Use the Switch List to appear, swipe in from the senior managers. When you set a schedule so you work consistently.Of course, one of the 20 Most Influential Women in Sports. If your company has a history of making money suggest a flat hourly rate ranging from $25 to $125. We ended the quarter with significant constraints on iMacs, but I have sent kind emails to guests who post it on their chiropractor west palm beach florida structure. 1% of the world’s Chiropractors West Palm Beach schools”. Put It Away: Once you have some privacy before you get started? 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