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  • About OPlayer

OPlayer which supports mpeg4, h.264, wmv, mp3, aac, wma, real media, flv, rmvb, avi, is a great way to boost your iPhone’s media abilities. You can also use it to streaming audio and video over HTTP/RTSP.

  • Methods to download files to iPhone/iPod

There are four methods to download files to your iPhone/iPod.

1) Using your iTunes to do USB sync, need update to 9.1.(preferred way, very fast, iPhone/iPod need update to iPhone OS4)

2) Using your PC’s web browser to upload/download files to/from your iPhone/iPod.

step1: In More Page, touch WiFi Transfer

WiFi Transfer

Step2: Use your PC’s web browser(IE, Firefox etc) to download/upload files.

3) Set up a SAMBA server on your PC, and download files by using build in SAMBA Client.

4) Set up a FTP server on your PC, and download files by using build in FTP Client. About how to setup FTP server, please refer to help below.

  • How to setup FTP server on MAC OS X

step1: Click on the Apple menu in the upper left-hand corner of your menu bar. Select and launch System Preferences.

Step2:Click the “Sharing” folder icon to open the Sharing Preferences pane.

Step3: Click “File Sharing” in the “Service” list located in the left-hand column; “File Sharing” will become highlighted when selected. Click the “On” check box to turn on File Sharing.

Step4: Click the “Options” button in the lower right-hand corner of the “Sharing Preferences” pane. This will open the “File Sharing Options” window. Click “Share Files and Folders Using FTP” to turn on the Mac FTP server. Click “Done” to close the window and save the options.The FTP server is now running. To stop the FTP server, click and uncheck the “Share Files and Folders Using FTP” check box.

Step5: In OPlayer Click the “File” tab and then click the “add” on the top navigation bar ,  fill the host(your mac’s IP), port(default 21), username and password, and click save.

  • How to setup FTP server on Linux

With Fedora, Redhat, Ubunbtu and Debian You can start, stop, or restart VSFTPD after booting by using these commands:

1. Start FTP server run “/etc/init.d/vsftpd start”.
2. Stop FTP server run “/etc/init.d/vsftpd stop”.
3. Restart FTP server run “/etc/init.d/vsftpd restart”.

  • How to setup FTP server on Windows

I prefer to use fliezilla on windows, you can download it from http://filezilla-project.org/, it is totally free.

step1: Run the exe installer.
step2: Read the License Agreement and choose “I Agree” to proceed.
step3: Select the components you wish to install and click Next.

step4: Select the Destination Folder and click Next. We recommend using the default settings.

step5: Select how the server interface should be started and click Install. We recommend using the default settings.

step6: Click Close to finish the installation.
step7: Open Filezilla and Click OK to connect to the FileZilla server.

step8: From the Edit menu, select Users.

step9: Click Add.

step10: Enter the user name and click OK.

step11: Under Account settings, check the password box and enter a password.

step12: Click Shared folders in the left menu, Under Shared Folders, click Add.

step13: Navigate to the folder the FTP Client will have access to and click OK.
step14: Complete.

  • Setup FileZilla server with Windows firewall

If you are having problems with setting up FileZilla Server to run behind Windows Firewall, you must add the FileZilla Server application to Windows Firewall’s Exceptions list. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Windows Firewall under Control Panel.
  2. If using Vista, click “Change Settings”.
  3. Select the “Exceptions” tab.
  4. Click “Add program…”.
  5. Do NOT select “FileZilla Server Interface” from the list, instead click on “Browse…”.
  6. Locate the directory you installed FileZilla Server to (normally “C:\Program Files\FileZilla Server\”).
  7. Double click or select “FileZilla server.exe” and press open (Once again, NOT “FileZilla Server Interface.exe”).
  8. Select “FileZilla server.exe” from the list and click “Ok”.
  9. Verify that “FileZilla server.exe” is added to the exceptions list
  10. Press “Ok” to close the window.
  • FAQ

How to play large resolution video files?

1). Switch on the Skip Loopfilter in Settings Page, Using skip loop filter may cause artifacts, but will allow you to play larger files in realtime.
2). Switch on the Skip Frame in Settings Page, Using skip frame for even more speedup.

How to delete/add directory in Local Page?

In File Tab, click My Documents and then click “Edit” button to delete/add directory.

Why OPlayer can’t play HD movie as build in player?

That’s because we can only use software decoding method, while build in player uses hardware decode(and apple didn’t open it to third part developers).

What’s QucikTime plugin?

Using QucikTime plugin, you can play the files you have already converted for your iPhone/iPod, limited file format, but better performance.

  • Credits

Programming: Jonathan Young
Email: olimsoft@gmail.com


976 Responses to “OPlayer Help”

  1. P Says:

    – step1: In Settings Page, switch on web server

    1. I cant find this in the software..
    2. I typed at Firefox while I turned on WiFi transfer
    and it doesn’t work too..

    Any suggestions?

  2. olimsoft Says:

    it is in more-settings now
    seems progress bar not works in fireworks, but still can transfer files.

  3. Chu Says:

    Can’t play rmvb movie. When I click a rmvb file, oplayer go to off.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Do you using an older device such as iPhone 3g? As described in notes, we only supported latest device, such as iPhone 3gs iPhone 4g and iPod gen 3.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  4. Adam Says:

    Hi there got the movie files on no problem and all playing but no sound?

    • olimsoft Says:

      hi make sure you have not mute your iphone, some customs always found that when they restart their iphone the audio comes back

      • Adam Says:

        Hi again I tried this and tested with iPod sound seams to be working. Interestingly the first few files uploaded had sound then as I added more sound stopped working on all files?

      • olimsoft Says:

        hi adam:

        i can’t catch you, have you muted your iphone? this no matter how many files you played.

  5. Gpod Says:

    I would love to be able to download video attachments from my e mail with the web browser on this software and watch them can I do that

    • olimsoft Says:

      hi, we will add the “open with” method, then you can in mail app open the avi file

      • Robert Says:

        I have emails that have wmv video, I hit the open in oplayer and it goes to oplayer file, but will not play. It’s in playlist on oplayer but nothing played. When I first downloaded the player it showed one video, but nothing since

      • olimsoft Says:

        when the first time be played, it will be copied to My Document/Inbox

  6. Victor Says:

    Can I switch off iPhone screen while playing mp3? If yes, how to do that?

  7. Patrick Huang Says:

    Hi, Jonathan, How to render the subtitle? In the app update, I found you added the support for .srt subtitle file and even the code page for traditional Chinese. I really need the Chinese subtitle, but not any description for rendering it in the help website. I tried to name the subtitle file the same as the video file(with .srt extension), but it doesn’t work.

  8. Gerard Says:

    Any way to watch videos from mail attached?

    Best regards,

  9. Rafael Salles Says:

    I open rmvb video, are slow and have problems with frames, I’ve read the hints, but did not work and have not found where low resolution in the settings page


  10. Rafael Salles Says:

    Sorry if I was not clear, I’m wondering about the program, where sizes What I think he is capable of reproducing.

    pixel x pixel
    size in mb

    • olimsoft Says:

      no matter size in mb, but the pixel *pixel, if you are using iphone the resolution must less than 640*480, if you are using ipad the resolution must less than 800*600

      • Michael Teh Says:

        My rmvb is 640x352pixels, bit rate 32kbps, but still play with lag and problem with frame rate,any suggestion. Thanks

      • olimsoft Says:

        that depends on the device, if you were using iPhone4 or iPad it should play smoothly, other wise you need to open skip frame in the settings page for better sync.

      • olimsoft Says:

        currently have performance issue in the iPhone4 TV-OUT

        On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 11:39 AM, Jonathan Young wrote:

        > that depends on the device, if you were using iPhone4 or iPad it should > play smoothly, other wise you need to open skip frame in the settings page > for better sync. > >

  11. Wai Says:

    Do you have any plan for supporting .SRT subtitles ?

    THX !

    • olimsoft Says:

      We have plan, you can use text2vobsub to convert srt to sub now.

      Sent from my iPad

      • Wao Says:

        Great that you have a plan for .SRT supporting ~

        It’s good that do not leave those boring and time-consuming converting works to our users !

        Cannot wait for the update !

        THX !

  12. Mubarak Says:

    I looking forward to see Oplayer opening e-mail attachment like DocsToGo, FileApp, and other applicatios.

  13. Andy Ng Says:

    I just this player to play rmvb file. Without using the skip frame function, the movie and sound are not running on the same time, maybe 1 sec delay on sound against video. After activated skip frame, sound aligned but video quality dropped.

    Anyway to set the sound and video aligned and good quality? The rmvb file works perfectly on window based pc and laptop.


    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Andy:

      iPhone’s CPU is not as powerful as your pc or laptop, not sync issue always occur because CPU is not power enough to do video decode, that’s why play large film need to enable skip frame.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  14. Ricardo vercelli Says:

    How can i open my email attachments , archives .vmw and others, in oplayer ?

  15. Garykao Says:

    Could you please support the video file import from camera kit, USB/sd interface, that is very import functions, because some video files come from camera DSC, if SW cannot support this features,i must take lot of effort to transfer the files from pc and another equipments.
    Many thanks for your supporting.

  16. Philsurmac Says:

    Hmm I have some issue while synchronising with iTunes, it says “not enough free space available”, although I still have amost 3Gb and the file I am trying to transfer is 175Mb..
    ? :/

    • olimsoft Says:

      hi Philsurmac , this function is building in itunes, not matter with oplayer. it depends on apple.

      • Yoc Says:

        In fact, it sort of depends on oplayer. When you synchronize, iTunes backup the documents storing by all the applications, including the movies used by oplayer. If you put 10 Go of movies into oplayer, iTunes will backup all of them and your backup folder on your home directory on the Mac/Pc will be 10 go big.
        oplayer is good if you want to play a movie occasionally, but not good if you want to store all your divx movies on the iPad (this is the same for other players).
        That would bee good if we could ignore the movies from the itunes backup…

      • olimsoft Says:

        But we can’t access other app’s folders.

  17. Maximo Says:

    Muy buena app!!! Falta soporte para srt y después se convierte en la mejor app del store. Congratulation!!! Sigan así muchachos!! Espero entiendan español

  18. Alex Says:

    Hi, I have rmvb movie with 2 audio channels, say left channel is Mandarin and right channel is Cantonese, may I know how could I choose between different audio channels during playback ?
    I have tried to change different audio stream index in the setting but cannot help.

    Thank you.

    • olimsoft Says:

      currently didn’t support multi channel, but we will add this feature in the future release, thanks

      • Icie Says:

        Please do add this feature! It is so frustrating not being able to change the audio balance at the moment. I believe many users with dual audio videos would love to have this feature as well. Other than this, oplayer is an awesome player!

  19. akram Says:

    Hi, I’m using ipod touch 2gen, and when i play wmv, it says ‘only support quicktime plugin mode in your platform’. how to solve this pls?

    • olimsoft Says:

      hi akram:

      I’m sorry to hear that, as described in the notes, non-native video format only supported in iphone 3gs and iphone 4 and ipod gen 3

  20. akram Says:

    Hi, is it possible to recall back the payment? I didn’t notice the notes, and the program is useless for me becoz i’m using ipod touch 2gen. pls let me know okay. thanks for the reply. cheers!

  21. timefactor Says:

    hi there,

    I can get FTP / SMB working, but would like to stream files from my twonkymedia server. How do I setup streaming?


  22. Rafael Salles Says:

    it is possible to download video from youtube? how?

  23. Gibbon Says:

    Should sub stream in mkv work? I selected the stream that vlc says is sub stream in settings but no sub in playback. I’ve now tried selecting all other sub stream in settings with no result. Playback is always resumed though, is there a need/way to rester video in order to get sub to work? using iPad

  24. Gibbon Says:

    There’s two sub streams, Ssa and subt. Any plans to support these in mkv playback?

  25. Eric Says:

    Hi, i have an iPhone 4 and i havé no sound for any divx ou mp4 i put on USB mode with ITunes. My phone is not on mute and i tried all audio stream number… Why ? Thanks

  26. Titi Says:

    Why it is not possible to ser wmv file from the mail application.
    It works fine for mpeg file

  27. Galina Says:

    Hi, i have problem with sound, it disappears every 30 seconds. If there are any solution? Thanks

  28. Eric Says:

    How would you connect to an rtsp stream? It comes from a DLink video camera, through wifi. And it is protected by a user name and password.

    I tried to enter the URL rtsp://192.169.0.xx/3gpp:554

    The 3gpp extension as suggested by the user guide of the Camera, and 554 being the port for the transmission, but I never got the login dialog, and the screen remains black with the Processing icon…

    Thanks for your help!

  29. Viktor Says:

    I have downloaded via iTunes several avi movies, but non of them is playing. Why?

  30. Alexander Says:

    It is the best player for iphone, but after update for iphone 4 (I have iphone 4) there is no sound more(((

  31. Key Says:

    I download it before the latest update, now all of my movies run sound but without image. I’ve a Iphone 3Gs. What can I do, before the next update ?

    • olimsoft Says:

      please switch off the quicktime plugin in the settings page.(it is only for mp4,m4v,mov files)

      • Key Says:

        I already tried. But the video starts with its offset. The image slowed. Before the last update it worked very well. I also try to install a new video and it still does not work.

        When I start a movie, the sound starts and leaves me on the selection page files. Even restarting the software, the same problem occurs.

        With or without Quicktime, all my videos is unbearable to watch (or listen)

      • olimsoft Says:

        what’s your platform?

      • Key Says:

        Sorry but I don’t understand.

      • olimsoft Says:

        we need to improve our help 😉

  32. mike Says:

    thanks for the program! its great! I like the wifi download and save. I am going to try the video streaming from wifi.

    my only suggestion is, a popup on the IPhone/IPod device to let you know successful upload & save.

    thanks and keep up the good work. Now I wish I had sprung for the 32 or the 64GB..lol

  33. Javi Says:

    Hi, nice app!
    I see online videos from vidiotizate web, it works good, but after around 15-20 min the app closes automatically, why?? Also is there any way to choose to start the video being watched by middle for instance?

    Also, what is exactly the tv-support item added in the last release?

    Thanks in advance and please continue improoving the best app in the store.


    • olimsoft Says:

      about the stream, we haven’t added the remember function. by tv-out feature, you can play your movie in the iphone/ipad, and show them on your home tv.(need to buy a cable from apple)

  34. Kalifa Says:

    Hi there,

    I want to know where OPlayer keeps files? which folders? You see, I am have few wmv files in my ipad (accessed using iFile). I want to move them to the folder which OPlayer reads from, which folder is that?

  35. Dodge Says:

    Why there is discretion when playing most of avi files?

  36. richard Says:

    I just downloaded your program

    Getting the files onto the ipad through itunes was easy enough, but every file I have dragged across (be they mkv, avi (divx) or xvid, has a huge lag between video and audio.

    And the problem is not fixed when I use the skip frame function. This just makes the video look jumpy

    I am not watching HD video,

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Richard:

      When you switch off the skip frame, it will looks jumpy, but better sync. When you switch on the skip frame, it will not jumpy, but maybe out of sync, if your video resolution is large.

  37. Belette Says:

    How to open a divx file with oplayer from goodreader ?

  38. Test iPad : Oplayer, un lecteur vidéo pour iPad et iPhone Says:

    […] Vous avez aussi d’autre possibilités pour transférer vos vidéos, notamment en utilisant votre Mac/PC comme serveur. Par Wifi. Toutes les possibilitées sont expliquées sur la page d’aide en ligne. […]

  39. pedro Says:

    I am trying to streaming vídeos from magavideo.com but the web page does not work from the web browser. I am using an iPad. If I use Safari, I can reach the magavideo.com webpage but the files cannot be viewed because the are flash-required. I thoght that would be solved with this app. How can i play the vídeos streaming directly from the thanks

  40. pedro Says:

    This is the correct email address. The last Message had a typo.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Pedro:

      There are million video service provider here, and we couldn’t support it one by one. But if they provide directly URL access, you can use OPlayer to play it. thanks

  41. Wao Says:

    I updated to the latest vesion.
    Today, I transfered a rmvb file to the app var iTunes, but I cannot play the file in the app.
    I’m sure the file size is under 800×600. The app cannot play the file. When I click the file, nothing happens.

    Could you help me?

  42. Monkey Says:

    How can i continue with the download? When my wifi spin off or i goout of oplayer

  43. alzeid Says:

    Hi, first i want to thank you, for your useful and great app!
    second i had problem with playing movie with subtitle,
    my subtitles are “.sub” and i can see them with player like vlc,
    but in Oplayer i cannot see any subtitle,
    please let me know what you think about the problem.

  44. alzeid Says:

    I checked it, subtitle codec was “subt”.

    • alzeid Says:

      now i convert it with txt2vobsub, and it works in Oplayer,
      i think “sub” codec should be “spu” not “subt”.
      but if Oplayer support other codec of sub like “subt”, it would be great!
      Thanks again.

  45. Oli Says:

    Hello i have loaded o player for iPad and It work well. What is the way to see an .avi movie and the subtitles in .sub. Both are loaded but how to start both file together ?

  46. Aidan Says:

    Does this app support files imported from the camera connectivity kit ? i.e. Avi files stored in the photo gallery ?

  47. Lucas Says:

    Just transferred an anime video episode in mkv format
    I know for sure it has subs that is built into the file singe it was fine on Mac with subs
    I don’t see the sub show up although the vid plays fine using oplayer


  48. McBozo Says:


    I’m sorry to disturb you but I installed several movies with different extensions and my videos are always slow. Is there a solution to make them work correctly ?
    I use an iPad and the video I’m trying to read is a .avi.

  49. McBozo Says:

    Ok, I’m gong to try with a différent video. Thank you very much for your answer and your app !

  50. Sedun Says:

    I bought this as a MP3 player which support playlists (as it says)
    Now, I am very disapoinnted because I have MP3 in the playlist, but I have to click on each to play it !!(as many freeware programs, I have already, do), but I bought it just because play MP3 lists ( whithout clicking on each to play it). Before I wrote something negative( as I am going, because it does not, what I expected) at App store – do I something wrong ?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Sedun,

      You need to add them in the playlist in the My Documents. Edit, select file, then add to playlist. then you can play the playlist in the playlist tab.

  51. Sedun Says:


    yes, of course – I have them in the “Playlist” in OPlayer (where I put them from My Documents)

    But it plays only one song (on which I click), it does not continue plying other songs in the playlist. The song ends and the player does not continue play – simply it stops after playing the song – no matter how many songs it is in the playlist.
    I have tons freeware application which can open something I send it there via WIFI. I have boutht this because I want to copy MP3s to this app and play it without need to click on each file to play it.

    So, how to play some MP3s files in the row?
    Thank you in advance for the answer.

    • olimsoft Says:

      it should support continue play files in the playlist, otherwise it is a bug of OPlayer, every file you played can’t go to another file ?can you help to check it again?

      • Sedun Says:

        OK. I tried all again. I wrote my steps in this PDF – pls see it and tell me what can be possibly wrong.

        Thank you.

        The PDF:

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hello Sedun,

        You are using quicktime plugin which is not support playlist. it is directly from apple. You need to switch off the quicktime plugin in the settings page.

      • Sedun Says:

        Hi, I have done it( switch off the “Use QuickTime” in setting page). But then when I click on a MP3 file in the playlist – it says “Only support QuickTime Plugin mode in your platform” and nothing can be played (the MP3 files).
        After I switch on the quicktime plugin – I can play the file one by one (by clicking on it)

        I do not know – do I need some “special” MP3? Or what can be the problem?

      • olimsoft Says:

        No, you needn’t, i know the problem now. You are iPod gen1 or gen2 , then only support quicktime plugin, so you have no playlist feature. i am sorry.

      • Sedun Says:

        Actually I have iPod gen3 (it is 8GB model). But thank you for your answer. I hope you understand that now I am going to give you a bad comment. (It is not written anywhere + common – It is nomal MP3s and I can not play them in Playlist?) and now I have to delete it and buy another program – for me it is tolal useless then)

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hello Sedun, that’s your right, if you are using gen3 models, it should works.

  52. Indy Says:


    I like your app. I think it has great potential and it’s the sort of app I’ve been looking for. However, I was wondering whether you would consider adding support for streaming media from a server. You’ve already added support for Samba and I setup a connection to my internal server. Problem is I don’t want to have to copy files to my iPad in order to view/listen to them. I keep all my media on my server to save space and also to allow all my internal clients to use them. Otherwise great app, keep up the good work and hope the next version has streaming 😉

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Indy,

      For guys who likes manage their files in the PC/NAS and play in the iPhone, we have another product called AirPlayer, its a DLNA/UPnP client. can support many media servers and not limit to.

  53. Paris XIV Says:


    Can you tell me how I can organize m’y files and how to store my video in a new file ?


  54. max Says:

    sorry, 2 days ago i bought your app for iPad, but i don’t understand – how can i upload files via WIFI on my iPad. Sorry for my english.
    Help me please.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello max,

      Have you checked the online help here? https://olimsoft.wordpress.com

      • max Says:

        so i can upload files on my iPad only via iTunes? can i directly load files on my iPad with WIFI?

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hello max,

        of course you can, we also support FTP/SAMBA/HTTP method to transfer files to your iPad Please refer to the Online Help.

      • Saurabh Says:

        Few related questions

        1. The Step 1 ” In More Page, touch WiFi Transfer” is this option available only on full version of iphone app, right now i have lite version.
        2. will it be possible to copy files, downloaded in Oplayer My Document folder, to some folder in PC via Samba/FTP.
        3. Right now I am able to access files from my device ( a linux based media player which supports samba) on my Iphone4 but not the other way i.e. my media player is not able to access files on my Iphone, Is it possible ?

      • olimsoft Says:

        1)it is in the download page now 2)yes 3)you can use your iphone4 to access the server, but not use the server to access the iphone4.

      • Saurabh Says:

        Point No 2.

        I use edit option to cut/copy a file from My Document folder (where downloaded files are stored) but after browsing to samba/ftp location can not find an option to paste it.
        Can you explain how to do it ?

      • olimsoft Says:

        the file operation is only valid in local files.

      • Saurabh Says:

        The objective is to transfer files from iphone (in Oplayer My Document folder) to some folder in PC via Samba/FTP.

        In previous post i asked

        “2. will it be possible to copy files, downloaded in Oplayer My Document folder, to some folder in PC via Samba/FTP.”

        The same was confirmed in affirmative

        Pls explain how

      • olimsoft Says:

        You can only download files from pc to OPlayer by SAMBA/FTP, but you can’t upload files to PC by SAMBA/FTP. You can use wifi transfer or itunes sync to upload files to pc from OPlayer.

  55. Ian Says:

    I’m trying to play a 175mb avi file I’ve transferred and the audio is about 3 seconds out of sync….anyway to fix this?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Out sync issue always caused by the video decoding speed can’t catch the audio decoding speed, no matter the size of your file but the resolution of your file and the quality.

    • ian Says:

      iPad……..the sounds was fine, but the picture jumpy and horrible so i disabled skip frame and now the picture is spot on but the audio like i said is out of sink.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Can i know your file format? whether you can provide your movie for us to test?

      • ian Says:


        i’ve converted the file inquestion to mp4, needing it for today, however testing another file and it still has lag of about 2-3 seconds.

        here is the information gathered via g-spot, i cannot send the file due to copyright reasons:

        Video: XviD
        Length: 00:42:36
        Frames: 61,294
        Kbps: 989
        Qf: 0.188
        Pics/sec: 23.976
        Frms/sec: 23.976
        Dimensions: 624 x 352

        Codec: 0x0055(MP3, ISO) MPEG-1 Layer 3
        Info: 48000Hz 151 kb/s total (2 chnls) LAME3.90.¢

        I can take a screenshot of the output and send it to you if you have an addess to email it to?

      • ian Says:

        i’ve just tried a newer avi file, xvid again, and it plays fine. the only difference i can see in g-spot is the inclusion of N-VOPS….if that makes any sense to you.

        and also, the xvid userdata now says XviD0050 instead of XviD0046.

        btw, 99% of all that is foreign to me! just trying to give as much info as possible

      • olimsoft Says:


        Thanks for your info, appreciated. it should play the movie smoothly, the resolution is not very high, i can’t identify the issue now. Hope this is a sync issue, we have just submitted a new version to apple, which has improved the sync method, hope that can help you solve the problem, thanks for using OPlayer.

      • ian Says:

        thanks….ill give the update a bash when it get approves and let you know. fingers crossed (i REALLY cannot be bothered to re-encode my library to mp4 lol!!)

  56. Lmdmf Says:


    I recently bought your app, it works fine but i’d lie to Know if you’re going to let your app read “srt” subtitles in a further upgrade?


  57. danny Says:


    I have download the OPlayer and install on iphone. I would to know how to play rtsp:// file form my server? I cannot find way to play rtsp:// file. Thanks for help.

  58. danny Says:


    I input rtsp://username:password@ in oplayer still not work.

    But this link is work on mac. Please Help!

    • olimsoft Says:

      Currently, we support RTSP over UDP/TCP, You can check your media server’s document about this.

      • danny Says:

        Thank for your reply,

        I found another problem. After I’ve clicked “Open URL”, it allows me to type a rtsp link and save it but that’s all. Whatever I pressed or clicked, nothing is played. how can I play the lik that I saved ?

      • olimsoft Says:

        In the keyboad, click done to open the URL

  59. Nick Says:

    Hi, I’ve been having the same problem as Danny. Been watching his thread. Mine is 3GS running ios 4. Like him, I can only get as far as registering a rtsp link under “open URL”. When I click the link, it gives me the keyboard to change the link or put in a new link. The streaming doesn’t play. Thought u might want to know Danny’s not alone. Please help.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Nick

      In the keyboad, click done to open the URL

      • Nick Says:

        Thx 4 the reply. When I click Done, the open URL bar drops back down giving the options to go back to File Server or Edit. It won’t go. I only purchased the OPlayer 5 days ago. Latest version? A bug?

      • Nick Says:

        Bingo, solved my own problem, just switch off QuickTime plug-in. The link Danny suggested works, yours doesn’t. But thx anyway,

  60. Guillaume Says:

    depuis que je suis passé à l’OS4, je n’arrive plus à récupérer des vidéos via des serveurs comme rapidshare, megaupload…
    avant, je rentrais le lien et ça téléchargait et enregistrait. maintenant, j’ai écran noir avec un logo “d’activité”. je n’ai plus de barre de progression.
    Merci de m’éclairer.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Sorry, i can’t catch you? what’s the matter with rapidshare? by the way, can you speak in english? i used google translate, maybe mis-understand what you have said.

  61. Bertrand Says:

    Impossible to play (or see) .sub even if they are put in the same repertory than videos, with the same name …
    Can sby help me ?

  62. Arturo Says:

    Hi why can’t i download and see movies directly from iPhone,???? That this program only works through a computer?????

    • olimsoft Says:

      No, it not works only through a computer. after you download files to iPhone, it exists in the File-My Documents

      how to download files, please refer to online help, in More Tab

  63. Anarchy Says:

    I can play Video but i don’t have a sound. Sorry for my english i am french. thanks for this app.

  64. Shomy Says:

    How can I download audio file from http://www.4shared.com
    I tried to listen to it , but I couldn’t download it …
    Help me plz

  65. Shomy Says:

    Thank u :*

  66. warburn Says:

    hello, could i stream videos directly just from my nas synology (without air player for example) : synology – streaming – iphone

  67. Rerry Says:

    Hello, I am able to add mpeg files to playlist, but I can’t play them. I click on the file but nothing happens.

  68. PinguPanda Says:

    Hi, i’ve just bought your app for iPad. I don’t find how to use my .sub files with my video files. I have no trouble to read .avi but when I have .sub files with the same name and in the same file, subtitles doesn’t appear.
    Do you have a tutorial for the subtitles ?

  69. Carmen Says:

    Great application!!!! But …. srt? When? Please

  70. gary au Says:

    is it possible to add support for output 1 audio channel in both channel …

    for example, output left channel to both left and right , or output right channel to both left and right

    many hone kong VCD file (MPG) use left (audio) channel as cantonese , and right channel as english …

  71. Zoltan Says:

    Hi there!

    I just bought your HD version Oplayer.
    it lags 😦
    1280×544 mkv video…
    i bouht this app not to have to convert my videos to mp4 or mov file…

    will you do something about this issue?
    it isnt a cheap app to not to work properly 😦

  72. Zoltan Says:

    is there any way to make an app that can use hw decoding method?
    i mean is it possible to make it and publish it in cydia?

  73. kpouer Says:

    I have several bugs :
    first it doesn’t support .srt yet, that’s ok, it works with .sub. But if there is a .srt with the movie, Oplayer will crash everytime.

    Second bug : if there is the .idx file with the .sub file, the video will play but without subtitles.

    Third bug : the ftp client crash everytime if there is an accent in a file or folder name (easy to reproduce, create a folder named “é”). The problem doesn’t exist with Samba

    • olimsoft Says:

      thanks for your report 1) we have update a patch to fix this. 3) ftp crash issue, we are investigating it here, but even i changed my folder to “” in the server side, the app runs well. so maybe the encoding method with the FTP server, can you tell me the FTP server you were using?

      • kpouer Says:

        it is the ftp server from my synology 210j, If you have problems to reproduce it, contact me on mail, I could create a ftp account for you to reproduce it

      • olimsoft Says:

        yes, that will helpful for us, i will contact you in mail

  74. Zoltan Says:

    it does support srt, if it has only english carachter in it 🙂 i have no issue with that. i wasnt able to use sub files 😀
    but thats not a problem for me, i have only srt-s

  75. Mmg Says:

    I have download and install your program on my ipad and i don’t have sound. I check My ipad sound settings and it look fine (it means that i have sound in other application).

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Mmg,

      Make sure you have set audio stream index to 0 in the settings page. for non-native video formats, make sure quicktime plugin has switched off. unless we didn’t support the audio codec, otherwise it should have audio.

  76. Albaz Fahad Says:

    After I purchase the software, now I can download video attachments such as wmv and avi from my e-mail, but it wouldn’t play.
    Can you help me?

  77. smithy Says:

    i love this app!!!

  78. Roulleau Says:

    I try to Watch my .avi on TV using oplayer with an Apple composite av cable. On my iPhone 4, it works perfectly and using iPod video appl too. But with oplayer, video signal to tv is not switch on, do you Know how to turn it on or may we expect an update soon?
    Thanks for your future answer…

  79. Bigboo73 Says:

    I am trying to run just ONE of my Avi Files smootly on my IPad, but with no success and I tried several. I also made all the adjustments that i read above.

    Details For one Example Movie (copied from mediaplayer classic)

    Format : AVI
    Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave
    File size : 700 MiB
    Duration : 1h 44mn
    Overall bit rate : 934 Kbps
    Writing application : Nandub v1.0rc2
    Writing library : Nandub build 1852/release

    ID : 0
    Format : MPEG-4 Visual
    Format profile : Advanced Simple@L5
    Format settings, BVOP : Yes
    Format settings, QPel : No
    Format settings, GMC : No warppoints
    Format settings, Matrix : Default (H.263)
    Codec ID : XVID
    Codec ID/Hint : XviD
    Duration : 1h 44mn
    Bit rate : 792 Kbps
    Width : 576 pixels
    Height : 240 pixels
    Display aspect ratio : 2.40:1
    Frame rate : 25.000 fps
    Resolution : 8 bits
    Colorimetry : 4:2:0
    Scan type : Progressive
    Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.229
    Stream size : 594 MiB (85%)
    Writing library : XviD 1.2.1 (UTC 2008-12-04)

    ID : 1
    Format : MPEG Audio
    Format version : Version 1
    Format profile : Layer 3
    Format_Settings_Mode : Joint stereo
    Format_Settings_ModeExtension : MS Stereo
    Codec ID : 55
    Codec ID/Hint : MP3
    Duration : 1h 44mn
    Bit rate mode : Variable
    Bit rate : 129 Kbps
    Nominal bit rate : 128 Kbps
    Channel(s) : 2 channels
    Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz
    Stream size : 96.7 MiB (14%)
    Alignment : Aligned on interleaves
    Interleave, duration : 24 ms (0.60 video frame)
    Interleave, preload duration : 136 ms
    Writing library : LAME3.90.
    Encoding settings : -m j -V 4 -q 2 -lowpass 17.6 –abr 128

    They even run on smoothly my 2 Year old HTC Touch Pro.

    I hope I could help to make the app faster.


  80. Zoltan Says:

    Did u just delet my comment?!

  81. Bigboo73 Says:

    yes I have and then I also switched of the loopfilter, but with no success.

    It runs smoothly a few seconds then it slows down, stops for a few frames then runs again.
    I have a 32gb device, maybe there are some problems with that.

    I copied the files on my device via Itunes App Filesharing

  82. Zoltan Says:

    Dropping frames makes it just ugly and not smooth 😦
    We need hw coding 🙂

    • olimsoft Says:

      i am glad to tell you that the V1.0.06 will support 720P XVID file without drop frame. because V1.0.05 has already be submitted to apple, it is waiting for approve, we can’t submit new to apple.

      • Zoltan Says:

        Nice:) (even if the skip frame switch is off?)
        i cant hardly wait for support 720p matroska MKV files without frame drop 🙂 (skip frame switch off)
        if that possible than ur app will be the ultimate video app for ipad 🙂

        (can u tell me pls what is skip loop filter switch for? thx)

      • olimsoft Says:

        Yes, I mean XVID files, mostly AVIs, even skip frame off. but MKV files need to turn skip frame on.

      • Zoltan Says:

        one more thing:) what about non english srt ? in my case hungarian support:
        áÁéÉúÚüÜöÖóÓőŐűŰíÍ <—- these are hungarian specific characters

      • olimsoft Says:

        Next version V1.0.05 will fix your srt issue, and V1.0.06 add 720P xvid support.

      • Zoltan Says:

        sorry one more thing:)
        my mkv videos has “bulit in” subtitles, encoded with the video file, not burned onto it. i cant see subtitles with these videos (english subtitles)

        can u understand what im trying to say here? (sorry for my english : )

        reminder: i had 3 question 😛

        Thanks for ur quick respons

      • olimsoft Says:

        that will support sub subtitle with “spu” codec.

      • Zoltan Says:

        “Yes, I mean XVID files, mostly AVIs, even skip frame off. but MKV files need to turn skip frame on.”

        on 1004 mkv-s with skipframe on are just rubbish, when audio sync is “ok”, but i just cant watch a movie like that, coz it is like people talking with closed mouth 🙂 will version 1006 fix this too? like it will with xvid/divx diles?

        “Next version V1.0.05 will fix your srt issue, and V1.0.06 add 720P xvid support.”
        “that will support sub subtitle with “spu” codec.”

      • olimsoft Says:

        Because they are in different codec, need to enhance in separate, we may try to enhance, but we can’t promise you.

      • Zoltan Says:

        or u just can make it happen with this hardware (ipad), coz it is just weak for the job?

        and what iis skip loop filter switch for?

  83. Zoltan Says:

    ok i have better links for full res pics, but cant share here, your blog doesnt let me do it, and my prev comment is waiting for moderation…

    • Zoltan Says:

      full res pics:

      ok, now 1005 is out, updated, and hungarian srt works NOT fine, did you send in 1006 already?
      when do you plan to make 1007 with 720p mkv?:)

      and one more time, what is skip loop filter for?

      SRT problem in hungarian language:

      well, the app wont qiut, it loads the srt too but the characters are just miss coded or so!!!!


      srt source:

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi thanks for your report. 1) we have submitted it to apple already(v1.006). 2) we will try to enhance the performance, but not promise. 3) can you provide your srt file to us, then we help to check.

      • olimsoft Says:

        FAQ: How to fix “.srt” file encoding issue in MAC? 1)Change the suffix to “.txt” 2)Drag the file to safari 3)On the menu, select “view-Text Encoding” to choose the correct encoding method, the save the file to the original file.

  84. Zoltan Says:

    srt source:
    ht tp :// 2shared.com/document/5gTcK0bj/foxnews-invictus-a.html

  85. Zoltan Says:


  86. james wood Says:


    just downloaded your app, based on the usb file transfer, is this for the camera connection kit or via the standard usb cable in itunes?

    being able to import via the camera connection kit would be great

  87. Ricky Says:

    Hello there, great app!!!! questions all files I’ve tested work good, but mkv files play with no sound, any workaround, my ipad’s volume its up and other movies have sound, thanks!

  88. Edoardo Says:

    How can i stop a downloading from megaupload with oplayer in my ipad?..I’ve maked a download directly with my ipad,but now that it is not completed i can’t play other video..i want to stop the first download directly with my ipad,so i could see other video…thanks

  89. Konstantinos Says:

    Are there instructions like this:

    “FAQ: How to fix “.srt” file encoding issue in MAC? 1)Change the suffix to “.txt” 2)Drag the file to safari 3)On the menu, select “view-Text Encoding” to choose the correct encoding method, the save the file to the original file.”

    for a pc and windows? I’m trying to display Greek characters in srt subtitles..

  90. Wong Says:

    How can I load the subtitle?

    • olimsoft Says:

      just put the subtitle in the same folder with your movie, also withe same name, different suffix.

      • Dmest Says:

        The app is cool but i dont know how to put a .srt file in a folder inside oplayee. I use downloader to download files and then this other app “downloader” let me chose the app with which i would like to open the file. It recognice oplayer for the video, but not for the srt-s

      • olimsoft Says:

        yep, we haven’t registered srt file in the former version,will enhance this in the future update.

  91. Frank Says:

    Interesting…but if you want to transfer files around, why not use a service like Filesdirect? – seems a lot simpler…

  92. Spammerhamster Says:

    Is it possible To enhance performance on the iPad by reducing the display size? Like only show 500px when the width is 720px?

    Or maybe do some buffering before showing?

  93. Darktiger Says:

    I like the software. Making it work this the camera connectivity kit would be awesome…

  94. Francoiscox Says:

    Hello, thank you from France for this app!
    But now i need your help : i can’t download anymore via wifi ( http)…it worked before, and now i just can upload.
    When i try to download files from my phone, it’s closing o player…

  95. Aja Says:

    When I hook up my TV out cables all I get is sound on the tv.

  96. Chris Says:

    I using USB tumb drive for transfer where should I paste my movie files to? Can’t find the folder.

  97. Anon Says:

    Great app best media player for ios. Doesnt play flac files tho, please add this if possible. Thank you.

  98. alkhuthem Says:

    This app is not opening the video attachments
    What to do?

  99. Surface Says:

    Hi, the program plays my avi just fine, but I’ve got problem using the FTP client, which seems doesn’t support file/folder name in Chinese, the files or folder which contains Chinese characters can’t be displayed/downloaded.

    But the program itself supports Chinese quit well, I can change the English filename into Chinese after download the file without problem.

    Hope u can fix this, it’s a nice app!

  100. Sabine Says:

    Une documentation en français serait la bien venue

  101. Larry Says:

    How do you transfer movies from OPlayer to another device such ASCAP computer?

  102. Sheeda Says:

    Oplayer can’t connect to Samba for me. I have a Samba server running on a Linux box, the server works i-e I am able to connect to it from Windows 7, Ubuntu and Even couple of other iPhone applications namely SharePlayer. However OPlayer does not connect. Any help on this?

    Tried with 1.12 and 1.14.

  103. Belette Says:

    Hello, how to jus connect and read divx from USB key or external HD without transferring ? I’ve got already USB connector

  104. Leonidas Says:

    Hi i have a problem with greek *.srt doesnt show them correctly

  105. Sheeda Says:

    There is no error. After about 15 to 20 seconds, it just shows an empty list of Files. I will try to get TCPDUMPS to compare what SharePlayer is doing and what OPlayer is doing.

    However it seems Odd to me that every other clients ( Windows/ Linux / iPhone ) is able to connect and show Samba shares, but Oplayer can’t.

  106. Ipad fan Says:

    I just bought your app and it plays avi flawlesly. However when i play .MKV
    movies it has no sound and video is choppy. I tinkered with the loop thingie and now video is smooth but STILL NO SOUND EVEN AFTER RESET. i have so much faith in your product hope you can look into this.

  107. Shou Says:

    I can acces to my iPhone with Filezilla but I don’t know in wich folder should I put my video so I can see it through my iPhone
    Can somebody explain me where I must copy my video

  108. Alex Says:

    I bought the iPad version, want to play movie with subtitle srt, please help.

  109. Dan Pinko Says:


    I just installed this software onto my Ipad.

    Unfortunately it crashes just after it starts – it stays on the screen for 1 second showing 2 of my servers but then switches back to the main Ipod screen.

    I have no iomega equipment.

    How do I fix this issue?


    • olimsoft Says:

      We have also found that some routes with UPnP function and media link media server will crash AirPlayer, do you have one of them on the internet? next version we will fix this issue, and hope you can help check it again.

  110. Juan Says:

    Can I stream videos from a web page such as: http://www.peliculasid.com ? Using the web browser I go to the web page but it does not play the files. It does not work with flash?

  111. kpouer Says:

    the new version works very well on my iphone 4, however I have a few issues.
    Still encoding problems with accents in SRT (maybe I don’t use the good charset ? What charset is recommended for SRT ?)
    Sometimes after exiting Oplayer when I come back to my video, if I touch the volume button of my iPhone, it crashes (not everytime)
    And the last one that is easy to fix : when I do ftp download, in the download history it shows my ftp password on the screen, I think it should be hidden

  112. David Says:

    Hi I’m looking for a media player to play email attachments on iPhone. Currently it appears oplayer does not do this and there is no way to save attachments from email to iPhone. Is this something that you can add? If so I would be happy to purchase your app. Thanks

  113. Annie lang Says:

    How can I use the oplayer on my iPhone,iPad,and with my desktop mircosoft Xp!
    I try so hard but still in vain!
    My iPhone is ios4!

    Please help!
    Annie Lang

  114. Greg brown Says:

    I cannot play wma files on my 2nd gen touch with os4. When I try it quits the application.

  115. Roma Says:

    is this helpfull for open the attachement files in the inbox in hotmail?

  116. Kalifornia Says:

    Hi is it possible to stream direct from dream box to player on the iPad?
    If yes how do you set it up.

  117. Oskar Says:

    I found it strange how 480p .mkv files work nice but normal-res xvids are still a bit choppy and not as fluid at all?!

    Also, .mkvs often got integrated subtitles, these does not work with oplayer. Will you be updating the support for this?

  118. Pascal Says:


    Before the recent update of 16/08/2010, the video was enough good.
    But since, images are now choppy.
    Hope this problem will soon be repaired.


  119. Jason Says:

    Will you ever add a .vob extension to be played? This is the video files that are on DVDs. That would be awesome!

  120. jim Says:

    hy, since the last update the videos are running very “choppy” (slowly) and audio is not sync at ipad. the same videofiles running perfectly before update

  121. oper Says:

    hi . i bought this app .
    good play movie or drama
    but i don’t know how to use subtitle file
    i want to watch movie with subtitle but
    i don’t know .
    I have subtitle file(.sub) , movie
    these are same name . (for example, hello.avi , hello.sub)
    but when i play the hello.avi there is no subtitle .. (certainly, I downloaded subtilte,movie in my platform)
    waht should I do???

  122. Jim Says:

    Hi, this video player is great but i have some video in mkv 720p and oplayer play the video very slowly. I try to enable skip frames and loop filter but its even slow. I have a jailbroken iPad and with the jailbreak can i accelerate the performance of oplayer for play the 720p video ?
    Sorry for bad english

  123. Dom Young Says:

    Ive transferred the rmvb to oplayer but i cant do anything with them. When i click on them it says only support quicktime plugin mode in your platform. what does this mean

  124. Sam Says:

    Hi thanks for this amazing app,
    how can i backup the app content such as my videos opened from my email??
    dose the content of the app included when i backup my iPad so i can restore my app with the all my videos to my new iPad??

    • olimsoft Says:

      if you have opened the file in the mail app, it will be auto-saved to File Tab-My Document-Inbox

      • Sam Says:

        i know but what i mean is:
        if i saved 20 videos in my documents in OPlayer & i had a problem with my iPad “crashed, stolen…”
        is there any way to backup these videos before
        and is the iPad backup also backup the OPlayer and the files inside OPlayer??

      • olimsoft Says:

        if you have put the files directory under My Document, you can use iTunes to backup, otherwise not.

  125. Simon Says:

    Just bought your product. I must say it is a good idea,it saves lot of time for conversion. As you say you use software decoding the performance is worse than P4 (rmvb even worst) is it ready for use/sell? Please do something about it. (I don’t know how you are the expert

  126. Mikend Says:


    I just bought the soft, seems really cool but almost all my files are not working (I try AVI, MP4, MKV) I have just a few clips that are working but most of my other files are not even lunch. I need help … 😦
    Thx ++

  127. Charlie Says:

    I am having a problem with downloading avi files from a web server. They almost always hang at random points and there is no way to refresh or continue the download so that it completes and you have to start again, which sucks if you are trying to grab a 400MB avi on a hotel’s really slow wifi connection.

  128. H173k Says:

    Id like to know how can i play subtitles with movies and what formats are supported(of subtitles)

  129. kpouer Says:

    I just updated to 1.16, huge problem :
    First it doesn’t play srt anymore
    The screen orientation is a good idea but it is important to add an option to block it to some orientation.
    I’m playing video in my bed, when you are on your side, the iphone is vertical, but my head is not and I need to play landscape in that position, that’s impossible.
    A solution would be to force landscape mode.
    At this time I am forced to revert to 1.14, 1.16 is not usable for me.

    • olimsoft Says:

      The currently version, you should choose correct encoding method I the settings page for the srt file. Yep maybe we need to add a feature to lock the rotation.

      ҵ iPad

      • kpouer Says:

        But with the new version the problem with srt was that I had no subtitles, not encoding problems.
        I read quickly the charset list but didn’t saw UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1, did I saw wrong ?

        About orientation a good choice would be an option to force landscape (like the ipod does when your video is big)

      • olimsoft Says:

        1)default is UTF-8 2)yes, next version will add support

  130. Pascal Says:

    Great app but do you have news about correction of the choppy issue introduced with update 1.0.06 on 16/08/2010 ?


  131. Jack4all Says:

    What Srt encoding show I select to get polish language? Is there any polish or central europe coding? I can’t find any.

  132. Zoltan Says:

    In version 1007 ipad, Iso latin2 WORKS for hungarian srt, characters like áÁéÉíÍóÓöÖőŐüÜúÚűŰ

  133. Zoltan Says:

    Btw mkv is still slow 😦
    Waiting some improvement 🙂

    Ps: does mkv or avi video drain battery faster than nativ formats like mov or m4v?

    Ive tested for battery performance, and during a 100minutes avi, the battery drops 30% (should be about 16%?) of the battery.
    I guess itll drop during a 100mins mkv vide more than 30% rigth?

    Normal usage drops 10% per hour.

  134. John Says:

    How do I down files from my email to the o player or off the net

    • olimsoft Says:

      1) in the mail app, click the file to download, after downloaded, push the file, will be a open in oplayer option 2)when you off the net, you can use USB sync to download files from your PC to your iPhone

  135. Andy78 Says:

    Hi, i think this is a great app. But when i try to add a folder with the avi file and the srt via ituns sync i cant! How can i drag/drop my moviefolder with srt to my ipad so i can enjoy subtitles?

  136. andy78 Says:

    So we have to manually create folders for each movie/avi on the ipad itself to contain the srt?

    anyone know easier way (drag/drop folders)??

    keep up the good work:)

  137. danB Says:

    After updating Oplayer HD.FTP somehow doesn’t work. It works for iPhone Oplayer though. So I am certain this got nothing to do with my FTP server. Any help would be great.

  138. Calahan7 Says:

    Hi, in the Direct URL section there would be an editing (renaming Direct URL) helpful. I stream from a sattellite reciever box and the URL’s are only very long terms of numbers. A real Name for the Stations would be nice.

    Im user it in an iPad 3G.

    Great app
    CU Calahan

  139. Abbaspoor Says:

    Thanks for this amaaazing app
    Its very cool
    1007 now can read srt persian subtitile

    The only problem is mkv 720p run very slowly
    I hope you fix this in 1.08

    And a sugestion:
    Can u add password login in startup?
    It would be awsome


  140. Zenki Says:

    I have to say… yeah!this is the best working video player for avi and rmvb. But i hope next version can use srt subtitle without convert. All the best

  141. Lalo Says:

    Can i open the videos (.avi) from my dropbox in this app? And if so, how?

  142. Dimo Says:

    Thanks for this player.This is the best player for me.I wil be happy if you put FLAC suport

  143. Spider Says:

    Hi, pardon me if this is a dumb question. I have successful uploaded the files to the FTP server and i can now see the files in my iphone. But just one qn, these files will then take up space in my iphone right? If yes, how do i delete them?

  144. Mike Says:

    Hi the new TV out function is very jumpy and in watchable how do I fix this. I’m using an iPhone 4

  145. Abbaspoor Says:

    Hi again

    I wanna ask a feature
    Ill be very happy if you do that

    If you used km player in windows, you can shift your sub with [ and ]
    Its very very very useful feature

    I wanna ask you add this feature to your next update

    You can use 2finger gesture while movie is playing and shift sub on the go

    I hope you do that

    Thank you

  146. Dan Says:

    any chance for the ability to stream video from an FTP or Samba server? there’s no point to d/l these big files instead of just viewing (streaming) as they come across… thx

  147. Marcos Says:

    Hi, Jonathan. My .srt files won´t work. Is there any special configuration to open .srt files? Thank You.

  148. Matt Says:

    I am used you app to download Xvid movies to my iPhone 4. The files will play but without sound. My mute button is not turned on and I have turned my phone off and on with no result.

  149. Kimss Says:

    When I try to play a file, it says “Only support Qplayeron this platform”….and it won’t play the file…what do i do???

  150. Tim Says:

    Awesome app.
    Avi rm files work flawlessly with my hfs server on my old laptop
    No lag…

    Only one small suggestion

    Any way you can get the ability to skip forward on a video?

    I was halfway through a film and received a call which meant i had to start at the beginning again!


  151. Leo Says:

    Hi Johnathan,

    I really need your help. I just downloaded oplayer OD and Fliezilla but the program is now different and I can’t seem to follow your instructions can you please help me out? THANKS!

  152. Alfredo Says:

    Como puedo ver un video .wmv que se encuentra adjunto a un correo en mi iPad

    Ya tengo instalado el oPlayer


  153. Kk Says:

    Unable to play avi files on iPad firmware 3.2.2.

  154. Kk Says:

    QuickTime is disabled still not able to play avi files.

  155. Karl Says:

    Running latest version of oplayer on 4.01 (jailbroken)TV out does not work. I get sound but no video. I get video when running TV Out through itunes, and get video on the Iphone when running file on the Iphone with TV out turned off. But as soon as I turn TV out on, no video!

  156. makdotcom Says:

    great app.

    however having problems accessing my readynas nv+ via smb or ftp.
    both services are activated on the nas, have checked via pc and mac that i can access both.

    however oplayerhd allows me to get to root smb folder but nothing thereafter.

    while on ftp share cannot even connect.

    please help, cause with this working oplayerhd is 100% complete. thanks

  157. Simon Says:

    When people use Oplayer, you should expect lot of different formats, can Oplayer auto switch to QuickTime if mp4 is detected thanks

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Simon,

      as depend on the suffix, it is not accuracy.

      • Simon Says:

        I have a list of different formats of music video on the Playlist. Expect runs one after another, as you know if play with oplayer with skip frame on, all other format files are fine but mp4 seems slow motion. If change to QuickTime mp4 files is fine but wouldn’t play other format and would play in the Playlist manner(need to start every sound)

        Any suggestion how should I use Oplayer?

      • olimsoft Says:

        yep, this is a issue.

  158. Cromwell Says:

    Hi. Still no plans for 1-day $0.99 sale? =)

  159. Kk Says:

    Hello, still having problems playing avi files…. Please help thanks

  160. Ibrahim Says:

    This app, I think it’s perfect , but it needs too much steps to run it, well, I couldn’t use it.

  161. kpouer Says:

    Is there a release date for a new version that would be able to block the screen rotation ?

  162. Kk Says:

    Simple avi training videos..

  163. Mubarak Says:

    Hello Olimsoft
    I tried TV-Out it is not stable. How about supporting F4V files?
    Wishing you the best.
    Mubarak Aljawder

  164. Sam Says:

    When I play .avi format movie, the voice and video are mismatch. It seems that the voice is always faster than video. (the size of video file is about 1.2G) How to deal with this issue?

  165. love_leeloo Says:

    i’ve installed OPlayer Lite on my old 3G iPhone
    (to test before pay and install OPlayer)

    i’ve upload 2 files on it via iTunes

    – 1 XviD (VLC says MPEG-4 Video XviD)
    – 1 mkv (VLC says H264 – MPEG-4 AVC) (made with Handbrake from my DVD)

    both don’t play
    OPlayer crash every time
    i come back to apps menu every time

    both video are under 640×480
    any idea ?


  166. Brian Says:

    Do you support vob format. I can play vob fiches but cannot display subtitles.

  167. David Says:


    I am having the same problem as other users above accessing the FTP service of my sinology NAS. I can connect to it using a computer but oplayer just says “cannot connect”.


  168. fatadxb Says:

    thanks for great app
    I wonder where I can find the path of my movies if im using ifile or diskaid

  169. Bill Says:

    I just purchased this software for my son’s iPod touch, 4th generation. It is very cool, in that I was able to point the web browser at the at the webservice I use for our media player, and play videos. However, I did notice some dvd quality videos end-up badly out of sync. I turned on the skip frames and the loop filter options, and the video is no-longer out of sync with the audio, but instead there are noticeable frame drops when playing xvid or divx avi’s. For comparison, I took my Spiderman xvid, and converted it with avidemux to mp4 for iphone. The converted video also looks choppy with the same settings. However, once I turn on the quicktime plugin the video looks very smooth.

    Chances are I will convert some of my son’s favorite videos to mp4. I would love to see an option for this application to automatically detect when it can use the quicktime plugin, so he doesn’t need to remember to toggle the settings before playing the videos. Even better would be if you could make divx and xvid play just as smoothly, but I realize there are limit to what can be done in software.

    Still, by far the best video player for the ipod touch available, and worth every penny.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Bill,

      thanks for supporting us. we are always trying to enhance the performance. and about the auto detect, if dynamic detect file format, it will cost a lot time to loading movies. (You can’t have your cake and eat it too. )

  170. Bill Says:

    Just a second comment, since I didn’t click on notify and subscribe the first time.

  171. X-oR Says:


    I havé downloaded my movie, it’s in my file list, and in my playlist. When I click on the file in the playlist, nothing happen. I have iPhone 3GS. Any idea?


  172. mat Says:

    Hi I recently purchased oplayer, xvid files etc work great on the phone but when i go to tv out they are very slow or choppy.. audio works fine but the video is horrible ive tried using skip loop filter etc. There only normal low res xvid files if thats any help.

  173. Joey tang Says:

    Hi y do I always get time out when I am downloding films onto me iPhone

  174. Gus Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I bought Oplayer today and find it great. Great work!

    But I do have a light issue…

    When playing rmvb files, the subtitles are not in sync with the sound, they have a delay that apparently varies. How can i fix that? I have an Iphone 3GS with 32 GB with the latest iOS release (I think it´s 4.01).

    I have also a request: can you put an option to do multiple uploads or upload the entire content of a folder when using Wifi transfer?

    Thank you!

    P.S: do you know any app that allows to control the iphone with the mac remote control? I´d like to use my iphone as a media player with my tv without having to stop and pause movies using the touchscreen.

  175. Contramob Says:

    I bought this app for my iPhone 4 and first thing I tried is downloading a wmv file via http transfer and it worked great, next I tried a rm file that was 320×240 and it before it starts to play it just closes the app and shoots me to my homepage or desktop, I tried my free memory app to regain my ram and rebooted still does same thing, help.

  176. Paul Says:

    Hi, When i rotate my iphone doesnt show the movie in landscape. Oplayer v 1.16; iPhone 4.0.1; (newbe)

  177. Talal Says:


    I have your lite version and I`m planning to buy the full version but please answer my following questions :

    1 – difference between lite and full version ?

    2 – Today I got all the movie played on oplayer without sound , yesterday i played the same movie and the sound was working ?

    3 – in case I downloaded zip files , is there any way to be played on oplayer ?

  178. Talal Says:

    one more question please :

    4 – when I install the paid version , how can i get my movies transfered from the lite version into the paid version ?

  179. Anwar Says:

    Why opleyre download some files and some withe the same format do not download it

  180. Rainbowgirl Says:

    How do you make oplayer as the default video player in other apps such as goodreader?

  181. Daveee69 Says:

    Hi! Pls help me how can i use subtitles with oplayer?

  182. Jaiden Says:

    will you upgrade the rmvb resolution and the battery problem because as i watch the tw and japan anime the sound and the picture is not show as the same time and it use many battery power. my iphone is iphone 4. i feel as i used this app, my battery lose power very fast.can you do a save power app?

  183. Bader Says:

    Hi there,
    How can i download movie by using rapidshare.com

  184. Talal Says:


    Why my questions up were ignored ?

  185. samwhy Says:

    HI there

    if my rtsp link doesnt have usrname and password.
    does the address: rtsp://192.168.x.xxx/livestream works?
    or it must follow with .sdp?
    it must have a username and password?


  186. Momo125 Says:

    I would appreciate if we could stream avi dirrctly from a samba share. This would be a great hit as many of us have avi stored on a nas.

  187. Zgr Says:


    I just bought your app, and try 3 different avi file with srt and sub ending subtitle file. Movies are working great. No problem with that, but subtitle didnt work. I try what you said in previous messages, but i couldnt.

  188. Gus Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    When playing rmvb files, the subtitles are not in sync with the sound. I Tried different Subtitle settings, but nothing works. Any ideas?

    How can i fix that? I have an Iphone 3GS with 32 GB with the latest iOS release (I think it´s 4.01). By the way, what is the best resolution for playing rmvb files without lags in subtitles?

    Thank you!

  189. sam fuzz Says:


    audio and video are not synchronized with these videos :

    example of video downloaded with flvstreamer :


    Format : VP6
    Duration : 5mn 17s
    Bit rate : 754 Kbps
    Width : 640 pixels
    Height : 360 pixels
    Display aspect ratio : 16:9
    Frame rate : 25.000 fps
    Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.131
    Stream size : 28.6 MiB

    Format : MPEG Audio
    Format version : Version 1
    Format profile : Layer 3
    Duration : 5mn 17s
    Bit rate mode : Constant
    Bit rate : 48.0 Kbps
    Channel(s) : 1 channel
    Sampling rate : 44.1 KHz
    Stream size : 1.82 MiB (7%)

    even if ignored framed is tun on or off

    is there a solution ?

    • olimsoft Says:

      FLV codec needs more CPU,that’s why apple not allow FLASH on iDevices. currently only support 320*240 flvs.

      • sam fuzz Says:

        thanks for your response

        i ‘ve converted the video to m4v it’s better
        but without quicktime actived
        when quicktime is activated Oplayer shutdown ?
        nevermind it ‘s ok without

  190. Sunil Says:

    Hi, Tanks for this App. Still hope I will be able to use it after paying for it. I have transferred regular wmv Files, which are some of those legal free copies you get as bonus with a bluray disc.
    Size is 900 MB to 1.3 GB.
    All I get is a color storm…
    Already tried the “skip switches” without succes. Any chance I’ll be able to watch movies?

  191. Ericliu Says:

    I put the video in it, but the movie has no caption, even though I set the avi video and srt into the same name.
    And the other one , how to set the “setting”? Including which one I should selecte the “caption index” and which the “coding”

    Thanks a lot !

    • olimsoft Says:

      The encoding method depends on your language, if English is your mother language, you needn’t care about it, otherwise you should choose correctly encoding method according to your language.

  192. Ericliu Says:

    Why I put the video in it, but the movie has no caption, even though I set the avi video and srt into the same name.
    And the other one , how to set the “setting”? Including which one I should selecte the “caption index” and which the “coding”

    Thanks a lot !

    I put the video in it, but the movie has no caption, even though I set the avi video and srt into the same name.
    And the other one , how to set the “setting”? Including which one I should selecte the “caption index” and which the “coding”

    Thanks a lot !

  193. Ericliu Says:

    I am from china, I had changed several method, unsuccessful.
    iPad device. Oplayer HD. 1.0.07

  194. Thomas Says:

    Hi, thank you for this excellent application, but I’m experiencing some minor but very irritating issues with audio/video being consistently out of sync. I am using Oplayer HD on iPad and the files are 624×352 .mkv, sized around 130 MB each. I have tried toggling frame skip and loop filter in every possible variation, but there is no change whatsoever for the better or for the worse. Will you be improving this in the future and when is your next update scheduled to be released? Thanks again, keep up the good work.

  195. Thomas Says:

    That is very good to hear! Is this patch expected to address the syncing discrepancies?

  196. Ilya Says:

    Vary gay

  197. Steffen Says:

    This app is amazingly good. Didn’t know my iphone can play such big films in nearly all kinds of common formats.

    Feature request: Simple general password to start the app.

  198. Steffen Says:

    a simple general password to start the app would make the app even more attractive

    Keep up the great work, I love this app.

  199. Alvaro Says:


    I’m trying to download some files from megaupload in the oplayer browser but when the “download” button appears it doesn’t work when clicked. It’s frustrating!

    Thanks for your work.

  200. Sj Says:

    Hi I downloaded the oplayer. How do I put my video files on my computer in the iTunes library without converting it? Ty

    • Thomas Says:

      Hey Sj, I’m not olimsoft, but you just have to go to your device’s Apps tab in iTunes. Scroll way down and you’ll likely see a bunch of apps in a separate list below the springboard management section. Find OPlayer in that list. Select it and press the ‘add files’ button beneath the box to the right.

    • olimsoft Says:

      You can check Online Help method one. you can get the URL from More tab->Online Help

  201. Sebastien Says:

    Dear Olimsoft,

    Thanks for your app, it’s really useful!

    However, I have one question, one suggestion and one bug report after I’ve updated to 1.17 (I’m a 3Gs user in Hong Kong):

    1. Did you intentionnally disable the accelerometer during video playback? I cannot rotate from landscape to portrait or portrait to landscape anymore. I have to go back to the file selection menu, then rotate, and resume video playback.

    2. Could you implement the iPod scrolling feature? In the iPod app, when scrolling, if you move your finger down you increase the scrolling precision (normal, half, 1/4, precision). That’s a very efficient way to scroll precisely on a large video file (maybe the only efficient way on a touchscreen).

    3. This bug is not new: when you stop video playback, do something else and come back to your video after some time (say 15 minutes), and resume video playback, the video is in slow motion and without sound. I fix it by going back to the file selection menu, and select the same video.

    Since your app is so useful, I wanted to share this feedback. Hopefully it can make OPlayer even better!


    • olimsoft Says:

      1) yes, as many people hates the rotation function, so we disable it, depends on the hold status 2) i got your idea, that’s very cool, but have some technical issue, we will investigate it 🙂 3) we will double check this, thanks

  202. Christian Says:

    Hello, i can confirm what Sebastien write, please fix and make your Software Even better.


  203. marciton Says:

    any way to have m4v subtitles working like on the native video player ?

  204. Jessica Says:

    Could I use this with my iPod touch?

  205. Jason Says:

    Hi, I have drag a rmvb file into my 3GS, but can’t watch movie in landscape version! It can’t be acceptable to watch in portrait mode, screen will be very small. Is there any setting procedure I have missed or the player can’t support landscape?

  206. Kwang Says:

    How can we see multiple shared folders using FTP?
    subtitle is not supported yet?

  207. Kevin Says:

    First I think you app is great, so great that its the first one I purchased whenI received my iphone 4. Thank you for such a great app.
    The only problem I have is with the video out. it simply dosent work !, I have tried the loop and skip frame setting with multiple videos and formats against multiple tv’s ranging from the 7″ in my truck to a 32″ and different settings on the tv also to no success I am using a original apple tv out composite cable (yellow, red, white) and the sound works great but the video is extremely laggy by and freezes on frames for 5 seconds or more and then falls behind the audio. any help would be appreciated

  208. Eddie Says:

    Thx for your apps! But I have the problem that when I play the movie on iPhone 3GS that can’t be rotate the screen! Is it any method to solve this problem? Many thx!

  209. Daniel Says:

    RMVB Lags, on Oplayer lite,
    any solutions??
    what is the regular Oplayer and Oplayer lite?

    • Daniel Says:

      I mean to ask what is the difference with Oplayer and O player lite???
      will regular Oplayer play RMVB Better??

      • Daniel Says:

        Nevermind, I bought the Oplayer and enable Skip Frame
        and RMVB works fine so Far. As for screen rotation all I need to do is put phone in Landscape mode before playing a file 🙂
        so is all good so far, thanks for a great app!

      • olimsoft Says:

        the lite version will have ads when playing the video.

  210. Piiscillahsu Says:


  211. Pete Says:

    Any chance on an update so I can control the iPad using my iPhone? That way I can hook up the iPad to the tv and control my movie from the couch.

  212. Zantetsu Says:


    I was wondering if there is any way to transfer via USB, other than Itunes, because the only file format supported by Itunes is mp4 (unless I am mistaken, and in this case could you tell me how to transfer any video type file into oplayer via Itunes ?)


  213. Ilan Halfon Says:

    Hello Today I purchased the software and I see in slow motion video TV out

  214. GEO Says:

    Hi i just bought your app and its great…my only question is i already set up my FTP server and i can see and download files from my PC but my problem is can i upload files FROM my IPOD to PC?

  215. fung22 Says:

    Hi, great app. could you tell me how to move a file from the document to its subdirectory?

  216. Aw Says:

    I have problems playing ram files. they download ok to the OPlayer file folder, just wont play. any special settings required?

  217. dunkirk16 Says:

    It’s a nice app. Hopefully it can support Chinese file/folder name in the future!

  218. dunkirk16 Says:

    It’s a nice app. Hopefully it can support Chinese file/folder name (during FTP session) in the future!

  219. Michael Says:

    Is it possible to change the default media location to a different folder other than the applications documents folder?

  220. Thomi Says:

    Il y a un problème en téléchargement wi-fi, la barre verte de progression du téléchargement ne fonctionne pas!Windows XP et ipad wi-fi+3g 16g. Bonne journée.

  221. Ron Says:


    The program is excellent. May I suggest adding a feature that supports audio and video output to a tv by using a composite/component AV cable attached to the iphone 4.

  222. pc Says:

    Thanks for the fantastic player, now that I can watch rmbv files directly without converting to mp4. Can I actually upload a few files at the same time thru’ wifi transfer ?

  223. pc Says:

    can u leave and exit your Oplayer when still uploading file thru wifi transfer ? thanks.

  224. Chupakun Says:

    Just got the program on a recommendation from my friend. Tried playing a video but the problem is that the colours are all skewed and there’s a green line going down the bottom of the video — this is not present in the original (clearly, otherwise I wouldn’t even have this file!). Any ideas?

  225. Ryan Says:

    Does the current version support 720p playback? I tried playback on a .mkv and .wmv 720p file and it plays in slow motion. Thanks.

  226. cristian Says:

    I have a 2nd generation with 4.1 running and none of the avi videos will play. I tried changing the settings to different options back and ford and nothing. Please help

  227. Rogel Says:

    Fix the bug. The program hangs after playing some movies.

  228. Jorge Says:

    Trying to play wmv files get sound no video. Please advise

  229. Jelle Says:

    Actual streaming/live viewing on wifi isnt implanted? Using filezilla ftp from win7. Greetings

  230. h Says:

    good work~

    Is it possible to download video files from iphone to other pc?


  231. Silly Says:

    Hi I was eager to purchase your app. But upon using it says I’m unable to support the format in my platform. I’m using 4.0 iPod touch 3rd gen 8gb. Please respond. I’m utterly disappointed

  232. Sr Says:

    Is it possibly to add the cover art for the movies uploaded. Makes it easy for lids to choose the movie.

  233. Cromwell Says:

    Hi. Will OPlayer be universal app for iPhone/iPad?

    • olimsoft Says:

      We have considered it, but you know there are many people have used both the iPhone version and iPad version, it is a hard decision, and also as the devices goes on, maybe we should do the enhance to the special one in the future.

  234. Greg Says:

    Nice app….Got too excited and downloaded it to my 3G before reading notes and finding out it is not supported. Are refunds possible? Or some other solution.

    Thank You,


  235. Greg Says:

    Correction…App is supported, but all my movies are .avi, and that is what I wanted the app for…..

    Maybe I am just out of luck.

    Thank You,


  236. Genji Says:

    subtitle lose when i try to backward movie ?

  237. Tom Warren Says:

    I have downloaded your app, I have put some videos from my digital camera on to the player, it is a new panasonic lumix

    They seem to play in slow motion for some reason???

  238. Joost Says:

    Why do the credits stop after ten minutes in the paid version?

  239. Chai Says:

    I used oplayer HD on my iPad 64GB 3G, ios4.2
    I got an attachment(wma file) in mail then I press on it and was asked to open with oplayer hd. I did then go to my document folder, I selected the file and add to playlist. I clicked the file in playlist but nothing happen. Please help. Thank you.

  240. Peter Says:

    Hello. I have the iphone 4 with 4.1 os. When I play a avi video files through the tv-out feature on a TV, the videos are very slow. Please help. Thanks.

  241. sven Says:


    how can I add a http-stream to the playlist?

    Is there a tag like StreamPath equivalent to MoviePath or is this impossible?


  242. Pete Says:

    Hi, I purchased the OPlayer for my iPhone 4 to play avi movies. So far it works great. However, sometime the audio is out of sync with the picture and a few of the movies are greatly discolored. Is there anyway to correct this? Thanks.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Thanks for your info.

      the not sync issue always caused by the video decoding can’t catch up the audio encoding, we can only use software decoding method, which needs more CPU power.

  243. Tony Says:

    Hey man
    Excellent app but I got some problems with audio being out of sync when I am streaming. This is for the iPod touch 3rd gen. Hope u can fix soon

  244. hey Says:

    hey jonathan..the app is great! there is one thing that dont work for me
    i read ur guide to do ftp server so i did that but when i access to the ip of the filezilla and the port 21 and my username and password it says “error connection”
    can you help me please? i have windows xp.

    • hey Says:

      i entered on the app the ip of the computer but now its on “loading” forever.
      i would be more than happy to know what am i doing wrong.

      • olimsoft Says:

        is there andy logs in your FTP server for check, and make sure your firewall allow the FileZilla to pass.

      • hey Says:

        can you please explain me how to do all that? i dont know what to do.
        the firezilla connects to a server
        and from the other hand u saying that the iphone should connect to the computer’s ip and thats another ip and also the port thats written on oplayer is 21.
        i just dont get it. dont know where to start im from israel that is why my english is so lame i will be very happy if we could do it step by step. thank you again.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hello hey, no,the info you have input is wrong, defaut port is “21”, you can get your PC’s IP by follow steps. 1) win+r, input “cmd”, enter 2)input ipconfig, enter

        i suggest you to use the USB sync method, which is easiest and fastest way.

        You can check Online Help firstly, if you still don’t understand how to use it, ask me again. thanks.


    • olimsoft Says:

      Make sure your FTP server’s PC and iPhone connect to the same network. sometimes iPhone’s network need to disable/enable to re-active.

  245. Shay Says:

    Hello, I wanted to know if there is a possibility to see and download files when I’m not connected to the same network, and how to do it, I have windows xp and I’m using firezilla, thank you.

  246. Tom Says:

    Hi Jon,

    Bought this 15 mins ago and tried Oplayer to open a wmv file. It worked but when I tried to open it again to show my friend this app, atlas, it asked if I wanted to open it in “Oplayer”. I tapped on “open with Oplayer” it took me to the ‘arrow’ icon and flipped to ‘settings’ right away. what was wrong? should there be settings before using this app? My setting page is all ‘OFF’.

    Thanks for your help

  247. mexx Says:

    hi im using ipod gen2
    i tried to open .avi formatted movie with oplayer,im getting `only support quick time plugin mode in ur platform` error.

  248. Gungaa Says:

    How can i watch avi with srt subtitles. I copied avi and srt to my iphone with same name. Played avi but no subtitles on. Help me please

  249. James Says:

    Hey this is a great app! but I prefer the OPlayer should have a repeat play function, and I still cannot figure out how to use the playlist to play a list of songs, because actually it stops when one song finishes.

  250. Gungaa Says:

    Any answer yet

  251. mavimorais Says:

    Hey guy!
    I just downloaded the oplayerhd lite to try it before buying. It´s really a great app! I got the subtitles (srt) and everything´s working fine! But before getting the paid version, I´d like to know how to change the color of the subtitles (in iTunes pics they´re blue and I don´t find where or how to change the standart white).

    Thanks for your attention!

    • olimsoft Says:

      The oplayer shows subtitle default as white.

      • King Arthur Says:


        I have Oplayer HD (and paid for it) and I’m also having a problem with the subtitles showing up as blue and can find no way to change the color. Can you help?

      • olimsoft Says:

        the sub subtitle can’t change the color as it has encoded to specific colors, you can find the srt file of your movie, then you can change the colors.

  252. alberto Says:

    hy, the tv out does not work for me in the iphone 4. The sound, and the subtitles are good but the video is very slow, not syncronized!

  253. Yamhk Says:

    I have a “mkv” movie, it has a double subtitle ( simplify Chinese English) included.(both the subtitles shown at the same, not individual. )

    The program can play the movie file in iphone4 but the subtitle can’t read out.

    So, how can I read the subtiltle?

    • olimsoft Says:

      if the subs with spu codec, it should be auto recognized, and for build-in subs, you can select subtitle stream index in the settings page. (english or chinese)

  254. kpouer Says:

    New easy feature (I suppose easy)

    Time seeking is not very accurate in Oplayer because it goes too fast.
    A nice idea would be to use the same method that exists in iPod application :

    when you drag your finger in the top tier of your screen it seeks quickly (like it does now)
    in middle tier of the screen it seeks at medium speed (the screen represents 10 or 20 minutes)

    In lower tier of the screen it seeks very slowly, the entire screen represents one minute.

    It would help a lot to seek precisely to a position.

  255. Anthea Says:

    I have download the paid version. But there is no sound when playing the rmvb format. Please advise.

    • olimsoft Says:

      make sure you haven’t muted your iPhone, if you have updated to full version, remove the lite version, and maybe you need to restart your iPhone to re-install the full version.

  256. Billy Tang Says:

    Dear Sir, I just buy your App. & when i play the rmvb movie the sound and the screen does not match! How can I fix it? Thanks

  257. kpouer Says:

    Would it be possible to hide the login / password in the Download Status ?

  258. Joseph Says:

    Can Oplayer have folder lock or program lock function next update?

  259. lun Says:

    I can not open my movie fullscreen and why?

  260. Dandan Says:

    Hi, I’m unable to rename a vidéo. I’m gong to rename, change the name but keep the same extension but when I clic Ok it is still the old name that appear?

  261. yaakult Says:

    erm , may i know whats the user thats required of me to key in ? which username ?

  262. Brent Says:

    I follwed your instructions for setting up a FTP clint with Filezilla and adding to Fierwall exception. I added a new server in OPlayer, but when i open it in says ‘recieving’ for a while then says ‘Failed to connect’. Help please.

  263. Cassie Says:

    Hi! I don’t really understand the subtitle thing. There is this video in Japanese that I have n I put MacJapanese on. Basically, what exactly do I have to do so I have subtitles on my video???

  264. Dandan Says:

    No, I’M trying a new file name

  265. Brent Says:

    What info exactly? I used my computers IP address when setting up OPlayer.

  266. Kubino Says:

    first of all, thank you for a really usefull player.
    How do I put files into folders? If I use USB cable to transfer video files into iPod 4G, but they all go to the root. I use DiskAid software to sort them into folders, but I would like to use file manager system of the player instead. Im sure its possible, Im just to dumb to figure it out.

  267. Parhakoo Says:


    First of all, great player that runs almost everything that I throw at it. I was wondering if I can download audio and video files directly into player and if yes, can you kindly explain how since I can’t seem to do it. Help appreciated.


  268. Bobessabob Says:


  269. yoon Says:

    hello,i’m using oplayer for ‘wmv’ files purpose.

    but i hear only sound only!, no movie coming out!
    i see only note image and sound that’s it..

    do you know why? do you know how to fix this?

    if you want i can send 5mb wmv file i’m using.
    can you send me your email?

    • olimsoft Says:

      can you share me the codec info for the file? if the file is wmv2 codec, then it is not supported by OPlayer, or just send me the file, i help to check it.

  270. Bah Says:

    I’m getting the “Only support for Quicktime” message on my iPod touch 3g =/


  271. Andrewf Says:

    Hi have oplayer in my iphone4 . I try to open email attachments when prompted by player and only sometimes works,on the same file.It will open and play once then not again then it will. What am I doing wrong?
    Also why does it list all the files I have tried to open in the inbox when you cant click on them anyway?


  272. VampBarbie Says:

    Mine can’t play mkv, and it says it can.

  273. Patrick M. Says:


    I’d like to buy an iPad. My plan is to connect an Apple AirPort Extreme with USB HDD, nothing more. Can I stream my video files (500MB and up, MPEG2) with OPlayer HD from them? With a MacBook Air it wouldn’t be a problem, but I want to use an iPad for better handling in my living room.

    Could you help me, please?
    Thanks and regards,

    • olimsoft Says:

      Third part developer can’t support AirPlay currently. If your HD/NAS support web server, you can try OPlayer HD, if your HD/NAS support UPnP, you can try AirPlayer.

  274. anton subiyanto Says:

    ever since the IOS upgrade on my ipad, oplayer hd’s password for login at startup was on and off, ie. sometimes it worked, sometimes it didnt. and now ever since your last oplayer hd update, the password for login at startup does not work at all. any info on this issue ? thanks a million

    • olimsoft Says:

      that is because multitask. You need to quit the app, then it asks you for password.[double click home button, and push a app to quit it]

      • anton subiyanto Says:


        Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated.

        I tried your suggestion by double clicking home button and push the app to quit. However, it still has the same problem, ie. I can still go in without even typing the password by just leaving the password blank and simply push the ok button (fyi, I have set up the password).


      • olimsoft Says:

        We have doubled check that, still have no issue here, can you describe the steps to reproduce it? or try to set a password again.

      • anton subiyanto Says:

        First of all, I am using the free version so maybe it does not support password.

        Here are the steps :

        1. I set a password
        2. I quit the apps by clicking the home button
        3. I enter the apps, it displays password needed box
        4. I can type anything (the password, any letter, or even blank) then click OK or Cancel –> it just logs in to the apps

        I repeat steps 1-4 (with changing passwords) even double clicking the home button to kill the apps. The password still does not work.

        Do I need to delete the apps and download it again ? Thanks for your help. Appreciated.

      • olimsoft Says:

        the last iPad version has this bug, next version will fix this.

      • Anton Subiyanto Says:

        Thank you. Can’t wait to see the next version. It’s a great app btw. Cheers.

      • Anton Subiyanto Says:

        thank you, the password works now.

  275. Francart Says:

    concerning oplayer on Iphone4:
    for a film consisting of several .VOB files, the transition between the files does not always work, and the navigation bar remains at the same position (at the end) when beginning the second file etc.

  276. bonnie Says:

    Hi, The paste function doesn’t seem to work when I cut and paste files to the document folder. Does it make a difference I’ve got the Lite version? What’s the difference between lite and full version?

  277. Evon Barker Says:

    hi jonathan,

    i’ve tried everything you mentioned to do with my .srt files but my avi movies just won’t display the subtitles on my ipad. please help. thank you.

  278. PNutGSX Says:

    Hi Jonathon,
    Great app so far, very impressed. My fiancé can’t seem to get subtitles working with her iPad in OPlayer and I don’t see anything above describing the subtitle settings (what is the “index” anyway?). Some support with regard to subs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  279. Monico Says:

    Hi, I tried Oplayerlite and so far so good after which I purchased the Oplayer. However, I cannot seem to transfer the files from lite to purchased player. I tried to browse the folders but both are showing root (/) but lite can see the files and purchased version cannot.

  280. Alvin Says:

    Hi, my subtitles (.srt) stopped showing up after about 15-20mins into an avi file but I can see them throughout the entire movie on my Mac with the same files. Can advice how to overcome it? Thanks.

  281. Vishal Says:

    Not sure if i am missing something but after installing the app, i put a film onto my iPhone through OPlayer and now how do i play the video?

    When i click on it, nothing happens… The video is suppose to play on the iPhone rite?

    I even tried another video and it didnt play… the whole point i downloaded this si to watch movies….

  282. Vishal Says:

    Not sure if i am missing something but after installing the app, i put a film onto my iPhone through OPlayer and now how do i play the video?

    When i click on it, nothing happens… The video is suppose to play on the iPhone rite?

    I even tried another video and it didnt play… the whole point i downloaded this si to watch movies….


  283. bobcat Says:

    Thanks for the OPlayer app, I’m using it on my iPod Touch, iPad, & iPad 2. The OPlayer HD app really benefits from the improvements on the iPad 2, HD Xvid/DivX videos play much smoother and stay in sync. One problem I’m having is that I want to include a large number of movies and music videos. When I reopen iTunes (I have iTunes set to sync automatically) it goes through the normal backing up procedure which copies all the video files I have added to OPlayer to my saved back up for that iPod device. The problem with this is that my computers hard drive now has two copies of all the videos I’ve loaded into OPlayer. One at the original file location and another where iTunes saves it’s back up files. With a 64GB iPad 2 stuffed with videos this eats up a lot of computer hard drive space! Would it be possible to have an option so that the videos are stored only on the iPad, and not in the iTunes back up?

  284. Michael Says:

    Great app, Jonathan! Thanks!

    I downloaded your free LITE version at first and used it to download content into the “My Documents” folder. I have since purchased the FULL version but the files from the LITE version did not transfer over. Is there an easy way to transfer files from my OPLAYER LITE version to my new FULL version? I still have both versions on my iPhone. Thanks for your help!

  285. mike wilson Says:

    On an iPad2, was able to play xvid avi videos with lite version, sound was out of sync. updated the lite version today, saw the audio stream index and all was fixed.

    So I decided OPlayer was it and upgraded to HD version today and with same settings audio is out of sync. values of 1,2,3, etc take it more out of sync, Is it possible to give us more audio index values -2 -3 -4 etc?

  286. Robin Says:

    is there a way to edit the URL list? I would like to change the order in which the items are displayed. Next to that it would be nice to be able to edit the list in an external editor as I use it to put my satelite stream links in it and there are quite a lot and pasting would help.


  287. rcdoms Says:

    I’ve been trying it with my iphone 4 and LS-CHL with version 1.07 and it’s not working. I see the files but when i try to play one video it just show’s that it’s reading and never plays. It shows that the movie length is 999.99.

    help please

  288. Andre Says:


    There is a lag of 2~3 seconds between the sound and the video. any way to solve it?



    • olimsoft Says:

      the not sync issue is because the cpu is not power enough to do video decoding, can you tell me the resolution of your file and your device generation?

  289. Jay Kruemcke Says:

    Is there a way to tell itunes to NOT backup all oplayer files?

  290. Reaves Says:

    I have Netgear STORA and using UPNP I can find my videos but when playing the IPAD (1) simply has the loading circle on black screen. Nothing else happens.

    Do you know of anything I can do to fix this? I really like the fact I can use my NAS to watch on my IPAD as the apps requiring PC on are not ideal.

  291. Quangthuy Says:


  292. Richard Says:

    I am trying to use Oplayer with my AirStash Wifi and can’t figure out how to get the files on the AirStash to the Oplayer.
    Any help on this.

  293. Ruediger Says:

    Very nice application. I am using it for streaming live tv from dreambox satellite receiver.
    Two Issues i found:
    1) Ajfter opening the streaming URL and then going back to the internet browser, the back to File server Botton on top of the screen is missing. so no way back to the menue page.
    2) Upload of Bookmark.plist is not working. It seems files with more than 3 letters in the file extension are not handled propperly


  294. daaaaaaaaavy Says:

    hello author, as some guys put forward above, i met the same question that app only support quicktime plugin mode in your platform. according to your reply, ipod gen1 and gen2 cannot run this program. i wonder why, the hardware limitation? i’m sure it’s not the OS problem cause my ipod gen2 updates to iOS 4.1, same as gen3.

  295. Samy Says:

    Im so desperate right now cuz i download oplayer earlier today but it doesnt open on my itouch

  296. kpouer Says:

    Since the latest version, when double clicking on the image, the scale change and it is impossible to get it back to normal in that case.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Have no issue here, can you double check it? and make sure your file is not 4:3

      • kpouer Says:

        That’s right my file is 4/3 and I have some black border on left and right (I only use landscape mode).
        With the previous version I was able to double click and Oplayer was doing a small zoom removing those black lines and cropping a little the top and bottom.
        Now it doesn’t do that anymore, instead it seems it converts it to 2.35, and the only way to get the image to normal is to stop playing and restart the video.

      • olimsoft Says:

        We didn’t modify this render feature, as 4:3 is the same radio of iphone’s width:height, so default is full screen.

      • kpouer Says:

        Finally I found how to reproduce the bug :
        -Take your iPhone in landscape mode and play a video
        -click on the button to lock the orientation inside Oplayer.
        -Then turn your iPhone and make it vertical. The video is still landscape because of the lock of course.
        -Now double click on the screen. Oplayer will resize the video as it should to if the video was played in portrait mode, but because of the lock it make things wrong.

        Another minor bug :
        double click on a video file, and you get a black screen.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Thanks for your information, these two bugs will be fixed in the next next update, as next update is waiting for approve, we can’t reject it.

  297. Michael Menzel Says:

    I just bought and installed the Airplayer on a Iphone 3G
    Program starts only with the Startsscreen and disappears after 3 sec.

    That’s all. Dont know which Firmware I have but something 3.2 or so, anyway above 3.0.
    Do you have a Idea what the problem is?

  298. Chelsea Says:

    ok I love this app but I’m having trouble creating folders…. could you please tell me exactly what to do…? I have created a new folder but then got stuck moving files to that folder. haha maybe its just me.

    Also, when downloading a QuickTime movie in the player, is there anyway to watch it as it downloads? I noticed i can do that with avi, flv files ect but i can’t seem to do that with mp4 files. thanks for your help 🙂

    • Chelsea Says:

      aah don’t worry about the first part, I worked it out after reading some “cut and paste” comments above. I still want to know about playing QuickTime files when downloading

  299. fuat erbi Says:


    I am using ipad 1. i was using oplayer hd to watch movies, i erased it accidentally and lost my playlist. i have purchased again the same app (oplayer hd) and dowloaded, but my movies not in the list.

    is there any way that i can reach those files again ?

    thank you in advance.

  300. Goran Says:

    Oplayer HD latest version on Ipad 2: I have a problem showing subtitles while watching video from a samba/upnp server. There is a video file and srt subtitle file with a same name. It would show subtitles just fine if I copy both files to ipad but when I stream the video from samba server oplayer shows in a small submenu “audio track: 1” with a checkmark on it but it shows “subtitles track: ” ?! Can it be fixed or am I missing something here? thanks

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  304. fflow Says:

    Improve streaming performance over SMB shares.

    I have several H.264-encoded videos sitting on a Linux file server running Samba. Some of these are .mkv, others are .m4v. Either way, when streaming from the server, audio frequently falls out of sync. However, if I download the full videos to my iPhone, they play just fine.

  305. Steve Says:

    With the recent upgrade to os5 – streaming no longer works on divx files. It just stalls at around 90% buffer. I turn on ffmep as before that helped it (even though slower) it has now stopped working again.

    Buffering is always stalled.

  306. Steve Says:

    I have to tell you this has been one of the most frustrating apps i have ever used. Its been like for 2 months at least. It did this same thing on the last upgrade of software. Every single time there is an update – this app just fails to work at all for streaming. The last time i told you about megavideo – and you told me it worked but did not. So itried to turn on ffmeg – it worked but took 2 minutes to wait for the stream. Now when i turn both demuxer and ffmeg on it does not stream at all – it stalls at various %’s all the time.
    Disable/cache is not possible as there is no option – you can put it to zero, 2 and varous numbers up to 20. I tried them all. I reinstalled it removed it seven times.

    This app serious has very many issues to deal with. also see you have an HDTV app?? what is the difference?

    Shall i waste other 4.99? and expect the same garbage?

    You know placing an app on itunes for the world to use is one thing – but it not working for weeks and weeks is another.

    I watch all my online movies with my i phone. I stream them.

    I DO NOT WANT TO DOWNLOAD THEM please do not suggest it. I bought it cause at the time it was the only programs that streamed.

    It was perfect for 5 6 months i mean as soon as you click play video it was instant. NOt even 2 second delay. It was super fast.

    Please show some care in your product and let it work like it used to. All this is totally not cool and shows lack of tech know how in your product.
    Now i am stuck since the OS 5 upgreade with nothing to watch for days now.

    What will you do ?

  307. wordpress business themes,best wordpress business themes,business themes wordpress Says:

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  309. Ann Says:

    I upgraded my iPhone 4 to ios5 and can no longer view avi files from my mail attachments. How do I get oplayer to work with ios5? I’ve also done the latest oplayer update…

    • olimsoft Says:

      can i know the attacgment file name?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Have you opened it with oplayer? does the file copied to OPlayer-My Document-Inbox?

      • Ann Says:

        I no longer get the option to open the file in oplayer. The only thing I can do is to save the file in my camera roll and I cannot open them in oplayer from there either. They are always avi files and they don’t save to oplayer-my documents-inbox. The program just doesn’t read them, and I only got it for email attachments. I am not an advanced user and just want something simple that works…

      • olimsoft Says:

        it should supports open in with method when you click the file in the mail attachment, what about your ios version? and iphone generation?

      • Ann Says:

        Doesn’t work when I try open in. I have ios5 and an iPhone 4.

      • olimsoft Says:

        which app you use open in with feature?

      • Ann Says:

        I’m wondering if ios5 just doesn’t support any streaming videos that aren’t QuickTime. I downloaded goodplayer to see if my problem would be solved and now I have two programs which I can’t use to view avi files. I no longer get the open in option, all I can do is save the file.

      • Ann Says:

        I’ve found that if I get my email on the web instead of in Mail I can watch the avi files I get as attachments with either goodplayer or oplayer. So it must be an issue with Mail. Thanks for your responsiveness, it is appreciated.

  310. Steve Says:

    yes ann the latest version basically does not work. it only allows downloads. You cannot stream any files what so ever. i use a place called mega upload – but i used it on 7-8 diff streaming sites and nothing works. The program is not updating with the latest versions and is many months behind now.. I paid for this thing and it now does not wrong longer then it worked.
    1/10 to be honest – the 1 because were able to at least email support about it.

  311. Steve Says:

    i have had this for a long time now and still cannot use it. I cannot stream anything online. NO divx is able to be to streamed anywhere online. Please if you can show me or give me a link to prove it can stream i would be greatful. I use megaupload myself but have tried it on various places.

    Anything in divx it will still not work. Spent 100s of hours trying to get it to work over the last several months.

    It just stalls and does nothing. Buffering will not stop and play the file.

    Why do you say it works for streaming divx when it doesnt any longer?

  312. Steve Says:

    Unfortunately it does not work. Same thing for the last few months. I will give you a little history.

    Initial phone os when i bought it 4-6 months ago was perfect. As soon i would click the link – within 1-2 seconds the video would play instant at super quality. Daily it worked perfect for months until maybe a couple months ago when you did an upgrade.

    After your upgrade – it would stop buffering at 99.02 or 89.65, 87% random high numbers and would not continue.

    After emailing you you said it would be corrected after next update and you updated it – but it still had issues. However on the update you told me to turn ffmeg ON – when i did this it would take 3 minutes to load and was still choppy service but at least i could suffer with the low quality cause at least it worked 25% quality wise.

    Turn the clock forward now and after iop5 update nothing works. NO matter if i have the demuxer or ffmeg on or off – makes no difference – it gets stuck buffering at around 99% and does nothing.

    I just ate dinner which it loaded and was able to finish my dinner and do dished and still nothing.

    This program was the best in the world for iphones at one time to stream video in divx and did it in seconds.

    Then you upgraded the program and it ruined everything – it is now one of the worst in the world to stream only because it cannot.

    U sit threre and wait and wait at buffer level 99% and it just will not move forward.

  313. Steve Says:

    i have tried again everyday and tried every single setting possible. Removing it and re adding it. Everything possible known to man kind and yet it does not work.

    It is buffering to 99.62% and then just stalls for hours. Its like right at the very end of the file it will not go that extra step and buffer the rest.

    I have it on 0 cache, 2 cache, 5 10 tried every setting with demuxer on off, ffmeg on off, every other setting.

    Every single variation and it does the same thing all the time.

    It buffers right to the end over 99% and then stops and does nothing.

    I cannot believe it works for you and for me not! its impossible unless there are known program that block it.

    i have a basic iphone with full memory no installed apps hardly.

    It almost feels like a cache issue of something to do with buffering.

    Can you please continue to find a solution.

    I will message here every single day to update.

  314. Tye Says:

    Just in case you are not aware, TV out with iPhone 4S is not watchable..

    It seems as if the video is only running at about 5 frames per second or less – the audio is fine though. I have experimented with a lot of settings, dual-core decoding on, tried ffmpeg, skip frame, aspect ratio, etc.. all with no success.

    Hope this issue can be solved soon. 🙂

    • olimsoft Says:

      thanks for your information, currently cable tv out’s performance is not ok, apple also suggest to sue airplay, but mirroring feature only supports ipad 2 now.

  315. Steve Says:

    well it worked before and it stopped working on the os upgrade which leads me to believe it has to do with the upgrade and it not being compatible with the new os.

    Th best way is to try it only several i phones – if you can test it on 10 iphones and not just your own.

    Environment. Not sure what you mean – but have tried it at various locations, from home, internet cafe, other wifi hotspots.

    No where i have been in Canada does it work. So is Canada a bad environment?

    See how crazy that sounds? it is not the environment 100% sure on that. Its the program that is incompatible with the OV player.

    If you can tell me every single setting you have while watching the video i can try and copy.

    I mean every single setting from top to bottom I will try it and update.

    Note: When i had this problem before you guys did do special upgrade and it worked again.

    I suggest looking back at what you did then and try and do it again.

    i will continue to update if i have anything different happen every single day until it works.


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  317. ozchilli Says:

    i couldn’t get tv out to work at all on my iphone 4 running ios5, i turned tv out on in the setting but nothing happen, the file is running but my tv is not receiving any signals. my phone is not jailed break and i am using genuine component cable.

    • olimsoft Says:

      have you turn to the right channel?

      • ozchilli Says:

        i managed to get it to work now by turn wide screen option on and off in tvout setting of the iphone.

        now that tvout is working, can get the movie/clip (rmvb/mkv/avi/mpeg) to play smoothly, if i double click the phone home button, the audio play smoothly but the picture stayed still not moving. have i got the wrong settings? i tried to turn on skip loop filter and skip frame but still no improvement. Please help.
        hm… i thought i could use my phone to play rmvb movie on my tv without having to buy a media player….

      • ozchilli Says:

        any one else have this problem?

      • olimsoft Says:

        Currently version, tv out performance is not as good as played in the iPhone. as apple has removed the public screen shot api, we will enhance it in the future update.

  318. Steve Says:

    still not working…

    it buffers until 96.88 % and then stalls and does nothing.

    How does one person get their money back for a product that does not work such as oplayer?

    Been at this 400 hours now more or less and it stil does not work and is not able to stream divx like it says it can?

    Please continue to help if you can – i will here everyday and continue posting as many times as i can.

    Again it stalls at 98.66 percent and then will do nothing.

    Something is serious wrong with your program.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Steve, we want to fix your problem too, but you know this depends on the network environment, so no one can make sure works in all the cases, hope you can understand that.

  319. Steve Says:

    What do you mean Network Environment? It worked when i first bought it for 4-5 months with perfection. As Soon as you did upgrades or there were upgrades to the iphone – your product stopped working. There was no change in environment.

    I can be anywhere in the world and this will be an issue – I have tried it in over 50 locations – you trying to tell me its environment?

    The issue 100% is your program – it was not upgraded correctly with the iphone upgrades, or something from the new os is making it not work.

    Why is it everytime iphone upgrades it stops working?

    Using the enviroonment issue is giving up washing the hands clean.

    I will continue to post updates and try it daily for months to come.

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  321. Emily Says:

    i installed the oplayer lite and it says that i would be able to watch mkv. files and that is true but the audio is faster than than video.
    so what do i do?

  322. Andy Evans Says:

    Any clue how to set this up to work with the new goflex satellite. I keep reading that it will allow me to stream but I can’t see what settings to use or what to put as a URL

  323. business directory Says:

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  326. Marvin Says:

    Hi. I’m using an Ipad 2 with my OPlayer Lite and I just suddenly noticed that whenever I play some of the files, it just goes back to the “My Documents’ It’s pretty random actually. Sometimes it work, but most of the time it doesn’t. Pretty much a hassle especially for 3yrd old kid watching her cartoons.
    I’ve already closed the other running task on the background as well as reboot the iPad but, same issue occurs.

    Please help! It’s driving me nuts!

    thanks a lot!

  327. Uli Says:

    since I have installed he Spire hack from chpwn on my iPhone 4 running IOS 5.0.1., OPlayer does no longer start. It is closing with welcome screen after a couple of seconds. All other apps are wrking fine with no problems. Are you planning an update to solve this problem?

  328. Olly Says:

    I have an iPhone 4s. I started using your app on a jailbroken phone and as with any app that has impressive functionality, I purchased.
    I have downloaded a 4Gb M2TS file to my iPhone and the player seems to be able to decode it but stops after about 30 seconds. Any ideas? Does this just need to be converted before transfer. Thanks in advance for your response. Great app. Well worth the $$

    • olimsoft Says:

      you needn’t convert it before transfer, maybe this is a special file issue, have you tried other files the same result? if only this file have issue, is it possible to let us access the file to test it here? by the way you can try to click file detail page to toggle skip frame/loopfilter/dual core to have a try.

  329. фк Says:


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  332. Joseph koh Says:

    using Ipad one to view 450 and 720p video, transferred from itunes.
    it came out that the video doesnt match with the sound. In the case of 450p video, the video speed seems to move 2x as fast compare to normal.
    What can be done to resolve this problem?

  333. COMICS Says:

    How do I create a playlist in Oplayer ?

    and how should I do if I want Oplayer to repeat my video without clicking play again ?

    Thank you

  334. COMICS Says:

    For the next version, I would like it to have repeat off/on function. Can it be possible?

  335. world of tanks hack 2011 Says:

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    […]OPlayer Help « jonathan young's Blog[…]…

  336. MrBobi14 Says:

    Hi Everybody,

    I need some help immediately. I’ve got a problem with the Oplayer on my iPad. I have the avi film and the srt subtitle on the iPad but the subtitle does not appear when I’m playing the film. I don’t understand why it happens because on my iPhone everything is OK. I hope somebody could help me.

    Thanks, MrBobi14

  337. Jey Says:

    I can’t create folders/subfolders in order to organise my flac audio files in my phone. Under file tab > my documents, there is no add/edit button at all???

    Secondly, once I select a flac file to play, it won’t proceed to the next song. (selected “repeat none”)

    Need your help thanks.

  338. ozchilli Says:

    Hi, I have rmvb movie with 2 audio channels, say left channel is Mandarin and right channel is Cantonese, may I know how could I choose between different audio channels during playback ?

    • olimsoft Says:

      in the playing window, with audio channel selection button.

      • Ozchilli Says:

        But that button was grey during playback so I cannot access channel selection. Same file play with wmp, I have to go to sound properties to adjust the balance to get either mandarin or canto though

  339. Kaabu Says:

    Hello, i was wondering how would ti be possible to use tv out with apples hdmi adapter and oplayer hd on ipad 2. When i try to tv out the screen on tv is only in the middle and it is small, but when i see the movie in ipaad it is full screen. Also when i use playback in tv from external hdd the pic. has normal size. Is it possible to fix it and show tv out with full screen?

  340. Hapi Says:

    Thank you so much for this app! Best streaming app I could find. I have had loading problems where the app would crash at 98% or so buffered, but that was when using FTP. I switched to a SAMBA share and haven’t had an issue yet. I’m looking forward to an update for the TV OUT function for the iPhone4S. Same issue as everyone else, normal audio & delayed video. Keep up the awesome work!!!

  341. Allen Says:

    Hello I have a problem with my subtitles, I have everything working along with the subtitles, but the problem is that the subtitles are black and when i try to change the color in settings it doesn’t change. I was wondering is there anyway to fix this. The file is also seperate i mean theres an avi and .sub file

    • allen Says:

      Also ive tried different kinds of .sub files and still no luck theyre still unreadble with the collor

      • olimsoft Says:

        the sub file has encoded to black, so you can find the srt file of your movie in the internet, then you can change the color of the subtitle

  342. Norman Parke Says:

    Hi, I have just installed Oplayer and have it working with iPad, but I want to upload the movies to Seagate GoFlex Satellite and can’t find out how to change the path ????, can you help please ?,

  343. nimish Says:

    I have been very pleased with oplayer and oplayer HD (free versions) to access music (mp3 and wma) on samba shares at home. However, oplayer seems to lack the functionality of adding samba share files to playlist. Is there a plan to add this on? If that is available, I would gladly purchase the full apps. Thanks.

  344. andrew8989 Says:

    what’s oplayer’s movie directory in the filesystem? i have iexplorer, a file directory browser, i hope to use it to do a Wired (USB) transfer of HD movies from my computer to an ipad. Wireless is just too slow considering the ipad1 just support Wireless N to 65mbps… but there are so many directories n folders in the system, i’m having a hard time locating where the vids are saved by oplayer…

    • olimsoft Says:

      I don’t have jail broken iPad, but it is directly under the app’s document folder or app’s cache folder depends on the backup settings in the settings page

  345. Jeff Young Says:


    I am on a full version 2.0.01

    I’m using the download option within the browser to pull files down from the internet. I have recently setup a home based web server ( IIS7). I was planning to use the same functionality to download files from home.

    The problem is that I don’t see a ‘download’ option when I select the link. Only open and copy.

    These links are NOT normal links to files but call a cgi script with options


    I can only think this is linked to the problem.

    works fine with IE 6/8/9, Chrome.

    Also works with other download apps ie. downloads by Hian Zin Jong. ( not my favorite ! )

  346. Pete Says:

    Oplayer files do not display in itunes “file sharing”. I own iphone4s and notice the problem since ios5.0 until 5.1.1. I always update my itunes to latest version running on Win7 pro.

    I normally put video files to oplayer directory via itunes “file sharing” feature, and all files are fully transferred to iphone device. Problem is when I reconnect iphone to itunes again, there’s no file list shown under the “Oplyer documents” in the “file sharing” section of itunes.

    I always update all software to the latest version now I have ios5.1.1 oplayer 2.0.02 and itunes

  347. Jim Butler Says:

    Support for skydrive?

  348. Claire Smith Says:

    I would like to use the random (shuffle) feature for playing my videos but am not able to figure how to select multiple files. I am able to select only one which then starts playing immediately.
    Help appreciated.

  349. Claire Smith Says:

    Thanks for your help and the very prompt reply! I missed the play button – it is very light could not make it out.
    And yes, what is the small lock icon above the volume button, extreme left?

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  351. gelosi Says:

    Hello! Oplayer is great app, but it crashes on each every movie I’m trying to watch. And this makes a problem 🙂
    Can you fix that?

  352. Bob Huntsman Says:

    Whenever I make a WMV fiel with Windows7 Movie Maker, the video and sound are out of sync when played through the Oplayer on my IPHONE4. Happens every time,.very repeatable. Files are in sync when played on my PC

  353. Garry Says:

    Thanks to Oplayer HD for iPad. It plays .wtv files recorded with Windows 7 Media Center. That’s great. But it doesn’t load the closed caption in .wtv file. The CC icon would light up and I can touch it to select the supposed closed caption. But the text would not show. Please fix. Thanks.

  354. gelosi Says:

    Okay, I’ve tried to go to forum, but it requires another login… So, this video crashes OPlayer https://www.dropbox.com/s/mtebv2zv3e2xl81/Breaking.Bad.S05E06.rus.LostFilm.TV.avi

  355. James Says:


    is it possible to download a folder from dropbox to oplayer instead of downloading individually each file?


  356. Gary Says:

    Hi, I just bought this app recently and very like it the fact that it plays all the format. I got a AV cable from Apple this week and there is an issue using TV Out on my ipad (3rd gen) with iOS 6 (not jailbroken). I am using OPlayer 2.0.04. The audio is not sync (about 1~2 minutes behind) with video regardless of the format of the video. I took one of the MP4 video (about 20oMB) that isn’t playing correctly on OPlayer and put it in Videos app came with iOS, It has no issue and is playing fine. Please look into it. Thanks.

  357. John Says:

    Thanks this was perfect description, could make it work!!!!

  358. zmarszczki Says:

    Hi there, I would like to subscribe for this blog to take hottest updates, therefore where can i do it please help.

  359. Dave L Says:

    Missing something???
    Am I missing something… How do I save the video I’m watching in the browser mode? Or can’t I?

  360. Dave L Says:

    So we cant download out of the web page like i can with downloadhelper in Mozilla Firefox.
    That explains it. I’ll try transferring from my pc when I get home.

  361. Darcet Says:

    Hello, I download OPlayer for Ipad few days ago but I can’t manage to get some movies from my Mac Book pro with wifi or http://ftp…can you help me ?

  362. gavin_t90 Says:

    i downloaded oplayer for the new ipad but there is no sound, the picture is fine but the sound doesnt work! i have not got it on mute and i have tried restarting it! Any advice?

  363. Imrisko Says:

    Hello…..i want to ask why is the URL stream not going continually but always after few seconds is it streaming the video despite of that im having Iphone connected to WIFI with plenty of internet speed…thx

  364. NickJ Says:

    Hi, i downloaded Oplayer.
    When i want to play a movie form my NAS on my iPhone, (avi file) Oplayer will crashesautomatically. Also there are movies without the sound?

  365. CY Says:

    Hi the video plays perfectly but at times there is no sound? And it happens randomly, it might sometimes happen to AVI files, sometimes to mkv files…? Can I know whether there is a way to solve this problem?

  366. climberboymatt Says:

    I’m trying to watch videos through oplayer HD Lite on my iPad 2 from the Seagate GoFlex Satellite but am getting no luck when typing in any URL into the “open URL” box. I just get a blank screen with grey box at the top and a “thinking” icon.
    I can access the mp4 videos from the seagatemedia app but would want to watch the other formats on oplayer or other third party player. I have tried oplayer on my iPhone too but it also doesn’t connect to the GoFlex Satellite. I’ll be posting this on the Seagate help forum too but am i missing something obvious? I’ve followed the various YouTube instruction videos but to no avail.

  367. Make Nason Says:

    Is there anyway to display thumbnails on the videos when I se the list of videos in the My Documents section? I am using Oplayer HD

  368. Make Nason Says:

    I think I did a Google search for ‘Oplayer HD thumbnails’. Didnt know I was on the old forum until i got an e-mail pointing me to the New forum.

  369. Plamen Says:

    Hallo! Can I copy files from iPad to PC using OPlayer

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  376. Mehdi Says:

    Hi everybody
    I have really big problem with my oplayer
    I make a folder in my oplayer document and copy 1 GB avi or mp4 clips in this folder but now when I want delete it I did not remove or delete from my list. I delete it in iTunes or in my ipad directly but again when I open Oplayer app I see that folder again.
    Please help me to solve this problem

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  378. Review: OPlayer The Best Video & Music Media Player For iOS Says:

    […] When first opening the app, you’re pleasantly greeted with a well organized and clean look interface. On your left side you’ll have a docking bar that has several features like playlists, downloads, and even a web browser. The dock always stays to the side when you’re not playing any media, making it extremely quick and easy to navigate around the app no matter what you’re doing in it. The File browser is the main option that lists all of your media. This is where OPlayer really strives to impress, you’ll have your local folder, which is all the media saved directly to the device, your iPod Library, a remote URL section that lets you connect to any website that hosts supported media, and what’s most impressive is that you can even connect directly to a computer on your network using FTP/Samba server. If you’re not sure how to setup a Samba/FTP server, Olimsoft is gracious enough to have a guide on their website, which you can access here. […]

  379. Toratatsu Says:

    I have an iPad. When I try to play certain files on my OPlayer, I get this message:


    This is not true because I can play the same file in VLC for iPad. I love OPlayer because it’s so versatile. How can I solve this problem?

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  392. ndog37 Says:

    I have 2 flac files in a playlist. They are both 30 minutes long. However after the iPhone screen goes black it only ever plays the first song. Can you fix this so I can continue to listen to all the songs in my playlist and not just the first 30 min file?

  393. Elena Says:

    Wonderful website. Lots of useful information here. I’m sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious.
    And obviously, thanks for your effort!

  394. Cisco Says:

    When downloading a video my Oplayer HD now only has one option, “play the file”. Before it use to give me two options, “download file” and “play the file”. Where did the “download file” option go? Help.

  395. empower network price of gold Says:

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    • Toratatsu Says:

      My oplayer does not seem to play movies with dual audio. When I play a file, both languages play at the same time. What do I do to solve this problem? I use an iPad

      Thanks, by the way, for a great app!

      • olimsoft Says:

        in the playing window, audio like button, turn off left channel or right channel as you wish.

        On Fri, Oct 24, 2014 at 12:54 PM, jonathan young's Blog wrote:


  396. dennychen518 Says:

    Here is a video guide for you,hope it’s helpful.

    How to Transfer Movies/ Videos from iPad to Computer

  397. Mike Robinson Says:

    Please could you give me simple instructions on how to download an audio file from the Internet directly onto my iPhone 6 using the WiFi transfer option.
    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as you have a spare moment.

  398. R Arora Says:

    How to transfer or copy or move or download video files from my video library in the iphone into this app, without using any other computer’s help. I am having Ipone 6 with ios8 and Oplayer version 2.1.01

  399. Bolubulu Says:

    Hi how to download srt file? When i click download, the subtitle loads as text in the browser (in my case I download from box). I need it to watch with the movie. Please help.

  400. Bolubulu Says:

    I have 2 more questions:
    – how can i rename files in OPlayer document without connecting to a PC?
    – last week i paid for remove ads in my OPlayer HD Lite so i can get files from dropbox as written in the note BUT until now the feature doesn’t show up and i still have the same note when i pressed dropbox menu “Note: Dropbox is not supported in OPlayer Lite, You can buy OPlayer full version or remove ads for supporting Dropbox” please help! The cost to remove ad is just like buying full version.

    • olimsoft Says:

      support download srt with in browser, in the my document, click edit, then you can select file to do rename, yes, suggest to buy full version instead of upgrade from lite.

      On Thu, Feb 26, 2015 at 9:37 PM, jonathan young's Blog wrote:


  401. Bolubulu Says:

    The problem is that i did purchase from lite version and you ask me to buy full version instead. Very disappointed with this app. Why dont u just remove that feature from Lite version. Its like u try to trick the users.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Nope, they are the same, only the name shows one is Lite and another is full, if you already bought from the Lite, no need to buy full version.

      On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 10:39 PM, jonathan young's Blog wrote:


  402. Mob Says:


    I’ve got one question:
    In earlier versions of Oplayer there was a dialogue-option for PLAY or DOWNLOAD files from a URL-Page.
    Today I saw, that the DOWNLOAD-option has disappeared.
    How can I bypass this? Is there a piece of code I could add to the URL, so that Oplayer downloads the file instead of playing it?

    With greetings from the french mountains


    • Mob Says:

      In fact, to add a detail:
      I use a Huawei-Mifi with a SD-Card installed.
      When Oplayer opens the SD-Card file list and I click on one item, it only gives me the option to play the file ( which is buggy ) .
      Before I could choose to download the file and store it locally on Oplayer for better viewing it.
      Could I add something to the URL of the file, in order to download it to Oplayer?

      Thanks for an advice

      With greetings from the french mountains


    • olimsoft Says:

      open it from build-in web browser.

      On Sun, Mar 22, 2015 at 6:39 PM, jonathan young's Blog wrote:


      • Mob Says:

        Thanks for your quick answer !
        I did open it in the build-in web browser.
        It is there, where in earlier versions I found the two options ( Play & Download ).
        But now only the Play-option appears, when I click on a larger file.
        What do I do wrong?

        With greetings from the shady, french mountains

      • olimsoft Says:

        use it in the open url?

        On Sun, Mar 22, 2015 at 10:39 PM, jonathan young's Blog wrote:


      • olimsoft Says:

        make sure you have updated to the latest version

      • Mob Amo Says:

        I’m on the latest update.
        When I type the url of the film I want to download from the sd card off three Huawei Mifi into the Url field of Oplayer, three player plays the film instead of downloading it.
        What kind of snippet could I add to make O player download the film instead of streaming it?

        With greetings from the french mountains

      • olimsoft Says:

        make sure your iPad can connect to the internet before doing download,for local wifi download, just connect to the internet once.

        On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 2:11 PM, jonathan young's Blog wrote:


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    After tried, it really works well.

    Hope it also helps for you.

    It has both Mac and Windows version

  404. ezfrag1 Says:

    Hi. Love the app. Used it for a while. Have a new problem that has come up. On my Ipad, the app seems to have portrait and landscape backwards. How can I fix this?

  405. megimp Says:

    Hi my iPod library shows up in the iPad OplayerHDLite app but the files also are located in the iOS default videos app. Is the iPod library duplicated in OplayerHDLite
    App or do the files automatically appear even if not directly transferred from the computer. I’m trying to save space on an almost full iPad

  406. megimp Says:

    Jonathan if you want to be reached how can I do so?

  407. megimp Says:

    If the iPod library and Apple supported codecs files can be removed without affecting the Videos app where they are also parked how may I do that?

  408. Keshav A. Says:

    I am new to iOS and I bought the full version of OPlayer for my iPod Touch 6th Gen. I have few issues though:

    1. OPlayer does not play any wma files, it actually quits the application.

    2. The player screen when playing a .ogg file is different (more options) while playing a .mp3 player launches a limited player interface form which I cannot go back to the file list without stopping song playback (this does not happen when the .ogg file is launched). How to fix this?

    Thank you.

  409. Rafael Says:

    Great product, over the years it has been a true lifesaver on iOS!
    One question: On iPad 1 (iOS 5.1.1) with OPlayer HD (2.0.04) I have performance issues with 1280×720 resolution (H.264, AAC) – the video lags while the audio runs normally. What would be your recommended video resolution and codec in order to run movies smoothly with my specs? Thanks for your help here!

  410. Peter Ramsbottom Says:

    I have oplayer on my iphone and have just bought an ipad pro. unfortunately on the ipad pro the picture is very small. is there a setting I can change to help give me full screen viewing?

  411. Solal Says:

    1. since the new version oplayer crashes when i want to download file from my dropbox

    2. when i enter in the browser the address of a video file, it doesn’t propose to me to download it (as it did in the previous version)

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  416. Kiko Says:

    Hello there! Can somebody tell me how to use “picture in picture”. I enable it in “settings” but when I play some video /mp4 file format/ can’t see the button to put video in down-right corner. Thank you in advance! PP: My device is iPad air.

  417. Vinicio Says:

    Hi, i bought the product with the picture viewer. When looking at pictures, i have a camera icon, when pressed it says ‘saved tp photo’. What is that? Where is the photo saved? Buffer or is copied somewhere in particular?

  418. Vinicio Says:

    It doesnt work for me; any tips?
    Ipad air2, button works but nothing shows on Photos app

    • olimsoft Says:

      in the settings app of your iPad, does oplayer app has permission to access photos app?

      On Sat, Jul 23, 2016 at 8:26 AM, jonathan young's Blog wrote:


      • Vinicio Says:

        It did not had permission, sorry about that; i should had check it 😏
        Thanks for the help!

  419. Desertrose99 Says:

    Why the hell SMB with WINDOWS 8 doesn’t work anymore??? I spent so many days to find out the answer until now, and …. No answers yet!!!
    Pleaaaase help!!!!
    Oplayer is the best App of my life!!!!
    Please, what happened with this WIN 8 and SMB???
    Many thanks for response.

  420. Will Woodberry Says:

    I downloaded player onto my iPhone 7 plus. I have numerous emails with attached .wav voicemail messages. I need to open them directly from my iPhone but can’t figure out how to get them to open through the player. Any and all help would be greatly appreciate

  421. -Grace- Says:

    Hi, I have been able to use Oplayer to stream my .mp4 files with .srt of same names from my NAS. Was able to play the video and audio together with subtitle, but recently for the same files, the subtitle just do not appear even if I manually select the .srt and encoding from CC button in the OPlayer interface (I see it is by default disabled under subtitle track). The only change happens recently is upgrade to iOS 10.3.1, but I’m not sure if that is related. Appreciate your advice please.

  422. -Grace- Says:

    Hi, I found the difference. It is working now after I rename the files to be all in english. Previously the filenames contain some Korean characters. But why so if I may understand more? It was fine even there were Korean characters in the filename in the past.

  423. Norman Says:


    I have Oplayer Lite on my iPhone 7 and clicked to remove ads, but I did not realise that it downloaded the full Oplayer version (instead of an in app upgrade)

    Now i have my video files on the Oplayer Lite but not on the Oplayer.

    I am travelling currently and won’t have access to my PC for the next week. I could borrow my friend’s laptop (has iTunes). I tried the WiFi Transfer option but the browser is unable to reach the iPhone (possibly the hotel WiFi)

    Is there a way to transfer the files from Oplayer Lite to Oplayer over iTunes?

    Or is there any other way for me to do so?

  424. Ayowin Says:

    I’m locked out; forgotten password 😩
    Finally found a brilliant player that doesn’t judge me for being an iphone 4 user… Spiteful ex locked it!! 😫
    Is there a fix (oh pls oh pls oh pls) or am I going to have to slash his tyr…. errrrrr, I mean, send him a a strongly worded email! 😬

  425. Hassan Minot Says:

    Hey great blog you own here. It seems you have a lot subscribers

  426. Jack Says:

    OPlayerLite doesn’t seem to allow PIP when I want to, say, browse the internet while watching a movie.

    • olimsoft Says:

      pip only works the flash icon is green in the playing window(mp4 file), limited by IOS

      On Sun, Mar 3, 2019 at 10:42 PM jonathan young's Blog wrote:


  427. Rumen Says:

    Hi, in iPad Pro I cannot delete files from the iPod Library/Movies or I do something wrong? Do you have any suggestion?

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