OPlayer Suggestions

Any suggestions about OPlayer is appreciated.


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  1. Andrei Says:

    Hello, I bought the program as it came out.

    Regarding audio playback – there are some bugs:

    When I play any audio file (mp3/flac) – the spinning icon keeps spinning on the black screen, and never finishes till the end of the song.

    Regarding flac files – I cannot move the slider bar, to advance the song. This doesn’t work in any case – both if the song is paused or playing. If i move the slider – it comes back to the same place and then eventually playback hangs.

    Regrding mp3 files – the above problem with the slider happens only when the playback is paused (if it is paused, i cannot advance), but it wokrs here while the song is playing.


  2. Pawel Says:

    I’ve bought oplayer and Im really not satisfied with it, video is not smooth it lags a lot, can’t watch it proper – maybe some kind of frame drop should be applied – dunno, quicktime handles videos perfectly, I think You should not only work on this player performance but also after that give ppl like me free upgrade to better performance version.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Apple does not allow access to the hardware acceleration in their SDK, so I have used sw solution to decode video, so the performance will be worse than QT.

      Maybe with enough pressure from developers they will open it in the future.

      Whether your are using iphone 3gs, if the resolution less than 640*480, it should play smoothly.

      • jonathan Says:

        Hi billy:

        there should be no file size limit.
        May be some network issues happened. every time you download a file bigger than 8M, it will fail?

      • jonathan Says:

        Hi billy:
        there should be no file size limit, do you fail each time you download a file bigger than 8M?

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi billy:
        there should be no file size limit, do you got fail each time you download a file larger than 8M?

  3. Adam Says:

    It would be great to integrate a DNLA client into this app. You could then play all the content on your media server(I use PlaystationMediaServer) without needing to convert every video for itunes.

  4. Adam Says:

    I forgot to ask… what are the max video size limits for this app? I assume you couldn’t play a 720p video and expect it to be able to downscale it to iphone 3gs screen size… or can it?

  5. Jeff Says:

    Help for an FTP noob would be appreciated. I downloaded your player and followed your instructions on setting up the Filezilla server but now have no idea how to connect to it. What do I fill out in the “Host” and “Port” lines of the FTP Client section on the player to connect to the server I set up?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Fill the IP Address of your FTP server, default FTP port will be 21 if you didn’t change it.

      • Ricardo Says:

        I had the same problem until I realized the explanation was in the Mac part of the tutorial. I setted it up right (ip address in the home network of the computer acting as server and port 21), but I’m having the response “failed to connect to server”. I also configured the firewall, and I don’t know what might be happening. Do you have any ideas? I’m using filezilla and Windows XP.


      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi Ricardo:
        Can you help to capture the logs of the filezilla for reference.

        in the same time, you can switch off the passive mode in settings page, and have another retry.

  6. Ricardo Says:

    I tried that and it didn’t work.

    I’m not site what you mean by “capture the logs”. You mean send you the printscreens? To what address?

  7. Stephen Says:

    Using 3gs and a Mkv with filesize of 500 mb plays really slow and it will be good to have a delete button and move. Files on other folders

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi stephen:

      what’s the resolution of your movie file? better if you have a bitrate information.

      You can swipe the row t to delete the file/directory in Local Page.
      Maybe I will add move functions in the next release :).

  8. Ahmad Says:

    I have set up and installed the filezilla software on my windows 7 pc, so what details do i enter please for the ftp client on the iphone :

    Thank you

    • olimsoft Says:

      Dear Ahmad:

      Host is the IP address of your windows PC.
      Port by default is 21.

      Username and Pass is the Account/Pass you have just configured in your FTP server setup.

      • Nick Says:

        I’m sorry if this is annoying but a really simple step guide for the latest version of filezilla would help alot as I can’t figure out how to get it to work also windows 7 if it makes any difference

      • olimsoft Says:

        Thanks for using OPlayer! But I’m going to say sorry, because I haven’t got a pc installed with windows7, so I think you should google “filezilla windows7” for answers.

        发自我的 iPod

  9. Alex Says:

    Please help!!! I recieve this error message whenever I try to download certain filets: “Failed to download file.” One other thing: video playback is sometimes out of sync with the audio. Pease fix this in the next update! Otherwise, great app.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi alex:
      Make sure you have read access right to these files.

      I will try to enhance it in the next release. thanks.

  10. satria Says:

    can i put the file direct to the folder?
    what folder is it?

    • satria Says:

      i found the folder….but the player is so slow play avi file…sound and video don’t match…

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi satria:
        if you are using 3gs, you can play vga(640*480) avi files.
        I haven’t got time to test it on the 3g.
        I am also trying to improve the performance.

  11. BabaNovac Says:

    what’s the path of the folder where the downloads are saved

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi BabaNovac:
      Default path is “/”
      You can create your own directories in Local Page, and set your download path in Settings Page.

  12. Aeratos Says:

    Hey I waiting long time your player can play onvp6 flv codec but is slow make it better plz ..if you do that you are the one really

  13. Aeratos Says:

    Most people waiting for this codec to run smooth and YouTube up going for HTML 5 mean onvp6 flv you can do that waiting for next update thx

  14. Aeratos Says:

    Thx bro ipay money for that beacuse I see n1codec but only wants this codec and million people I waiting nice job really

  15. Mel Says:

    The application closes when I select a file to download and disconnects from the FTP server.

    In the app I select a file I would like to download and then click on “download” when prompted, the application then closes without downloading the file. Can you please help? I am running the app on iPod Touch.

  16. Mel Says:

    sorry, user error! I didn’t have enough allowed user connections setup.

  17. Anson Says:

    I just buy the oplayer, is there any user manual to read?
    I am using winxp build-in FTP server, when I use FTP client connect to my desktop, I can’t do that and it said fail to connect, what can I do?

  18. Claudio Feoli Says:

    I’ve bought it and it didn’t work properly. I open my emails and it didn’t browse! I would like to get reimburstment. Thank you in advance.

  19. Sam Says:

    Thank you

  20. Aeratos Says:

    Hey again Jo what’s day you planning too release new version with improve onvp6… And need to buy app again? But if you make it improve I buy it again really want it thx.

    • jonathan Says:

      Hi Aerators:

      I have already released a new version, waiting for approve now.
      You needn’t to buy the upgraded version.

  21. Mubarak Says:

    I bought the application and followed allinstructions to set up FTP. FTP is ok, but can’t connect to FTP. You should include in the help full detail step by step until the media is played on the iPhone. Your instruction is how to setup FTP only. Now I don’t know how to use the player. I bought so many applications from AppStore. All they have full guidance, and work well.
    I tried FTP address one time with ftp:// another time without. Also I tried the port displyed when I set up the FTP 14147 another time I tried 21 but all failed.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Mubarak: Thanks for your suggestion, I will add more detail helps in v1.02. the version v1.01 is in reviewing.

      As you said your FTP port 14147 that means you are using filezilla in windows? There is no need to fill “ftp://” prefix in Host Name, and the default FTP port should be 21. (You can refer to “How to setup FTP server on MAC os” last step)

      • Mubarak Says:

        Thanks for your reply. I entered the server IP and prt 21 – user and password, but got same resault ( failed to connect to FTP server.
        I used this IP to open FTP on my PC and it works. It opened the folder I assigned during FTP setup. I don’t know why not connecting from the application. This is application bug for sure.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi Mubarak:

        I think you have mis-understanded the IP address, to your PC, is its loopback IP. You can follow steps below to get your PC’s IP address 1)win+r, input cmd and then enter 2)input ipconfig and then enter You can get the IP address of your PC. and fill it in OPlayer.

      • Mubarak Says:

        Thanks a lot it is working now. There are so many users like me need full detailed step by step.
        How can I put all videos in one directory and all music in another directory?

      • Mubarak Says:

        I hope the new update includes play lists, and can play media files direct from email attachments.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi Mubarak:

        I’m busying at enhance the performance now. And also thanks for your suggestion :0)

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi Mubarak: You can new directory in Local Page. and then set it as download directory in Settings Page.

  22. tpsstar Says:

    OMG such a great player, it supported every format mpeg2, mpeg1, divx and wmv Awesome. But not playing smoothly. Why dont you go for Cydia instead of app store to offer more.

  23. Ivan Says:


    A great player but i miss support for subtitles. Also it would be great to have a way to download movies via the usb instead of ftp to spead up the download.

    Best Regards,

  24. Quenois Says:

    Hi, thanks for your app. I bought it and find it very useful. I have a problem with streaming from URLs. An error message “Failed to load etcetc” always appears, even when I type common URLs like YouTube to test it out. Could you help me solve the problem? Thanks a bunch.

  25. billy Says:

    Got everything working, But one problem,

    I cant transfer files bigger than 8mb, its stops and says something like it cant do it.

    File size i am trying transfer is 800mb

  26. Aeratos Says:

    Man can’t buy just tell me I don’t wanna waste my money onvp6 flv faster now?

  27. Aeratos Says:

    螡慰 I mean vp6 codec is fast now you fix it?

  28. Adam Says:

    I noticed that the iPad Iphone OS 3.2 beta has the ability for developers to create folders that can be seen as a mass storage device. That will be a great feature if the iPhone gets the same features and I suspect they will at some point.

  29. Abdull Says:

    I don’t now how I use it help me please

    • olimsoft Says:

      hi Abdull:

      OPlayer has a FTP Client, you can download video files from your PC directly(please refer to “how to setup FTP server in MAC/linux/Windows” in Help Page) Then play them in Local Page.

  30. Abdull Says:

    Could I use this program to play any movie I got in my email on iPhone

  31. Jlp Says:

    Hi! I love this app! It’s great!
    I just found a problem when streaming avi videos, i can’t hear any sound (but i tried with rmvb and worked perfect).

    • Polo Says:

      How did you transfered the rmvb files from your pc to your ipod? I bought the player yesteray and when I try to transfer the files itunes indicates that
      my ipod does not support this format even though I have the player

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi Polo:

        Because iTunes not support to sync avi/rmvb… media files to iPhone/iPod,so OPlayer uses FTP Client to get files from your PC to your iPod. You must setup a FTP server on your PC. You can get more details in Help Page.

  32. sakotas Says:

    Hello, im having a problem now, if im trying to connect to my mac it says “Failed to connect to ftp server”
    I have done everything by the manual, and also tryed turning off passive mode.
    Im using iphone 3g 3.1.2 not jailbroken, and mac with snow leopard

  33. milmal Says:

    I would buy Oplayer if it had support for dlna. Then I could watch avi from nas over lan without need for transcode. Is this possible?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi milmal:

      It not support dlna now.

      There are two methods to watch video. 1) download files to your iphone and watch it. 2) view video files through HTTP/RTSP protocol.

      • milmal Says:

        No, I know. That’s why I suggested it in the Oplayer Suggestions thread.

      • milmal Says:

        Is it doable? Will you consider it?

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hello milmal:

        Not in the current schedule. but i will consider it. all depends on custom’s demand. I am now trying to improve the performance.

        Thanks for your suggestions again.

      • Jeremy Says:

        I’ve been wondering the same thing, I bought the oplayer back a while ago, if the new update can turn oplayer into dlna compatible, that will be awesome!

  34. Aeratos Says:

    Bro flv onvp6 codec still slow I’m sad

    • Aeratos Says:

      flv Onvp6 is very importante most sides have this codec. But is a bit better than 1.0 hope next version comes normal frame. . But now still have spikes plz Make it run like YouTube videos really I give you 20euro needed this app is best right now

  35. pat Says:

    congratulations to this nice piece of sw ! playback is not perfect, downloading does sometimes not work, but for a 1.0 release very good ! I tried with flv, rm and wmv and was quite surprised. looking forward to the next improved version 馃檪

  36. Mubarak Says:

    Thanks for the update. I look forward to see more feature like playing email media attachments.

  37. Anson Says:

    There are bug in FTP client
    when click the icon 锛俢onnect”, it doesn’t show the content of FTP server, instead it close application program and back to iPhone home page

  38. Keltica Says:

    Hi, even if there are still a lot of bugs, the idea is great and it works (but it takes time to get the right configuration with filezilla).

    Maybe would be worth to add the following features:
    1. progress in transferring the file from PC to iphone
    2. feature to be able to move files between local directories
    3. add password in order to protect directories

    Hope we can get soon an update


  39. zeldaxxx Says:

    first thanks for your soft! Just inprove perfomance and it Will be perfect.

    For people witch ask for transfert from pc/mac to iPhone and have an jailbroken iPhone can send files by many soft (iphonebrowser, winscp…) the local folder is var/mobile/ and find the folder with oplayer in then go in /documents/download


    Ps: sorry for my english I’m french…

    • olimsoft Says:

      Ah, Never mind. My english is also very poor. I am chinese.

      The new released version have a better video/audio sync, and also subtitle, volume control supported. If you like it, please help to give it a review. many thanks.

    • Mubarak Says:

      For unjailbreak iPhone use DiskAid to transfer files by USB from pc to iPhone applications like Oplayer, DocsToGo, MobileStudio, FieApp, and may other applications.
      Best regards,

  40. faol Says:

    Hi, great app. Some suggestions:

    – add a way to monitor download progress
    – add ability to store details for multiple FTP servers and quickly select one
    – add ability to download folders instead of just individual files

    Again, thanks for the great app

  41. Ivan Turkijevic Says:


    When I try to download a avi-movie I constantly get the error “Failed to create the local file”. I have connection to my ftp-server since I can see all the files on my server.

    Why? What to do?

    Best regards,

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Seems there are bugs in this situation, back to your home screen and open oplayer and try again.

      发自我的 iPod

      • Ivan Turkijevic Says:


        I have of course tried both to go back to home and to restart the application, restart the filezilla server but I still get the same error “Failed to create the local file鈥. I also tried to reinstall the oplayer application but with same result.

        Best Regards,

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hello Have you changed the ” saving file to path ” in settings page? default should be “/”.

        发自我的 iPod

  42. Bandarah Says:

    Good app

    haw can i delet any files

  43. Bandarah Says:

    Good app
    haw cam delet any files

  44. mouzarm Says:

    i can`t get any connection help me

  45. kendol Says:


    I LOVE this app now. although this is not a jb app, it supports unencoded sources as they are. i have vlc4iphone, mplayer and yxflash. each one has its flaws that crashing, not many supports on media files. how ever, i put this the top, compared to the 3 ones because: 1. it supports every type of media file at least within mine that is not specified in the introduction. 2. it supports long named files as a neat line up in its explorer. 3. the most similar sync to the original sources, which not 100%, but im pretty satisfied with the speed of playing. 4. it also suvives in multitasking!! which i love! now i here say my suggestion. which is a supporting vertically showing. vlc has only this not full size but sometimes this function needs when u don want to rotate the iphone, and supporting external subtitles like .smi in unicode so i can see my language also^^

    thank u very much. im willing even to introduce this app to my blog nd forums. they will love too

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello kendol:

      Thanks for using my app and your suggestions .

      vertically showing and external subtitle is in my schedule now, but firstly, i will add a web server for others to download/upload files more easily.

      Thanks again:)

  46. Matthias Says:


    Excellent App! One thing I miss is the possibility to play the videos on the tv (with av-cable).

    This might be an exciting extra for future versions.

    Thanks for your work

  47. Khalid Says:

    Hi how can I use it on my 3gs I phone?
    I could not do the seting

  48. Chris Says:

    Is there any way of deleting files from the’/’ folder once they have been downloaded from the FTP site? I have a few half finished downloads that cut out halfway through that I’d like to get rid of but the app doesn’t seem to have the option…

  49. zeldaxxx Says:

    Hello, an other great option: a full screen mode. (by cutting a bit the movie and the right and the left to adapt it to the screen).
    And are you going to approme again the performance?


  50. Anson Says:

    After I update the last version for iPhone, there are bug in connection with FTP. When click the connect button, it jump back to home page of iPhone.

  51. qwerty Says:

    Excellent work! This is great software.
    The only things still needs to be addressed are:
    1. Audio sync to video. Audio gets out of sync in my avi’s.
    2. Subtitle support (preferably srt support).
    Thanks for an othervice perfect app!

  52. Ohn Says:

    It would be great if playback would work through the av-cable to a TV.

  53. RC Says:

    Program consistantly crashes when trying to download to subfolders.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Can you describe it in details. Do you mean using HTTP upload files or FTP Client to download files? Have you created your sub directorys firstly. Thanks.

  54. e-wasya Says:

    Hi. When do you plan to fix avi playback and sound/video synchronisation?

    • olimsoft Says:


      Not sync issue always caused by the video decode time too long.(this is an embed device, the cpu is not power as your pc) so technically, it is not a bug, but we are still trying to improve the performance. Thanks for using my app!

  55. thinh.ngan Says:

    I’m having a problem w/ this program. the sound and the image is not match w/ MP4 file. The big files (200mbl) run very slow. I want to check when the new version be updated?
    thank you very much!

    • olimsoft Says:

      Yes, the new version v1.05 can play the MP4 file well, please wait. it is in apple’s reviewing.

      • phery Says:

        I baught oplayer, “the best player” like it’s written in the descrition.
        I’m sorry to tell you that i’ve tried to read 3 videos (wmv format) and all of them are played slooooowly. What’s the matter ?
        I understand that bugs can exist, but it’s not a “bug” it’s just not working, and you sell it. And the bug was allready there in 2010.
        I am really desapointed, 3鈧 and it’s just not working.

      • olimsoft Says:

        that is always because the device cpu’s power is not enough to do video decoding.

  56. JB Says:

    I just downloaded and tried v 1.05 using a 3GS.
    I tried to watch a sample wmv video that is about 2 minutes long, 816 kbps, 320 x 240 . The audio is out of sync with the video. I know that you are working on this and that it is a performance issue, I just wanted to let you know the specs of what was not working and to see if there’s any settings I can use to improve the performance on my end. If this was fixed this app would have some serious potential.

  57. snx Says:

    It is possible to have oPlayer synchronized with iTunes but not the files imported by oPlayer ?


  58. TonyKor Says:

    I would like to suggest to add a function that allows the program to put on subtitles. Then it will allow people to watch a file with subtitle using subtitle file such as .smi

  59. Saba Says:

    Hello why http and rtsp streaming are not working?

  60. Abdulla Says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the software, I am hoping that you can upgrade your player to work on viewing the channels from Dreambox.
    Dreambox is a satellite receiver that works on a network by putting the ip address on a web browser, I dont know what kind of video format is needed to be able to view the channels on your player, i have tried a free software that worked for me but the picture kept cutting alot, I really hope that you can find a sulotion for this matter.

    Thanks in advance

  61. Erman Says:

    It should support subtitles

  62. Philippe Says:

    Hello, happy to find your software.
    I use it to listen to my music library in ogg format.

    May I suggest you some improvement ?

    -Play all files inside a folder consecutively until the last one.
    -Go to next file, go to the one before.
    -Build playlist, save it, manage them.
    -Download folder instead of individual files
    -When adding a new directory, make it by default the new “save to file path”.
    -Store the download files in the iphone to a folder in /var/mobile/Media/ or /var/mobile/Media/DCIM/,because software like iPhone Explorer or DiskAid use it to manage files or folders with usb. It would be a very pleasant way to manage the files and folders with my computer.

    Thank’s in advance
    best regards


  63. Mubarak Says:

    I downloaded Video music files with extention ( Vob ). It is playing, but sound will stop as soon as the file played. These files are Celine Dion music video.

  64. Les Says:

    I can not play .wmv files downloaded from Microsoft website, please help.

  65. zeldaxxx Says:

    Are you still working on oplayer to increase fluidity?
    Could you add smb protocole like in shareplayer it’s very usefull.


    • olimsoft Says:


      Thanks for your suggestion. I am still working on it and I will consider your suggestion.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  66. zeldaxxx Says:

    Are you still working on oplayer to increase fluidity?
    Could you add smb protocole like in shareplayer it’s very usefull.

    Thanks a lot

  67. Dave Says:

    Hi, I love your app. Works good so far. I only have one thing to ask. Can you make it so we can upload more then one file at a time or so we can que a number of files and just let it go. If someone posted this already sorry. I didn’t read all the comments

  68. Amles Says:

    Pleas add secret mode

  69. Helen Says:

    All movies played takes few minutes then always hang-up.please help us resolve this problem. We havent enjoyed the full viewing of videos.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Does the resolution of your movie meets the requirement in the description.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  70. Darren Says:

    Uploaded The lake.wmv video from my documents sample videos folder to my iPhone last night and oplayer played the audio first with a black screen then the video portion played.
    Settings don’t seem to make any differance.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello If your movie is not too large, can you share it to me. I can help to check it. Thanks.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  71. Dave Says:

    Hi, just downloaded oplayer, as apps go it rocks, very happy with it, one suggestion I would have would be for it to support tv out function when playing divx files,

    Thanks for a great app!

  72. Ken Says:

    Ooo, a version for Android would be sweet!
    I’d pay at least $10 for that.
    No hate on the iPhone, I’m just saying.

  73. Philippe Says:

    Hello, happy to find your software.
    I use it to listen to my music library in ogg format.

    May I suggest you some improvement ?

    -Play all files inside a folder consecutively until the last one.
    -Go to next file, go to the one before in the contro panel.
    -Build playlist, save it, manage them.
    -Download folder instead of individual files
    -When adding a new directory, make it by default the new “save to file path”.
    -Store the download files in the iphone to a folder in /var/mobile/Media/ or /var/mobile/Media/DCIM/,because software like iPhone Explorer or DiskAid use it to manage files or folders with usb. It would be a very pleasant way to manage the files and folders with my computer.

    Thank’s in advance
    best regards


  74. Soner Says:

    Does the iPhone OS 4 new SDK change anything related to hardware acceleration for this type of apps ?

  75. Jonathan Chen Says:

    Hi, jon. I bought your Oplayer software about a week ago. I follow exactly as your help files to setup the ftp server on my win vista pc but I dun understand why the iphone still cannot connect to the ftp server? I also dunno how to copy the video file from my pc to my iphone? Most of my videos is avi file and are either dvix or Xvid compress avi files. Can your Oplayer play them? Please help to solve my problem asap, thanks!!!

    Best Regards,
    Jonathan Chen

  76. Dd Says:

    If I am drag dropping videos with iPhone explorer which folder do I drop it to. Your help only covers FTP transfers

  77. Peter Lam Says:

    I just bought the player. I think this is what people need, a player to play back RMVB files. However once i upload the files and replay it in the Oplayer, there is no sound. It says “No volume available”. I am pretty sure there is audio play back when i play it on my mac. I tried a mp4 file and the same thing happen. Can you please help? Thanks

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Peter: Please check your mailbox.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

      • vinCs Says:

        I have test the app on my ipad using iphone version.It appears pretty good which play RMVB smoothly.Also sound and picture are synchronized.Sometimes it is not so clear but not a big problem for me. The only trouble is the display screen is too small.

        If you like ,I can test the beta oplayer HD for you ^_^Just sent it to me via email.


  78. vinCs Says:

    Could you make a oplayer version for iPad锛

    • olimsoft Says:

      We are making one, but we haven’t got Any chance to test it on iPAd, as you know, ipad only distributed in USA now:(

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

      • vinCs Says:

        Hi there. I have test the app on my ipad using iphone version.It appears pretty good which play RMVB smoothly.Also sound and picture are synchronized.Sometimes it is not so clear but not a big problem for me. The only trouble is the display screen is too small.

        If you like ,I can test the beta oplayer HD for you ^_^Just sent it to me via email.


      • olimsoft Says:

        Hello Vin:

        thanks for your kindly suggestions, we will release an iPad version OPlayer as soon as we get one:)

    • Jay Says:

      Pls pls come up with an iPad version. Also pls make sure it supports USB file transfers. Thanks!

  79. stanleypetersen Says:

    A very nice feature would be the ability to explore the iPhone’s folders.
    This will permit to use very usefull softwares like “Diskaid” or “iPhone explorer” to transfer the files.

  80. Pat Says:

    What’s going on ?????
    Just upgraded to last version and it says that it will only quicktime compatible vids on my iPod touch ! It does not play FLVs, WMAs etc anymore !!!!
    What’s wrong here ?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Pat :

      What about your iPhone/iPod’s generation? from this version, only iPhone 3gs and iPod 32g/64g can play non-native video formats.

      The reason is that the iPhone 3g is not powerful enough to decode videos, and almost can’t play the non-native video formats. so we just focus on the newest platform(iPhone 3gs and iPod 32g/64g), then it is easier for us to do performance improvement.

      Best Regards


  81. Mike Says:

    I am unable to play any formats with my iphone 3gs since I updated it to the latest release. It is indicated as follows:
    Only support QuickTime Plugin mode in your platform. Please ckeck and advise. Thank you in advance. Mike

  82. Simon Pierre Desrosiers Says:

    A few things to get files onto Oplayer :

    The network tab should also be a web browser to brose links. Lets say I put a bunch of videos accessible via http (ftp is not an option as this is to unsecure). It would be nice to be able to browse and select the link.

    ftp should to sftp.

    Also, A better control for rewind and fastfoward and jumping to time (the control giggles a lot) would be good.

    Could you update the ipad version even if you do not have it ? Do we need to buy it anew ? I will receive my ipad on the 28 and then take a plane on that night. I would like not to have to reload my movies.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello simon:

      We will do an iPad version OPlayer, but we haven’t got any chance to test it. and thanks for your suggestions.very nice.

  83. Zeldaxxx Says:

    a new thing is avalaible for Ipad to send video on TV

    SDK should be update to allow that? Could you add this fonction to your player?


  84. Rainbowgirl Says:

    I just purchased the player for my iPad. Tried to play an rmvb and avi file by tap on the file. However, none of them play. I do notice that there is no play controls on the ui. At the bottom of the screen, I only have bottoms for local, network, FTP, setting, and help. Anyone can tell me what’s wrong?

  85. Rainbowgirl Says:

    But your program description says that it is compatible with iPad. In this case, could you please refund my purchase then?


    • olimsoft Says:

      Sorry,we didn’t say it compatible with iPad. You can ask apple about it.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  86. Rainbowgirl Says:

    Here is what you claimed on the apple store under your program name Oplayer, an exact copy of what’s there:
    Updated:Apr 30,2010
    Current version:v1.07
    Seller: Jonathan Young @Olimsoft
    Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
    Requires iPhone OS3.0 or later

    Please go there and take a look at it yourself. I bought it just because you stated that it is compatible with iPad.

  87. Rainbowgirl Says:

    I contacted apple,still waiting for an answer. In the meantime, I tried to run the Oplayer in Compatible Mode. It sill does not do anything other than file transfer. The only thing it does in compatible mode is to stretch the screen size to full screen.

    • olimsoft Says:

      I am not sure, the other customs seems can run oplayer in compTible mode. I haven’t tested it by myself.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  88. Mike Says:

    Hi there,

    As already mentioned, I am not able to run any formats with my Iphone 3GS. It stated as follows:
    Only support QuickTime Plugin mode in your platform
    What’s going on? When can you fix that issue? I downloaded the new version (1.08) of OPlayer on 13.05.2010. It does not help at all. It shows the same content. ONLY SUPPORT QUICKTIME PLUGIN MODE IN YOUR PLATFORM. Please fix it soon.

    Thanks a lot.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello mike: This version has been submitted before you reported the problem.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  89. Mike Says:

    Hi there,

    It is not true. The version Oplayer 1.08 was released on 12.05.2010. I reported the issue on 09.05.2010.

    When can you fix it. It is unfair for people who pay for an application that does not run.
    Thanks for your understanding.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Mike:

      I am telling you the truth, because after we submitted the application, still need apple to approve it, then the application can be released into app store. this always cost one week or longer. Hope you can understand that. I can promise you that if your platform is 3gs, it will works on v1.09. by the way, if you can help me to do the test, i can distribute one to you firstly. you can add my skype id “yanglonglei”

  90. Mike Says:

    Hi there,

    thanks for your explanation. I repeat again. My platform is IPHONE 3GS. I look forward to seeing your release 1.09 soon. I think that you have enough friends who can help you to do the test.



  91. ebonypascal Says:

    This app is amazing, I only miss 1 feature : a web browser allowing me to directly download from a website to my iPhone any .avi file. Thank you for this cool app.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Thanks for your suggestions.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

      • ebonypascal Says:

        Thx for your answer. I use oplayer on my iPad 3G and it works very well. At least, would it be possible for oplayer to files as I do it with GoodReader (an amazing app as well except it doesn’t read avi) and Downloader (another very good app which unzip or unrar anything) ? I actually can download stuff with GoodReader, even zip or rar files with Downloader, but I can’t open them in oplayer… That’s a pity…

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi Thanks for your suggestion, we will consider to add unzip function into it.

        Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

      • ebonypascal Says:

        I meant : “would it be possible for oplayer to share files…”.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi: You mean share the files to others? Actually you can share it through “open web server”

        Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  92. James Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Your OPlayer v.1.09 is not able to play the rmvb and avi format. I have a Iphone 3gs. It states: ONLY SUPPORT QUICKTIME PLUGIN MODE IN YOUR PLATFORM.
    Please fix that issue.


    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello James

      You mean v1.08? The v1.09 fixed this issue, it is waiting for approve.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  93. Sabrina Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I have the same problem as James. Your Oplayer v.1.08 does not run any rmvb & avi formats. It states: ONLY SUPPORT QUICKTIME PLUGIN MODE IN YOUR PLATFORM.
    When will the new version 1.09 be approved by apple? Please advise urgently.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Sabrina: I have already submitted it to apple when I found the issue, hope they can approve it as soon as possible. Please be patient, thanks.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  94. Sabrina Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I forgot to mention. My platform is iphone 3gs.

  95. Mike Says:

    Hi there,

    What’s going on? The Oplayer v.1.09 still has not been approved by apple. How long should we wait?


    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Mike:

      Not know the process,always cost one week or more, it all depends by apple, we can do nothing about it. If you don’t trust it, just google it, apple is famous for this 馃檪

  96. Karl Says:


    Does oplayer work with .ts (transport stream) files?



    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi karl:

      I haven’t try ts media file, if you can provide me one, I can help to test it.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

      • Karl Says:

        Here is a link to a sample file


        It plays in VLC or Mplayer_OSX_Extended. It’s about a minute long

        (This comes from a DVR)

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hello Karl:

        OPlayer can play the ts file, but seems the seek didn’t works.

      • Karl Says:

        That’s a shame it means I will have to sit through ads! Anyway seems I will buy.

        hope you can get it to work one day

      • Karl Says:

        Bought it now!

        It seems if I convert to ‘Headed Mpeg’ in ‘MPEG StreamClip’ on OS X- which is a fast conversion taking only seconds – then the seek does work!

        However the aspect ratio is wrong (both for a mpeg and as ts). The file is widescreen but it get squashed down to 4:3. No amount of fiddling with the aspect ratio settings seems to stop this from happening!

        Any ideas?


        PS the reason I am interested in this program is to avoid tedious 4 hour movie conversions to H264 on my laotop!

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hello Karl:

        Thanks for using OPlayer!

        The default radio is depend on the width and height of your movie, when you set the radio, it will show the movie as the radio you selected. (sometimes a movie is in 16:9 but the size includes the black side)

        So the first thing is you need to check the movie’s width and height, it’s very easy, if you have VLC player on your mac, the information is in menu window->media information.

      • Karl Says:

        It’s bit weird – playing with the aspect ratio settings in oplayer has no effect! It still looks wrong!

        The aspect ratio reported by VLC is not the same as that of the window it uses while playing! There is some subtlety here.

        Try this mpeg file I made from the ts file –


        VLC says it is 704×576 and Quicktime (with MPEG plugin) says it is 720×404! I can’t find any ratio setting in oplayer which makes it play right – though it looks fine in VLC and QT.

        Beats me what’s up with all these video formats!


      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi Karl:

        By default, you needn’t to set the radio of the movie.

        iPhone’s screen is 480*320, Your movie size is 704*576, so by default OPlayer will show the movie as (320*704/576)*320 = 391*320, then the movie is showed the same scale as your file.

        and have you noticed that the bottom “GO!” string, in fact the black background around the “GO!” is counted in as the width. I don’t know whether i have described it clearly, contact me freely if you have other questions.

      • Karl Says:

        Hi Jonathon

        The problem is these movie files seem to ‘lie’ about the aspect ratio (or oplayer does not read it correctly). For example when I convert with MPEG_Streamclip I get a 720×404 file (which displays correctly). Handbrake gives a 808×568 mp4 which also displays correctly (and has extraneous black borders removed). It is ‘anamorphic’ or something.


      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi Karl:

        I haven”t used the two convert tool, so i can’t give out a conclusion, but thanks for your information and effort. 馃檪

      • Karl Says:

        Just trying to give you some info to help fix the problem. oplayer is reading the aspect ratio of the TS/MPEG files WRONG. Something to do with the video format being ‘anamorphic’.

        You can use those files I sent you to fix the problem. They play fine on a Mac (and I guess a PC) in VLC, so you can compare.

    • Karl Says:

      I was just trying this with the latest oplayer. Seems to work now! Good aspect rations.

      In fact works better than VLC which is impressive.

      So how’s the ipad version coming along?

  97. Mike Says:

    Hi there,

    I have just downloaded the Oplayer v.1.09. It is now able to run all formats. I am very happy. 馃檪

    Thanks a lot.


  98. Mike Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Is it possible to make your Oplayer running JPG file?
    It is a pity that your Oplayer is not able to play MP3 file in the
    background if I add some songs on the playlist. Therefore it will use
    a lot of battery. I would be grateful if you could do something
    in the next release.

    Thanks a lot.


    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi MIke: Since oplayer is a movie/music player, so add picture viewer will be last schedule.

      And you mean play the music even when iPhone locked?

      If you mean Play music in background, that is impossible, only iPod music application can do this.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  99. Matt Says:

    Hey, i can’t get this app to log me in on my iphone, i did everytimg it says to do on a windows pc unto my windows pc, then when i go to log on to the account i made on the filezilla program on the pc it doesn’t let me. Can you please help me out. I would appreciate it lots! Thanks!

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Matt:

      Do you mean use FTP client can’t login to your PC’s FTP server? Host: the IP address of your PC installed Filezilla Port:21(by default) Username: You have created in Filezilla for access directories Password: the password of the username

      You can try the wifi transfer method, it is easier than FTP method. you just turn on the wifi transfer, and use your web browser such as IE or Chrome or firefox or safari to upload files.

      Hope this can help you.

  100. Mourad Says:

    Hi I bought this app and the video not smoth and not support all wmv files I play rmvb in mplayer app via cydia it very smoth and in oplayer lag alot if you can put low reslutaion option in settings to play hight reslutaion videos smothly
    thanx and sory for my bad English …

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi mourad:

      We will trying to improve the performance. Thanks for using oplayer

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  101. Simon Pierre Desrosiers Says:


    It would be most useful to be able to browse files in landscape mode or to change font size or some wrapup on name. When a couple of episode from the same serie have long name, it can be that we have no way to know which episode is which as all the names are truncated. Very anoying.

  102. The Navigator Says:

    Everyone says OPlayer is the way forward to play Avi & flv files, soooo my question is when will your iPad be delivered so that this great app hits the big screen?

  103. Rajan Says:

    Hi ,I want to know that how the video load to the oplayer and how streaming is working,it’s not clear to ur help side

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Rajan:

      You can download files to your iPhone through wifi transfer: 1)more-wifi transfer, will show you the ip address of your iphone 2)use your pc’s web browser such as ie, or firefox, safari to access the IP address of your iphone 3)when you upload a file, it was showed on local page, touch to play it

      About the stream, you can navigator the web and click the file to play.(more-web browser)

      Hope that helps you!

  104. Jose Luis najera Says:

    Hello. Congratulations for your sw. I bought it thinking I could play mp3 directly from FTP server without downloading them first. But I see no. You can create the ability to stream music directly from FTP server?. My idea is to have all my music, but without filling the space on my iPhone. Thank you for your attention.

  105. Hassan Says:

    Hello, I am trying to use the wifi transfer feature but it is extremely slow. i would expect it to be the fastest way to transfer files from my PC to my iPad since its it over a local network but its really really slow. i know wifi performance on the ipad isnt great but the connection is not dropping so it shouldnt take more than 10 min to transfer a 5Mb file. is there a known issue/fix here?

    • olimsoft Says:


      The ipad HD is waiting for approve which has USB syncing feature.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  106. Milen Donev Says:

    Will be a new HD version subtitles support?
    How long you wait usually for approval by Apple?
    I bought 1.09 and use it on iPad, we must pay again for HD version, or will be free update?

    • olimsoft Says:

      The HD is still in apple’s review, it will have subtitle support, Because added USB sync feature so it was seperated as another app.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  107. Terry Says:

    are there any necessary settings(iphone or computer) to get wifi transfer to work? i have tried typing both addresses oplayer shows into a browser but my computer still can not connect.

    secondary question: will the usb syncing feature be added to the standard oplayer iphone app?

    Thanks for the app. It has been really useful.


  108. Milen Donev Says:

    Can i send you the $ by PayPall and you send me te HD version.
    I cant wait, Apple may late weeks…

    Or send me some beta…

  109. yebud Says:

    Here two suggestions that might be interesting

    – Would be great if the ftp client could delete, rename or move
    files (it’s not necesary, but if you add even like an added pay
    – Something that also would be useful is that the app will download cover art and
    information on films and tv shows, (this page has an API for that

  110. dan Says:

    will Oplayer play movies and video in MPEG-1 format, *.mpg files? (e.g. VCD data). If not now, any chance to add this?


  111. Stu Says:

    Need iPad support. Thanks.

  112. Yves Says:

    After I upgrade to new version, I using Wifi Transfer, can not browse anythink when the IP port 80.

  113. mjt308 Says:


    When will you release an iPad version of the app? I have a ton of DivX/XviD in 624 x 352 resolution, your app would be perfect for that.

  114. mjt308 Says:

    Also, will the iPad version be able to play 720p videos?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Because we haven’t got an ipad, the test result is beyond our beta tester, it can support 480p, can’t support720p currently, we will see if we can enhace the perfoamce when we get a device.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  115. Snoopnico2 Says:


    i have two questions ?

    – When apple validate the IPAD version of yoursoft , i have an IPAD and your soft are hardly wanted by me.

    – Does the IPAD version is optimized for A4 processor ie: NEON DSP etc for fast and brillant movie ?

    Thanks for your job

    best regards

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi 1)we have already submitted it to apple three weeks ago, not know when will be approved 2)we have already improved as neon. However, because we haven’t got an ipad, all tested by our beta testers.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

      • Snoopnico2 Says:

        hi thanks for fast responses.

        Speed apple speed….

        If you want a beta testers for french area, i’m already ok 馃槈

        Best regards

      • Snoopnico2 Says:

        hi i add you on mys skype contact and i’m ready for beta test

  116. Connor Says:

    I dont know if someone allready sugest this, but it will be nice feature.
    First off all. I dont Know if oplayer plays mkv files.

    It will be nice if oplayer can recognize embeded subs from mkv files and multi subs from mkv files.

    Also it will be nice if oplayer can play external subs.
    Ex. if i have a video with name video.avi and a sub video.srt the oplayer automatic recognize and load video.srt sub when i play the current video.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Yes, it supports Mkv file.

      Currently oplayer support build in subtitle and also if you have a .sub file with the movie, oplayer also can recognize it. There are many tools to convert srt file to sub file.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  117. vince55 Says:


    Thanks for the iPad version, I’m waiting for it for a few days.
    But after some tests, I am very disappointed :
    – Impossible to connect to my NAS by a http or https interface in the web browser, the page stays completely white (my NAS uses the 9000 port)
    – I can connect to my NAS by FTP but, if there is more than 2 levels of folders, the application crashes !!!

    I hope you can correct these problemes very fast !

  118. Cameron Says:

    Thanks for the great iPad app. For the next version could you please add the option to resume playing where it left off? I often watch half a file at a time, and it would be much nicer if I didn’t have to seek to find my spot.

  119. Dedrick Wilson Says:

    I just purchased your IPAD app and I am having a hard time making setting up the settings. Do you have any instructions that can assist me in this setup? Any assistance would be appreciated. I am not following the setup at all from the current directions.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Download files to you ipad, and play the movie locally. 1)from oplayer help, you can get three methods to download movie to your ipad 2)You can using iTunes to sync files to OPlayer HD(in the app section)

  120. Thanh Tan Says:

    Dear sir
    I have just bought your Oplayer HD for my Ipad. I enjoy it very much. It’s better than yxplayer because yxplayer got some lag when playing movie (DVDrip, BRrip, MKV…)

    I would like to ask you: How to add external subtitles to my movie?
    – I have converted .srt to .sub and name subtitle with same name as movie but it didn’t appear when playing.
    – I have adjusted “subtitle stream index” in “Subtitle Setting” but got the same result as above. What is the function of “Audio stream index” and “Subtitle stream index”?

    I hope you will improve your soft and help function in next version. Thank you in advance!

  121. Juz Says:

    Hi there,
    I’m using your iPad version of the oplayer
    Whenever okaying .flv files, the audio lags behind the video
    Is there a way to resolve this? Thanks

  122. Milen Donev Says:

    try all kind of encoding .sub file, but every time sutitles dont shown.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Milen Donev:

      the subtitle codec must be “spu”, and should be placed in the same folder with movie with the same name and different suffix.

      • Milen Donev Says:

        what is that SPU codec.

        i think that i must only have

        files in the “/” dir and subtitles must be shown.

        May be i must add some codec file in this dir?
        Where i can find that SPU?

      • olimsoft Says:

        the codec is ‘spu ‘? That’s the DVD subtitle format, which is bitmap, not text. you needn’t put the codec file in the directory, if your sub file is with the codec ‘spu’ then oplayer will auto recognize it.

      • Milen Donev Says:

        What is the best program that can convers .srt to “spu” sub?

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi, you can use Text2VobSub uto convert srt to vob, its very easy to use, just import the srt file and set the font size:) I am always using it.

      • Milen Donev Says:

        10x, everithing is ok, subs working, but they are yellow, i wil try some Text2VobSub settings 馃檪

      • Milen Donev Says:

        1) I try all Text2VobSub – Color Options (PC ONLY, DVD ONLY, PC+DVD two palettes, PC+DVD with safe color palette) and everytime subtitles are yellow.

        2) I align subs in center, but they are some pixels in rights, may be because iPad screen is 1024, but Text2VobSub frame is 720

  123. Milen Donev Says:

    this is the sub file test but subtitles didn鈥檛 appear

    {1}{124}23.976 test 褌械褋褌

  124. Milen Donev Says:

    i try this too:

    Sonic DVD Creator

  125. Milen Donev Says:

    edit: i try .avi video file format with .sub file

  126. rico law Says:

    Hi ,
    I just bought ur Oplayer and trying out with some avi discovery channel.I synced all the avi to my iphone. it is good that I can play avi on my iphone. However, I also found out that there is no volume available. Did I do something wrong? or there is no volume support on avi?
    Please help

    • olimsoft Says:

      hi Rico

      It supports audio. 1)make sure you didn’t mute your iPhone 2)make sure audio stream index in settings page is 0

      Sent from my iPad

      • Ricolaw Says:

        Hi olimsoft,
        Thx for the quick respond. When I set audio stream index 0 , it said no volume support. Then I changed the index to 2 or 3 or 9, then , it showed the column bar below the movie screen. No matter i increase or decrease the volume. It still mute.. I am sure the phone is unmute and it have audio on my Mac when I played those avi. Please advise

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi Rico

        We haven’t met this issue before, the audio volume bar exists no matter whether we can recognize the audio codec.

        So can you tell me your iphone’s os version and your hardware generation?


        Sent from my iPad

      • Deven Harris Says:

        I have the exact same issue, iPhone 4, OS 4, this happens on a video file that has previously worked in OPlayer, an xvid video.

      • olimsoft Says:

        we haven’t test this on iphone4, because we haven’t chance to got one now, but we will try to get one as soon as possible, on the simulator we can’t test the audio function.

        thanks for your report.

  127. David Says:

    Just downloaded OPlayer and I must say I am quite happy as I managed to get it to work with the web interface on my Buffalo Link-station NAS.

    I have a few suggestions related to the new apple APIs for iOS4
    – Implement the fast app switching feature so that it is easy to switch back and forth from the player without it relaunching and restarting
    – implement the background task completion for downloading files
    – Instead of having your own browsers have the player register it self for the extended file types so video files can be played directly from Safari or Email
    – There is no direct hardware access, however in the new iOS4 Accelerate API apple has released accelerates functions for various math operations, these may have potential for improving performance
    – I haven’t looked to see how deep the video API goes but there could be potential there as well.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello David:

      Thanks for your suggestions. -about the new features in os4 such as multiple task and accelerate, we will check them. -about mail app open attachment feature, we have submitted a new version to apple, which has already support it.

      Sent from my iPad

  128. Mubarak Says:

    Thank you very much for your respond to suggestions. The result is Oplayer is advancing and is the best player so far. Now it is the time that the Oplayer should open email attachments like other applications like DocsToGo, FileApp, and other. Hope this will be very soon because it is very important.

    Best regards.

    Mubarak Aljawder

  129. rainer Says:

    Is it possible to catch a vlc stream from the network with the oplayer?
    Someting like that: (link from my xbmc client)

    best regards


  130. sbm888 Says:

    Hi – just bought your app – great app!
    anyway, does this support Video Out via the Apple Component AV cables? i am wanting to buy one, only if this app supports it?

    so if i get this cable, will your videos be played via the cable to my TV?


    • olimsoft Says:

      we are trying to add this feature, but haven’t found the way, have you seen any app support this on ipad?

      • yebud Says:

        There is a way on the ipad, (on the iOS 4 is not supported), here is de documentation of apple, “http://developer.apple.com/iphone/library/releasenotes/General/WhatsNewIniPhoneOS/Articles/iPhoneOS3_2.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40009337-SW3”

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi yebud:

        Thanks for your information, if possible next version will have this feature:)

      • sbm888 Says:

        hi – any ETA on when next version will be that will support TV out? thanks

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi Next oplayer HD will support tv-out.

        Sent from my iPad

      • sbm888 Says:

        hi – i’m guessing this update (video out) works for both Iphone and ipad? on IOS4?


      • olimsoft Says:

        only works for iPad now, because we haven’t update the iPhone version to IOS4.0

  131. Thanh Tan Says:

    I did it, not very nice but It’s ok now. I hope you improve your software to play smoothly and support srt subtitle in future

    Best regard

  132. Eduardo Says:

    Hi, mail attachments arent opening with oplayer? What do i have to do? Tks.

    • olimsoft Says:

      hello Eduardo, you are using oplayer hd? your file format? currently we support avi and flv attachemtn, wmv format will be supported in next release.

      • Mubarak Says:

        I logged in to my hotmail from oplayer browser, and try to open flv file, but the player couldn’t recognize the file simply showing a text saying flv attachment, but no action when I press on that text.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi Mubarak:

        the iPhone version OPlayer not support mail attachment in current version, next version will have this feature. ipad version oplayer hd support this feature.

      • Mubarak Says:

        Hi olimsoft
        When next version will be available for update?

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hello That depends on apple. We have submitted it to apple several days ago.

        Sent from my iPad

  133. Connor Says:

    Hi. Subs dont load.
    Actually i dint try ENG (UTF8) but i try with ISO 8859-7 and windows 1253 (Greek). The extension is srt.

  134. Mark Says:

    I just got the iPad version but it doesn’t seem to let me view wmv files directly from web pages. I navigate to a page with a link to a wmv file, click the link, and download a copy directly to my iPad. Then your player cannot seem to find it, the my documents folder you list shows empty but if I check it with another app, like good reader, It shows several wmv files stored in my documents.

    Why can’t your player find them?

  135. Mark Says:

    When playing from a direct URL to a .wmv file via iPad app: using the URL option first the audio plays, then the video, then the app crashes to desktop. 聽Using the web browser option, select download and you get a zero size file named unknown. Use the play option and the app hangs until you kill it.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Can you provide the file for us to check?

      Sent from my iPad

      • Mark Says:

        I don’t have the file, it is linked in a post on a forum. I could provide the link but you’d probably have to join to access it. I did verify that I could click the link in Windows and the file plays fine. Do you have an example of a .wmv file linked from a web page that DOES work in all the situations I tried?

      • Mark Says:

        Okay, I obtained a copy of the file from the owner and published it on my own server. Here is the link:


        I can download it from there via your app, but when I try to play the local copy it does as before: first the sound plays, then the video. If I try to play it directly via your “web browser” interface it plays with no sound at all and then crashed to desktop. If I play via the direct URL interface it appears to hang until I kill the app.

      • olimsoft Says:

        I have tried several times, can’t download the file.

      • Mark Says:

        I just tried it again, the link works fine. How are you trying to access it?

      • olimsoft Says:

        maybe our government has blocked it.

      • Mark Says:

        That’s not very helpful. How do you propose to fix these bugs in the app? I’ve postponed posting a review to give you time to fix it, but if it stays broken like this I see no reason not to warn people.

      • olimsoft Says:

        we will not to check the review in the app store, because there are nearly 100 stores, so can you wrote us your issues through mail.

  136. Mubarak Says:

    Now files/folders for iphone applications namely ( Oplayer, FileApp, MobileSudio, DocdToGo, etc ) can be transferred between PC and iphone by USB cable hrough application called DiskAid ( PC file manager for iPhone )

  137. Dave.A Says:

    Hi, I just bought OPlayer and I tried to play a mkv file after uploading it through Wi-fi. It does not work at all, no message. i just click on the file in my playlist and nothing occurs. I have an iPhone4.

    • Dave.A Says:

      I also tested a .avi file, this one could be read but without any sound control. It is not acceptable to pay for a product which could not be used correctly!

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi Dave:

        Thanks for your report! we have already found that issue, as custom reported, when they restart the iPhone, the sound control will comes out.

        we will check this issue as soon as possible when we get iPhone4.

    • olimsoft Says:


      We haven’t tested on iPhone4, it should works well on it, can you double check whether the movie you uploaded is the same size as the file on your PC?

      If you still have issue, you can contact us again.

      Regards Jonathan

      • Dave.A Says:


        I tried to restart my iPhone4, but I still have the same issue, no sound when playing a .avi. For the mkv, I checked the size and the copied content has the same size as the original content. I tried with another mkv content and I have the same result.

        It seems that iPhone4 as a different behavior than other iPhone for sound and mkv support.

        Could you check this point?

      • olimsoft Says:

        we will test this when we get an iphone4 thanks for your report

  138. Mubarak Says:

    Thank you very much for the update. Now it is easier to open wmv,avi,flv attachments from iPhone.
    1-I noticed that once attachment is opened in oplayer from email, you can’t open it again and again, you you press open for the following tie, the player will open and you have to manually search for the attachment and open. I think it should be automatically opened every time press on the email attachment.
    2-in the edit, the rename is not functioning. Also sending or emailing file as attachment is functioning

    Thank you once again.

    • olimsoft Says:

      thanks for your report, we will check it.

      • Dave Oster Says:

        Thanks for the great app, but I am experiencing the exact same problem as above. I can open an email attachment once, but then have to go into oPlayer to play the attachment again. The only way I can play it again is to shut down the iPad and then open the attachment again. Thanks for any support you can provide.

      • olimsoft Says:

        when you played the file, the file will be copied to My Document/Inbox

  139. Mubarak Says:

    1- attachment is opening the first time. But after, the player is opened every time you press email attachment, and you have manually to search for the attachment and play it.
    2-If I am no mistaken, this comments field is not scrolling up and down to show all what I wrote

  140. fjhdavid Says:


    I downloaded O player but I am not be able to play 鈥.ts鈥 file (video in SD mpeg2 and audio in Ac3 2 channels).

    This is a annoying, as 鈥.ts鈥 is the container of TV box (adsl and satellite).

    Will O player will be able to play 鈥.ts鈥 in the future?


  141. Nelly Says:


    I have updated the apps yesterday, after that, the program can’t play movie, only has sound, I tried to restated my machine, but it still the same. Is there a bug on the update?

  142. Nelly Says:

    I tried to turn off the “浣跨敤quick time”, it seems return to normal, is that the problem?

  143. Nelly Says:

    Thank you for your reply.

  144. Simpson Says:

    Hi this a really cool app and finally I can play all those movies lying on my computer.the only thing i find frustrating is I can’t access the ROOT FOLDER.please suggest if there is a backdoor way to access other folders.I understand this is a restriction by Apple.

  145. yebud Says:

    can you add support to playlist like this one in the future updates?
    here a link – http://db.tt/CbQdyM.
    (maybe isn’t play some streams because it updates frecuently, but at this time all streams work (test on the vlc first to test if works))

    and a small suggestion:
    if someone try to play a file and it’s not compatible with the quicktime plugin (and the quicktime plugin it’s activate), it be useful if oplayer alert in a popup to deactivate this function in preferences or ask in the popup if the user wants to deactivate this function (it’s because if this happens wen try to open the file oplayer isn’t do nothing).

  146. Bastien Says:


    Congratulation, OPlayer was the missing native app on the iPad, exactly what I was looking for.

    The only problem is OPlayer doesn’t read subtitle file in SRT, the most common format. With SRT support, OPlayer would be the perfect movie player for iPad ans iPhone.

    Keep going with this excellent application!


  147. Thiago Says:

    Hi I’m very happy with program performance. So he has a point that I think the flawed program.

    It is a matter of legend, in a future update will be great, if you have support for subtitles in. Srt.

    I’m a Mac user and could not find any program that converts the subtitles that I have on. Srt for subtitles in. Sub.

    Please put support. Srt

    Thank you and congratulations on application

  148. Oscar Says:

    Hello, I have downloaded oplayer and I can now play my mkv video files. The audio and video are perfect. I have tested out oplayer with one of my anime episodes in mkv format. The audio and video sync is much better, but the audio lags by like a second. When I try to change the video settings using frame skip or skip loop filter, it will either make the audio lag or the video lag. They will never sync. I have tried many different combinations. I was just wondering if you could fix the audio and video sync time. It doesn’t lag much, just about a second. It would be nice though if the audio and video would sync at the same time. Thank you.

  149. Jay Says:

    Wich soft to use on mac os X to convert .srt to .sub with the right codec (spu) ?


  150. Jay Says:

    Just submitted

  151. Altharion Says:

    Hi, I’ve just bought Oplayer and it works great (except on 720p mkv files where it’s really slow but I knew it).
    On an iPhone 4, the app icon and graphics don’t look good, do you plan to upgrade them to retina display resolution soon ?
    Thanks !

  152. Elbozo Says:


    Have you on your roadmap to add .asf support ?


  153. Mubarak Says:

    Today I tried to open .asf file as email attachment, but every time I press the attachment with (QuickTime icon) nothing happened. The attachment should be with Oplyer icon if it is supported !!!

  154. Vasily Says:

    Hi, i bought your app and it’s great. A few fixes suggestions:

    1. Add support for background audio while watching a movie for iOS 4 devices and background audio control (play/pause)

    2. I came across some bugs with background file downloading, if the app is in the background for more than about a minute the download crashes.

    3. Add support for streaming playback from a SAMBA server.

    These I think would be great additions to your app. Hope to see them in one of the updates.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Vasiily,

      We haven’t updated our SDK to 4.0 so 1 and 2 will not added until we updated our base SDK and about the 3 we will consider it 馃檪

  155. Will Says:


    One of my favorites apps on iPad, I use it everyday when I take the train.

    Any release date for a version with srt support?
    Are you planning to add multitasking?

    Thanks and keep upgrading your great app.

  156. David Says:


    I just bought your Oplayer, the connection by FTP to my nas is OK
    But I enter some folder the software bugs

    is there a rule to name the file?



  157. uboot76 Says:

    hi i am using your great app on my ipad bu i have somme problems with the synchonisation of the sound and the video when switch off skip frame??
    is there a solution ??
    ps:i am sory i you already answer to that question but i dont have the time to read all the posts (i am french)

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello robin,

      The not sync issue caused by the video decode speed can’t catch up the audio decode speed. That’s because we are using software decoding method which needs more CPU power.

      发自我的 iPad

  158. gomounir Says:

    i have a problem , when i click on a file in ” my documents” or in the playslist a popup came and says ” only support the quicktime mode on this ipod touch” .

    i don’t know what to do

    • olimsoft Says:

      You are using gen2 iPod? As described in the notes section, gen2 iPod can only be used to play native video formats, I’m sorry.

      发自我的 iPad

      • gomounir Says:

        yes i do have a 2nd generation ….

        i’m dissapointed !

        is ther an other app that can read other formats on the 2nd generation ?

      • olimsoft Says:

        Sorry, perhaps no, because software decoding cost so much CPU, you can still keep the app until you update your device.

  159. gomounir Says:

    i forgot to say hello , sorry ^^

  160. saeid Says:

    hi thanks alot for this app ihave one problem almost subtitles i have them is .txt can you add this format to app’s subtitles thanks again

  161. gomounir Says:

    if i update my ipod touch 2nd generation to the I0S 4 , i could see the .avi files ?

  162. Kanita Says:

    Hi just come to say again i love u app Oplayer.. work well on my iPhone 4…
    Question : why that we cannt read directely .sub ? Apple dont want? it s just i dont like to convertor..

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Kanita,

      Currently, it supports sub file with “spu” codec, next version will support “srt” subtitle.

      • Kanita Says:

        Oup sorry i mean .srt that it’s very cool..thank for the next version. cannt wait 馃檪 Your app Oplayer it’s a best!! *kiss* i totaly support you!

  163. Ed Says:

    Feature Request:

    Folder Lock – just a simple password protected folder will do.

  164. Sofoklis Says:

    Hi! oplayer seems so nice app !but I have some questions before buying it :
    1.does it support Greek sub files ;can I download a movie avi file and then add subtitles from the app? So to see a movie with subs on iPhone
    2. I suggest u should update the app to ios4.0.1
    Which supports multitasking .it would be great then.please answer back asap and be sure that I’ll buy this cool app

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello sofoklis, 1) I can’t answer this question, because i haven’t test movie with Greek sub files but currently we support sub subtitle file, and next version will support srt subtitle file 2)we will update to IOS4 when most people update their iPhone to iOS4

  165. Zoltan Says:

    Hi there!

    I just bought your HD version Oplayer.
    it lags 馃槮
    1280×544 mkv video…
    i bouht this app not to have to convert my videos to mp4 or mov file…

    will you do something about this issue?
    it isnt a cheap app to not to work properly 馃槮

  166. Zoltan Says:

    is there any way to make an app that can use hw decoding method?
    i mean is it possible to make it and publish it in cydia?

  167. Zoltan Says:

    what does it mean?
    you wont be able to came up with a version that doesnt lags anymore with 1280×720 videos, ever? even with a jailbroken ipad?
    that means that i just throw away 5 dollars…

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Zoltan,

      We will try to enhance the performance, but i can’t promise you , the supported resolution we have wrote them in the App Store notes section.

  168. Zoltan Says:

    i know that it says max 800×600
    but the whole idea is for this app that be able to play our video files without converting taht to crappy format and resolution.
    i am very sad right now.

  169. Zoltan Says:

    is there any chanche to implemet asx support or mms stream?

    this is an asx file:

    vlc player can stream it on osx and windows, linux.
    but your app cant (right now)

  170. Zoltan Says:

    <asx version = “3.0”>
    <ref href = “mms://livestream1.tv2.hu/live”/>
    <ref href = “mms://livestream4.tv2.hu/live”/>

  171. Abdelhalim Says:

    Can you support playing videos at arbitrary speed (1.5x, 2x).
    I watch/listen to a lot of lectures and the instructors usually speaks slowly.

  172. RPG2 Says:

    Great little app! Thanks!!!!

    Having some problems with lip sync on larger movie torrents (Xvid MP4/DoblyAC3).
    There is a noticeable lip sync issue… seems to affect larger (1.5GB) movies.
    Smaller movies ad TV torrents play well…
    I can provide samples if you need….

    Running on a 4.0 iPhone4 (non-JB)

  173. RPG2 Says:

    Uploading the sample clip….
    One other question, where do you store the files in the iPhone file system? I’ve just JB’d my iPhone4 and want to copy files over usb using iPhoneBrowser/iPhoneExplorer … but need to know where you are storing the files. (/Applications? /var?)


  174. wallace Says:

    Nice app, I bought it already. One suggestion: be able to bookmark a rtsp url for easy 1-click access.


  175. javrodri Says:

    As others, I think it would be great to have video output to connect to a TV… I read this is planned for future version, do you have any idea when it will be available approximately? Thanks,

  176. steelrat Says:

    in conjunction with the ipad camera connection kit it is possible to access SD cards and attached usb thumb drives, so that part of the file system seems to be accessible.
    Could you make oPlayer have access to these devices so that it ist possible to play videos without transferring them to the local file system first?

    bye, steelrat

    • olimsoft Says:

      have you found any other application can support to access sd card?

      • steelrat Says:

        only one so far … iFile from cydia which requires a jailbreak.
        In iFile i can select a video file on SD card and start applications with it (oPlayer is also in the list of connected applications for video files)
        However while the apple mediaplayer starts and plays the video file (in this case it was a mp4) oPlayer doesn’t even start.
        bye, steelrat

      • olimsoft Says:

        if this require jailbreak, we couldn’t add support for it, as it will not approved by apple.

  177. Sylver Says:

    Hello Jonathan,
    OPlayer is great but it really lacks Landscape mode support when browsing files !
    I know that UITabBarController is not supporting orientation changes natively, but I found a way enable it !
    Check my app video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSyxj0C4-nI : at 9 seconds after the start, I turn my iPhone and the window which is an UITabBarController is changing its orientation 馃槈
    If you are interested in adding this in your application, send me an email !

  178. Sunny Says:

    Hi Oilmsoft

    Thanks for such a great App .
    I mainly wanted it for watching xvid avi and have found that it the best.

    The video was quite choppy until I turned off the skip frame option..?,after this the video is perfect and audio is perfect.

    Also I wanted to put the videos into their own folders.

    The only way It seems possible is if you drag the video file into the itunes app,then go into the iphone and on oplayer create the folder then cut the video then paste it in the new folder…is this correct?

    Is there not an option to drag an existing folder containing videos straight into the itunes section…?

    If not could you please add this to the next version….?


    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello, that depends on iTunes give us the interface, you can only sync files to OPlayer, not directly, maybe apple will provide the function later :-). i am glad to tell you that next version will support 720 XVID files 馃檪

  179. Shirish Says:

    Hy ..I have lot of avi files saved in my iPhone 3g .. I Cnt find the target folder as u said “/” .. N renamed it as / movies .. In save file to path n frm ifile I made a folder in / movies n saved my files out there but I cnt find in oplayer cnt we manullay save files in path …??

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi, the “/” means Document directory of OPlayer, if you create a “movie” directory under “My Document”, and want to download movie to the “movie”directory, the path should be “/movie”

  180. chris Says:

    Hi, i can’t get files to play smoothly on the iPad version. Movies plays fine for a few seconds then slow down for a few sec and so on. Like it麓s trying to keep sync? Yes the movie files are within your specs. I麓ve tried changing the settings too. You say that the next update will support 720p files, does that mean that you have optimized playback in general so lower resolution files will actually play more smoothly too?

  181. swan Says:

    Hello, Hi, I鈥檝e just bought Oplayer and it works great except the sound !! where is the syncro button 馃槈
    Any ideas ?!

  182. Sunny Says:

    Hi Olimosft…

    I think you mis-understood my question….I was aware that we have to sync with Oplayer.

    Is it not possible to sync a folder full of movies with Oplayer…?

    Can this feature be added…?

    Or will we always have to create folders on the iphone…?


  183. Alaa Says:

    Nice program. Saved me a lot of time converting videos for my kids. But it crashed when I tried to watch the video with the connector to the big screen (component). Can this be fixed?

  184. Connor Says:

    Same here as alaa says. When i connect iPad with LCD tv, crash all the time.

    And i notice one weird thing.
    If i connect iPad and tv with compisite cable, works fine. But with the componet (component is 3separate cables) crash.
    Thats freaking weird..

  185. nvidia Says:

    Hi, just bought for $4.99 the iPad version. Still a bit of choppiness for some XVID files even with Skip Frame and Skip Loop on. Animation programs like Futurama are not too bad because there is less movement. Please continue the development work, when you achieve smoother XVID playback as you mention, it will be even better, all the best. Also do consider lowering the price to say $1.99 as a lot of the playback is still somewhat “experimental” at this stage, you can always charge more once you see feedback improving and smooth playback improves.

  186. nvidia Says:

    Also, I suggest you have a Oplayer Lite for free, for iPhone and iPad. This way people can test it out with all their videos so they are satisfied. The Oplayer Lite could restrict playback to only 2 minutes or something like that.

    With so many people getting iPad, and so many having XVID and so on, I look forward to more from Oplayer for iPad.

  187. Sunny Says:


    Does this app support video-tv out via the apple cable…?


  188. Mike Says:

    Will player allow me to watch my trainsignal study videos o. My iPad?
    I tried air video and it almost works but can’t decode the video and can’t advance frames by itself.

  189. Mike Says:

    Will “oplayer” play trainsignal wmv training videos on my iPad?

  190. chris Says:

    I agree with “nvidia” above. Selling the app for $5 at the moment is a bit much, it really does麓nt work as advertised (and you should mention that in the app description, talking about the iPad version dont know about the iphone one).

    About the choppiness, if i change audio index wich disables the sound the videos plays just fine, if that helps…

    Anyway, if you are able to solve the sluggish iPad performance this app would be amazing, since it麓s the most complete package on the appstore right know with support for varios sub formats etc and a great interface.

  191. RICHARD Says:

    I have bought your apps , it works .

    it would be very cool to use it with a vga out, the dock ipad vga works only for ipod videos and youtube.

    I want to see my videos chess on screen ;))

    Good luck and Thanks

  192. Nilesh Says:

    i downloaded the player to my ipad and was able to transfer the filw using wifi but when i play the file…. i get a grey square on the middle of the screen and remains throughout… any idea why this happens

  193. David Says:

    Using Oplayer more I have some more suggestions:
    – Downloading seems VERY slow, even over WIFI.. I suspect that it is writing directly to the local flash storage which maybe slow.. It might be possible to buffer in ram for a much faster file transfer.

    – It would be nice if i was possible to stream from a windows share / SMB source instead of just downloading…

  194. chris Says:

    “Hi, if you think it is expensive, you can try lite version firstly”

    Lite version was麓nt there when i bought it..

    Anyway, any news on the update?

  195. chris Says:

    Hi Olimsoft.

    Tried the new version, and files are still choppy on the iPad. I麓ve tried files with and without external subtitles, mp3 audio and ac3 audio, all low resolution files. Seems like video and audio constantly struggles to keep in sync causing the video play fast then slow-mo and so on…Do you think it麓s possible to make the playback performance on the iPad better?

  196. Neil Turner Says:

    Hi Jonathan.

    Been using the iPad HD version very successfully. The only one that plays everything presented to it.

    However, with today’s release that supports 720p playback, the video is now jittery & quite choppy. Files that played perfectly on previous version are now almost unwatchable. This is such a shame. Can you find out what’s happened since last version? I’m going to have to reinstall old version. Thanks.

  197. Nigel Turley Says:

    I am seeing the same problem as Neil. The recent update has made existing files which played absolutely fine before almost unwatchable…hope there’s a fix because this was a really great app and one I used a lot.

  198. iPad forever Says:

    The version released today..is not an improvement .pls rectify the issue

  199. Claudio Says:

    The application crash on my iPhone 4 when i connect it to’ the tv with a vga cable…how can i resolve it?!

  200. Jaiden Says:

    Hi, I like to watch rmvb. I almost downnload my rmvb from website especially the anime. However the sound and the video is not play in the same, the video is clear but no smooth some like screen show no like video. maybe is the video resolution problem. hope you can fix it.

  201. Neil Turner Says:

    Hi. In the next updates to Oplayer on iPhone & iPad. Do they both support video (TV) output?


  202. Pavel Says:

    Tried Light version for iPad yesterday and found following things
    1. All tested AVI files plays Ok BUT a but grey suare covers top center of the screen – Is it a bug or feature of the freeware version ?
    2. All files in FTP\Samba directories listed in time-order, not alfabetically. Directories somewhere in the middle. Very inconvenient especially if you have about 500 AVI files in collection.
    3. Russian flenames showed Ok. Thanks 馃檪

    Going to buy a full version
    Some proposals
    1. Make a search\filter in file lists. 2. It would it be VERY fine to play files directly from Samba shares .No mediaserver nesessary in this case.

    • olimsoft Says:

      1. that is the diff between the Lite and Full version, we will cut it smaller in the next release. 2. your case is special, 500 avi file in collection–!, then sort is necessary, thanks for your suggestion 馃檪 3. samba streaming is in schedule, but we need to enhance the performance firstly.

  203. hemmy Says:

    hi , anyway that can add a function to delay the audio? cus everytime i play rmvb file, it seems off sync, audio always abit faster then video….
    if u could add a option to delay the audio playback (*delay 1 to 10 sec), that could fix the problem…thx again.

  204. Steve Says:

    I paid for the Oplayer app. I’ve tried both a avi file and a wmv file, which I transferred to the iPhone, and neither of them played on my 3G. The app simply quits.

    thanks for any help or info



    I’ve ordered an iPhone 4, hopefully it will work with this app.

  205. komine Says:


    i’m using i-FunBox to transfer videos over to my iphone. i just want to know in which folder do i transfer the .SUB files ?

  206. Din Says:

    Is there root folder in the iphone, where i can just copy the videos to. Instead of using itunes or wifi to transfer?

  207. Psodennis Says:

    Hello, recently I bought oplayer, it is good a support a lot of formats of video and easy to use.
    But I have few problems about it.

    1. When i was playing some .mkv, .avi and .rmvb video I followed the description in app store to turn off skip frame, but It still has delay even .avi file less delay but still.

    2. This may not be your problem only. I am also using a app which called good reader for transfer files or download files, because I use dropbox instead using USB cable with iTunes from my pc to iPad. When I want to open it in good reader by using oplayer. It had no reaction.
    From the app store good reader is the top app for transfer files, so may be some ppl get the same proble as me.

    At last, thank you for developing this application, it is useful and soon be perfect, if videos can play smooth ……

    Thank you!

    • olimsoft Says:

      Thanks for your suggestions, we will check that. if the goodreader support open in method, then you can use this feature to open files in the goodreader.

  208. TD Says:

    I think OPlayer HD does not support ac3 audio because there was no sound while playing a certain avi. Is there something in the works to rectify this?
    Many thanks!

  209. Pavel Says:

    Some more suggestions about files download
    1. File list should be in alphabetical order ( directories first) – I already mentioned it
    2. If sumultaneous download is not possible, it should be queue for downloading. It’s not convenient wait for download long file to specify next film to download.
    3. Some audiobooks cosists of lot of subdirectories and files. It would be nice to download specified directory, not single files. – Hence option “Play directory” is necessary as well.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Thanks for your suggestion. If you have suggested, you don’t need to suggest it again, as we have all recorded them down, we just need time to phase them out. 1) and 2) has been recorded down 3) playlist has this feature.

  210. Benny Jo Says:

    Hi there, I bought OPlayer for my ipad. Have a question.., I cannot make the MKV file shows the subtitle, I think the subtitle is already embedded in the file itself as I can see it working on the vlcplayer in my PC. Pls help, tks.

  211. Krispe Says:

    Very inpressed with the app. I have it on my iphone and now the HD version on my ipad. I can download avi’s from megaupload and then play them on the Ipad / iphone which is great. However like others they do not run smoothly. Have played with skip frame etc but no real difference. It is a good app but needs tweeking to make great as the picture stutter really lets it down . Will your next update address this and allow the videos to run smoother?

    Also can I connect oplayer to my dropbox, and if so how?

  212. Charles Says:


    I love your App. I want to know if you can add a feature to upload multiple files at once from your WiFi Transfer page? Or maybe allow OPlayer to become the ftp server, so my laptop can browse the iPhone folder and drag-and-drop the files into the iphone/my documents?

    That way I can quickly upload files and delete files!

    Thank you,

    • olimsoft Says:

      if you are using a PC, you can use usb sync feature, you can drag as many file as you can to the OPlayer

      • Charles Says:

        You are right about that. But I don’t want to connect to USB all the time. I listen to downloaded radio shows everyday. So I upload to it very often. And ftp over Wifi will be much easier and faster.

  213. Zoltan Says:

    In version 1007 ipad, Iso latin2 WORKS for hungarian srt, characters like 谩脕茅脡铆脥贸脫枚脰艖艕眉脺煤脷疟虐


    Btw mkv is still slow
    Waiting some improvement

    Ps: does mkv or avi video drain battery faster than nativ formats like mov or m4v?

    Ive tested for battery performance, and during a 100minutes avi, the battery drops 30% (should be about 16%?) of the battery.
    I guess itll drop during a 100mins mkv vide more than 30% rigth?

    Normal usage drops 10% per hour.

  214. nvidia Says:

    Hi there, just installed the latest update, xvid avi performance is much improved. Now when I have turned skip frame off it is much smoother. (Skip frame on causes choppiness still). I am glad about my purchase because you have updated the iPad app a few times. Only current issue is with skip frame off, on standard definition xvid avi, the audio is sometimes not tightly synced with the video. Sometimes delayed a little, sometimes maybe ahead a little.

    Keep up the good work..!

  215. Neil Turner Says:

    Hi. Thanks for the latest updates to the ipad & iphone. The iPad version seems to work the best – including the TV Out option (Great thanks!!). MKV files still don’t play very well. Toggling the Skip Frame & Audio options helps a bit, but not much. AVI’s are way better. On the iPhone version, AVI’s play well, but are terrible on TV Out function. Very low frame rate & audio way out – on the iPad version, same file plays well on TV Out. Any ideas?


    Keep up excellent work!!

  216. Denis Says:

    Just bought your app, looks cool, frankly speaking I didnt even expect that Iphone will play any video 馃槈 (I recently bought it).

    1. what is the difference between your oplayer lite and oplayer?
    2. what is not really pleasant is that sometimes when I try to launch video file (this was on oplayer lite) program automatically closed.
    3. is it possible to make playbar and other buttons and an icon more smoth and nice, it looks a bit crude on the iphone4.

    in general, looks like the best player for iphone, thanks!

  217. Joseph Says:

    Hi using your oplayer but i am unable to play my avi files, all i get is a black screen with audio. pls advice thanks

  218. Joseph Says:

    fixed it. thanks

  219. Alzeid Says:

    Hi and thanks for your great app!
    & thanks for supporting srt file!
    I think you added rotation in 1.16 version, and it is a good idea!
    But if you could add an option that let user choose to active rotation or inactive rotation, it would be great!

    • olimsoft Says:

      thanks, we will add this option in the future update.

      • sileff Says:

        maybe you can simply cut one side rotation, making a 3-way rotation or simulate the ipod app, just one landscape mode in video playback, which usually don’t need portrait mode.
        while watching tv shows(xvid avi) in bed, the 4 way rotation is annoying.

        another suggestion: with the 1.16 version, i can play music in background, but when i press home button while playing video, the video still plays in background, in order to use other apps, i have to return to oplayer and mannully press the stop button to stop the video playback.
        i hope it can work like the ipod app, when i press home, it will stop the video playback automatically, which make more sense.

        great apps, i hope it will replace ipod app while i watches videos soon.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Thanks for your suggestion, next version we will have an option to lock rotation.

      • sileff Says:

        more unacceptable backgrounding

        while watching video with a incoming call, accepted the call, oplayer went to the background but video playing didn’t stop, while i was on a phonecall it’s still playing except the audio from oplayer is mute, end the phonecall, iphone return to oplayer automatically, video still playing but still mute, i have to stop and restart to play the video again and adjust the progress bar to rewind to the time before the phone call.

      • olimsoft Says:

        thanks for your info.

  220. KYH Says:

    Oplayer is a great app!
    I have NEVER expected to run a avi file so smoothly with my iphone.
    Also, I have recently been thrilled by the srt & foreign language support.
    However, although recent updates seem to reduce incidence of
    skipping some frames, it now repeats a certain part of the video as
    well as the counterpart audio(about less than a second or so) several times and than plays normally.
    I am not sure when or why it happens since it does not seem to relate
    with fast movement(unlike the case with frame skipping), but it
    happens sometimes and I thought you would want to know about it.
    Once again thanks for the great experience!

  221. chris Says:

    Just wanted to say MUCH better playback on the latest iPad version (1.0.07) then the previous ones, thank you Olimsoft! Still some minor problems with the playback (regerdless of files/formats etc, same prob as described above but alot less obvious).

    There麓s atleast one other app that plays basic xvid/mp3 a bit more smoothly, but your app is way more complete and supports alot more formats/codecs and subs etc. But hopefully you can squeeze a bit more out of that A4 chip? 馃檪

    Anyways, thanks for your work and updates on this thing!

  222. Ben Says:

    Hi ! Thx for the ap. Tho it doesnt run the subs anymore since the last update. Im sure it was working well before. Do i have to Change Some settings?

  223. Michelle Says:

    I have a problem when playing the RMVB. The audio / sounds did not match the scene. The video is fine when play with my PC. Please advice how to fix it.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Michelle,

      the not sync issue always caused by the video decoding can’t catch up the audio encoding, we can only use software decoding method, which needs more CPU power.

  224. Andre Says:

    Hi! Your iPad app is great. That is what I searched for!
    Just one suggestion: it would be great if it were possible to add stream URLs to a playlist or to change the name in the list of a direct url.

    Thank you!

  225. jz Says:

    Hello, App is great and currently the best there is!
    But is it possible to add a way so u can push stream links from safari to oplayer like for example oplayer://www.domain.com/stream.mp3
    and that it will automaticly open in oplayer?
    Thank you !

  226. jz Says:

    Although it doesnt seem to load for me when i try to use it on a mp3 link? It just opens the app but more not. Or is it only supported for avi?
    THank you !

    • olimsoft Says:

      You mean mail app attachment? not only avis but wmv, flv…

      • jz Says:

        Ah this are my results now. When i try:
        it opens fine and plays immidictly on launch when i typ it in safari.
        When i try this link which i need in safari:
        it will launch oplayer but then nothing just as u will normally launch oplayer from the springboard. Although when i try the url in open url in oplayer ‘http://www.xxxxxx.com/script.php?audio=xxxx.mp3’
        it streams fine.

        Hope you understand what i’m saying,
        Thank you!

      • olimsoft Says:

        It must be “oplayer://” case sensitive.

    • jz Says:

      did it with lower-case and received the same results,
      Thank you for the support though!

  227. sbm888 Says:

    i have been loving this app…. but coming up with a few audio syncing issues after the new update. playing mp4 files and the video /audio goes out of sync with ALL my mp4 videos.
    also – i dont like the auto rotate! – can we switch that function off?

  228. Andykh Says:

    Great Application. But when playing rmvb files, the sound and video does not sync. I understand from previous posts that this is due to “video decoding can鈥檛 catch up the audio encoding, we can only use software decoding method, which needs more CPU power”.

    But please kindly advise of wat we can do to solve this problem. Thank you.

  229. Projectile Says:

    Very Nice player. Almost the best player for the iPad. You mention though that you are using software decoding… Does the Apple SDK not have an api for the Hardware video decoding?

  230. jason Says:

    A Transfer Queue feature should be added to wifi transfer. Cheers.

  231. Rafau Says:

    Hi, the app’s great! It has its issues but in most cases I’m sure you will eventually overcome them. Love the subtitles support! What encoding should I use for the srt to view my POLISH subtitles properly? ISOLatin2 works partially, but there are some native letters it does not recognize…

    Thanks a lot! Keep up updating – you are needed!


  232. Moriarty Says:

    Hi. First of all, congratulations for this great software. I have it on my iphone 4 and works great, with an exception. When i use the AV cable to watch videos on a tv, performance is awful. Frame rate drops to 5 and audio quality is poor.
    Keep working, you are near perfection 馃槈

  233. Jon Says:

    There needs to be support for Bluetooth. I only use Bluetooth headphones, and am unable to output audio to them with this app. Pandora does it flawlessly, so please consider implementing that.

  234. rik Says:

    hello. i know this bugs you already, but why dont you make a desktop client which is ftp server but more easy to use? firewall setting, directory, user id est.. all of this is a bit hard for many ppl.

    there are thousands of iphone apps but they all lacks only one fuction.
    wireless access to computer files. please consider it. a new whole access to my computer with easy and safe connection.

    you can do it lol.

  235. rik Says:

    if it is hard, then please make it possible to change ftp connections name. right now oplayer shows only first folder on one connection. but i need to add folders like d:\folder1 c:\folder2 k:\foder4. i`m using oplayer by making many users on filezillar and adding those users to oplayer. but all those list` name added to oplayer is just ipadress.

    this is what i`m talking about -> http://i.imagehost.org/0690/IMG_02d87.png
    i`ve deleted my ip but, all those just look same.


  236. gguman Says:

    Hi guys,

    I successful using app with .avi files. But i have issue with .mkv.

    I have file that contain:
    1. video file
    2. 2 audio (eng and rus)
    3. sub

    Except: watching video with russian audio.
    Actual: video is playing nice. But i hear only english version of audio. If i try to delete from file english audio track, then sound is lose.

    Q: what could be the problem?

  237. roamer Says:

    The recent update makes it a even better program to play all avi files, superb. I played rmvb files also, and I can see that its getting even smoother now when playing the files. Pls advise whether your next update will make it even better, ie zero lag when playing rmvb files. thanks.

  238. Holcik Says:

    Quick GUI improvement: After rotating the display, do NOT show navigation buttons. Or show them only in the portrait mode. Take a clue from the standard built-in video player.
    When I rotate the display by accident (while walking with iPhone in the hand for example) I have to touch the display to get them away.

    And add SAMBA streaming, pretty pretty please 馃檪 (or NFS, if SAMBA requires too much CPU time)

  239. Kok Leong Tan Says:

    I paid for the oplayer for my iphone 4. The video/audio is out of sync. The audio lags behind the video (at least for 10 seconds) when playing rmvb videos.
    Hope you can solve the problem, if NOT the player is just useless and i want the refund of US2.99

  240. Bruno Says:

    I’m hoping the 4.2 version will have Airplay so we can play our movies on AppleTV…

  241. Andreas Says:

    Do you plan making select the font sizes in subtitles?

  242. Daniel Says:

    What about tv out support for iPhone 3GS? This is a great program but I really miss this feature.


  243. Coolcat Says:

    I’m using latest update on Iphone 4 (IOS 4.1). I have several movies (avi, m4v, mkv) all converted to .mov using Quick Time or Isubtitle. Most subtitles (most srt) are softcoded through Isubtitle and saved in the .mov-container. None of the subtitles appears in the movies. Encoding is set on default.
    Also i’m getting no sound on the mkv movies (still in mov-container)

    What can i do ??

  244. Anthony Says:

    Hi. I bought oplayer but I realized that the screen darkens after sometime of playing. Is there a setting that causes this or future updates will prevent this?

    Great program btw. One of the best!! Video play back quality still can be improved though.

  245. Anthony Says:

    Hi. I bought oplayer but I realized that the screen darkens after sometime of playing. Is there a setting that causes this or future updates will prevent this?

    Great program btw. One of the best!! Video play back quality still can be improved though.

  246. Anthony Says:

    Ok I found out it’s the auto lock. I hope oplayer can prevent auto lock while playing a video in future. Thnx!

  247. Stooovie Says:


    I downloaded the Lite version first, but haven’t been able to play anything. Any file whatsoever (AVI, WMV, WMA, MKV… whatever) crashes the app right back to desktop. Tried rebooting, reinstalling, no change.

    Using 3G with iOS 4.1.

  248. Philippe Says:

    Hello, happy to find your software.

    I use it to listen to my music library in ogg format.

    May I suggest you some improvement ?

    -Play all files inside a folder consecutively until the last one.
    -show the name and info about the file wich is playing.
    -Go to next file, go to the one before in the contro panel.
    -Build playlist, save it, manage them.
    -When adding a new directory, make it by default the new “save to file path”.

    Thank’s in advance
    best regards


    • olimsoft Says:

      if fact for the guys like you, we have a playlist feature, in the my documents, click edit to select music files to the playlist. then you can play them continuous.

      • Philippe Says:

        I know there is a playlist feature ! But there is only one playlist.
        I don’t want to edit the playlist each time I want to listen to an album.
        Note that my suggestion are also to improve your software and make you sell it more to new users who listen for example to music in ogg format. You should know there is some concurence:
        BuzzPlayer(less expensive) do what I am talking about, VLC player (free)
        Core Player is submitting to AppleStore……..
        Is there something that you don’t understand from guys like me ?

      • olimsoft Says:

        thanks for your suggestion, we will consider it.

  249. Christian Says:

    please add the os4 feature to download files with ftp/samba in backround.


    what ca i do with the path in settings ?

  250. Gregor Says:


    Is it possible or will it be possible to connect to an ftp-server which allows ssl/tls connection only?
    How about webdav?

    Thank you!


  251. Achiya Says:

    Hi, GREAT APP!!!
    The only app that you can download files not through the annoying itunes!

    Three Major suggestions:
    1) Add the possibility to change the subtitles font (bigger, center, right-to-left, etc).
    2) Play files on ftp/samba shares directly from their location without downloading them first (FileBrowser app allows that, though it works only for apple formats…)
    3) Add “skip 5 seconds” button. It’s hard to skip just a little with the slider


  252. naz2x Says:

    Does oplayer actually play xvid on ipod 3rd gen iso 4.0. i was oplayer 1.16 it crashed on me and then i tested oplayer 1.14 this one loads on my ipod, but none of the xvid will play keeps saying quicktime plugin turned on and still no playback.

    Using Itunes to upload;

    Ipod 3rd gen 8gb, iso 4
    1. error; 1.14 loads fine but no playback.
    2. error; 1.16 just crashs
    3. oplayerlite 1.16 loads but no xvid playback

  253. Anthony Says:

    Hi, oplayer loses its sound when a call is received while playing a video. After call has ended video resumes but no sound.. Pls take note. THNX!

  254. dustyme Says:


    all rmvb files being played on my iPad is out of sync with the audio and video! The audio is lagging pretty bad.

    no issues with the video when played on computer.

    hope you guys can come out with an update asap!

    been quite a while already.


  255. excorp Says:


    I noticed that http protocal is possible in Open URL menu but https is not.
    If you have any plan to service about https service kindly inform to us.
    Thank you very much..

  256. chel Says:

    ability to change colour of subtitle and position of subtitle. Because the original videos had subtitle in it, hence it makes it very difficult to see the srt subtitle.

  257. skipper Says:

    orientation was totally disabled after upgraded to version 1.17,pls fix it quick !

  258. Tim Broadband Says:

    I agree with skipper, you cannot view the video files in landscape anymore. This is an annoying bug!! Please fix as soon as possible!

    • Skipper Says:

      Ok found the “problem”,all you need to do is to turn to the orentaion you want before you press play and it will lock to your selected orentation.

    • olimsoft Says:

      as many one hates the rotation function when they watching movie in the bed.

      so currently, we define this as “before you watching the movie, if you hold your iPhone in portrait mode, the movie will be played in the portrait mode. otherwise if you hold your iPhone in the landscape mode, the movie will be played in the landscape mode”

  259. Ahmed Amin Says:

    first of all I have iPod touch 2g
    I used oplayer for a long time before that platform checking and I was able to play all my (rm) real media AUDIO files very smoothly without any inturruptions but I always wanted the playlist capability
    as you updated the program now I have the playlist cap. But cant play my rm files

    I want oplayer not to check my iDevice
    but try to play my file if it works so this is great
    and if it cant decode it (as u say my cpu is not that powerful) so fine I will delete that damn file

  260. bluemist Says:

    Very good app!

    I suggest you add some more settings Skip Frame. I think it skips too many frames so maybe the option to skip less – medium – more frames maybe the CPU can handle some videos that way for optimum experience.

  261. Casper Says:

    Best video playback app out there, thanks!

    It’s great that it can play so many formats.

    I’d love to see a better UI, like that of CineX Player (which can only play very few files). Quality of screen is less good on theirs, but framerate is better somehow. They have a lock screen in portrait/landscape button in the player. Your system with turning device before launching is bad, it took me 2 days to figure out you could even get movies to play in landscape. Also please try to solve the issue with 720P content have framerate issues, perhaps interlace every other line or have less picture quality somehow?

    Thanks for the best app! 馃檪

  262. Ren茅 Spitzer Says:

    First of all: OPlayer is by far the best media player in the whole AppStore! I am really happy with your app, but I also have some suggestions for minor improvements:

    1) Locking the screen orientation was a great idea, but they way you did it was just too confusing for a lot of people. Please consider adding an option to lock screen orientation via settings tab or a button within the playback window. It really was a shame when all these folks on the AppStore revoked their good reviews because they simply considered the latest update on screen orientation to be a nasty bug. Be assured: I tried my best to explain these folks the right way for switching to landscape mode via my own review (5 stars).
    2) After pausing a video in Oplayer in order to listen to the native iPod app I could not simply resume video playback in Oplayer: The video’s sound is missing on that case. I than have to hid “finish” and restart the video to get the sound back – it is just a little bug, but I would really appreciate it if you fixed it. Thanks in advance!
    3) I also would like to have password protection for Oplayer – could you please add this?

    Many thanks again for this awesome app, you are the best!

  263. Ren茅 Spitzer Says:

    Forgot one thing: Please add multiple files upload for wifi transfer method! Thx

  264. Yuri Says:

    First of all, the OPlayer is by far the best playback app in the appstore..

    BTW, I just want you to know that after the last update the application can’t handle RMVB files as it could before the update. The performance now sucks when playing RMVB files with a very boring frameskiping…even if this option is turned off.

    I was so excited watching my RMVB files, but this update recked this great app.. Please, fix this performance issue. Sorry for bad english…

    Despite of these issues, it’s a great app. Very useful. You guy rock!


  265. Ahmed Amin Says:

    Hi Jonathan
    could you please answer my last post
    cuz what I bought this app. for is playing my rm Audio(s)
    now u even refuse to try to play them !!!

  266. Kowal Says:

    Hello! Great app I am now on lite version but after the implementation of my suggestions will defenitely buy full.

    Well the problem is that from samba server there should be streaming not downloading.

  267. Casper Says:

    Olimsoft: You did it wrong. The lock screen button should be inside when playing the video. It’s way less than optimal having to turn the device correctly BEFORE launching the movie. Seriously no one likes that implementation. As I’ve said before, download CineXPlayer and do it like they did!

  268. Marie Says:

    Adding support for more sub codecs (in mkv)? Is this planned? Most mkv I have seems to use:

    ~ass (advanced sub station alpha)
    ~ssa (sub station alpha)

  269. lilacbeauty Says:

    Hello, I bought this software and I found it was amazing!
    I love it so much. I have only one suggestion —
    Will you please add a lock-up function to protect some private video?
    That is, I can set password for some videos, then when somebody click that video, he must verify with the pasword to view it.
    Havn’t type in English for years. I hope I express myself clearly. -_-!

  270. lilacbeauty Says:

    fogot one thing.
    Regard the newest update, lock rotate function. I really felt that the lock button should be shown on the play frame. Imagine that, you run the application, click a video, then you realized you need lock rotate, then you should quit play, enter configure, unchoose and choose lock rotate, then quit configure, reclick that video…
    See the problem?

  271. Ren茅 Spitzer Says:

    Is it just me or has the Jailbreak on iOS 4.1 messed up OPlayers ability to play audio streams correctly? Since I jailbroke via Geohots Limera1n I have no audio in avis (one audio stream) which used to work well before. Furhermore OPlayer seems to ignore any change in audio stream settings: No matter what I select it always sticks with audio stream 1 (English), even then when I actually had selected stream 0 (German). It seems to me as if Oplayer has stopped supporting the default audio stream – why and how could this happen?!? And how can I fix it?!? I don’t wanna loose my JB, folks – please, help me!

  272. Ren茅 Spitzer Says:

    Okay, weird: Reinstalling via Mobile App Store seems to have repaired it. Audio stream 0 is working again and I can switch back and forth successfully from one stream to another. Now I wonder: What could have been the source of the problem? Well, I had established a shortcut from var/mobile/Media to Oplayer’s documents-folder – I both deleted the shortcut in iFile and then un- and reinstalled Oplayer. Was this the problem? However, now it works as it is supposed to.

  273. Zack Says:

    Hey, the lastest version is awesome, avi feels very smooth. Im wondering if its possible to add a software volume boost and brightness settings just for watching the videos ?

  274. Angel Says:

    I have a question, I have a VGA connector this apps is compatible for is accessories for iPad? I can use this application for that? Tks for your time

  275. anonuser Says:

    I can’t seem to connect to my server using ftp or samba outside of my local network. I know ftp works outside my local wifi because the Air Sharing app connects to it just fine which means port mapping is working. The funny thing is if I use my external ip address while on my local network it works fine.


    Connected to local WiFi network – internal and external IP address works for FTP and Samba.

    Connected to 3G or different WiFi – no connection for either FTP or Samba.

    Does OPlayer not connect to FTP or Samba while outside of local network?

    Thanks for any help.

  276. Ren茅 Spitzer Says:

    Hi, sorry, but I have to report a bug: When I fast forward a video with srt-subtitles the subtitles will disappear! They will only stay when you watch a video right from the beginning. Any skipping forward or backward during payback will make the subtitles disappear from screen 馃槮

  277. Chen Says:

    Hi. Izzit possible to upgrade de app to enable it to watch 1080p video?

  278. Josef Vella Says:

    Hi; i have your app, excellent by the way. VLC for iphone just came out, is there a way to have both apps read from the same folder? i can’t find a way to have the option to play the same file on both players without actually having 2 identical copies of the file on my iphone. thanks.

  279. KY Says:

    hello, i own an ipod touch 2nd generation with ios 4.1. i downloaded your oplayer lite recently and i copied a .rmvb video to test it. but it didn’t work.it just show the only support quicktime plugin on this platform. Why would this happen?
    Thank you very much.

  280. Ingo Says:


    great app on Ipad. Use it for streaming from digital TV receiver.
    But one thing would make it perfect:
    If you could add the possibility to store and rename Direct URLs similar to Bookmarks. Then one could store the relative long URL to streaming device with teh stations name for example.


  281. ipod software 4.1 (current) Says:

    Hi there,

    I use an ipod 3G 8GB on software 4.1 which is currently up to date, but the file doesn’t play and only works on Quicktime platform. Does this only work on new ipods or there are some kind of settings I need to change? I have tried rmvb, flv and avi and none of them play.

  282. windnight Says:

    Hi,I bought oplayer and oplayer HD for my itouch4 and ipad.Here are some suggestions.
    1 For itouch4, I can’t delete folder and the videos in the folder directly on my itouch4.
    2 When I hold my itouch4 vertical and play the video, it works well. However, as I hold itouch4 horizontal and play the same video, the sound will lag.
    3 I want oplayer could continue playing audio file when I use wifi to transfer files.
    4 I hope oplayer could play the videos files(ex. rmvb) more smoothly. With the same video, ipad plays well but itouch4 plays not so good. I think itouch4 and ipad have the same cpu and ram.

    • olimsoft Says:

      1)you can delete the file by click edit in the My Document. 2) we will check it 3)it should works when you were transferring the file 4) we will check it

  283. windnight Says:

    Thank you for your reply.
    1) I have tried, but it still doesn’t work. However, oplayer HD doesn’t have this problem. I do thinks it’s a bug.
    2) What I want you say is that I have to quit listening audio before using the filezilla to transfer the files. Of course oplayer works if I transfer files via itunes.
    Anyway, it’s a great app and still I hope you guys could improve it. Thanks.

  284. Floriam Says:


    first of all: GREAT WORK! It’s an amazing app!
    But I have to make some suggestions:
    It would be great to set a passlock, especially when it comes to deleting files. Before you are able to delete a file, you have to enter a password.
    Additonally to the “Use Quicktime”-Option, a “Auto-Quicktime”-Option would be great. Play files ending with .mp4 in Quicktime automatically.

    • olimsoft Says:

      1) next version will support this 2) as quicktime plugin currently has no interface to detect support file list, and we can’t judge this by suffix, seems impossible currently, hope apple can add this in the later SDK.

  285. Macman Says:

    soorry if i post this message on air play blog too
    I try oplayer lite on my ipod touch4. I make a new folder and put many clip around 4GB.When i see it all i delete a folder but i don鈥檛 get my storage back. i try to delete your software but not work.what鈥檚 a bug ?How can I fix it?

  286. Boyeon Says:

    I bought Oplayer to use it as a video and audio streamer through rtsp, but the audio was only heard just for less than one second. There was no problem using other streamer (i.e. Streamer). The server I Ran was Wowza Media Server2, and my client was iphone 4.

  287. Boyeon Says:

    And when I moved the same file to my iphone through itune, it was played well without any problem. Please solve this problem..

  288. Macman Says:

    Why i select to delete oplayer from my itune my storage graph will decrease to normal and when i apply it back full again or my solve ‘s only resetting my ipod.

  289. Florian Says:

    Will it be possible to set a delay?
    I wan’t the audiostream to be played x milliseconds later/earlier.
    Is that possible? I don’t mind, if it won’t be possible, ’cause this app is just the best!

  290. uglyfe Says:

    I’m bluetooth user – Sony BT-50
    But Oplayer doesn’t work with bluetooth except volume adjust.
    For example, Play/Pause, Forward, Rev…
    I hope that it should be support.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Thanks for your report., as apple haven’t opened the play/pause api to us, currently it is impossible to do that. if apple support this in the future SDK update, we will add it.

  291. Hurz Says:


    wifi transfer page doesn#t show progress. How do I know when upload is finished? Could you add a progress bar?


  292. Thomas Says:

    Please help me! I brought the app Oplayer and it says fail to connect no matter what setting i used! (P.S. im a livedrive [www.livedrive.com] subscriber. Is it not compatible with live drive? thx

  293. sc Says:

    Hi, how can I transfer my rmvb files to my ipad and play with Oplayer ? Pls help to advise me how to do that ?

  294. Wael Says:


    What is the difference between the lite one and the entertainment one

  295. Don Says:

    Hi, Will Oplayer get an update to be able to use the Airplay feature of the iOS4.2 fully. At the moment I can transfer sound but not video. Thanks.

  296. hemanshu Says:

    Oplayer crashes in my case every time.
    i have tried oplayer with avi, wvm both.
    but both time it just crashes, no error no warning but just crashes

    btween i am using iphone 3G with ios 4.1.

  297. Ralph Says:


    Can i use the original Apple USB SD adapter to copie movies on it and watch it on Oplayer HD, my iPad has only 16GB and is full.

    I have 4.2.1 on it and not Jailbreak.


  298. AmmarChaps Says:

    First of all BRILLIANT App mate!
    I’ve always wanted to play non-mp4 formats on my iPhone 4 and well now i can!
    Just two things:
    All of my tv shows are in .mkv format and the resolution of them mostly are not very high but still the it lags massively i.e. video only..audio if fine.
    Please…please fix this as I’m desperate to play .mkv files on my iPhone 4!
    Also if you could please magically add AirPlay support to OPlayer then we would be able to easily play Non-Mp4 formats on our AppleTv’s which would be sensational!!
    Imagine, with a single touch, playing a 1080p movie on your HDTV thanks to OPlayer and AirPlay!
    We love how you put out regular updates…so major thanks for that!
    Please try to do something for .mkv support…
    MUCH Thanks!

  299. AmmarChaps Says:

    Thanks for the reply!
    Well Yesterday I tried a small 60MB low resoultion mkv file..and the video still lags 馃槮
    Please do check and also do you think if it lags on the iPhone 4 it will also lag on our HDTV’s when you put in AirPlay support for Apple 2G?
    Thank You once again!

  300. Leonard Says:

    Hi OPlayer developer,

    I recently wrote an email requesting fornhelp but have not gotten a respond.

    After reading that OPlayer plays RMVB, i purchased it. But am disappointed that when playing a RMVB file, voice and picture do not match. Seems like voice moves faster than pics. Any solution you are looking into? Since i bought the apps.

  301. bh Says:

    For sure one of the best players out there for iphone.
    Simple interface and great performance. Support for .ass and .ssa subs in .mkv files should be added (it’s a must for anime).

  302. Big Man Says:

    Hi, I love that app!
    But maybe you can explain one thing.
    I have webinterface build on my mac which allows me to select a movie and start it as stream via VLC. This works great. I can use the “Internet Browser” Button within the app to get the my interface, further can start any stream and then need to go back to the app menu select “Open URL” to connect to the stream started before. (this works)

    More interesting for me:
    If I add that URL (which I use successfully by “open URL”) into my webinterface it doesn’t starts the player function. I tried to call a m3u file including that link as well. This seems to react a bit better: Oplayer asks me if I want to download or playback the file. However playback doesn’t start.

    Is there any chance to get the stream started by the “Internet Browser” integration? (Would be a more fluent usability.)

  303. nicolasha Says:

    This is by far the best player for ipad.
    It would be nice to have the possibility of adjusting the position of the subtitles, because when using the TVout option on the ipad sometimes the letters get cut into the bottom of the screen.

  304. Alex N. Says:

    Ok, first I want to say thanks for this successful app but their are a few bugs in it. Most of the times when I play random videos, it will play smoothly for a while then randomly crash. I don’t have a problem with the crashing as all apps do this but when I go back to continue where it left of on the video, the stream bar seems to go back to the beginning. I was wondering if their could be a quick update to fix this bug so I can watch my videos where I left off, otherwise this app feels very useless to me. Thanks for the hardwork…. please make a quick update for this bug

  305. Andrew Timms Says:

    Firstly, thanks for this excellent app. Any chance of a menu to select languages. I use it to play ISO files and some are in german, but i want to listen to the English track.

  306. Alex N. Says:

    I have touch 4th gen on 4.1 and when I point the player to the URL media video, it works but I can’t use the stream bar still even after closing everything

  307. Alex N. Says:

    The bar at the top of the video that tracks the progression and time of the video. It’s usually blue and theirs a white dot that moves. I try and move this dot up to skip forward to some scenes but then it just moves back to where it was before.

  308. Hosein Says:


    Do you have any plan to add Airplay feature in your app?
    its very useful

  309. Maxi k Says:

    Please more Support sub titels like .SAA or .subt

  310. Martin Says:

    Hi there!

    I have been using oplayer on my iPad for a few months now and I think it’s great. Especially with TV out feature. Problem is I watch a lot of subtitled anime and all MKVs display no subtitles. I have tried all the subtitle indexes with no change. The same files play fine with VLC on my iPad so any suggestions?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  311. John Says:

    i have currently updated my ipod touch (2g) to OS 4.2.1 and have successfully installed OPLAYER. when i load an avi. file on my ipod in OPLAYER it tells me “only support quicktime plugin mode in your platformonly support quicktime plugin mode in your platform” pls help me verify this problem.

  312. John Says:

    sorry i 4got to mention that i have Version 1.22 of Oplayer.
    please come up with a solution……………………………..
    I PAID for THIS APP!!!!!!

  313. TK Says:

    I downloaded the lite version to test the player but when playing rmvb file with OPlayer the audio doesn’t sync correctly. I was wondering if you will fix this bug in the next released? If you do, i’ll be glad to buy the full version.

  314. Shawn Says:

    Why is the download rate so slow on iPod touch 4G? I was downloading a 50.00MB file, and it kept saying that the time request was out.

  315. Murv Says:

    heys, i jus got the app from itunes apps. but it doesnt seems to have a user manual anywhere on the web, maybe i missed it but could u point me the right direction?

    also, i dont seem to be able to stream any media from megavideo from Oplayer HD, help!! thks

  316. Murv Says:

    Hi, thks for the reply, but i do not see how it solve my enquiry, sry if i may ask again, how do i stream megavideo on oplayer? 馃槈 thks!

    • olimsoft Says:

      We can’t access megavideo from our country, can you use safari to browser the videos? when you push a file to play in safari, it should pops up a open in with OPlayer option.

  317. matt Says:

    I used OPlayer (on iPhone) to play a stream from rtsp://ipcamdemo.8800.org:8803/live_3gpp.sdp
    – on some WiFi, it worked well (both video and audio came out)
    – on other WiFi, I never could play the stream successfully no matter how strong the wireless signal was.
    – on GPRS/3G, also unsucessful

    I used both iPhone 3GS and 4G with similar results. Would you please give me suggestions on how to fix this. Thanks…

  318. dumol Says:

    I’m using OPlayer almost exclusively to watch TV streams offered by my ISP over HTTP in a MPEG2 format (the oplayer:// scheme is genius). It would be very nice to have an option to de-interlace these streams and reduce the very jagged appearance. That would convince me to buy your app and as a bonus I will also translate it to Romanian, I have a decade of experience in localizing software.

  319. Ignigena Says:


    Do you think that it will be posible to watch 1080p avi tv-out in a smooth way with the new ipad 2? Will the video or audio codec be an issue?

    Thank you, bye

  320. Ammar Says:

    Well…i’ve posted my problems here before….but whatever we do…playing mkv files is just not smooth!! Even crappy 60mb ones lag a lo on iPhone 4/iPadt!…so am wondering with iPad 2’s 9x graphics performance…will mkv work smoothly?

  321. Rey Says:

    Hi pls fix the audio out of sync with the video on rmbv file for iPhone 3GS pls thx

  322. arun Says:

    hi..im havin an ipad and i want to know that if i play movies using o player hd,will it play all in 16:9 ratio or in 4:3 ratio? its havin an option for changing the aspect ratio like in Oplayer usin in iphone and ipod?

  323. Ethan Says:

    yeah the out of sync audio is pretty annoying and update fixing that would be really great

  324. Josef Vella Says:

    Hi, i’ve been using oplayer on 3gs for a few months with no problems, but recently any video i play plays for about 10 minutes and then oplayer crashes to desktop. i have to then restart player and manually seek to where it crashed from, it plays for about 10 more minutes and crashes again, any idea what the issue could be? i’ve tried with several videos and all worked fine before. thanks

  325. ronox Says:

    hello, i love your player, but last update is nightmare for me… subtitle is yellow, without shadow, and pixelated.. so i cant use it.. it’s my version broken or this is normal???
    thank you

    • olimsoft Says:

      sorry, we made a mistake in the last update, have submitted a patch to fix that, it is waiting for apple’s approve.

      • ronox Says:

        thank you, i’m glad to hear that!!
        and will be possible to change font color, size, or add a shadow under font??
        on iphone is font size just fine, but on iPad is small
        thank you and have a nice day

      • olimsoft Says:

        yep, you can change font color and shadow 馃檪

  326. Fricadelle Says:

    First i’d like to thank you for your job, it’s probably one of the most useful apps you can find.

    Are you going to make it possible to navigate into folders while listening to music? It would be great 馃檪
    And also…the built-in media player keeps looping when you make a playlist. That’s not cool if you forget to stop the music :/
    I could use the quicktime player instead, but it stops at the end of the song, which is not good for a playlist.

    Anyway, thank you for this anti-jailbreak app 馃檪

  327. DNA Says:

    With the past 2 updates, I’m seeing a problem that’s new. I’m playing .VOB files and every 30 seconds or so (does not seem to be on a regular interval) there is a stutter or ‘hiccup’ where the sound also stutters, or cuts out, for a split second. This wasn’t happening before.
    Thanks! Great product and glad I bought it!

  328. AppleFan Says:

    I have a really important question.
    I’m planning to buy the ‘iPad 2’ SOLELY to watch TV Shows in 720p.
    I know in ‘iPad 1’, OPlayer HD used to lag with 720p HD .MKV files.
    So my question is have you tested 720p MKV files on iPad 2 with OPlayer, as theoretically it shouldn’t lag because of the Dual Core.
    Please reply ASAP as if you can easily and seamlessly play 720p MKV on iPad 2 with OPlayer, I’m gonna go ahead and buy it.
    In any case brilliant App!

  329. Kenneth Says:

    My OPlayer cannot connect to Windows 7
    All has been set to Everyone but none directory are shown

  330. Nickepe Says:

    Last Oplayer HD update made my streams from my dreambox lagg and sometimes stop completely.
    Version 1.11 works great.

    Please fix this?! I use this function a lot.


  331. Yoot123 Says:

    Hi ,

    when downloading files via ftp on my ipod touch 4g (4.3.1 ) under downloads the progress indicator is not correct . this works perfect on my ipad 2 (4.3.1). also the amount downloaded is not correct , it looks like some random set of numbers.

  332. Mred Says:

    any plans for video airplay?

  333. Oscar Says:

    Hi,im playing a 800×480 rmvb,it started smoothly then slowly it start to lag (liked audio faster than video)especially when a lot of things moving on t screen,its slightly better than 3gs version when running on iphone 4 but can it be running even smoother?check out rockplayer on android,its almost perfect,hope this helps

  334. David Says:


    Would the TV-OUT feature be fixed for the iPhone 4? (lags between audio and video, and video slowing down…

    Thanks! Amazing app by the way!

  335. Jason Says:

    ( Playing mp3 and wma files, turn of the display, the playing files also turned off)

    Recently, trying to use oplayer to play a few mp3, and a few wma files.
    When the files are playing, music and audio of these mp3, wma fiels can be heard, so decide to press on the top button of the iphone to off the screen and the lights, as listening to mp3 do not need the screen.

    when the button is pressed, yes the screen and light is off, but the
    mp3 and wma fiels also stop playing.

    We have to keep the display ON, so that mp3 and wma files can be played.

    It is a waste of battery life that, playing mp3 and wma still have to keep the unwanted display ON.

    Iphone 3GS
    Software version : 4.3.3

    • olimsoft Says:

      have you updated to newest OPlayer? it should supports lock screen playback.

      • Jason Says:

        I am using Iphone 3GS
        Software version : 4.3.3

        The Oplayer is dated 19 April 2011.
        Version v1.27 .

        If I did not test with the lastest Player and lastest IOS version, I will not feedback. I had done so, I write to you to inform you.

        Please a year ago, have this problem, and solved, but now this problem return.

  336. logician Says:


    I’ve experienced audio-video out of sync issues when playing a rmvb video file of resolution 720 x 408. Would this be fixed soon? I have loads of rmvb files of this resolution which I hope could be played smoothly using your amazing app.

    This application would be perfect if it could support rmvb files of the mentioned resolution and maybe slightly higher than that. 馃槈

    Looking forward to your favourable reply and application update! Thanks! Love OPlayer!!

    • olimsoft Says:

      The new engine which handles rmvb better, but it is not steady now, when it comes to steady we will update it.

      • Garry Says:

        I also when I play avi files to the tv over the cable the picture is in slow motion. Works fine when to iPhone. Any ideas?

        Regards Garry.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Currently the tv out function’s performance is not very well.

        Send from my iPhone

  337. ongsso Says:

    Hi, i purchased oplayer, and having the same problem with:

    1) audio playing faster than video, not syncing
    2) video played at fast speed (like fast forward) sometime, annoying to get to File Servers page and re-play again…

    When will this be fixed?

  338. Teddy Lam Says:

    Hi, i purchased oplayer to see my ip cam, when i use rtsp(port 554), All played takes few minutes then always hang-up. Please help me resolve this problem. Thanks a lot!

  339. Nelson Says:

    Great app, I’ve suggested it to every one I know that has an idevice but please please please make it so that it can transfer files through FTP in the background. When I switch to another app or lock my iPad/iPhone it stops the FTP transfer. I know that apple now allows apps to finish there work for unto ten minutes even if you switch apps or lock the device so hopefully you can implement this soon. Thanks!

  340. Kaylin Says:

    hi jonathan, i love the oplayer app! it plays avi files + subtitle files beautifully, saves me alot of time converting them to mp4 which i used to do previously. just like to check, how can i transfer the video files from the lite version to the HD version? i just purchased the full version and all my files are not there. i don’t want to drag them to itunes anymore coz i deleted the video files on my pc. wonder if the files are stored anywhere under the itunes media folder or something. i can’t find it.

    • olimsoft Says:

      As apple not allow app to access other app’s folder, you can only backup to pc through itunes then sync to full version through itunes.

  341. J Says:


    I’m totally in awe of this app I just downloaded for my IPad.
    Just wondering how to exit from the web page to get back to the main page to enter the URL in.
    (I have HD Lite, would it make a difference?)
    I’ll be downloading the real deal once I know how to manage the app.

    Thanks Again!

  342. Andrew Nye Says:

    I have a funny question. When connecting via FTP many of my servers simply dump me into my home directory.. On Linux. In many FTP programs this is not an issue as I can see the whole directory tree then click on “..” to go “up” the directory tree and the subsequently navigate to the appropriate branch where my data/media resides. With oplayer this is not an option as the directory you enter the ftp server is as high as you can go. Can this be enabled? Just thought I’d ask. Otherwise great app! Works a charm 馃檪

  343. Jonathan Witaskin Says:

    Any way to allow increasing playback speed of wmv files like windows media player does?

  344. harry wells Says:

    hey in the new update, whenever a video is played with the quicktime plugin, it starts in full screen which is annoying. any way to fix this?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Have no issue here, make sure your file’s radio is not 480:320 for iphone or 1024:768 for ipad

      • harry wells Says:

        It’s not about the file it’s just that whenever I play anything with the plugin, it starts in fullscreen, like when you double tap or press that button in the corner. I’d like it to start in regular view.

      • olimsoft Says:

        But I have tested mov file here with quicktime plugin has no this issue.

      • harry wells Says:

        whatever, I still have the problem on every file, i’m just going back to the previous version

  345. Britt Buroker Says:

    Marchad andel Running, directiva, durante are generally proxima closing environnant les copa os daremos entradas

  346. Stephen Says:

    AirPlay support for oplayer 馃檪

  347. how much is an iphone 3gs Says:

    how much is an iphone plan per month…

    […]OPlayer Suggestions « jonathan young's Blog[…]…

  348. Ashraf Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I purchased oplayer while I was using lite version before.

    In the last update, the choices for language in subtitles disappeared.

    I cant display Arabic language now in subtitle, while I was able to do so in the previous versions.

    is there any way to return back to previous version. it was much better.

    • Ashraf Says:

      I just recognized that subtitles configuration appear when I display the movie.
      I was searching in the setting page.

      So the problem solved.

  349. Apple Headphones Says:

    why the apple headphones are the best…

    […]OPlayer Suggestions « jonathan young's Blog[…]…

  350. Ethan Says:

    hey for like the past three updates, whenever a video is played in quicktime, it starts in fullscreen, and it’s getting really annoying. I have an ipod touch 4g on ios 4.3.5

  351. Thomas Says:

    hey i recently updated to 1.32 and have streamed a couple of video’s. seems to work well for the first 1-2 mins then it starts to lag. also when hooked up to TV cables the video becomes lagging and choppy. Have tried with and without frame skip option. everything else works fine. When file was downloaded fully instead of streaming it plays fine.

  352. Ethan Says:

    well, that sucks, i guess i’m stuck on 1.27 forever

  353. Roan Says:

    Hey, first off I LOVE this app, it’s beyond amazing i’ve been able to play every file I’ve imported to Oplayer, with no issues!

    My suggestion is…
    Well if you didn’t already know apple products support USB and SD cards via a special adapter, granted they are used for storing photos, and viewing them.
    But through Oplayer, and a bit of work it might be possible to read video files!
    And if this were possible I just know people would absolutely love it, because the only downside to Oplayer is that iPhones, iPods, and iPads simply don’t have enough memory to store multiple large video files.

    Please consider this 馃檪

  354. spiropoulos Says:

    I’m satisfied with the programm so far. Only one question
    Inside the programm i used to have movies and music video clips.
    I thought that opening two new folders into the programm named as Movies and Music i could seperate the files and bring them inside the folders.
    The problem is that i can do that. Do i make something wrong otherwise what’s the point of creating folders

  355. Antoine Says:

    It will be great to use the photo kit to import files in Oplayer directly

  356. spiropoulos Says:

    螣魏 until the zecond edit but where is the “paste”?


  357. spiropoulos Says:

    oK I HAVE IT


  358. Salzrat Says:

    I just updated Oplayer lite to 1.33 and now I can’t stream from my Dreambox Settop-Box anymore. High bitrate streams (around 9MBit/s) just stop after a few seconds. Low bitrate streams (maybe 3-4MBit/s) stop after 1 minute or so. What happened?

  359. free tv shows Says:

    free tv shows…

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  360. Download e-music Says:

    Download e-music…

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  361. Bensal Says:

    what is the differents between oplayer and oplayer lite.


  362. download movies to ipad Says:

    download movies to ipad…

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  363. Video,HD Video,Video HD Says:

    Video,HD Video,Video HD…

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  364. oyun Says:


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  365. exercise machines at the gym Says:

    exercise machines at the gym…

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  366. Dave Says:

    Just picked up a Component video out cable for use with my iPhone 4S and iPad2..

    Using standard Oplayer on the 4S I have a test video that plays very well on the phone, however when I try and use video out it basicly grinds to a halt drooping nearly all frames Also the Aspect ratios are incorrect… the video is in 16:9 however appears compressed and stretched on my 16:9 TV, switching between 4:3 and default causes it to fill the screen and crop off part of the video.. As I understand it video out is at a different resolution so another aspect ratio of Stretch might fix this issue.

  367. Shaun Says:


    I just bought the app and the seagate satellite. I am trying to view the files from the app to the external drive and not getting it. Any thoughts of how to do this? thanks

  368. salzrat Says:

    I tried a few avis with oplayer hd lite on an ipad 2, and all of them had only choppy playback. avplayerhd plays all of them perfectly. What could be the problem?

  369. Aedan Says:

    Hi, I appreciate the built in ftp server. Is there any client that works best with the server? When I upload folders of files with filezilla it likes to delete the numbers off the beginning of filenames unless I upload them manually. Is there a setting I can change or another client I can use?

  370. Aedan Says:

    I’m sorry for posting here, I wasn’t keeping track of blogs I searched and should have posted in help. The number thing seems spiratic. Sometimes

  371. used ipads for sale, used ipads, sale an ipad Says:

    used ipads for sale, used ipads, sale an ipad…

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  372. CoolPlayer Standalone Says:

    CoolPlayer Standalone…

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  373. fhl Says:

    Very nice app, one suggestion : add a “block rotation of display” button.
    One problem, iTunes does not show OPlayer documents folder content (Iphone4 ios5.0.1, iTunes@macOS 10.6.8), the display remains blank even just after uploading a file.

  374. work at home Says:

    work at home…

    […]OPlayer Suggestions « jonathan young's Blog[…]…

  375. Daniel Boff Says:

    I love your App., but have one suggestion: please introduce a Download queue rather than trying to download all at once. ATM some downloads Loose their connection (timeout) if to much is downloaded simulataniously.


  376. John Says:

    I believe a couple weeks ago, Oplayer HD had the capability of viewing jpeg files from a server… With the latest update, it doesn’t seem to work.

  377. 5 method Says:

    5 method…

    […]OPlayer Suggestions « jonathan young's Blog[…]…

  378. Franck Says:

    Hello, we have few IPads and we’ll be interesting to import/export playlists between items


  379. Denis Ryabokonov Says:

    Bought this app and satisfied with it in general.
    The only thing I can’t understand is how to attach external language track and subs.
    Audio Track & subs files have same name to video file, difference jusit in dimensions.

  380. abney317 Says:

    This is driving me insane.
    I can’t get any file type to show up with my composite output to TV on oplayer.
    I’ve tried multiple TVs, an iPod Touch, iPhone 4S and iPad.
    The sound comes out, but the screen is just black no matter what file type I play.

  381. Kev Says:

    Hello. I absolutely love this program. Could you implement a horizontal file server screen, so that long filenames can be seen better? I love the layout and the function of this app, but being able to see most of some long filenames is the only thing missing from the app. Thanks.

  382. piperwillow Says:

    This is a very good app but I can’t seem to find any options for looping or shuffling music. Would it have to do with my ipod being a 2nd generation?

  383. Parov Says:

    Hi, I don’t understand if I can connect to a ftp remote server (like my website) and streaming from there my music.
    Please give me an answer…I’m searching for this info for 4days!

  384. Chris Says:

    I am using AirPlayer for streaming of photos from a NAS system. Works fine, but what I would love to see is a preloading of the next two photos in the background while displaying the current photo. This would reduce or even avoid longer loading times when displaying photos with a large resolution in slide show mode or switchting between photos.

  385. Benne Says:

    I’ve uploaded some tv shows into my iPad using iTunes. Shows in mp4 are without any problem, issue occured only with 720p MKV, the sound is not working. I have new ipad, sound is ok on my mac, but on ipad is for some reason not working. I couldn’t find any special audio settings, video is working fine. Any suggestion ?

  386. kpouer Says:

    A version that supports the iPhone 5 16/9 screen would be nice, why does it take so long ?

  387. Jimmy Says:

    Thank u for the nice software!
    But only one flaw according to my using experience.
    I mute my phone and want to watch a video silently but the sound comes out!

  388. Manmay Says:

    First of all I have to congratulate you. These are great features that more people should be made aware of. very simple ui as well. THanks for all your efforts.

    If oplayer had the support for sftp it would be a great hollistic solution for me and probably for a lot of your target audience.
    (i dont need to mentioned the advantage of sftp here)

    Maybe you can provide this as a feature only for the paid version. That would be a good way to differentiate the free from the paid and with the increasing popularity of seedboxes/vps torrent servers/etc the target audience is bound to increase.

    Once again well done!!!

  389. kpouer Says:

    A suggestion:
    I use the iOS timer to stop oPlayer. But when it was stopped by the timer, Oplayer do not remember where it was stopped and restarts the video at the beginning.

  390. Gail R Says:

    I need help. I had an old version of Itunes. I would go to “Gails Ipad” then “apps” then click on Oplayer. That let me browse to my computer and add the video to my ipad/Oplayer.

    Um. Now..the new Itunes is 100% different setup (The latest version) and I cant figure out how the heck to get the video from my computer onto Oplayer. ANY help is really appreciated.

  391. Francine Says:

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  392. Tangash Says:

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  393. Tan Says:

    I’ve used Oplayer for quite a long time (2 years maybe? cannot remember clearly).It’s quite a convinient player, except that it cannot remeber the last vidio/audio I played. It just lost the memory after I shut the player off. It’s quite annoy when I listen to the audiobook since there is no way i can remember where I were. Could you please consider to add the fuction to the player that it can keep a record of the last file played?

  394. suntana spray tan Says:

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  396. Suleman Ashraf Says:

    Hey can we change the change the port number of the ftp address in Oplayer??

  397. Steve Says:

    I was happy with the “Lite” version (except for the banner ads) so I bought the HD version. BUT the HD takes forever to load the same URL streams. Any idea why? or if an update will fix this? Otherwise, please share info how to get a refund of the $5.99.

  398. Darren Says:

    Hi. I’m using oplayer currently but it stops downloading wen my ipad closes. I have to manually resume the download. Do u know how to make it download automatically ?

  399. Terry Says:

    It does not keep track of playback position on my iphone. Are there settings to adjust this?

  400. JAAHAS Says:

    Oplayer is the only iOS app that I have yet seen to display DVB subtitles, so it would be nice to also have a deinterlacing support to complement that feature.

    Also some of the GUI elements seem a bit tiny for iPads with retina display. Someone with big fingers or bad eyesight might need an option to enlarge the buttons and fonts.

  401. mydreambox Says:

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  402. Shayne Says:

    I no longer have the option to download and save a movie. It only allows me to play, but can’t save it.

  403. Shayne Says:

    I should have mentioned this problem is with my iPad. I recently upgraded ipad software to iOS 8

  404. Media Player Classic Download and Install Media Player Burger King food win Pp 鍔╂墜 Chung Bong download applications without Jailbreak The Maze Runner (2014) Says:

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  405. Gad Neama Says:


    Can someone help?

    I can no longer search for movies via the link: movie123.me.

    Is there another link that works?


  406. Punit Says:


    I have recently updated the app but the option to ‘Download’ the songs is missing. This was the only option which makes this app stands out among the others. If possible fix this bug ASAP.


  407. P@rick Says:

    Hi, I love OPlayer. But there is a security issue: Media files in a password protected folder are shown in the “recently played” list and can be played without having to enter a password.
    In my opinion, they shouldn’t be listed there at all (maybe make an individual list in each password protected folder would be a solution).

  408. John C Says:

    Forgot folder password. How do I reset?

  409. John C Says:

    Sorry for being rude. I was in a hurry when I posted my question. To explain further, I must have somehow tinkered with putting in a password for the folders a while back ago (as I can’t seem to remember doing so). Now when I want to switch on the password protection of the files, I is saying Password Needed and wants me to input password just to password-protect the files.

  410. Mo Says:

    In oplayer with compress function. I imported an mp4 audiobook from camera on iPhone, chose and compressed. That increased the size of the app. I can鈥檛 find the compressed file. Can鈥檛 delete it to reduce the size. Any suggestions?

  411. Ahmed Says:

    How to download videos from oplayer to PC

  412. faeze Says:

    hi, i just got iphone x max and the oplayer doesn鈥檛 work on the new iphone it stop playing and make phone touch unable! have any idea whats the problem is?

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