Block Game

This is a Chessman Block Game!

The rule is easy to learn:

1. When the chessman steps to the edge, You lost the game.

2. When the wall  wraps the chessman, You win the game.

Rook, can steps to Up/Down/Left/Right.

Bishop, can steps to Up Left/Up Right/Down Left/Down Right.

Queen, can steps to Up/Down/Left/Right/Up Left/Up Right/Down Left/Down Right.

Knight, can steps as it in the chess game.(2 square forward and 1 square to the right or left )

You can download it from app store



2 Responses to “Block Game”

  1. antoine Says:

    Hello, I have the oplayer for iphone with latest version of itunes and i can not get the usb file sync to work like your screenshot. Is this only available for ipad?

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