A player for iPhone

OPlayer V1.0 is ready for downloading.

Major Features:

1. Play local files, you can use it to play almost any media formats on iPhone. (I have tested mp3/wma/wmv/avi/rm/rmvb/flv/mp4/3gp/mkv)

1)Download your video/audio files from your PC to your iPhone in FTP Client Page.

2)In Local Page, Touch the video you want to play.

2. Play streaming, you can use it to play audio/video streaming over HTTP/RTSP . (May be you have an Axis or linksys IP-Camera at home, you can view it through iPhone now)

1)In Stream Page, input URL and touch go

iPhone 3GS is preferred because of the  powerful CPU.

You can get it from App store now.

You can get OPlayer HD for iPad from App store now.

Online Demo Video


126 Responses to “A player for iPhone”

  1. xianglin Says:

    it’s an interesting game, i like it, 🙂

  2. Shhhh Says:

    Hi, I’m trying to set up the ftp client with the filezilla but i’m getting total lost, could you help?

    Is the Host thing my IP address? and the port 21?

    And is there anything anywhere that just shows me a step by step guide?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi shhhh: the Host is the IP address of your pc installed filezilla and default FTP port is 21. You can refer to the help page in OPlayer. what step do you think i should add in the instructions?

  3. ST Says:

    Hi, great software.
    but i do hav a problem as ‘shhhh’,

    in filezila, i input my PC ip address & port 21, but it just dun seems to be able to log in.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi st: input your ip and port in oplayer FTP CLient page, not in filezilla. If your can’t log into your FTP server still, can you help to capture logs in your filezilla’s main screen for reference. Thanks.

  4. Billy Says:

    I have followed all the steps from “Help” to set up the FileZilla Server.

    But keep getting Message “Unable to Conect to FTP server”

    Do i need any special cables? – Am using the normal Sync cable

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Billy:

      1) Does your PC and iPhone are in the same LAN? then what information you have filled in FTP Client Page?

      2) If you are using windows, have you checked your firewall settings as described in Help Page.

      3) I can’t understand what you said about special cables?
      Your iPhone should connect to a AP.

  5. ST Says:

    my log is the same as Billy’s.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi ST:

      The same questions as Bill:

      1) Does your PC and iPhone are in the same LAN? then what information you have filled in FTP Client Page?

      2) If you are using windows, have you checked your firewall settings as described in Help Page.

      • ST Says:

        I shall list all the steps i did as below, (note: i re-install the FTP)

        1) i make sure i follow the steps in setting up the FTP in my PC, & was able to complete all the settings. when prompt to set a directory, i choose ‘my desktop’

        2) in oplayer -> FTP client, i input the:
        -HOST: my PC IP address
        -PORT: 21
        -Username: user
        -Password: *blank (i didn’t create a password)

        3) in oplayer -> settings:
        -Save … Path : / (i didn’t set any)
        -Passive mode : OFF
        Skip Frame : ON
        Skip Loop : OFF

        3) when i tried to connect, it took a very long time & return with this error ‘Fail to connect to FTP sever’

        in my PC FTP, it shows mi logged on.
        both my iphone & pc are in the same wifi.

      • ST Says:

        I have to add,
        1) i did make an expection as told.
        2) i even off my anti-virus program.

        much help needed.

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi ST:

        That’s very odd, it seems that you can’t connect to the PC, but you said you can see logged in info in filezilla, so can you capture the logs in the filezilla for reference. (under the main screen) There should be USR command firstly, then LIST command for file list. Thanks.

      • ST Says:

        thank you for your fast reply.

        here’s it:

        FileZilla Server version 0.9.34 beta
        Copyright 2001-2009 by Tim Kosse (tim.kosse@filezilla-project.org)
        Connecting to server…
        Connected, waiting for authentication
        Logged on

      • olimsoft Says:

        Hi ST:

        This log not means that you connected to your FTP server through your iPhone. (just filezilla internal use)

        it seems that there are some network issues between your PC and iPhone, I can’t decide.

        but you can do a simple test if you have another PC. install an FTP Client and use it to connect to the PC which have installed filezilla. then you can judge whether this is a bug of OPlayer.

      • ST Says:

        ok, thank you.

        i’ll try with another pc.

  6. beliel Says:

    hi!!! its a very big app, but its very slow too in the iphone 3g…. implement this please!!!

  7. rainstorm Says:

    that’s cool app.you must add sound control,increase playback performance (wmv,flv play slowly),subtitle support,remove local files.I had test it on 3GS
    if you make new best vX.xx will be this app best app+player of 2010

  8. shaadmahmud Says:

    i have same problem like st has….pllzzzz send us a bullet proof tutorial to connect with pc

  9. Hsien Says:

    Hi I’m having the same trouble with http://FTP..can‘t seem to connect to my pc even though I followed the intructions given in the help file. Wouldn’t it be easier to add other modes of file transfer besides FTP? Nice project btw and more power.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Hsien:

      Have you checked the firewall settings? Can you describe it in more details? what information you have input? (You can refer to “how to setup ftp server on MAC os last step”) Use FTP is the only method to get media files from your PC, now I’m trying to enhance the performance.

  10. Brian Says:

    I was facing the problem of not able to connect to ftp server. However, I have followed the instructions on setting firewall to allow filezila.exe and it works now. I am using vista and have connected iphone and pc to the same wifi. all the best! however, avi movies seem to be slow as compared to the music played…

    • olimsoft Says:


      Not sync issue most caused by the CPU is not power enough. If you are using iPhone 3gs or iPod 32g/64g may be you can try to play resolution that achieves to VGA(640*480)

  11. Alex Says:

    I bought the application and tried to watch a movie in AVI format and it was very slow.
    I used another application, which is free and worked perfectly.
    I think before you sell an application you should make it available for free before, that was tested.
    Thank you.

  12. agiogeo Says:

    Please can you tell me how can I find out my PC IP address. I need to fill in the FTP client Host

    Thanks a lot

  13. Hema Says:

    Why oplayer plays movies in slow motion?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Hema:
      what about your ipod/iphone’s generation?
      I am using ipod 3rd generation, and it can play almost any format achieves to

  14. Kerryandjane Says:

    Hey Mate, Awesome, extremely awesome app. just bought it today everything works fine i do use a different method to the recommeded and in detailed explained by you though. I connect to FTP server on my Synology server (DS 209+) saving vids to my iphone works a treat but i can’t figure out how to stream and remotely access this app.

    can you give me an example of what i would type in the “stream” tab once i’m connected to the FTP server?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello I am a little confused, (my english is not very well) steam page is used to stream audio/video over http/rtsp. Not used for FTP protocol, you can use FTP client to connect to your FTP server.

      ҵ iPod

  15. agiogeo Says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Please can you find me a solution???
    The program was working just perfect up to the time of the program update.
    I mean that after the automatic update, whn I try to connect it says “…failed to connect to ftp server”.
    Please I need your help

    Thanks a lot,


    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello agiogeo :

      I didn’t update any FTP features in this version. but it seems that some other users find this bug, so maybe this is an existing bug, can you describe it in details, then i can help to fix this issue. thanks a lot.

  16. B Says:

    FTP works for me, but takes a hell of a long time if you want to transfer something longer than a music Video.

    Have a look at iFunBox then find the location where these files are FTP’d to, then you can drag and drop files when you want at a much faster rate…

    Overall decent App, it is a bit slow and not the smoothest (when playing the files) but saves me a hell of a lot of time than going through the hassle of Video conversion software etc…

  17. HK Says:


    1) Does OPlayer actually transfer the video (.mov, etc) files from the PC to the iPhone?

    2) Is the FTP Server built into OPlayer and I need a client on the PC, or is it the other way around?

    I am considering purchase but the reviews thus far are not so good.

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi: 1) Yes 2)The function built in OPlayer is FTP Client, you should setup a FTP server on your PC for transferring the file, about how to setup a FTP server, you can refer to the Help Page.

  18. HK Says:

    Need some instructions on how to use the Streaming option.

  19. Darwin Says:

    How to I play movies that are already in the iPod app of my iPhone? I want to use your app to do it, instead of using the iPod app.

  20. 9 Says:

    If I am trying to access a stream through my college website (where i need to put a password), how would I do that?

  21. Akki Says:

    Wanna be the king on the iPad? Your App could be a top seller, if you react fast enough: I know many people that want a player for the iPad that can play .avi, .mkv and .flv files without converting. With the shared folder on the iPad (and the possibilty to simply copy files to the pad), OPlayer has the chance to be THE player for this gadget 🙂

    Oh and btw: You could stop to fix the FTP client… it’s still crashing a lot 😉

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hello Akki:

      Thanks for your suggestion. 🙂

      • Akki Says:

        While VLC is still only available for jailbroken devices, OPlayer could be a cool alternative for people like me. Give us divx, xvid, flv and perhaps wmv 😉 Simple copy, without this webserver/ftp workarounds… and we are happy!

  22. 9 Says:

    How about…


    is that possible?

  23. Naked_eyes Says:

    Umtil now i dont enjoy watching coz itsalways stop on a cetain time. It happen to all movies i save. Pls update me how to fix this . Tnx

    • olimsoft Says:


      Does your movie size fits the resolution described in the notes? if your movie size is larger than described, it always stopped because the cpu is not power enough to decode the video frame.

  24. LEED Says:

    Are you coming out with an iPad version?

  25. Duff Says:


    Do I have to use only PC for transferring files ? Does this program support Mac too ?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Yes, no matter your pc’s system, you can use your browser to upload/ download files.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  26. Tom Says:

    Hi ,

    Can I upgrate to iPad version free if iPad version released?

  27. Dan Says:

    I gather that player can’t stream using http://FTP... You must wait for the movie to copy over…

    It would be nice to support smb/cifs. So that oplayer could make use of file servers storing movies, either windows or Linux/samba. Then streaming comes for free…

    • olimsoft Says:

      Hi Next version oplayer will has samba client feature, it is waiting for approve.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

  28. Dan Says:

    A few issues that would be good to address…
    – the web browser streaming interface does not seem to be able to handle password protected sites … It gives no opportunity to enter username/passwords.

    – the web streaming feature does does seem to pay attention to the Options set, specifically the aspect ratio option. Even if I set a ratio of 16:9, it plays the file as 1:1 (the file is mpeg1 VCR encoded).

    – it is difficult to set any options in the middle of playing a video… One must press Done to access the Settings page.

    The app has great potential…

  29. dan Says:

    your password suggestion wont work for my situation since I need to enter the secured site first to browse which movie to view. The filename is unknown until after gaining access to the site.

  30. spiritual awakening tours Says:

    i love you.

  31. Mundane Says:

    Haven’t purchased yet… I want to upload avi’s via iTunes. Right now, it won’t let me because my iPad will not play the file. So, if I get this app, will iTunes then let me upload the files?

    • olimsoft Says:

      Yes it will support USB sync, the version has rotation aissue, we didn’t got an ipad before, but now we have, we have submitted a new version to apple.

      Sent from my iPad

  32. Frack Says:

    Just a little question. My Oplayer keep freezing while connecting to FileZilla server. Server screen shows 227 Entering to passiv mod (30sec) and then 257 “/” is current directory. Then Oplayer says “Failed to get file list”

    I Tried everything but can’t understant what’s happening

    Any idea?

    Thx a lot!

  33. Tri3phi Says:

    When u r publishing the iPad version.?

  34. Holger Says:


    first of all thanks for your great app!
    The only thing I noticed so far is the asynchronism of video and audio when playing avi files.

    When will you release an iOS4 update?


    • olimsoft Says:

      The not sync issue always cost by the video decode is not in time.(that is because we are using software decoding method which needs more CPU, and apple not allow us to use the Hardware decoding method) We will wait until most people update their iPhone to IOS4.

  35. fjhdavid Says:


    I downloaded O player but I am not be able to play “.ts” file (video in SD mpeg2 and audio in Ac3 2 channels).

    This is a annoying, as “.ts” is the container of TV box (adsl and satellite).

    Will O player will be able to play “.ts” in the future?

  36. Mag Says:

    Hi, I download the wmv format video through web browser, but no audio.


  37. peter Says:

    Is there a way to place the downloaded vids into the same place my iPod vids are on my iPhone 3GS. Because that would solve my OS4 TV out dilemma as videos that are in the ipod folder work with the TV out?

  38. Holger Says:


    since the latest update my avi (DivX) videos are stuttering. This wasn’t the case before. Do I have to downgrade again to solve the problem?


  39. dailipei Says:

    Can refund me the Cost

  40. Skyzebra Says:

    I bough oplayer for my iPad and I had to wait quite a long time to have it working properly …. Nice now… But now I see you issue the iPad version : Oplayer HD…. Honestly I don’t feel like paying again…. Is there a lot of differences ? (I use oplayer with the x2 option to get a full screen)
    You could have issued both at the time…..

  41. dailipei Says:

    iphone4 is preferred ?
    Can you refund me the Cost

  42. Tunner Says:

    i cant watch movie with sub file ( it work with srt file) is this app play with sub file.
    And i wonder if this app can adjust sub timming like show earlier or slower.

  43. Vincent Wong Says:

    After a folder created, I would like to move some files that transferred from iTunes to the folder but I cannot find the move function in Oplayer. Please advise how can I put the files into the folder?

  44. arun Says:

    I copied some avi videos from my pc thru itines but the videos are not playing smoothly,there is a slight breaking and in some videos there is a white bar coming at the top of the screen.Plzz help me with this…

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  48. Anshuman Says:

    Hi. I am using OPlayer on my 5th Gen iPod Touch with iOS 6.0.1. I only have .avi and .mkv files loaded. While there are no problems with the MKV playback, there is no sound for my .avi files. And yes, the iPod is not muted and I have also restarted the device. But still no luck! 😦 😦 😦 Please help!

  49. Dennis Says:

    All of a sudden when I play music from my iPhone via Bluetooth to my car radio, the sound comes out in SLOW motion.

    Any ideas?????

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  53. jay Says:

    oplayer playing videos very slow specially mkv files

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  57. miller Says:

    For FTP access, do both the ipad and server have to be on the same LAN?

    • olimsoft Says:

      No need, but maybe you need to add your ftp servers’s public ip in OPlayer, and may need to do port mapping in your route.

      On Tue, May 13, 2014 at 11:28 PM, jonathan young's Blog wrote:


      • Miller Says:

        Yeah I did that but I still get “failed to connect” when outside my LAN. Inside my LAN it’s fine. I’m using the public IP in both situations. I can connect from outside with FTPmanager app, but not oplayer. I’m using filezilla. I use a different port, does that matter?

      • olimsoft Says:

        No matter with the port, just rememe=ber to use public IP, not the DNS.

        On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 12:08 AM, jonathan young's Blog wrote:


      • olimsoft Says:

        Can you send your test account to olimsoft@gmail.com, so we can help you check from here?

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