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Block Game

December 17, 2009

This is a Chessman Block Game!

The rule is easy to learn:

1. When the chessman steps to the edge, You lost the game.

2. When the wall  wraps the chessman, You win the game.

Rook, can steps to Up/Down/Left/Right.

Bishop, can steps to Up Left/Up Right/Down Left/Down Right.

Queen, can steps to Up/Down/Left/Right/Up Left/Up Right/Down Left/Down Right.

Knight, can steps as it in the chess game.(2 square forward and 1 square to the right or left )

You can download it from app store



A player for iPhone

December 5, 2009

OPlayer V1.0 is ready for downloading.

Major Features:

1. Play local files, you can use it to play almost any media formats on iPhone. (I have tested mp3/wma/wmv/avi/rm/rmvb/flv/mp4/3gp/mkv)

1)Download your video/audio files from your PC to your iPhone in FTP Client Page.

2)In Local Page, Touch the video you want to play.

2. Play streaming, you can use it to play audio/video streaming over HTTP/RTSP . (May be you have an Axis or linksys IP-Camera at home, you can view it through iPhone now)

1)In Stream Page, input URL and touch go

iPhone 3GS is preferred because of the  powerful CPU.

You can get it from App store now.

You can get OPlayer HD for iPad from App store now.

Online Demo Video

OPlayer V1.0 for iPhone will be released

December 4, 2009

OPlayer which supports mpeg4, h.264, wmv, mp3, aac, wma, real media, flv, rmvb, avi, is a great way to boost your iPhone’s media abilities. You can also use it to streaming audio and video over HTTP/RTSP.